Cacao Nib & Strawberry Vegan Waffles

Cacao Nib & Strawberry Vegan Waffles /

It’s national doughnut day, so obviously, I have waffles. The thing about doughnuts is that I like them best when other people make them.  Waffles – I like at home, piping hot right off of the waffle maker. (or the next day out of the toaster).

I love being able to decide what goes in my waffles – this time I folded cacao nibs into the batter and topped them strawberries with a little bit of mint. Cacao nibs are like little crunchy pieces of dark chocolate. I like them in here because first, they don’t gunk up my waffle maker and second, I guess they’re a good source of fiber and other sort of superfoodie things. Feel free to sub in chocolate chips if you like.

Cacao Nib & Strawberry Vegan Waffles /

These are vegan, because I actually like how they get crispier around the edges without any eggs in the batter. I use spelt flour, because that’s what I keep on hand. I like it because it’s not quite as dense as whole wheat flour.

I know many of you don’t have a waffle maker – so I have to tell you about this new one that I just got that I’m pretty excited about. It flips so the top and bottom of your waffle cook evenly, it’s pretty affordable, and best of all, you can store it standing upright! I was always mad at my last waffle maker because it took up an entire shelf, but this one can slide in right next to your cereal box. Ok, sales pitch over. Happy friday and go make waffles!

Cacao Nib & Strawberry Vegan Waffles /

Avocado & Lemon Zest Spaghetti

Avocado & Lemon Zest Spaghetti /

As I’m putting the finishing touches on our book, (T minus 3 days!) I thought now would be a good time to start making recipes from other peoples’ books…

Last week, I briefly talked about Anna’s book, A Modern Way To Eat. While it’s been out for awhile now, it’s only recently been released in the US and I finally got my hands on a copy. What I love about it is that it’s more than just a book full of recipes (although there are over 200 of them!)… she offers tons of delicious ideas for how to mix flavors and textures together in creative but not-fussy ways.

A Modern Way to Eat, by Anna Jones

Last night, I was looking for something quick to make for dinner – the only requirement was that I had to have the ingredients already on hand. This spaghetti with avocado and lemon zest had my name written all over it – I’m a sucker for anything with avocado, yet I’d never thought to put it on pasta before. The only thing I didn’t have was parsley so I used a bit of watercress instead.

Avocado & Lemon Zest Spaghetti /

My favorite part about the recipe has to be her final instruction: “Scoop the pasta into bowls and eat on your lap.” Done and done.


Matcha Milkshakes

Matcha Milkshakes /

In case you haven’t noticed, I sort of have a thing for matcha. I know it’s SO trendy… but I personally think it’s exciting to see really great healthy foods become insanely popular. Everyone’s drinking matcha lattes and matcha mochas these days – but now that it’s almost summer, here’s a really simple ice cream treat.

This one’s really more of an idea than a “recipe.” I didn’t even bother breaking out the blender to make these milkshakes because in the spirit of our “grab and go” monthly series with Almond Breeze, I wanted to make these simple enough to shake and run.

Matcha Milkshakes /

Mix a little almond milk and matcha until it’s well combined (you can use a regular whisk if you don’t have a cute match whisk). Add it to a jar with a scoop or two of ice cream. Shake it and stir it until it gets a little melty and enjoy!

Matcha Milkshakes /

Vegan Spinach Mac & Cheese

Vegan Spinach Mac & Cheese / www.loveandlemons.comVegan Spinach Mac & Cheese /

Jack here, writing for the blog today while Jeanine writes for the book…

I have something to admit that I’m having a hard time with. I’m starting to prefer vegan “mac and cheese” to actual mac and cheese. Now, this is a hard one for me. You see, I love cheese. Almost every time we go to whole foods, I raid the “under $3 cheese” bin to find crazy new cheeses that I can barely pronounce. And a great grilled cheese is work of art.


But these vegan “mac and cheese” recipes Jeanine comes up with pretty much hit everything I need out of mac and cheese. This one is as creamy as mac and cheese could ever get, the paprika and turmeric give it an incredible depth of flavor, and the spinach gives it the right amount of texture. I honestly can’t get enough…

Sorry, Kraft.

Tart Cherry Grilled Cheese with Sage

Tart Cherry Grilled Cheese with Sage /

When it comes to grilled cheese sandwiches, I think more is more. I say, skip the white bread and American singles and instead opt for:

1. thick grainy bread
2. fancy sharp cheese
3. fresh herbs
4. something sweet or tart, to balance it all out

In this case, component #4 – the tart cherries – are sweet and tart, making this my ultimate grilled cheese. Plus, I like to sneak in superfoods wherever I can.

Tart Cherry Grilled Cheese with Sage /
Tart cherries
(also called sour cherries) have some unique super-fruit benefits. They’re a natural anti-inflammatory as well as a source of melatonin. Nutrition aside, they also just taste really good. I especially love their tangy flavor in combination with the savory sage. And they become deliciously plump and juicy when smothered in melted cheese.

They’re available in dried-form year round – I find mine in the bulk bins at my grocery store.

Tart Cherry Grilled Cheese with Sage /