Watermelon St. Germain Cocktails

Watermelon St. Germain Cocktails / @loveandlemons

In case I haven’t mentioned it before – it’s pretty hot here. I’ve been eating watermelon like crazy because, well, I think it just might be the most refreshing fruit on the planet.

Watermelon St. Germain Cocktails / @loveandlemons

I had been thinking of making watermelon margaritas until I had the most refreshing elderflower & vodka watermelon cocktail made by the Tipsy Texan a few weeks ago at the opening of Métier Cook’s Supply (a really cute kitchen supply store, btw – if you’re in Austin, go check it out).

This is definitely a simplified version but I get impatient to make cocktails that have more than just a few easy ingredients. The hardest part here is de-seeding your watermelon and blending it into juice. (The second time I made these, I got lazy and just bought some cold-pressed watermelon juice).

This recipe doesn’t have exact measurements because I find some watermelons to be sweeter than others. Play around and make these as sweet or as tart as you like.


Watermelon St. Germain Cocktails / @loveandlemons

watermelon st. germain cocktails

  • 1 small watermelon
  • (or good cold-pressed watermelon juice)
  • a few lemons (or limes)
  • st. germain, to taste
  • vodka, to taste
  • ice
  1. First, de-seed your watermelon, then add the watermelon flesh into a blender. Take the rind and squeeze out as much remaining juice as you can. Blend until smooth, then strain the juice through a fine mesh strainer. (Or skip this step and start with some good cold-pressed watermelon juice).
  2. To your watermelon juice, add a few sqeezes of lemon or lime.
  3. Pour watermelon juice into glasses with ice, then stir in St. Germain and Vodka to taste. St. Germain is sweet so depending on the sweetness of your watermelon, you may want to add more or less of it. For more tartness, add more lemon. For more booziness, add more vodka.


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  1. Emily Papera

    Grateful that someone wrote out the measurements. This is the only cocktail recipe without the measurements in it!!!

  2. vivian

    Made these tonight and am sipping mine as I type. They are delicious and definitely refreshing. I used 1 1/2 oz vodka, 1\4 oz St germaine, 1/2 oz lemon juice and 3 oz watermelon juice, and that worked for us. next time, I may add a little sparkling water too, as I love bubbly drinks. Thanks for a great idea!

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I love the idea of making them bubbly!

  3. Alanna from bojongourmet.com

    Oh wow, this sounds like an amazing combination. St. Germain makes everything taste like magic!

  4. autumn from autumnmakesanddoes.com

    So pretty! The first time I made watermelon juice was last year and I immediately wondered why it took me so long! It’s so delicious and St Germain is one of my favs to.

  5. These cocktails are so pretty! Pink cocktails are always the most irresistible – especially watermelon ones.

  6. I can’t believe I’ve never tried the elderflower/watermelon combo! I love elderflower cocktails during summer and can’t wait to give this a go. Such a pretty color too!

  7. Saska from workthathealth.blogspot.com

    These look absolutely great, and soo easy to make! Those glasses are also adorable!

  8. Staci from TheGreenSpork.com

    A had the same de-seeding problem so I asked some raw vegan (mostly fruitarian) friends about how they handle this issue. They told me that watermelon seeds and rind are very nutritious and so they simple blend it all (minus the peel if its not an organic melon). I was in disbelief but it works and its yummy! I strain mine with a nut milk bag to get a nice clear juice for cocktails though. Gotta love time savers!

    • jeanine

      Great to know – I’ll blend them in next time!

  9. Becca from twoplaceatonceblog.com

    This looks like the perfect drink to combat the dang Austin heat! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Ileana from alittlesaffron.com

    Beautiful cocktails! I recently made a watermelon granita with elderflower liqueur – so delicious! Such a nice flavor combo. And I agree on this being the most refreshing fruit ever! We were in Mexico recently and the watermelon agua fresca was my best friend.

  11. oh that color!! This looks even more refreshing than it sounds!! I bet nothing beats the enjoyment when you de-seeding the watermelon yourself ha 🙂 Have a lovely weekend! x

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