Peach Salsa Tostadas

These easy, flexible tostadas make a fun weeknight summer dinner or party dish! Crispy corn tortillas with sweet & tangy fixings are gluten & meat free.

I know, peaches 2 posts in a row… I usually try to mix it up a bit more, but I just had so many peaches left over after that salad. I had never grilled peaches before so I got tons extra “just in case.” And like always, when I plan for the worst (which is almost never), things work out. So last night we finished off the last of those peaches with these yummy black bean tostadas with peach salsa.

And speaking of awesome planning, we’re headed to the airport in a little while (off to Chicago), and I’m scrambling. This morning I had only 2 things on today’s agenda – pack and write this post. Those 2 tasks somehow turned into 20, including shuffle dogs around, move computer files around, clean out the fridge, and make final restaurant reservations for the trip. Which all still sound reasonable enough except for the fact that I’ve been completely slowed down by last night’s (3-hour long) Bachelorette finale episode streaming on my computer in the background. I still don’t know how this ridiculous “task” made it to the to-do list but it’s been a major time-suck. Priorities, priorities…

Peach Salsa Tostadas

Serves: As desired
  • 1 recipe peach salsa
  • Corn tortillas
  • Black beans, salted
  • Chopped avocado, salted and squeezed with a little lime juice
  • Romaine lettuce, sliced
  • Extra-virgin olive oil, for the pan
  • Sea salt
  • Feta cheese, or cheese of your choice (optional)
  • Meat of your choice (optional)
  1. Lightly fry the tortillas in a pan with a bit of oil – a few minutes on each side, until crispy. Place on paper towels when they’re done and salt them. Alternatively, brush with a little bit of oil and bake them in the oven for a few minutes on each side until crispy. The time will completely depend on what kind of tortillas you’re using, so just watch them closely.
  2. Top with the salsa, beans, avocado, lettuce, and cheese and meat, if using. Serve alongside a couple of margaritas!
Adjust the ingredient quantities depending on your preference and the number of people you're serving!



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  1. Swagata

    Oh man, these seem so perfect… I was just wondering what I should do with the five going spare in my fruit basket!

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      I hope you enjoy the recipe!

  2. Roz from

    Adding this to my collection of fresh peach recipes to make with this summer’s spectacularly sweet peaches. Thanks; now following your lovely blog.

  3. Heather from

    I love the remake from salad to salsa – fun, colorful and I am sure super tasty!

  4. alison from

    Your tortilla’s always make my mouth water, this looks just delicious!

  5. Laura from

    Gorgeous and yummy, Jeanine. Peaches and savories all wrapped up in tortillas = party time. Have an amazing time in Chicago 🙂

  6. Kathryn from

    Never apologise for multiple peach recipes in a row! This sounds so wonderful and fresh and summery and just perfect.

    Have a wonderful time in Chicago.

  7. Beautiful….makes me yearn for summer! (mid winter here in NZ!)

  8. Andrea from

    Oh my goodness! I just found your blog via Pinterest. It is beautiful + yummy. I will be back for more!

  9. There is no such thing as too many peach recipes. I was just wondering what I should do with the five going spare in my fruit basket!

  10. have a great time in Chicago! we lived there for 7 years, until last April actually. don’t miss Xoco ;).

  11. Eileen from

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with an all peach all the time approach! In fact, that’s perfect for this part of the year. 🙂

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