We’re hiring!

Hello friends and readers, I’m looking for a Kitchen/Photo Shoot Assistant to help with food prep for photo shoots, recipe testing/development, and food styling/plating. This position can be full time or part time depending on relevant experience.

I’m looking for someone who is excited about what we do here and wants to help get more of it out there!



– Food Prep for Photo Shoots
This means that you love to go to the grocery store and you’re good at choosing photo-ready ingredients. You love going to a second store if store #1 is out of a crucial ingredient for that day’s shoot. You have an eye for plating and food styling and are great at prepping food at various stages of photo-readyness.

– Recipe Testing and Development
You love to test and re-test recipes until they are perfect. You have relevant cooking experience and love fresh, vegetable-forward food and bright flavors. You love and are able to eat a wide variety of foods and flavors without many dietary restrictions (although all recipes are vegetarian). Ideally, you are familiar with our cooking style and recipes already!

You love to measure when you cook and are diligent with recipe details. Bonus if you have experience with vegan and/or gluten free baking.


While the above are the primary needs, the ability to do the following also help:

– Social Media Tasks
Queuing social media posts, proofreading blog posts, and writing descriptions for social and search engine. No technical heavy lifting – we’ve got Jack for that.

– Light Graphic Design Tasks (a plus but not a requirement)
This means that you can use Photoshop well enough to resize a few photos and Illustrator well enough to put type on a few photos based on a set of preexisting graphic standards.

You must be local to the Chicagoland area. You also need a car to get to the north side of the city and to go to local stores for prop and food prep items. We have a parking spot in an enclosed garage.

This is a paid position based on relevant experience.


Send a cover letter and resume to loveandlemonsjobs@gmail.com


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  1. Sammy K

    I just came across this but was wondering if you are still hiring?

  2. Kym Longus

    Well, if this isn’t my dream! Only thing is, I’m in New Jersey. However, I am an outstanding proofreader, so if I can work fir you remotely please do not hesitate in contacting me.

    Best of luck,

    p.s. Your blog is always amazing!

  3. Sue R

    If you are ever in Australia I might think about being able to help out a bit. I’m fighting off having a blog but it would be nice I guess.

  4. Georgia Thompson

    Ugh! I thought you were in Austin…..

  5. Sandy

    Shoot! I’m in Phoenix AZ. The ad read like my ultimate dream job. Wish you were located in Phoenix.

  6. Vicki in Birmingham

    If I were only local…I would be your girl!!! Good luck!

  7. Mailinh

    I wish I was in Chicago! If only Dayton wasn’t in OH…
    But if you’re looking for a proofreader that can be remote, I’m game. 😉

  8. Edward Szczerba

    Darn! I wish you were located in New York ! I’m in Westchester County and I am a huge fan of your blog!

  9. Wish you were in the Detroit area!! If you ever need remote help, I am available! (I have two blogs!)

  10. daisy mae

    I wish you still lived in Austin!

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