We’re heading to… Japan!

Love & Lemons, Japan trip

We’re going to Japan! I know, I’m surprised too… it kind of came up at the last minute, but here we go… Right now I’m en route to Seattle to meet up with Jack. Later this week we’ll be off to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone, and back to Tokyo… followed by a couple of days in San Francisco before we head home.

We spent some time in Japan a few years ago (pic above), but of course if you have any must-try food suggestions, let me know!! We’re so excited to fill up on sushi, ramen, udon, soba, kyoto vegetables and japanese pickles, (to name a few). I’m starving just thinking about it and these airplane peanuts sure aren’t helping.

So for a few weeks things might look a bit different around here, but hopefully in a good way… I promise this won’t become Jack and Jeanine’s vacation album, but I’m excited to share some highlights as we go. For the full journey, you can follow along on Instagram. And not to worry, if travel & Japan aren’t your cup of (green) tea, I have a few regular recipe posts in the hopper.

Oh, and Seattle recs are also welcome! We’ll be there for 3 days and I’ve never been…

I hope you all are having a fun & relaxing Labor Day weekend!


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  1. Sai Harshitha

    Fantastic option, Japan is a fascinating fusion of modern innovation and age-old customs. Have fun traveling with Love and Lemons.

  2. tour from xn----ixf5agj5c1a3f5a5a8oc2d.blogspot.com

    Thank you for sharing, I miss japan so much.

  3. Shell from kittyandbuck.com

    Maybe I am too late, but we visited a wonderful vegan restaurant in Kyoto called Mikoan: http://www.deepkyoto.com/?p=44 It’s a little hard to find, so make sure you have directions written down, it’s down a little laneway through a tiny door on the street that is easy to miss.

    If you have time to go to Koyasan which is near Kyoto, we stayed in a temple called Shojoshi-In and were served an incredible vegetarian feast. Plus the accommodation was lovely and the mountain itself a peaceful and beautiful place: http://www.japaneseguesthouses.com/ryokan-single/?ryokan=Shojoshin-in

    I am completely in love with Japan, I hope you have a great time

  4. Stacey tannheimer

    Agree with Revel, Spinasse and Paseo recommendations. Have fun!

  5. Eleonora from eleonorafestari.com

    Lucky you! My travel dream is Japan 🙂
    Hope you enjoy the journey and have a great time! I don’t know any suggestions because unfortunately I have never been to Japan :'(

  6. Beth

    I also found your blog recently through 101 cookbooks, and I am so happy I did! 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic time in Japan! If you have time when you arrive in SF, check out Pizzetta 211 – delicious, fresh pizzas and salads. Their Margherita is my favorite.

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