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Shredded Carrots

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Prep Time: 10 mins
Learn how to shred carrots for cakes, grated carrot salads, and more! They have a delicious fresh taste and crisp texture.


  • 4 carrots*, peeled


  • Place a box grater on a cutting board. Pick up a carrot by its thick end, and run its tip down the large holes of the grater. Continue this downward shredding motion until about 2 inches of the carrot remain intact. Stop here to avoid cutting your fingers on the holes of the box grater.
  • Repeat with the remaining carrots.


*I like to use a box grater when I'm shredding 1-4 carrots for a recipe. This method also works for larger quantities, but in those cases, you may want to use the shredding blade on a food processor to save time.