Endive Appetizers

Endive Appetizers // loveandlemons.com

Endive… the perfect holiday party snack when it’s time to start laying off the bread already. As the holiday season comes to a close, I’m starting to crave foods that are lighter and brighter.

Endive // loveandlemons.com

I decided to make two of my favorite appetizers (that I love atop toasty crostini)… and serve in crispy endive leaves instead. The first is a super easy sesame tuna tartare. And because parties always need vegetarian options, the second is a lemony white bean puree.

But lets face it, my favorite thing about skipping the bread is that I can endlessly snack away and still have room for dessert. Balance…

Special thanks to the California Endive Farms for the giant box of endive. (All opinions in this post are my own).