travel tips for Rome & Amalfi?

Capri, Italy

Later this week, we’re taking a little trip and would love to hear your travel recs… especially those that involve food (of course)! If you have favorite restaurants, markets, or gelato shops please let me know!

Jack and I are heading to Rome, and the Amalfi coast so we’d love suggestions for Positano, Amalfi, Capri, and Sorrento. We’ve been to Rome (and Capri, pictured) before, so we’ll probably skip some of the main tourist attractions but would love other ideas – cool neighborhoods to check out – that sort of thing.



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  1. lisa

    Sounded amazing! It’s hard to not want to just take it all in while you are there.
    We are following your footsteps but at a slower timetable. We want to do one extended trip a year. We are headed to Iceland in a few months and then Norway.Amalfi

  2. lisa

    Hello, What a wonderful idea for travelling light but keeping memories. This week we are starting a four month journey through Italy and Croatia. I am stealing your idea for a weekly photo. Thank you!Amalfi

  3. viator coupons

    I’d love to travel more – it’s just not that simple though and there’s plenty of factors preventing me from doing it. But hopefully I’ll get to see everything I want to see! These are some pretty amazing benefits!

  4. I might be late for your trip, but for purpose of information you should check out metamorfosi restaurant in rome. Its anamazing restaurant outside the city center in rome and such a talanted chef.

    So everyone, if you ever Get the chance, visit metamorfosi in rome.

    Some pics of my visit There can be found here:

  5. Julie Hensler

    First of all, I enjoy your blog – your photos are spectacular.
    We were in Rome last spring and had two amazing meals – you need reservations for both places. Bon Appetit!

    Da Felice
    29 Via Mastro Giorgio
    Rome , Italy
    A cult-favorite trattoria where professors, market vendors, and young hipsters gather over platters of handmade pasta. The ricotta-and-spinach ravioli with cherry tomatoes and marjoram is cucina romana at its authentic best

    Trattoria Monti
    13 Via di San Vito
    Rome , Italy
    Reservations are certainly needed at this brightly lit, 12-table trattoria located one block from the Piazza Vittorio. Brothers Enrico and Daniele Camerucci own and operate the dining room, while their mother controls the kitchen. Franca, or momma, as she is known to the locals, crafts cuisine inspired by the Le Marche region, including starters called tortinos (egg-based custards mixed with different vegetables and parmesan cheese). Though game like rabbit stuffed with truffles is available, the tortellone (one large ravioli stuffed with a runny egg yolk and topped with crispy sage and brown butter) is the house specialty.

  6. walter ricciardi


    wow, is not so easy, to many places, where to start………I don’t know how many days you will stay in Italy, so I give my personal very short short list.

    Luky you, I come from Naples, spent all the summer of my life in Capri, half of my family lives in Rome, and I love food!

    Here we go……..



    La Pergola – 3 michelin starts

    Osteria la Gensola – Fish

    Da Benito e Gilberto al falco – Fish

    Flavio al velavevodetto – classic roman trattoria

    Felice a testaccio – classic roman trattoria

    Da Gigetto al portico d’ottavia – jewish ( best in mid season or winter )

    Al Pompiere – Jewish ( best in mid season or winter )

    DOM Hotel – The chef Max Mariola is very talented

    The Corner Hotel – the Chef Fabio Baldassarri i salso vey talented

    Giuda Ballerino- is out of the center but very good restaurant

    Romeow Cat Bistro – veg restaurant I love it, you will love their chacke, The Chef patissery Romina is very talented too


    Too many in Rome a salso in Milan, seems that every body wants only icecreem by now 😉

    My best two:


    Neve di Latte


    in rome the pizza is coccked in the tray, is called Pizza al taglio or trancio.

    The best ever in this art is Gabriele Bonci. Whow own Pizzarium, now we can call gourmet pizza and also not far from this there is the bakery, Panificio Bonci.

    Must to go in both places.

    Let’s go to see the market in Piazza Vittorio, is the ethnic district.

    Capri ( what a jewell od our planet!!!!!)

    L’olivo ed il Riccio – is the restaurant of the Capri Palace in Anacapri.

    La Capannina – it’s a must since I was a kid – ask for the fried Ravioli capresi, you will died for this!

    Paolino, you will eat in a garden full of lemon trees.

    Go to dance and sing to Anema e Core


    La Torre del Saracino – Vico Equense – 2 michelin stars – Gennaro Esposito is my favourite Italian Chef

    Raki is the best Gelato in Sorrento


    Maria Grazia – she is the chef who invented the famous Spaghetti alla Nerano, one of the most faumous south summer dish. Very few can do in the right way this amazing pasta. Are spaghetti with zucchine, basil parmesan and secret ingredients 😉 I will tell you in private what is ;-)))))

    The resturant is located on the bech of nerano

    I Quattro Passi – 2 michelin star I guess

    La taverna del capitano

    Il Cantuccio


    If you say Positano you can not immediately connect your mind to the San Pietro hotel, one of the most charming hotel of the world.

    Have a drink or eat at Zass ( the restaurant) is an amazing experiece.

    La Buca di Bacco, is a traditional restaurant , let’s say an ever green.


    Cetara is a small sailors village after Amalfi.

    Is famous for the anchovys, and for the “Colatura di alci”. La colatura is the extract of the anchovies pressed salted and left few month in ceramic barrel , we call giare.

    We use the colatura to oil the spaghetti, very tasty.


    Pasticceria Sal De Riso, when you will try his cakes you will ask to lock you in and trow the key.


    Sorrelle Rispoli, is an old trattoria ask fo the genovese ( my favourite dish before quit eating animal protein) and also pasta con le melanzane, gnammy.

    I’m sorry this is a very quick short list. There are also a lot aof beautiful placec to visit, it’s a pity that you don’t jump in naples becuse is an amazing city 😉

    By the way my doughter loves your bana pancake recipe.

    If you need more tips here is my e mail address

    Enjoy you trip!

  7. Jo

    If you are looking for something a bit different to do in Amalfi town do the Amalfi Lemon Experience. Look it up on Trip Advisor. We did the tour and the cooking class for 130 Euro each. Worth every cent. It was the best day during our 3 week stay (which we have just gotten back from). Also if you want to get away from the crowds take the ferry from Amalfi to Maiori (3 Euro one way) It’s a great little town, more locals than tourists, lots of space to move about and easy to get to. We wished we had stayed there for a few days. Have the BEST time!

  8. Becca

    Dar Poeta pizza in Rome. Best meal of my life.

  9. Barbara

    Hi! When in Rome: Gelateria Romana
    Hands down, the best gelato in town.
    We also loved the pasta and drinks at That’s Amore. Really cute restaurant near the Fontana di Trevi.
    Amalfi is amazing: Hotels at Conca dei Marini beach have the best view, and Ravello (city up on the hills) is just sooo charming.
    if you get the chance to go to Ischia island for a couple of days, do it.

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