No-Bake Almond Butter Oatmeal Bites

No-Bake Almond Butter Oatmeal Bites

Sometimes when you take your favorite cookie recipe and try to change WAY too many ingredients, it doesn’t work out. These little no-bake bites were inspired by a big time “cookie flop.”

The thing about cookie flops is that I don’t mind them all that much – the failed results, although not post-able, still satisfy a sweet chocolate chippy craving. With this particular flop, the best part about my not-perfect cookies was the sweet & nutty “dough” made from oats and almond butter. I couldn’t stop eating it. So instead of trying to make a cookie recipe, I set out to make these no-bake bites instead.

No-Bake Almond Butter Oatmeal Bites

While working out this recipe, I swapped some more ingredients (bye bye flour and brown sugar). Fast forward through multiple batches later and we have yummy no-bake cookie-like bites. The bites are made with toasted oats, flaxseed, coconut, walnuts and delicious roasted almond butter. They’re naturally sweetened with dates and maple syrup.

No-Bake Almond Butter Oatmeal Bites No-Bake Almond Butter Oatmeal Bites

This recipe makes 12 good-sized round bites. You can double the recipe to make more, but you will need a larger food processor than the small one that I have.

After you process the ingredients together, roll them into balls and chill until firm. Store them in the fridge and try not to keep going back for one more.

No-Bake Almond Butter Oatmeal Bites

Copper Vitamix Giveaway

Vitamix Giveaway

Today, we’re celebrating our cookbook launch with one last giveaway – and it’s a good one! You may have noticed that I have a thing for smoothies, blended soups and creamy sauces. I just love my Vitamix – but have you seen the new copper Vitamix!? It’s pretty, it’s powerful, and one of you will get one!

Vitamix Giveaway

pictured above: Carrot Gazpacho with Lemongrass and Creamy Miso Brussels Sprout Fettuccini from the Love & Lemons Cookbook.

Enter to win a Vitamix Pro750 Heritage Blender:

1. Leave one comment below and tell me about your favorite blended recipe.

2. For additional entries – post a photo of any recipe from the cookbook on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook with the hashtag #loveandlemonscookbook between April 25th and May 3rd, 2016. Feel free to cross-post your photos on each channel for extra entries.

If you don’t have a book, click here to get one!

A winner will be chosen at random. The giveaway is open to U.S. addresses only.


And congrats to @jamielynne19 who made our Quinoa Tacos and won the Staub Cookware Giveaway! Thanks to all of you who entered – it was so fun to see what you all made!

Special thanks to Vitamix and Williams Sonoma!

Boozy Root Beer Floats

Boozy Root Beer Floats with homemade vegan vanilla ice cream

Let’s cut to the chase – I love root beer floats. Oh, by the way, this is Jack posting once again. That’s not to say that Jeanine doesn’t love root beer floats, but when we got an opportunity to work with a beer company that brews alcoholic root beer, I knew I would be writing this post.

The first question I had, of course, was “boozy root beer? Is it good?” Well I’m glad to say that yes, BEST DAMN Brewing Co.’s hard root beer is really good and tastes just like root beer.

Root beer floats may be one of my favorite treats in the world, because they bring me back to childhood. Growing up, my dad would make floats for the two of us all the time. He wouldn’t just pour root beer over any old ice cream either – they were a special treat. He would use the fancy vanilla ice cream with the specks in it and he’d try out different root beers to see which one was the best. Root beer floats are something to be made with love and care.

Boozy Root Beer Floats with homemade vegan vanilla ice cream

So here I am, decades later, and I’m sharing an adult root beer float with all of you. And just because we are who we are, we couldn’t just leave well enough alone and use store-bought ice cream. So we decided to do one of our other favorite things and make some ice cream on our own.

We made homemade vanilla ice cream with a base of coconut milk and cashews. It’s creamy without cream, and incredibly delicious.

Needless to say, this brought me back – well except for the booze part.

Boozy Root Beer Floats with homemade vegan vanilla ice cream Boozy Root Beer Floats with homemade vegan vanilla ice cream

Roasted Artichoke Avocado Toast

Artichoke Avocado Toast

Last spring, my mom visited for over a month to help with the book and one of her tasks was Designated Artichoke Cleaner. I love artichokes, but trimming them is kind of a hassle. Unfortunately, my mom does not live an artichoke cleaning’s distance away.

Last weekend when I brought these artichokes home, I thought about re-assigning this task to Jack (he is the risotto stirrer and the pomegranate seed picker, among other useful things). But I decided to go for it myself, like a big girl, and it really wasn’t so bad. If you’re psyching yourself out of artichokes this spring – don’t! They take a little time, but they’re too good to miss out on.

Artichoke Avocado Toast Artichoke Avocado Toast

Because of the artichoke prep, I didn’t want to make a time consuming recipe to go along with them. So I made these simple (yet fancy) avocado toasts topped with scallions, radishes, dill, and pieces of artichoke heart. Say what you will about avocado toast, it’ll always have a piece of my heart.

Artichoke Avocado Toast

Spring Broccolini & Kale Quinoa Bowls

Spring Broccolini & Kale Quinoa Bowls

When you don’t know what to make for dinner, what do you usually end up making? My go-to is the almighty quinoa bowl. Quinoa bowls are a versatile way to show off the seasons and this one is my little tribute to spring.

For this bowl, I lightly blanched some beautiful broccolini and tossed my quinoa with kale, fresh mint, roasted chickpeas, avocado, and my favorite part – crisp, pink slices of watermelon radish.

Here’s a food styling tip for you: seek out watermelon radishes to add some color to your bowl. That pop of pink always look gorgeous and they add a lovely crunch to your salad.

Spring Broccolini & Kale Quinoa Bowls Spring Broccolini & Kale Quinoa Bowls

These bowls are dressed simply with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper and are dolloped with a scoop of herb-y pea pesto.

This makes a great light & healthy (yet still pretty filling), dinner. Hopefully you have leftovers because this packs up nicely for lunch the next day!

Spring Broccolini & Kale Quinoa Bowls

And one last reminder – be sure to enter our Staub cast iron cookware giveaway. Tomorrow is the last day to enter! See this post for more details.