Sweet Potato & Cranberry Salad

roasted sweet potato & cranberry salad

In one version or another, we’ve probably eaten this salad five times in the last couple of weeks. I know everyone’s sort of hooked on sweet potatoes at the moment, and I guess I’m no different…

Two things I love most about sweet potatoes are: 1. They take less strength and finger-losing risk than butternut squash… and 2. once you pop them in the oven, the house almost instantly smells like Thanksgiving.

Now that it’s been a little bit colder here, this has been the perfect soul-warming kind of meal to cozy up to with a bottle of red wine.

roasted sweet potato & cranberry salad

Roasted Cauliflower Hazelnut Salad

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the US release of Ottolenghi’s newest book, Jerusalem… So I couldn’t have been more excited the day it showed up on my doorstep last week.

I don’t know how you like to approach a new cookbook, but I like to start with a fast flip… trying to devour as much as I can all at one time. Later on during my second pass, I’ll settle down and take in the stories, reading through the recipes much more carefully than I did the first time around…

This time I fast-flipped, intently looking to see if this recipe would be included. On our last afternoon in London, we went to Ottolenghi’s Islington restaurant just prior to racing off to the airport. The wait for a table was too long and it was a (lucky) gorgeous sunny day, so we got piles of takeaway food and had a picnic in a nearby park.

Which sounds picturesque… and really it was… only I wanted to try so many things, and we were incredibly short on time. In 20 minutes or less, we consumed pounds of food…  a tomato and burrata salad, roasted beets, green beans & peas, kohlrabi slaw, a couple of sweet pistachio & polenta cakes… and this cauliflower salad which was our favorite.

For a glimpse of the book, watch this trailer with Yotam and Sami, and start drooling.
Or take a look at this pdf preview of the book which includes a few recipes.

xoxo to Ten Speed Press for sending me an advance copy.