Vegan Kale & Artichoke Dip

Vegan Kale & Artichoke dip is a healthy spin on the classic spinach artichoke dip. It's the perfect appetizer for holiday parties or winter gatherings!

Vegan Kale & Artichoke Dip

Hey all, Jack here – now that it’s the end of the year, it’s holiday party time! And what does it normally mean to eat at a party in the winter? To a lot of Americans, that means spinach artichoke dip. I mean, what makes you feel like partying more than eating an entire loaf of bread dipped in cream cheese and mayonnaise?

Well, Jeanine and I don’t really think that’s much of a party any more. Our idea of a party is one where the next day you (or your guests) don’t feel awful. So we took a bit of inspiration from the classic party dip and made a spread that is still irresistible but infinitely more healthy. It uses two of our favorites for creamy vegan indulgences – sunflower seed puree and chickpeas. And the spinach is subbed out for kale, because why not?

I won’t lie though – I still ate way too much of this.

Vegan Kale & Artichoke Dip

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Vegan Kale & Artichoke Dip

Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: appetizer
Serves: about 2 cups of dip
for the dip:
  • 1 can artichoke hearts, drained
  • ½ cup raw sunflower seeds
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cup (cooked) chickpeas, plus more to put on top
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 teaspoon dijon mustard
  • juice of ½ a small lemon
  • ¼ cup nutritional yeast (not baking yeast, see notes)
  • 2-3 leaves of kale, chopped
  • tiny bit of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons chopped chives
  • salt, pepper
for the crostini
  • slices of toasted bread
  • extra chickpeas
  • optional: quick pickled onions (recipe in this post)
  • a few pinches of red pepper flakes
  1. Place HALF the artichoke hearts in the blender, coarsely chop the rest and set aside. To the blender add the sunflower seeds, water, chickpeas, garlic, mustard, lemon, nutritional yeast, and a generous amount of salt and pepper. Blend until creamy. Taste and adjust seasonings.
  2. In a small skillet, cook the chopped kale in a little bit of olive oil (with a pinch of salt) until wilted. Set aside.
  3. Transfer dip to a bowl and stir in remaining chopped artichoke hearts, the cooked kale and chives. (Taste again). Chill until ready to serve.
  4. Serve the dip by itself with crackers or toasted pita wedges - or make crostini with a few extra toppings: Add some more olive oil to your skillet and cook the chickpeas until lightly browned. Top each toast with a slather of dip, some extra cooked kale, roasted chickpeas, pickled onions (optional), and a pinch of red pepper flakes.
If you don't have nutritional yeast (and you're not vegan), you could sub 2T pecorino cheese (or more to taste). Or you could skip it altogether - it just helps give the dip a slightly richer cheesy flavor.




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  1. Gemma from

    These crostini look wonderful and I can totally picture myself serving this dip like you did for some Christmas party or gathering with friends.
    Lovely pictures! =)

  2. Mmm this looks scrumptious! I’m sure I could easily polish off a bowl of this haha!

  3. yum this sounds even better than the original version. I can’t stomach the heavy kale artichoke dip so this would be a great option! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This looks beyond amazing! I am having a little pre-party before watching the last Hobbit movie (geek alert!) and will be whipping this up as an appetizer for everyone. Thanks so much!

  5. I literally ate just about an entire bread bowl full of the traditional spinach dip at my nephew’s b’day party yesterday, now while it was super yummy….I think this version looks way healthier and still quite tasty. I love that you subbed in kale for the spinach, a great update. Now I’ll still probably eat too much of this, but at least it will do my body a bit better. Thanks for a great sounding swap out! Happy Holidays to all.

    • jeanine

      ha, well, truthfully – at any party you can find Jack and I by the table with the artichoke dip bread bowl eating the whole thing – (and not usually the healthy version!)

  6. One of my favorites, but I hardly make this dish anymore because of the less-than-healthy ingredient list. Can’t wait to add this to our Christmas Eve anitpasti spread!

  7. Michelle from

    Looks wonderful and a welcome deviation from the heavy cream based dips everywhere this holiday season!

  8. Eileen from

    Yay, artichoke dip! I love the idea of punching it up with plenty of greens. So perfect for a holiday party!

  9. Katie from

    This looks fabulous! Reminds me of hummus with the chickpeas. I’m definitely trying this out for my vegan friends this holiday season! And maybe surprising some of the non-vegan ones too 😉

  10. I’ve made your sunflower seed cheese and it was really tasty, so I know this dip will be delicious. Can’t wait to make it as part of a holiday spread!

    • jeanine

      Glad you’ve liked the sunflower cheese! This one’s a little bit similar 🙂

  11. Allyn from

    My husband is allergic to dairy and nuts, so this recipe is making me nearly giddy! I miss the traditional dip so much, and can’t wait to make this.

  12. Erica from

    Oh MY this looks like a fabulous appetizer!! Pinned!

  13. Sharon from

    I am a big fan of spinach & artichoke dip! Your dip sounds delightful & I will make it soon. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Sunflower seed and chickpea purée sounds so creamy and delicious. I’m adding this to my appetizers-only dinner menu!

  15. Lauren from

    This sounds delicious! I have been searching for a way to make spinach and artichoke dip healthier. As much as I love the taste, I don’t love the way it makes me feel. I’m curious to try a kale and artichoke dip. Raw kale isn’t my favorite but lately I have been loving mixing kale into savory dishes. Maybe I am turning into a grownup after all…

  16. Kristy

    I made this as part of our Christmas dinner. Very good. (Along with the kale and shiitake mushroom stuffing. Also delicious!) Backstory… last week my husband suggested that we tweak our diet to be vegetarian, low fat, minimal dairy… to eat in a more “heart healthy” way. (Just in time for Christmas nonetheless.) Anyway… we’ve tried this before, but now with Love and Lemons as a resource… It is going way better (even for our 3 and 5 year old boys)! Thank you Jeanine.

    • jeanine

      Hi Kristy, I’m so glad you’ve liked the recipes! Thanks for coming back to share :).

  17. Mira

    I made this for a christmas party last week and the bowl was literally licked clean -everybody loved it! (Health nuts and non-health nuts alike!) Thank you!

    • jeanine

      ha – I’m so glad, thanks for the feedback! Love to win over the non-health nuts :).

  18. Ashley

    Definitely trying these & maybe try our roasted rosemary garlic sea salt with them. I love the idea of a much healthier option!

  19. Deb

    I can’t wait to make this. But, please, when you say a can of artichokes, can you please say how many oz. or cups? I don’t know what size can you’re talking about and I buy big jars of artichokes at Costco. Please let me know someone?

    • jeanine

      I used a 14 oz. can, which is about 1.5 cups of artichokes. (I’ll make a point to get better about labeling can sizes – sorry!)

  20. Savvy

    Just in time for holidays!! Thanks- brunch is on Wed, and I was ‘dreaming of something lighter and healthy’ for my coffee gang!! A few others will get used, saved, and made again and again!!

  21. Heather

    So far I have made this twice and I love it! I have the world’s worst blender and it comes out great every time. I also use this as a vegan caesar dressing and omit the kale part since I’m adding to a big bed of kale. Couldn’t be easier and my omnivore friends love it!

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      Hi Heather – I’m so glad you’ve loved it! Great idea to convert it to a caesar dressing – sounds delicious!

  22. Erin

    How long does this keep in the fridge?

  23. B. Foote

    How many oz. should the can of artichoke hearts be?

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      a 14-ounce can

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