Breakfast Burrito

This loaded breakfast burrito recipe is the best way to kickstart your morning. Filled with eggs & fresh veggies, it's healthy, fun & easy to make!

I’m typically a breakfast taco person, so this post is a little crazy for me – I’m making breakfast burritos! I know, I know… if you’re from Austin and you know that I lived in Austin, you’re probably saying “what is she doing?”… because Austin is the land of the taco. In fact, the city would probably kick you out if you made a breakfast burrito, but, well, I’m already out so today, I have this yummy breakfast burrito recipe that we just love. The idea to make a breakfast burrito came to me because I had lots of leftover…


Healthy Taco Salad

Nothing beats this easy taco salad recipe in the summertime. Crisp veggies, creamy dressing & crunchy tortilla strips make it fresh & fun to eat.

As much as I love tacos, I really love taco salad. In fact, any time I make tacos for dinner, I usually have a taco salad for lunch the next day to use up any of the remaining ingredients. But today’s taco salad isn’t just any “kitchen sink” salad… what’s special about this taco salad is the yummy veggie “taco meat” that’s, well, the meat of the salad. Finely chopped sautéed shiitake mushrooms and ground walnuts take on a similar texture to ground beef taco meat, while tamari, chili powder, and a touch of balsamic vinegar give it a savory/spiced…


Dinner Ideas for Two

If you feel like a salad and he feels like a burrito - don't worry! Here's a fun "taco night" meal prep strategy that's a win win when you're cooking for two.

Jack and I really love food, but of course you know that by now. We started this blog out of a shared passion for visiting farmers markets and tackling kitchen projects. While I’m the one that does most of the cooking, we always always always sit down and enjoy dinner together (well, except Tuesdays, the night he goes to comedy class). Spending time at the table together is our favorite time to relax and decompress from the work day. It’s a time for me to tell silly stories, and it’s a time for him to test out his jokes so…


Cilantro Lime Dressing

This tangy cilantro lime dressing is destined for your next taco salad. Enjoy it as a vinaigrette, or add avocado or Greek yogurt to make it creamy!

This cilantro lime dressing is the perfect summer salad dressing – it’s tangy, it’s herbaceous, and it’s so yummy drizzled over summer salads, grilled veggies, and more. The best part about it this dressing? It can be made 3 ways! Once you make the cilantro lime dressing, serve it as-is, add Greek yogurt to make a creamy ranch-like dressing (pictured in the middle above), or add avocado to make a thick, creamy sauce (pictured left above). Let’s get started! Cilantro Lime Dressing Ingredients I make this cilantro lime dressing in the food processor so that the cilantro gets finely chopped…


Pico De Gallo

This 7-ingredient pico de gallo recipe comes together in under 10 minutes, and it's the perfect zesty, fresh topping for your favorite Mexican dishes!

Hello & happy Friday! Today I’m sharing a super simple, fresh recipe that you’ll want to refer back to all summer long. In my opinion, pico de gallo is the perfect finishing touch to everything from tacos to burrito bowls. It’s also delicious spooned onto sizzling hot grilled vegetables… and whenever I have any leftover pico, I like to stir it into my scrambled eggs the next morning to make a quick migas-style breakfast. I hope you enjoy this versatile condiment! What is pico de gallo? Translated into English, the Spanish phrase “pico de gallo” literally means “rooster’s beak.” I’m…

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