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Happy Monday! I wanted to start this section to recap what we did over the weekend… places we went, things we did, interesting things we ate, etc. Although I’m thinking I may have overestimated how exciting our lives are because this weekend we didn’t go anywhere or do much of anything. Jack worked… we cooked… we ate… (we drank)… we ate some more.

Turns out if you want to go to any good restaurant the Saturday before Valentines’ day, you should plan that sometime before 8pm when you’re hungry and ready to go. So we headed to the store and cooked a late dinner at home… which is really the most fun kind of night anyhow, right?

I baked a gooey mess of a cake which was yet another baking failure. Jack showed me (and my baking skills) up last night by making his annual Valentines day molten chocolate cakes. Which were delicious (and not pictured here, but will come soon…)

{ Click here for the lemon tahini miso dressing recipe. I put it over veggies I happened to have in my fridge: spinach, edamame, grilled tofu, & some toasted pine nuts. }

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  1. Lannie from

    looks fresh and delicious! i like the way you layout your photos, like a magazine page.

  2. jeanine

    It was so good, right? I had it last week on roasted carrots and cauliflower and I think I put it into an omelette one morning too…

    Filters made that cake pretty, it was so so ugly close up 🙂 But thanks!

  3. No way! I mixed up some of Jacqui’s tahini dressing last night and I’m currently roasting sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts to go along with it. Your pink beet cake sure looks pretty!

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