Pear Pizza with Fried Sage

pear pizza with fried sage / pear pizza with fried sage /

Pumpkins and sweet potatoes seem to get all of the fall love. Rightfully so, but lately I’ve been having a mini obsession with pears. One day last week, pear pizza sounded like a good idea to me. No, I mean, literally, I just liked the way it sounded… with the two p’s.

I love a sweet component to savory foods, so I knew this would be good – I didn’t know this combo would be ridiculously¬†good. While we were snapping photos, I let Jack have that missing slice. I knew we had a winner when he took a bite and his eyes lit up with excitement and surprise. Those eyes, they don’t lie. And they also don’t appease me.

pear pizza with fried sage /

The key here is that you want everything pretty thin – you don’t want dough that’s too doughy or huge chunks of onion or pear. You want those first few layers to nicely melt into each other.

And don’t skimp on the fried sage – it’s quick, easy and it’ll make your house smell like fall (and also strangely a little bit like McDonald’s breakfast sausage).

Fig & Arugula Flatbread

I was really excited to see figs pop out at our farmers market. I feel like fig season is so short… I can never show up at the store expecting figs to be there on any given day, so I just snatch them up when I see them.

That night I put together this simple flatbread… a no-fuss, no-oven, casual Saturday dinner that we shared with nice summery white wine.

Oh, and by the way, we’re becoming old people this summer. We’re the old married couple that strolls to the farmers market early on Saturday mornings. The old married couple that watches “programs” on TV together. We bicker for the sake of bickering (or when we’ve run out of other things to talk about). And we spend probably way too much time alone together. But somehow we like it that way.


Grilled Herb Garden Pizza

I really wanted this to be “every-herb-I-have-except-basil pizza.” I’ve been on a bit of a basil kick lately and I really wanted to give some attention to the other herbs I have growing in the new garden. But the tomatoes I had were so pretty, I just couldn’t bring myself to not match them up with basil. It would be like peanut butter without jelly… ketchup without mustard… or me without Jack (it’s ok to groan, sorry).

Basil notwithstanding, I couldn’t make up my mind on which other herbs to use so I just went out and grabbed everything that looked good —¬† lemon-thyme, sage, parsley — chopped them all together and threw them on top of the finished pizzas.