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Ever since watching those chef-y TV shows about Rene Redzepi, I’ve wanted to go to Copenhagen. Sadly, we didn’t get into Noma (we were #1400 on the waiting list when Jack entered us 5 months ago, ha!), but we had a blast eating our way through Copenhagen nonetheless. We had only 2 short days to take it all in, but I think we did pretty well. Thanks to all of you who gave us so many amazing recommendations on Instagram!

Copenhagen /

Day 1:

We checked into this Airbnb, had a conference call and took a nap (#werk).

Later, we walked through Nørrebro and had an awesome first dinner at Manfreds. It’s a tiny vegetable-focussed restaurant that, first off, smells amazing when you walk in – like sourdough bread baking and onions roasting. It was so warm and cozy especially since we had just walked in from the cold pouring rain. (The photo below, was taken the next day when it wasn’t raining). Our dinner consisted of about 8 shareable courses – my favorites were the roasted spring onions with pistachio cream, grilled cabbage with tarragon, and the olive oil chocolate mousse. The great thing is that they can cater to special diets & allergies if you ask. Be sure to book a reservation a few days in advance.

Copenhagen / Copenhagen /

Day 2:

By popular recommendation, we had porridge for breakfast at Grød (the one in the Torvehallerne market because it was closest to us). I got oatmeal with almond milk, topped with granola, fruit and dried strawberries. Jack got (the better bowl), which was topped with homemade caramel sauce, apple and roasted almonds. Afterward we took a long walk to Copenhagen Street Food, which is a giant warehouse full of tons of food trucks/stalls – there is a stall representing pretty much every cuisine of food – Indian, Moroccan, French, etc, etc, etc. I had smørrebrød (the open faced sandwiches that are everywhere in Denmark), Jack had something meaty, and afterward we walked through Christiana Free Town. 

For lunch #2 (so much to eat, so little time), we went to 42 Raw since so many of you had recommended it. I had the veggie burger with vegan tarragon mayo and sweet potato fries. Although I was really wishing I had gotten one of the avocado sandwiches because they looked incredible. (I have this thing where I can’t help but look at other people’s food!)

For the rest of the afternoon, we walked around central Copenhagen and popped into the Design Museum when it looked like it was going to rain.

The highlight of our trip was a late dinner at Relæ (make a reservation in advance). We sprung for the 8 course tasting menu (although the 4 course option would have been totally sufficient). It started with the most delicious sourdough bread I’ve ever eaten. The rest of the courses were a series of creative, seasonal vegetable dishes. Some of the most memorable were: a salad with pickled green strawberries, marigold and chives, cold cucumber soup with sorrel & nostrum, and these wonderful thyme roasted carrots en papillote with hollandaise sauce for dipping. We had organic natural wines (although I’m not sure how I feel about those, but they were interesting to try), and yogurt panna cotta for dessert.

Copenhagen / Copenhagen /

The next day before heading to the airport:

We took a quick walk through the Torvehallerne Market, had a more smørrebrød at Hallernes Smørrebrød – I had one that was piled high with potatoes, cucumbers and chives, and a slice of carrot cake at Laura’s Bakery.

Copenhagen /

Super quick trip, but we’ll be sure to go back! If you have favorite Copenhagen places, feel free to list them in the comments!


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  1. Stine Normann Hansen

    Blågårdsgade has some really interesting places! Jægersborgsgade as well! Also Souls, Video Video, Astrid och Aporna are awesome veggie places. I always recommend a canal tour and seeing the art museums.

  2. Hi! My favourite restaurant in the world is located in Copenhagen. It’s called Geist and it’s simply fantastic. We’ve eaten there several times and it always surprises us! Maybe next time you visit the city you can give it a try!

  3. Maiken Kristensen

    I live in Copenhagen so I just got totally star struck with the thought that you were here 😳 But it’s some really nice places that you have mentioned. I can recommend taking a walk down Elmegade in Nørrebro, there’s so many small shops and foodplaces that are amazing.

  4. Johanna Woodbury

    I haven’t been anywhere in so long, it was great to live through your little adventure.

  5. Lea from

    Oh what a nice post about CPH! I´ve been there last week as well, here ist my blogpost about my food experience (hope your browser will translate it in EN).

    I loved Grød, we had a really good time at the OsterGro rooftop Garden, Toldboden for seafood with harbour view and loved the sourdough sandwiches from Foodie Copenhagen. Just love this city 🙂

  6. Maureen from

    I’ve never been, your post just placed it highly on my “must visit” list though! Photos are gorgeous and food descriptions mouth watering! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Moira from

    Your photos are beautiful, and give a true representation of the city (including the ever ominous weather). Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sara from

    Reading your post was fantastic. I ywen to Copenhagen last fall (for the first time) and your post has me wanting to go back. Love!!!

  9. Louise

    Yes American Pie Company is wonderful! We were there in March and it was awesome! Wondering around all the little stores and Stroget over there is awesome, including the dept store Ilum. Madklubben was delicious and War Pigs for BBQ. The cutest place ever though was the smallest coffee shop in Copenhagen with a one room hotel on top called Central Hotel and Cafe

    • Louise

      P.S. I also live in Austin 🙂

  10. I absolutely love Copenhagen! Lived there when I was younger for a year and have been back many times, such a beautiful green city. Love the pics, reminded me of how gorgeous it is. Glad you had a great time – next time need longer!

    x Buffy

  11. Next time be sure to try The American Pie Company in Copenhagen! A dear friend owns it and they make amazing sweet and savory pies.

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