Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup

coconut curry pumpkin soup /

Soup was probably the reason I started cooking… and at first, it was just a Sunday thing. Weekday cooking didn’t stand a chance. After a hectic work day, I wanted nothing but to sit down at a restaurant and have someone bring me food. But on lazy Sunday afternoons, I started to enjoy the peaceful process of chopping and stirring (with a glass of red wine nearby)… and all the warm fuzzy feelings that come with making soup. To me, Sunday soup making became the calm before the storm… a necessary rejuvenating┬átime before a new crazy week would begin.

Pumpkin (or butternut squash) soup can go a whole bunch of directions. I personally love it Thai-spiced. Red curry is one of my favorite things… mixed with creamy coconut. This time I experimented with lime leaves. I used them as I would bay leaves (taking them out before I blended the soup together). I found that they added a nice brightness, although I realize they’re not always easy to find. I’ve seen them lately at my specialty markets, but I wouldn’t necessarily go hunting for them… if you have to look too hard, just leave them out. It’ll still be great.