Chickpea & Saffron Stew

Chickpea & Saffron Stew //

It’s good to be home. After a busy (and very social) week at Alt Summit, it was nice to come home and spend some quiet time over the stove.

Unlike many of the recipes I make here, this one is an old friend. It’s my take on Espinacas con Garbanzos… and has been a favorite ever since our first trip to Barcelona.

But the real thing it has going for it is that it’s largely a pantry meal. Because who feels like going to the store right after they get off the airplane? Not me, that’s for sure.

Chickpea & Saffron Stew //


Roasted Cauliflower & Leek Soup

Roasted Cauliflower & Leek Soup //

Thank you all SO much for your ideas & suggestions of what to make with my giant cauliflower… so many creative ideas, I just loved reading through them all.

Last night, we curled up on the sofa with this creamy roasted cauliflower & leek soup (made with cashews for the cream part). This might look subtle but the roasting process brings out some pretty big flavors… and in a surprisingly little amount of time. The short version of this recipe is: Roast. Blend.

(But I promise, it tastes fancier than that).

Roasted Cauliflower & Leek Soup //

Thanks to so many of you for commenting with the leek & cauliflower soup idea… I went with this cashew cream idea suggested by Alisa. With the “toss it all in the oven” method (and paprika addition) as suggested by Anouk.

Curried Sweet Potato Soup

Curried Sweet Potato Soup /

Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes yesterday. I had a great day, although today is even better because the sun is shining for the first time in 3 days.. (I know, I’m so spoiled living where I do). Dreary weather just gets me so down…

Curried Sweet Potato Soup /

But it takes a few gloomy days to feel grateful for the gorgeous days… and if it weren’t for the occasional grey sky, I probably wouldn’t make as much soup as I do.

We’ve been eating this one all week. It’s so hearty, warming and surprisingly easy. We’ve got just over a month of winter left to go (in our world), and I’m pretty sure this recipe will help get us through it…

“Creamy” Sundried Tomato Soup

Creamy (vegan) Tomato Soup  // Love & Lemons

This might be my favorite thing I’ve made on this site so far. I know, that’s such a big statement since I usually feel that choosing a favorite recipe is like choosing a favorite child (or in our case, dog). But I have an un-dying love for sun dried tomatoes… not to mention basil, coconut, wine, pine nuts, & balsamic.

So what happens when you put 6 of your favorite things all together? In this case, you get a warm & creamy – yet tangy – bowl of deliciousness. Just be happy that I left chocolate out of this mix.

Kale & White Bean Soup

Kale & White Bean Soup // Love & Lemons

I just love making soups. There’s something so cozy and comforting about the whole process. It hasn’t exactly been soup weather around here, so last week when it dipped down into the 60’s, a stay-home, curl-up-on-the-sofa, soup night happened.

Kale & White Bean Soup // Love & Lemons

This soup is hearty but still kind of light. The sherry vinegar gives it a nice zing and the fresh herbs bring it alive. Feel free to mix in whatever herbs you like – I went out of my herb-comfort zone here and used tarragon, but basil would also be delicious also.

Enjoy with lots of crusty bread and some nice red wine…