Green Beans Almondine

If you love low effort-high reward recipes, you need these green beans almondine in your rotation. They're super simple and absolutely delicious!

If you’re not one for green bean casserole, add this glossy green bean recipe to your Thanksgiving menu instead! It’s my twist on green beans almondine, or amandine in French. Though it sounds fancy, this classic French side dish is really just green beans topped with sliced almonds. It’s remarkably simple and absolutely delicious. Green Beans Almondine Recipe Ingredients To make this green beans almondine recipe, you only need a few basic ingredients: Fresh green beans, of course! French haricots verts are best here, as they’re more tender than other varieties of string beans. Sliced almonds – Their nutty crunch…


Arugula Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

If I could, I'd make this arugula salad recipe every night of the week. Tossed in a bright lemon dressing, it's a simple, fresh, and flavorful side dish.

There are few things I love more than a simple arugula salad. To his credit, Jack knows it. Not far from our house, there’s a little food market/sandwich shop that sells the BEST arugula. It’s crisp, tender, and perfectly peppery. Every time Jack goes out to get a sandwich for himself, he comes home with a box of arugula for me. I’ve used it to make all sorts of arugula salad recipes over the years (this one, this one, and this one, for starters), but lately, I’ve been especially smitten with this combination. I toss the arugula with a bright…


Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

These Instant Pot mashed potatoes are rich, buttery, smooth, and creamy. Made with just 5 ingredients, they're such an easy, delicious side dish.

When I made these Instant Pot mashed potatoes for the first time, my goal was to earn Jack’s stamp of approval. He’s a devout mashed potato lover, so if these Instant pot mashed potatoes weren’t fluffy or flavorful enough, I knew I could count on him to let me know. After a few tastes and a tweak or two, he began happily scooping himself a bowl. “They’re great!” he said. And I had to agree. I don’t usually consider myself much of a mashed potato person, but at that moment, Jack wasn’t the only one loading up a bowl. I…


The Love & Lemons Cooking Club – November!

Join the Love & Lemons Cooking Club Challenge this month! It's easy to enter, and one lucky winner will receive a prize. Find all the details below.

Our Cooking Club is a fun way to celebrate the Love & Lemons community of readers. The concept is super simple – each month, I choose a recipe. You make it, and you email me a photo. At the end of the month, I randomly select one winner to receive a prize. I love the sense of community that comes from so many people cooking one recipe each month. We’re kicking off our November challenge today with my Butternut Squash Risotto recipe, and I hope you’ll join in the fun. Here’s how it works: The Prize: A Staub Enameled Cast-Iron French…


Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

This sautéed Brussels sprouts recipe is my go-to quick and easy side dish. It cooks up in no time, and the sprouts are tender, flavorful, and golden brown.

If you need a quick and easy side dish for any meal this season (Thanksgiving included!), these sautéed Brussels sprouts would be a great pick. They cook in a hot cast-iron skillet until they’re beautifully seared on one side, bright green on the other, and tender all the way through. I toss them with lemon juice, season to taste with salt and pepper, and…that’s it. In just 10 minutes and with only 6 ingredients, these sautéed Brussels sprouts become crisp, flavorful, and perfectly browned. They’re so simple and so delicious. I can never resist sneaking a few straight out of…


Baked Potato Wedges

These oven-baked potato wedges are such a tasty side dish or snack! They're crispy on the outside, tender in the middle, and full of savory garlic flavor.

The next time you’re craving a side dish or snack that’s super easy and insanely delicious, make these potato wedges. They’re crispy on the outside, tender in the middle, and packed with smoky, savory flavor. And while they’ll satisfy any French fry craving, they’re not at all fussy to make. You’ll just need 7 ingredients, and that’s including salt and pepper. Plus, they only require a few minutes of hands-on prep. The oven does most of the work for you! So break out the ketchup! Or the mayo, or chipotle sauce, or ranch… These baked potato wedges are satisfying, flavorful,…


Instant Pot Lentil Soup

This Instant Pot lentil soup is a new staple in our cold weather recipe rotation. Packed with lentils and fresh veggies, it's warming and nourishing.

This Instant Pot lentil soup recipe is what I make on nights when I wish that dinner could just cook itself. I’m not going to lie – you still have to chop, measure, and sauté to make this recipe – but once you get that prep work out of the way, the Instant Pot does the rest for you. Pretty awesome, right? It’s especially awesome given how delicious this Instant Pot lentil soup actually is. It’s brothy, warming, and nourishing, with a savory, tangy flavor and plenty of texture from lentils and fresh veggies. It tastes even better on the…


Butternut Squash Risotto

This butternut squash risotto is perfect for a fall date night! Made with just 10 ingredients, it's creamy, comforting, and filled with cozy autumn flavor.

I love making this butternut squash risotto as much as I love eating it. Honestly! I know that risotto is famously tedious to prepare – add a little broth, stir, add a little broth, stir some more. But on a crisp, cool fall night, I welcome the chance to stand over the warm stove and watch it come together. I think it’s mesmerizing to see the raw squash and uncooked rice transform into a rich, creamy risotto. The fact that it smells amazing doesn’t hurt either. And when you sit down to eat, all that stirring really pays off. This…


Avocado Fries

Crispy on the outside and creamy in the middle, these avocado fries are SO fun and delicious! Devour them hot with a tasty sauce for dipping.

I first started making these avocado fries last spring. But back then, I didn’t think of them as fries. Instead, I wanted to use them as a taco filling. It sounds like a great idea, right? Crispy/creamy avocado slices spiced up with cumin and coriander and loaded into tortillas with all the fixings… Well, it turns out, these avocado fries are actually too good to bury in a taco. They’re the sort of thing that’s best devoured on its own, preferably straight off the sheet pan, preferably with a tasty sauce (or two!) for dipping. That way, you can really experience…


Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Love chipotle sauce? Love ranch? Then you have to try this chipotle ranch dressing recipe! It's creamy, tangy, smoky, savory, and super easy to make.

What happens when chipotle sauce meets ranch dressing? This chipotle ranch dressing recipe! It’s a simple mashup of my go-to chipotle sauce and my vegan ranch, and, let me tell you, I can’t get enough of it. It’s creamy, tangy, smoky, and savory, with a little bit of heat from the chipotles. Use it as a sandwich spread, a salad dressing, or dip…or steal tastes straight off a spoon. This chipotle ranch dressing is bold, punchy, and downright delicious. I think you’re going to love it. Chipotle Ranch Dressing Recipe Ingredients You just need 8 ingredients to make this recipe:…


Roasted Golden Beets

I love to make this golden beets recipe for a fresh fall lunch. Feta, pistachios, and a spiced lemon dressing fill it with exciting textures and flavors.

When I see golden beets at the farmers market, I can never resist bringing them home. I love roasting them until they’re tender and juicy, with a translucent, sunshine-yellow color that makes them so exciting and appealing. Thanks to their sweet, earthy flavor, the roasted golden beets are delicious on their own, but I like them even more when they’re tossed into a simple golden beet salad. I balance out their sweetness with salty feta cheese, add toasted pistachios for crunch, and drizzle them with a spiced lemon dressing for pop. Toss in a couple handfuls of arugula, and you’ll…

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