Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri is famously good on steak, but uses for this Argentinian sauce don't end there. Drizzle it over vegetables and more for fresh, tangy flavor.


If you’re not making chimichurri at home, you absolutely should be! This Argentinian green sauce is fresh and tangy, and you can mix it up in under 10 minutes. It’s famously good on steak, but I can attest that it tastes delicious on just about everything else too—vegetables, beans, even polenta. I developed this chimichurri recipe after Jack and I went on our honeymoon in Argentina. While we were there, I ordered chimichurri everywhere I could, savoring its zingy, herbaceous flavor. I wanted to keep enjoying it when we got back, so I learned to make my own. This 8-ingredient…


Whipped Ricotta

Topped with honey, lemon, and fresh herbs, this whipped ricotta dip feels elevated. But it's so easy to make! You just need 5 minutes and 4 ingredients.

This whipped ricotta dip will be my go-to appetizer for the rest of the summer…and fall…and winter. It feels elevated, but it couldn’t be simpler to make. We’re talking 4 ingredients and 5 minutes of prep! The recipe comes together in the food processor, the S-blade whizzing away the graininess that store-bought ricotta often has straight out of the package. The whipped ricotta becomes insanely creamy and silky smooth, with a bright burst of flavor from lemon juice. I love to serve it with fresh toppings like honey, herbs, and lemon zest to balance the richness of the dip. Scoop…


Tofu Sandwich

Great for cookouts or game day, this tofu sandwich is loaded up with the works—BBQ tofu, vegan mayo, slaw, avocado, and pickles. Pass the napkins!

This tofu sandwich recipe doesn’t skimp on flavor. Smoky BBQ tofu plays off a tangy, nutty cabbage salad, which in turn contrasts with sour dill pickles, creamy avocado, and a soft, sweet bun. When it comes to plant-based cookout or game day recipes, it’s a tough one to beat. This tofu sandwich is bold, hearty, and seriously saucy. I learned the hard way: don’t attempt to eat it without a stack of napkins nearby. Tofu Sandwich Recipe Ingredients Here’s what you’ll need to make this tofu sandwich recipe: Tofu, of course! 1 (14-ounce) package extra-firm tofu, to be exact. Note…


15 Easy Eggplant Recipes

Even eggplant skeptics will fall for these 15 tasty eggplant recipes! With tacos, pasta, salads, and more, they include something for everyone.

Of all the vegetable recipes I post, eggplant recipes are the most divisive. Early on, this surprised me, because eggplant recipes have always been some of my favorite foods to eat. As a kid, I never wanted to stop playing at dinnertime, except when my mom was making eggplant Parmesan. And when I started to explore vegetarian cooking on my own, grilled eggplant was one of the first dishes I mastered. But if I’ve learned one thing through writing Love and Lemons, it’s that not everyone likes eggplant. I’ve heard it called spongy, bitter, and bland, and to that I…


Eggplant Salad

This eggplant salad recipe is a celebration of summer produce! It's bursting with fresh flavor from grilled eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and herbs.

This eggplant salad recipe is what you should make after a trip to the farmers market in late summer. It features some of the best produce of the season: eggplant, peppers, cherry tomatoes, and lots of herbs. I love this recipe because it has a delicious blend of raw and cooked ingredients. I grill the eggplant and peppers so that they offer a tender, smoky contrast to the super-fresh tomatoes and herbs. A zingy lemon dressing ties the salad together, while tangy feta cheese and pickled onions take it over the top. Flavorful, refreshing, and bursting with seasonal veggies, this…


Sweet Corn Pizza

Corn on pizza? Yes, please! The crisp, juicy kernels offer a delicious contrast to the hearty crust, creamy cheeses, and nutty basil pesto in this recipe.

