Lavender French 75

The French 75 is hands down my favorite cocktail, and this lavender version is just so lovely for spring. I snipped these little lavender flowers from my garden and simmered them down into a simple syrup. Which sounds sort of romantic except that this lavender plant was swarming with scary bees. I held a pair of scissors at arms length and carefully tried to clip a few without getting too close. (oh, the things I do for this blog!)  The lavender flavor is subtle, but I just love the unexpected herbal hint. I hope you all have a great weekend…


Irish Ale Cocktail

irish ale cocktail /

Happy St. Paddy’s day! This one came about all because of these silly little shamrock glasses that I was determined to use this year (last year, I forgot). Awhile back, I went through a glassware thrifting phase. I didn’t notice until I got home that these had little shamrocks on them. Bummed about why someone would put shamrocks on such otherwise-cute glasses, I stuck them up on a high high shelf. So last night we celebrate with this simple little cocktail in the once-a-year celebratory glasses. I have to say – I’m not usually the whiskey person in the family, but…


Blood Orange & Bourbon

A simple & delicious cocktail with oranges, bourbon and angostura bitters.

Blood orange & bourbon /

This one’s for Jack. He’s a trooper with this whole blog thing. A typical night in our kitchen looks like this: He walks in the door as I’m chopping, cooking, and setting up for our photo-session. Before he has a chance to sit down, I’m barking orders politely explaining the plan for the night. I hand him a sorry excuse for a cocktail (usually bourbon + ice) and we get to work. If I’m feeling kind, I add a splash of honey or maple syrup. If I can tell he’s had a stressful day (and he’s going to be a moody photographer) I make…

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