A peek into my morning routine

Over the years, I've become a total morning person. Here's a peek into my routine including the veggie breakfast sandwiches I'm obsessed with!

Today I’m taking a break from sharing a recipe to show you a peek into my world at home – specifically, my morning routine. For me, every day always looks a little different. Some days are spent shooting photos, other days are spent writing blog posts, planning recipes, laying out book pages, emailing, testing, the list goes on and on. Suffice it to say, many of my days are pretty chaotic, so one thing I’ve learned to value over time is having a morning routine. I feel like it’s a great way to ready myself for the rest of the…


Frittata Recipe, plus 5 Variations

Learn how to make a frittata with this simple guide + 5 recipe variations! Perfect for any meal from brunch to dinner, they're easy and delicious.

A frittata is my #1 favorite brunch item to make at home. It’s easy and versatile, so I thought with Easter coming up this weekend, you may like a frittata recipe idea… or five! I usually make my frittatas with whatever vegetables I have on hand, which means that I’ve tried a whole bunch of various combinations over the years. Below are a few of my favorites along with some tips. First things first though, you may be asking… what is a frittata? Some call a frittata a crustless quiche (although, I call a quiche a crust-full frittata). It’s an…


Carrot Smørrebrød Crisps

Inspired by open-faced Danish Smørrebrød sandwiches, I made an all-veggie version using smoky roasted & marinated carrots instead of salmon.

A few years ago, Jack and I visited Copenhagen, where we ate lots and lots (and lots) of Smørrebrød. If you aren’t familiar with smørrebrød, they are open faced sandwiches with artfully-piled toppings on dense, rectangle-shaped rye bread. It’s the national dish of Denmark… that I’m about to make a completely non-traditional version of – but this is super yummy, so let’s just have fun and go with it! 🙂 Smørrebrød toppings vary widely, but many common combinations include smoked salmon and dill. I’ve been wanting to create a fun veggie variation for a while now, so when Wasa, my favorite…


Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich

Whether you're a fan of traditional egg salad or not, you'll love this bright & briny, tangy & creamy, healthy egg salad recipe!

I’ve never really loved egg salad. Nice way to start a post about egg salad, right? 🙂 But this isn’t just any egg salad sandwich: it’s bright from lemon, full of fresh herbs, and it gets a little briny kick from capers – it’s the best egg salad I’ve had! In fact, compared to traditional egg salads, which I feel can be a bit on the heavy side, this is light, fresh, and what I think egg salad wants to be. If you look at the picture below, you’ll see that I actually first made this egg salad vegan, using…


Falafel Flatbread

Made with chickpea flour, this easy flatbread is gluten-free. Its spiced, falafel-like flavor is delicious with your favorite Mediterranean toppings!

It’s cookbook season! Yes, my new book just came out last week, but if you know me, you know that I LOVE cookbooks, and I can never have too many. More is more when it comes to food inspiration 🙂 Today, I’m excited to share a book by my friend Liz Moody (you might know her as the food editor of Mind Body Green), but she also has a great blog, fantastic podcast, and this new book called Healthier Together. I think you’ll love it! The concept of the book is that if you’re trying to eat healthier, you’re more…

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