Spring Salad & Arugula Hummus

spring salad with arugula hummus / loveandlemons.com

Lately, we’ve been getting back into our ritual saturday morning walks to the farmers market. In the cooler months, we struggle to leave the house by noon. But the summer heat is starting to set in so we have some added incentive to get up and out a little bit earlier. (That and the vegan Red Rabbit doughnuts waiting for us when we get there).

After we’ve had out fill of doughnuts, breakfast tacos, and coffee, I pick up whatever veggies look the best that day and we head home. A few weekends ago, I came back with this assortment… and I’m especially excited by how colorful (and also tasty) it turned out.

It’s not fancy cooking, but I did take a little time to cut the carrots two different ways – some are roasted and tender, and some, thin and crispy. I dressed the salad very lightly, but scooped a dollop of arugula hummus on the side to mix in. And then, of course, I ate that hummus all week (the recipe will make extra).