A Trip to New York with Samsung

Join me in New York to preview some amazing appliances at the Samsung Living Atelier and chat with some pretty major Michelin star chefs.

samsung club de chefs

This past week, Samsung flew me out to New York as part of their Club de Chefs collaboration. I had the opportunity to preview some amazing appliances at the Samsung Living Atelier (like a pop up shop), and chat with some pretty major Michelin star chefs.

Along with fellow bloggers, I had the chance to sit down and chat with Éric Fréchon of the restaurant at the Hôtel Le Bristol in Paris, Christopher Kostow of The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa, Michel Troisgros of La Maison Troisgros in Roanne, and (surprise chef!), Daniel Boulud of the restaurant Daniel. They were all so kind. Our afternoon session was all smiles and laughs – I found myself forgetting that I was sitting with people who make some of the most incredible food in the world.

One thing that made me feel good about my personal approach to food is that all chefs agreed that cooking at home has to be light, and it has to be simple. “Quick simple beautiful ingredients,” says Chef Michel.

My biggest takeaway was one common element – food is love. When I asked about cooking at home, 3 out of the 4 of the chefs replied with “my wife cooks, or I cook with my wife.” I just love how, even for rockstar Michelin star chefs – cooking is about family. I thought it was especially sweet to listen to Chef Michel talk about his wife:“I’m amazed at what she does with nothing.”

But it was Chef Éric that described cooking in the most heartwarming way. “You must cook the way you love to cook. Take time and be meticulous. But cooking has to come from the heart to make a difference. It’s about sharing what’s in your heart while you prepare the for the person you are cooking for.”

samsung club de chefs

You may be thinking “what does this have to do with Samsung?” Someone really smart at Samsung decided to find out what these amazing chefs would actually WANT in their kitchens at home – and with their help the new Chef Collection line was born. I walked away with some serious appliance-envy (hello, oven that can cook at two different temps at the same time(!)… and fridge with sparkling water dispenser where you can choose your level of fizz).

Later that evening (pictured), they cooked for us (and many others) at the final press event. At the end of the event they gave us each a signed apron. All and all, a super inspiring trip.

This post is in collaboration with Samsung


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  1. I’ve been excited for this post ever since I saw your Instagram pics. 🙂 This trip sounds amazing! All of the quotes you shared are so inspiring. Food is definitely love—that’s why I love to cook.

  2. What an amazing experience. I would also like some of those Samsung appliances you talk of.

  3. An oven that works at two different temps at one time????? Whoaaaaa!!!!!! This sounds like SUCH an amazing experience!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    • jeanine

      ha, I know – 2 temps at the same time would be life changing 🙂

  4. pixie from pixie-punk.com

    Yes to all of those appliances! Sounds like it was one fab shindig.

    • jeanine

      yep – total appliance envy!

  5. Sara from sabziblog.com

    A fridge that dispenses sparkling water? An oven that does two temperatures? That’s so amazing.

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