Basil White Bean Puree

This is one of those things that we’ve been eating a lot lately and not writing about because it just seemed too simple for one whole post. But I get really excited when one recipe becomes a 2-fer, so I wanted to share…

It started with the leftover basil-parsley dressing from this salad (about 1/4 cup)… tossed in the food processer with a can of white beans. I adjust just a few seasonings (salt, pepper, squeeze of lemon) and served it as crostini. I reserved just a bit of the original vinaigrette and drizzled it on top with some red pepper flakes. This would also be a great veggie dip or sandwich spread.

This week on the internet (the food internet, at least), toasts seemed to be all the rage. Here are some of my favorites – maybe for a quick lunch or an easy happy hour treat…

I ate a version of this for lunch the other day:
Spring pea mash on whole wheat toasts from Good Things Grow

Whose not craving avocado these days:
Avocado toasts from Cookie and Kate

I’ve never tried shaved asparagus, but I’m gonna now:
Shaved asparagus and goat cheese crostini from Naturally Ella

I have morels on the mind from a dish we ate at Uchiko last weekend, however this recipe, I’d actually be able to make myself:
Morel Crostini from Waverly via Food52 

I heart raisin bread, but this kicks it up a notch (or three):
Bread, Jam & Triple Creme from Camille Styles