Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh veggies, herbs, and peanut noodles pack these spring rolls with tangy, bright & refreshing flavors. They're a delicious light lunch or appetizer!

Spring rolls are my favorite thing to make when I’m craving something light and healthy, but totally fun. I love stuffing rice paper wrappers with lots of fresh produce, mixing together a flavorful dipping sauce, and digging in! For this Vietnamese spring roll recipe, I toss noodles with an easy, sweet and savory peanut sauce made of peanut butter, sriracha, tamari, and a drop of maple syrup. Then, I roll the noodles into wrappers with avocado, sautéed mushrooms, green onion, and fresh basil and mint. How to Make Spring Rolls If you’ve never made fresh spring rolls before, it may…


Jalapeño Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

Jalapeño mac and cheese is perfect for warming up on winter weeknights. With roasted cauliflower & fresh kale, it's filling, simple & nutritious.

Hi everyone, Jack here reporting in from the frozen tundra of Chicago. We flew in for a quick weekend over Jeanine’s birthday (happy birthday!!!) and it is just beyond cold. Austin’s apparently snowing today, but still, not much prepares you for walking outside into 9ºF (-13ºC) weather from a nice, warm airport. This blog is almost always about making meals completely from scratch, but it’s cold times like this that sometimes you just want to pour a box of mac and cheese into a pot and go to town. Well we did that, posted a photo here on Instagram, and people went crazy for…


Roasted Broccoli Bowls

…otherwise known as “roast what you have” bowls. This week (again) was all about quick cooking, olympic watching, and dinners that fit into one bowl. Which sounds super lazy, but I just know that I’ve burnt more than a few calories anxiously watching athletes go for gold. Anxiety is an ab workout right? This TV “workout” was fueled by some roasty-toasty broccoli and sweet Farmhouse carrots that I happened on hand. I completed the meal with the help of some pantry ingredients: chickpeas, jarred roasted red peppers, tahini, etc. Feel free to switch up the vegetables and add some sort…


Healthy Loaded Sweet Potatoes

I’ve never loved baked potatoes. I know… that’s hardly the way to begin a baked potato post. In my world (growing up), they came 2 ways: On our dinner table – plain with just a bit of margarine (sorry mom!)… and at the Yorktown Mall food court – those giant sour-cream-piled ones that seemed like a heart attack on a plate. (Which, by the way, were considered the “healthy” option because they were baked not fried! Gotta love the midwest in the 90’s). The kind that wasn’t an option? This kind… baked sweet potatoes stuffed with black beans, a little bit of…


Easy Pita Lunch Ideas

These 4 easy pita recipes are great packed for healthy lunches! All are vegetarian - prep the components ahead of time for a fast, delicious midday meal.

There’s a category that’s seriously underrepresented on Love & Lemons: lunch. Lunch, for me, is the meal that happens in between all of these recipe posts. It’s usually a quick throw-together meal that utilizes a previous night’s dinner and/or an assortment of random on-hand ingredients… (ie. a half of an avocado, a few leaves of kale, leftover quinoa, an opened container of greek yogurt). I love a big lunch salad, but when I don’t have enough greens & things to make up a full meal, I take what I do have and put it in (or on) a pita. I…


Quinoa Quesadillas

Happy day-after Halloween, who’s ready to cook? No one… That’s what I thought. So before we head to Thanksgiving Town, I thought I’d share another quick and easy (and tasty) meal you can throw together using last night’s leftovers… Just like the picture says – take your leftovers from this salad, add some black beans (maybe a few more spices), and some cheese… fold it into tortillas… then dig in to some pretty hearty & healthy quesadillas. Of course, cook these on your stovetop and not on your marble countertop.


Easy Peanut Noodles

This simple recipe offers two variations for making delicious, easy peanut noodles. These vegan dishes make great weeknight dinners or weekday lunches!

I don’t make peanut noodles nearly enough. I forget how easy it is to make a peanut sauce, and that I usually already have all the ingredients on hand. I’ve made other peanut sauce variations before, but this time I wanted to simplify it down to just the necessary six ingredients. It takes about 5 minutes (tops) to stir it together… then toss it with noodles & veggies. Dinner is done. We rarely have leftovers when I serve peanut noodles for dinner, but when we do, I use the leftover peanut noodles in lettuce wraps for lunch the next day.…

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