Best Shakshuka

Have you ever tried shakshuka? Made with eggs poached in spicy, spinach-flecked tomato sauce, it's a nourishing, delicious dinner or brunch.

In Israel and throughout the Middle East, shakshuka is a traditional breakfast food, but I love this recipe so much that I could eat it at any time of day. It starts with a bold tomato and red pepper sauce that’s spiced with harissa, cumin, paprika, and a pinch of cayenne pepper for kick. Then, chopped fresh spinach joins the mix, adding gorgeous flecks of green. Finally, gently poached eggs nestle into the sauce. It’s rich, flavorful, and oh-so-good. Shakshuka Serving Suggestions Luckily, this shakshuka is a breeze to make! It only requires a handful of pantry ingredients, and you…


Best Breakfast Burrito

This loaded breakfast burrito recipe is the best way to kickstart your morning. Filled with eggs & fresh veggies, it's healthy, fun & easy to make!

I’m typically a breakfast taco person, so this post is a little crazy for me – I’m making breakfast burritos! I know, I know… if you’re from Austin and you know that I lived in Austin, you’re probably saying “what is she doing?”… because Austin is the land of the taco. In fact, the city would probably kick you out if you made a breakfast burrito, but, well, I’m already out so today, I have this yummy breakfast burrito recipe that we just love. The idea to make a breakfast burrito came to me because I had lots of leftover…


Farmers Market Breakfast Bowl

This breakfast bowl recipe is meant for days when you have an abundance of fresh veggies. A delicious garlic & herb yogurt sauce ties it all together.

Lately, my fridge has been overloaded with vegetables! We’ve been hitting one, if not two, farmers markets each week. After a long winter, I’m still in awe that we’re able to leave the house, enjoy the fresh air, and peruse rows and rows of glorious vegetables. I want to buy them all! It’s hard for me to hold back, even though I’m mindful of what we’ll actually be able to eat in a week. Another thing that’s hard to hold – my heavy veggie bags as Jack runs off to find the nearest cheese sandwich vendor. With all of this…


Healthy Breakfast Casserole

This healthy breakfast casserole is my go-to dish to serve for brunch. It's full of veggies with a secret layer of roasted sweet potatoes on the bottom!

I love a good frittata. Frittatas are my go-to choice for brunch if Jack and I are hosting a couple of people. Now that we’re living around more family here in Chicago, I’ve changed things up – this healthy breakfast casserole recipe is basically a frittata in casserole form. Why? Well, with a breakfast casserole, you get a lot more portions with no more work. It’s perfect if you’re hosting a Mother’s Day get-together with your family this weekend! My Mom’s Vegetarian Breakfast Casserole Speaking of moms, I borrowed (er…took?) this vegetarian breakfast casserole recipe from my mom. She first…


Breakfast Panzanella

When you make a big panzanella salad - turn the leftovers into breakfast the next morning by adding some fresh basil and fried eggs! So easy and delicious!

If you caught Monday’s post, you might have noticed that I made a pretty big panzanella. I think it looked a little smaller in the photos, but it was truly a massive amount of food, especially since there’s just two of us here. As we were cleaning up after that dinnertime photo shoot, I was storing away containers full of leftovers and I said to Jack (half joking), “are you ready to have panzanella for breakfast tomorrow?” And then half-joking turned into all seriousness when we both realized that all of the tomato-ey bread-y goodness with runny FRIED EGGS on…


Healthy Breakfast Tacos

These healthy breakfast tacos are my favorite way to start the day. Fresh & light, they're easy to make, but they're packed with flavor.

If you asked everyone in Austin where they get their favorite breakfast tacos, you’d get a different answer from every person. Austinites have opinions about breakfast tacos like Chicagoans have opinions about pizza. Since I moved to Austin a number of years ago, I’ve eaten more breakfast tacos than I could ever begin to count – most I’ve loved (some I haven’t) but after all that, my favorite place to have them… is at home. Here’s why: First, I like to eat breakfast right when I wake up, so I usually don’t have the patience to even run down the…


Apple Mimosas & Butternut Baked Eggs

Host a fun & easy-going brunch with these simple baked eggs. Butternut squash, eggs, leeks, and herbs are all you need. With apple mimosas, of course.

Thanksgiving has become an odd holiday for us. During the first years that Jack and I were together, we traveled to visit family for every single holiday. It took us a while to realize that Thanksgiving weekend air travel is the worst of them all. So now we have a tradition of staying home with no real tradition. One year we stayed in and made risotto. The year after that we had a friends-giving (before they were called that). Last year, we stayed home and worked (we were just beginning the book). This year we’re going to gather with friends over a fun & easygoing…


Spinach & Sun Dried Tomato Frittatas

Do you have Easter brunch or Easter dinner? My family always has a formal Easter ham dinner, but around here brunch seems to be more popular. Not that it matters for us this year – Jack and I will doing what we’ve done for every holiday this year so far – testing and shooting cookbook recipes. Yep, that’s right – this book project started with Thanksgiving tacos and now Easter weekend will be a smorgasbord of random bits and bobs, tons of dirty dishes, and some really funky combinations of leftovers. There definitely won’t be ham, but there might be a few…


Tomato & Zucchini Frittata

I love to make this zucchini frittata when I have an abundance of summer vegetables on hand. Serve it for an easy, delicious brunch or dinner!

The frittata is one of my favorite things to throw together because, really, anything you need to use up can go into a frittata. Last week, I had a variety of tomatoes, zucchini, and some really lovely sweet potato greens on hand, so I made this simple zucchini frittata. Use this recipe as a guide to use up whatever you happen to have in your refrigerator – for example, spinach or kale would be easy substitutes for the sweet potato greens. This Zucchini Frittata is Healthy! A while back, I used to shy away from frittatas because I thought they required lots of butter…


Romanesco & Chickpea Salad

Two things happened on Monday: It was Jack’s birthday and also we won the Saveur Reader’s Choice Best Cooking Blog award! Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you who voted for us! As someone who’s not used to winning things, I really didn’t see this coming. I’m shocked and just so flattered. I realize — I probably should be posting cocktails and cake, but it’s been a heck of a busy week, so today I bring you: Celebration Salad. (Although, stay tuned, I have some yummy birthday carrot cake coming up next week). But for now, this…


Spring Onion Asparagus Frittata

A frittata is the perfect brunch recipe! This spring onion & asparagus frittata is so fresh, healthy. It's easy to make and so delicious.

Easter weekend might be a whole week away, but I figure it’s never too soon to start gathering with friends for a spring brunch. We could call it Friendster—get it? Like “Friendsgiving” but for Easter instead… (and not like the late 90’s social media website). Ok, maybe not. I can hear you groaning through the computer screen. Whatever you decide to call your spring gatherings – make this easy asparagus frittata. First thing: blend your eggs in a blender. I’m sure many of you do this already. I, myself, have been lazily ignoring this tip for years thinking my whisking…

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