Vegetarian Cookout Recipes

Veggie Cookout Recipes /

Over here the skies are gloomy and it hardly feels like the start of Memorial Day weekend – but I hope it’s sunnier where you are and that you have some fun outdoor party plans this weekend. Here are a few recipe ideas to get you started!

Portabello Pups

Mango Goji Guacamole / Grilled Potato & Arugula Salad

Mango & Red Pepper Orzo Salad

Corn on the Cob 3 Ways / Tart Cherry Frozen Yogurt


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  1. MMMMM! I’m not vegetarian and these still look delicious to me! Especially the tart cherry frozen yogurt. Beautiful, festive looking and colorful choices.

  2. All of those recipes look so colorful and delicious! I hope you get some sunshine in your area for the weekend!

  3. I’m totally making those potatoes this Monday! They look fantastic! I might have to pair them with some of that delicious corn 🙂

  4. What great inspiration for soon-to-be Memorial Day. I’m especially loving the Mango Goji Guacamole (who doesn’t want new and creative ways to elevate guacamole) and the corn on the cob. I’m planning on hosting a taco party in the upcoming weeks and both of these would be perfect.

    • jeanine from on said:

      Thanks! That guacamole is honestly my favorite – I couldn’t help but share it again :). I hope you like it!

  5. Jeanine, I’m neither vegetarian nor vegan at this time, but I would find this meal utterly satisfying. Even die-hard carnivores could not complain about this menu!

    • jeanine from on said:

      thanks Jean!

  6. We ate way too much grilled meat over Memorial Day weekend – talk about meat sweats. Next time I’ll tuck into your Portobello Pups!

  7. Harrie from on said:

    This looks amazing! I’m not vegetarian, but I think it’s important to go meat free a few days a week and this has given me some useful inspiration! Harrie

  8. Mahee Ferlini on said:

    These recipes look great! Can’t wait to try them – Thanks for sharing!

  9. Izzy from on said:

    ALL OF THESE! I want those pups right meow. Great list, yo.

  10. Shamit Khemka from on said:

    It is lovely inspiration for soon-to-be Memorial Day.

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