Kappabashi Kitchen Town

kappabashi kitchen town, tokyo

We rounded the corner onto Kappabashi-dori. My eyes lit up, my heart skipped two beats. At the same time Jack let out a big sigh and whined “oh nooo… today is going to SUUCK.”

Luckily, there was some free wifi in the area so he could distract himself while I carefully looked through every last copper pot, ginger grater, and tiny painted bowl… I have no words, really. Store upon store, stuffed with stuff (good stuff). Pinch me.

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A Japanese Breakfast

a japanese breakfast // loveandlemons.com

We made it to Japan! I think it’s only fitting that our first post is about the first meal of the day. I wouldn’t normally recommend eating breakfast at your hotel, but in Japan you have to (at least once) experience the Japanese breakfast. If you haven’t heard of it, the concept might rock your mind… I mean, it is miso soup and fish for breakfast after all…

a japanese breakfast // loveandlemons.com

This particular breakfast was at the Claska, a boutique hotel in Tokyo. We spent our first two nights there and our favorite part was their version of the Japanese breakfast. It was a little less traditional than others we’ve had, but we just loved the modern take.

a japanese breakfast // loveandlemons.com

It starts with a choice of coffee or green tea. Pick the green tea, or you’re not doing it right. Next you get a big tray full of many little things… miso soup, rice, pickles, & miso broiled fish among others (see above). Traditionally (I think) there’s a natto course, but we thought it was so clever that they subbed in seasonal okra for a similar “gooey” component. Also, we’ve yet to acquire the taste for natto.

a japanese breakfast // loveandlemons.com

The “take home” idea for us was the soft boiled egg mixed into rice with a sweet soy sauce, pickled veggies, and torn pieces of toasted nori. I can’t see myself going through the effort to recreate this entire breakfast platter at home, but an eggy breakfast rice bowl, I can do. yum yum.