Do you have an opinion about corn pizza? Love it? Hate it? Never tried it? I’m firmly in the “love it” camp, and I’m sharing my favorite corn pizza recipe in the hopes of winning more folks over. Of all the pizza toppings out there, sweet corn is seriously underrated. The reason it’s so good is its texture. The lightly crisp, juicy kernels offer a delicious contrast to creamy cheese and starchy crust. They add an unexpected sweetness to a pizza as well. This white corn pizza really shows these qualities off. I pair the corn with lemony ricotta, melty…


Blackberry Crisp

This easy blackberry crisp recipe features juicy summer berries with a toasty oat and brown sugar topping. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

It’s blackberry season—let’s make blackberry crisp! Our kiddo loves fresh fruit, so I’ve been getting all kinds at the farmers market this summer. Peaches, cherries, blueberries… Every type has been delicious, but I’ve been especially impressed by the fresh blackberries. They’re soft, juicy, and sweet. In past summers, I’ve definitely under-appreciated this wonderful fruit! To spread the blackberry love, I’m sharing my easy blackberry crisp recipe. The fresh berries bake into a tart, jammy filling, which I top with an oat crumble that gets beautifully golden brown and toasty in the oven. This vegan and gluten-free dessert is wonderful on…


25 Kitchen Essentials That Every Home Cook Needs

The right tools make cooking easy and efficient! Here are the must-have kitchen essentials, ranging from basic utensils to high-quality cookware.

In my opinion, every home cook needs certain kitchen essentials. These basics make cooking easier, more efficient, and—best of all—more enjoyable. With the right tools and equipment, you’ll have more flexibility in the kitchen. You can whip up a creamy pureed soup with a great blender, get a perfect sear in a cast-iron skillet, and make pancake batter or cookie dough with good measuring cups, mixing bowls, and a trusty silicone spatula. I’m sharing my complete list of these kitchen essentials below, plus recommendations of brands I use and love. I hope it helps you stock your kitchen with long-lasting,…


50 Fresh Tomato Recipes

Show off your peak-season tomatoes in these fresh tomato recipes! We've got salads, soups, pasta, and more—you're bound to find something you love.

Fresh tomato recipes go on repeat in our house every summer. In the dead of winter, there’s nothing I crave more than a summer tomato—sweet, juicy, and ripe. The out-of-season supermarket ones can’t compare, so when summer rolls around, I only have a few months to make every tomato salad, sandwich, pasta, and pizza I’ve imagined throughout the year. When I made my grocery list this morning, I added cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, and tomatoes on the vine. We have lots of tomato recipes on tap this week. 🙂 I hope you’re also cooking with tomatoes like crazy right now, while…


Salsa Roja

Spice up your favorite Mexican dishes with this salsa roja recipe...or just eat it with tortilla chips. With its smoky flavor, it's delicious any way you try it!

Are you team salsa roja or salsa verde? I’m team…both! I adore all types of salsa made with fresh ingredients, and this salsa roja recipe is one I’ve been especially loving lately. It differs from other red salsas I’ve previously shared in two ways: I roast the fresh ingredients. Charring the tomatoes, onion, and serrano peppers adds smoky depth of flavor to this salsa recipe. I use a dried chile. It thickens the salsa, adds rich complexity, and brings out the smoky flavor even more. If you try this salsa roja, you won’t believe it’s homemade. It tastes like you could have…


Fattoush Salad

Fattoush is a Middle Eastern salad made with fresh veggies, herbs, and crispy pita bread. Tossed in a zesty sumac dressing, it's bright and delicious.

This fattoush salad recipe is the perfect side dish for a summer meal. A Middle Eastern staple, fattoush is fresh and bright, featuring seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, and lettuce, plus a hefty dose of parsley and mint. But, as tasty as tomatoes are in August, the star ingredient in fattoush isn’t a vegetable. It’s bread! That’s right—crispy pita bread adds crunch to this salad, making it pretty darn irresistible for just about anyone. (Salad skeptics, I’m looking at you.) I hope you try this recipe. I think you’ll love it! Fattoush Salad Recipe Ingredients Here’s what you’ll need…

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