Stuffed Peppers w/ Chipotle “Cream”

Quinoa stuffed peppers w/ Chipotle cashew cream Quinoa stuffed peppers w/ Chipotle cashew cream Quinoa stuffed peppers w/ Chipotle cashew cream

Hands down, our most popular post has been this enchilada recipe with creamy cashew poblano sauce. I posted it over a year ago and I’m still receiving emails about it. So today I’m really excited to share this new twist: cashew cream meets chipotles. A happy marriage, especially if you like spicy food.

You could top it on just about anything. At the risk of posting too many taco recipes, we did stuffed peppers this time. I roasted mild poblanos and these cute little anaheims… stuffed them with a smoky quinoa & black bean filling and topped them with dollops of the chipotle cream. Healthy summer comfort food. (Of course, the next night we at the leftover sauce on tacos).

Roasted Cauliflower & Leek Soup

Roasted Cauliflower & Leek Soup //

Thank you all SO much for your ideas & suggestions of what to make with my giant cauliflower… so many creative ideas, I just loved reading through them all.

Last night, we curled up on the sofa with this creamy roasted cauliflower & leek soup (made with cashews for the cream part). This might look subtle but the roasting process brings out some pretty big flavors… and in a surprisingly little amount of time. The short version of this recipe is: Roast. Blend.

(But I promise, it tastes fancier than that).

Roasted Cauliflower & Leek Soup //

Thanks to so many of you for commenting with the leek & cauliflower soup idea… I went with this cashew cream idea suggested by Alisa. With the “toss it all in the oven” method (and paprika addition) as suggested by Anouk.

Grilled Tofu Tacos

Yes, I know, I’m really into the nut sauces… cashew cream, pestos, romesco. I can tolerate very little dairy, and people give me such sad looks when I tell them that. But really folks… I’m not missing out. What more does one need than nuts and avocados? (you cheese lovers, don’t answer that).

These tacos are kind of fish taco inspired. (So if tofu isn’t your thing, sub in some fish). I made a chipotle/paprika marinade for the tofu which lends a nice smoky balance to the tang of the avocado sauce and the cabbage.

If you really want to go nuts (oh, bad pun, sorry), you can make your own tortillas.

Poblano “Crema” Enchiladas

poblano "crema enchiladas (vegan) /

Nothing like a five o’clock Friday post the day before Cinco de Mayo… I’m sure everyone’s off on a patio with a margarita in hand by now, but I just had to get this one last recipe out before I go pour my first happy hour drink.

We made this last night (hence, the late post). I’ve posted cashew cream before, but I have to say that this roasted poblano version really takes the cake. If you make only one component here, make that. It’s a wonderful creamy sauce on these vegan enchiladas, but it would be delicious dolloped onto many things (ie. the salad I ate for lunch today), or by itself as a dip…

(oh and hey, neighbor friends (you know who you are), I have a whole bunch of this leftover… so we’ll see you tomorrow?… you bring the chips…).

Vegan Nachos With Cashew “Cheese”

This recipe is from the Native Foods cookbook. Jack and I first stumbled upon Native Foods one night in California on our way back from Disneyland. I typically don’t eat foods at theme parks (I know, I’m “fun” like that), so after the fireworks we set out to drive around and find a restaurant. This was years before iphones and yelp, so it was nothing short of a Disney miracle that we aimlessly found ourselves at this awesome vegan restaurant.

If you are new to the idea of nut cheese, it’s really nothing like cheese… but more of a cheese-like sauce (sans the yellow #4 food coloring). Feel free to put together your nachos however you like. I did black beans, pico, a quick guacamole, and “taco meat” made from soy granules. If fake meat isn’t your thing (I admit, I enjoy it occasionally), just leave it out and use what you like.