Announcing: The New Cookbook!!!

Exciting news! Our new cookbook - Love & Lemons Every Day - comes out soon! It’s packed with over 100 all-new vibrant recipes for every meal.

I’ve been keeping this a secret for a while now, but today’s the day that I can finally tell you about my new cookbook, Love & Lemons Every Day! The main thing that I want you to know about it is that, well… it’s packed with all of my absolute favorite recipes, ones I’ve been obsessively making, eating, serving, and testing nearly every day for the past three years. It’s a big fat beautiful book packed with all-new vibrant veggie recipes (none are on the blog – you’ll only find them in the book) and lots of beautiful visuals to…


2017 Cookbook Gift Guide

My favorite cookbooks from 2017 - all make great gifts!

It’s that time of year again! You’ve gone through your list and checked it twice… yet there are still a few friends and family members left and you don’t know what to get for them. How about a cookbook? I always say this, but I think cookbooks make the best gifts because there’s always one to suit every taste. Or maybe I just say this because I personally love (and love to hoard) cookbooks! Anyway, here are my favorites from this past year. Many I’ve written about before, many you’ll hear more about in the next few months. They’re all…


Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

This olive oil cake is the perfect treat for dark chocolate lovers. It's not too sweet, deeply chocolatey, and delicious with a dollop of cardamom cream.

We sold our house yesterday. In case you haven’t heard, Jack and I are moving(!?), and lately I’ve been feeling a really mixed bag of emotions about it. We left Austin a few weeks ago and are spending the summer temporarily in Chicago (living with my parents – so glamorous!) until we find a new place to call home. We’re excited for a new adventure, but of course, it’s always sad leaving homes and friends (and kitchens! aahh, what am I doing!) behind. Don’t worry, the blog isn’t going anywhere – I have tons of new recipes and other special projects in the…


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

With crisp edges, chewy middles & just 6 ingredients, these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are one of my absolute favorite treats.

Ok, guys, get ready: you’re going to fall in love with these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Let me tell you why: This peanut butter cookie recipe comes together in one bowl, it uses 6 ingredients, and it results in decadent, soft, pillowy cookies that are lightly crisp on the outside. These little guys are flourless, and they’re sweetened with coconut sugar, so they’re secretly on the healthy side too. This peanut butter cookie recipe comes from my friend Kathryne’s new book Love Real Food. Her blog, Cookie and Kate, is one of my favorite vegetarian blogs to read, and she is…


Quinoa Risotto

This creamy quinoa risotto is just as delicious as traditional risotto, but it comes together with half the fuss! Top it with roasted veggies, and enjoy.

This creamy quinoa risotto comes from The First Mess Cookbook. If you’re not already a fan of Laura’s blog, The First Mess, you should be! This quinoa risotto recipe exemplifies so much of what I love about her work. It appeals to the eyes as well as the appetite, it’s healthy and accessible, and it combines plant-based ingredients in a really unique way. Traditional risotto is made with arborio rice, and it requires a lengthy amount of time standing over the stove stirring. This recipe is every bit as creamy and delicious as the classic Italian dish, but it streamlines…


Sustenance Sweet Potato Soup

This hearty sweet potato soup is exactly what you need to power through the winter. With a scoop of almond butter for richness, it's vegan & gluten-free.

Crazy weather we’ve been having here lately… one day we’re eating a sunny lunch on a patio and the next five nights we’re curled up at home trying to stay warm during torrential downpours. I SO wish I was one of those people who finds rainstorms to be cozy and calming, but I’m quite the opposite. Storms may get me a little edgy and nervous, but what does calm me down is making a stew like this one. This recipe comes from my friend Tess (a.k.a. The Blender Girl)’s new cookbook The Perfect Blend. This stew is everything you want on a cold January night…


Buckwheat, Apple, Cranberry Avocado Salad

A healthy, hearty, lemon-ey salad from the cookbook Blissful Basil. Vegan and gluten free.

Oh hi – long time no post. Last week, I was a bit sick and down for the count, to say the least. This week, I’m on a healing bender. I have my blender working overtime with crazy green smoothies made with ginger, turmeric and every herb that I’ve read about that contains immune-building qualities. I’m trying to eat lighter and brighter as well because I really do believe that plants can heal. Which brings me to this recipe from Blissful Basil, a cookbook that couldn’t have arrived at a better time. If you don’t follow Ashley’s blog of the same name, you…


2016 Cookbook Gift Guide

Cookbooks make the best holiday gifts. Here are some of my top picks of 2016!

Like I say year after year – I think cookbooks make the best gifts! Here’s my official 2016 list. Some titles you may recognize because I’ve featured them here throughout the year, and some you’ll likely hear more about very soon. You might also want to check out my 2014 and 2015 lists because there are some favorites on those lists as well. As always, be sure to list your recommendations in the comments – I always love hearing about new books! Click the books in the photo above or in the links below to check them out! The Love & Lemons…


Coconut Macaroons

Here it is: the only coconut macaroons recipe you'll ever need! They're crisp on the outside, soft in the middle, and oh-so-good with a chocolate drizzle.

Truth: I have a hard time writing cookie posts without getting up to eat at least one. two. For this reason I usually like to post salads and other lighter foods on Mondays, but I’m switching things up today because sometimes you just need a #cookiemonday (or in this case a coconut macaroon Monday) and that’s ok. This coconut macaroons recipe is from Angela Liddon’s new book, Oh She Glows Every Day. I’m sure you all have it by now, right? If you don’t, and you’re vegan (and even if you’re not), you’re going to love it. It’s packed with SO MANY…


Alanna’s Pumpkin Cranberry Nut & Seed Loaf

This delicious flourless loaf is vegan, gluten free, and packed with nutrients from seeds & nuts. Toast a slice for a hearty breakfast. Recipe from the book Alternative Baker.

Say hello to my new daily breakfast. I’ve made this loaf twice in the last two weeks and have been enjoying a slice in the morning ever since. It’s lightly sweet, nutty, seedy, wonderfully wholesome and dense. I’ve been craving a dark seedy “bread” like this ever since we spent time in the Netherlands this past summer. So when I flipped through Alanna Taylor-Tobin’s new book Alternative Baker, this recipe immediately jumped out to me. There’s a lot going on in this loaf – walnuts, pepitas, oats, flaxseeds, chia seeds, psyllium husks and pumpkin puree among a few other things. Once…


Molly’s Cauliflower Shawarma Tacos

These cauliflower tacos are out of this world! Spicy zhoug, fried onions, roasted cauliflower, and tahini sauce unite to make a flavorful, fun meal.

I love these tacos so much that I wish I had thought of the idea myself. I absolutely love cauliflower tacos (there’s a delicious recipe in our cookbook on page 99)… but tahini? in tacos?! That’s something that only the queen of tahini, Molly Yeh, dreams up. This recipe comes from Molly on the Range, and I highly recommend it for your taco Thursday. Spicy cauliflower is roasted until crispy, and then topped with crunchy onions, creamy tahini sauce, and a sauce called Zhoug, which I’ve never heard of. In Molly’s book, I learned that it’s a Middle Eastern sauce that’s like a spicier…

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