Avocado Sweet Potato Tacos

Topped with creamy avocado lime sauce, these simple chili-spiced sweet potato tacos make a delicious vegetarian dinner.

This sweet potato taco recipe is an old favorite that I wanted to re-share with you. I first started making these sweet potato tacos years ago, but it’s one of those recipes that I come back to time and time again because it’s such a filling & flavorful vegetarian weeknight dinner option. The list of ingredients is short and the steps are easy – what’s not to love? Plus, I just think roasted sweet potatoes are such a cozy wintertime food, especially when they’re wrapped up into warm tortillas like a big hug. There are basically two steps to the…


Apple Sage Grilled Cheese

A fancy fall grilled cheese that's sweet and savory. Delicious for a quick weeknight dinner.

Of course you don’t need a recipe for grilled cheese, but I just HAVE to share this simple combo because it’s so so delicious. This is the sort of thing that I love to make when I don’t feel like spending time in the kitchen but I also don’t feel like leaving the house. Sweet, soft apples, savory sage, red onion, and a good slather of grainy mustard – all between melty cheese (or vegan cheese) and bread. I think this might be my favorite sandwich assembly to date, I just love the sweet and salty mix. Make these with a…


Tagliatelle with Tomatoes and Greens

Try this tagliatelle recipe once, and it'll be in your regular dinner rotation forever. A tomato wine sauce coats floppy egg noodles in this delicious dish.

This tagliatelle pasta was inspired by a reader who wrote me to say that this vegetable soup recipe – with its sweet stewed carrots, tomatoes, and other vegetables – would make a delicious rich tomato sauce for pasta. Soon after that, I tried turning that soup into this tagliatelle recipe. We loved it so much that it made it into our first cookbook. So thanks, Rachel! Here it is, hope it was worth the wait! Weeknight Tagliatelle The soup that inspired this pasta is a simple, clean-out-the-fridge sort of recipe. It works with whatever veggies you have on hand, and…


Prettiest Spring Vegetable Platter

A fresh, healthy way to serve veggie crudite at your next happy hour or party! Vegan and gluten free options, with dip, wine, and cheese pairings.

Is it just me or has spring come early this year? Last weekend, I loaded up on the prettiest brightly colored vegetables to put together a gorgeous yet easy wine party crudité appetizer spread. Two things always intimidate me about putting together party food: 1: Spending tons of time (and tons of money) putting together a guest-worthy spread, and 2: Picking out great wine. So today I have some tips for both… Let’s start with the wine (always my favorite place to start). We’ve partnered with WineSimple, which is my new favorite way to choose wine because they choose it for you! You start…


Shells & Roasted Cauliflower

This surprisingly sweet & savory pasta is one of my favorite easy cauliflower recipes. Try it once, and it'll stay in your weeknight dinner rotation.

Currently, in Austin, SO many restaurants are opening all the time and our list of to-try places is growing at a rapid pace. It’s a fun problem to have. Our little city is hot on the food map, but sadly, some of our old favorite little go-to spots are closing. One in particular was a little wine bar called Mulberry. It was a tiny place with a big marble slab of a bar. The wine was good, the vibe was cozy, and the food was everything you wanted to eat on a Friday night without having to make a reservation or wait…


Beet Hummus

I love the bright color of this slightly sweet beet hummus. A little cumin & coriander enhance its flavor, making it an addictive appetizer or snack!

I love the way this beet hummus tastes – it’s slightly sweet, but not too beet-y. Jack, our resident beet-hater, was skeptical as I made this, but he ended up loving it. But what really excites me is the color. It’s so bright and vibrant – exactly what I feel like eating in the middle of winter when the days are bleak and grey. Ok, that’s an exaggeration because it’s actually super sunny here today. But if it’s grey where you are – try out this beet hummus recipe. Beet Hummus Recipe Ingredients To make this recipe, 10 simple ingredients are…


Tahini Noodle Salad with Carrots & Chickpeas

This healthy noodle salad is one of my favorite lunch recipes. Tossed in a tangy, nutty sauce, it's filled with crispy chickpeas & lots of veggies.

Today, I’m taking a break from soup season (although I do have some good ones in the works!), because it’s been about 95 degrees lately and a big, cold noodle salad just sounded good to me. This bowl is full of whole grain noodles and crunchy veggies that are all tossed in a deliciously creamy, nutty tahini sauce. In an effort to feel some “fall spirit,” I roasted chickpeas and carrots and tossed those in too. Cooked carrots haven’t always been our thing – the trick is to roast them until they’re slightly tender but still have some bite (just don’t let them get mushy!). If…


Easy Vegan Apple Crisp

This easy vegan apple crisp will become your go-to fall dessert. It's simple to put together, and the nutty brown sugar topping is absolutely delectable.

Happy Saturday, friends! Fall is in the air, and although it’s not exactly crisp outside here, I’ve made crisp inside to make up for it. Apple crisp is hands down my favorite fall dessert. I love apple pie too, but I love it more when other people make it for me. This vegan apple crisp recipe is simple and straightforward – you can mix everything together and get these little guys into the oven in no time. (You can even mix the crumble part ahead of time). To make these vegan, I used coconut oil instead of butter and scooped vegan ice cream on top. These…


Vegan Spinach Mac & Cheese

A creamy vegan mac & cheese made with cashews, nutritional yeast, smoked paprika, balsamic, and cayenne. A healthy & delicious weeknight dinner.

Jack here, writing for the blog today while Jeanine writes for the book… I have something to admit that I’m having a hard time with. I’m starting to prefer vegan “mac and cheese” to actual mac and cheese. Now, this is a hard one for me. You see, I love cheese. Almost every time we go to Whole Foods, I raid the “under $3 cheese” bin to find crazy new cheeses that I can barely pronounce. And a great grilled cheese is work of art. But these vegan “mac and cheese” recipes Jeanine comes up with pretty much hit everything I…


Green Quesadillas

In this frigid weather, nothing sounds better to me than soups and sandwiches. But if you’re like me and you keep tortillas on hand more regularly than bread – quesadillas are the perfect little soup or salad accompaniment. I always love to sneak a few greens into my food but today there’s no hiding it. These green-on-green-on-green quesadillas start with spinach tortillas that I stuffed with cheese, jalapeños, cilantro and sliced collard greens (feel free to sub spinach, kale, or whatever you have on hand)… and pickled shallots for a bright tangy bite. These are especially good with our Spicy Black Bean Soup.


Crispy Zucchini Casserole

Summer side dishes don't get better than this zucchini casserole recipe! A crispy, nutty panko topping covers a saucy layer of pesto and zucchini.

If you have a mountain of zucchini or yellow squash in your fridge, this zucchini casserole recipe is just the thing for you! In fact, you should try this recipe even if you don’t have any summer squash on hand. The crispy, nutty Parmesan and panko topping contrasts perfectly with the saucy zucchini, pesto, and marinara underneath. It’s super simple to put together, and it can pass as a side dish or a meal on its own. Make this zucchini casserole recipe once, and you’ll have it on repeat all summer long. Zucchini Casserole Recipe Ingredients Here’s what you’ll need…

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