Austin-Style Migas

When I miss Austin, I make this migas recipe for breakfast. Made with a handful of basic ingredients, it's fun, flavorful, and easy to make!

Looking back now, I can’t believe that there was a time when I hadn’t heard of migas. Growing up in the Midwest, I ate muffins for breakfast every morning. When I went to college, I started each day with a bowl of oatmeal. If you asked me where to find great migas, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. But in Austin, migas are everywhere. Go out to brunch, and they’ll be on the menu. Stop at a taco truck in the morning, and everyone there will be getting migas breakfast tacos. It didn’t take me long to…


31 Best Grill Recipes

Celebrate summer with these easy grill recipes! With grilling ideas for starters, sides, main dishes, and more, we've got something for everyone.

It seems like it was just yesterday when Jack and I made our first grill recipes of the summer. Where does the time go? Labor Day might mark the unofficial end of grilling season, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll still grill as much as possible for the next few weeks. It’ll stay warm for another month, right? Right? No matter what, we’re looking forward to making a bunch of grill recipes this weekend, and I hope that you are too. In case you’re in need of some new grilling ideas, I’m sharing over 30 of my best grill…


Homemade Salsa

Break out the tortilla chips! This homemade salsa recipe is zesty, fresh, and super easy to make. Enjoy it as a dip, or pile it onto tacos, nachos, and more.

If I learned one thing from living in Austin, it’s that homemade salsa is infinitely better than any kind you can find in a jar. I loved sampling salsas at restaurants and taco trucks. Each one was different – some were made with roasted ingredients, others got a smoky, spicy kick from dried chiles, and still others were nice and fresh. This variety inspired me to start experimenting with making homemade salsa. I might pull out dried chiles in the winter, when good tomatoes are hard to find, or roast tomatillos if I see them at the farmers market. But…


Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

This Mediterranean quinoa salad recipe is hearty, healthy, and packed with fresh flavor! Serve it as a side dish, or enjoy it as a meal on its own.

With Labor Day right around the corner, I thought that it’d be the perfect time to share this Mediterranean quinoa salad recipe. If you have a cookout or picnic coming up this weekend, this quinoa salad would be a delicious addition to the menu. It could easily pass as a side dish, but it’s so hearty and flavorful that it could be the main event, too. And if you happen to have leftovers, you’re in luck! This quinoa salad keeps well if you make it ahead of time, so it’s a great recipe to meal prep for healthy lunches throughout…


Homemade Italian Dressing

This homemade Italian dressing recipe is a staple in our kitchen. It calls for a handful of basic ingredients, and it's delicious on salads, grains, and more!

Move over, bottled Italian dressing! This homemade Italian dressing recipe is super easy to make, and it tastes far better than any store bought kind. Trust me, I know. Growing up in the Midwest, I tried bottled Italian salad dressings left and right. They were a staple at the salad bar, the secret ingredient in everyone’s pasta salad, and the default marinade for any protein. I get it. Reaching for a bottle of pre-made dressing is quick and easy. But once you try this homemade Italian dressing recipe, you’ll won’t look back. It’s a breeze to make, it uses simple,…


Stuffed Peppers

This easy stuffed peppers recipe is destined for your regular rotation! It's super simple, but the zesty rice filling makes it bold, fresh, and flavorful.

Stuffed peppers are among the handful of dishes that will always remind me of being a kid. Growing up, they were a fixture in my mom’s regular recipe rotation, right alongside creamy broccoli soup, eggplant Parmesan, and mac and cheese. Back then, I’d eat the filling, made from ground beef, Italian seasoning, tomato sauce, and rice, and push aside the pepper. In hindsight, it’s not hard to see why people were surprised when I became a vegetarian. 🙂 Since then, I’ve learned that the pepper itself is an integral part of any stuffed peppers recipe. Don’t get me wrong, the filling…


Edible Cookie Dough

This edible cookie dough recipe will satisfy any sweet tooth! Made with 7 basic ingredients, it's rich, nutty, sweet, chocolatey, and super easy to make.

This edible cookie dough recipe is almost too easy to make. I don’t know about you, but every so often, I have days when I need a cookie, and I need one now. Most of the time, I whip up my go-to vegan chocolate chip cookies, but lately, it’s been too hot to turn on the oven. While I know that baking is out of the question on a sticky summer day, my cookie cravings couldn’t care less. Enter: edible cookie dough. It has all the rich, chocolatey goodness of a regular cookie, but you don’t have to turn on the oven…


Cowboy Caviar

This Cowboy Caviar recipe is a great one to have in your back pocket. Enjoy it as a salad for a healthy lunch, or serve it as a dip with lots of tortilla chips!

Have you heard of Cowboy Caviar? I lived in Texas for years, but funnily enough, I only learned about Cowboy Caviar (also known as Texas Caviar) fairly recently. In fact, when Jack walked into the kitchen and asked what I was making last week, he replied, “That doesn’t look like fish eggs!” So, what is Cowboy Caviar, anyway? It’s a zesty, tangy mix of black beans, black-eyed peas, corn, and other fresh veggies. You can enjoy it as a dip with tortilla chips or eat it as a salad. Jack and I have had it both ways this summer, and…


12 Easy Eggplant Recipes

Even eggplant skeptics will fall for these 12 tasty eggplant recipes! With tacos, pasta, salads, and more, they include something for everyone.

Of all the vegetable recipes I post, eggplant recipes are the most divisive. Early on, this surprised me, because eggplant recipes have always been some of my favorite foods to eat. As a kid, I never wanted to stop playing at dinnertime, except when my mom was making eggplant Parmesan. And when I started to explore vegetarian cooking on my own, grilled eggplant was one of the first dishes I mastered. But if I’ve learned one thing through writing Love and Lemons, it’s that not everyone likes eggplant. I’ve heard it called spongy, bitter, and bland, and to that I…


Grilled Peaches

Ripe peaches are a treat on their own, but this grilled peaches recipe makes them even sweeter! Top them with ice cream for a perfect summer dessert.

This grilled peaches recipe sums up everything about what makes cooking in late summer so special. Fresh peaches are already at their best – sweet, juicy, and tender – so the smallest effort transforms them into a delectable dessert. I love standing outside as they cook, soaking in the warm weather while it’s still here. When they’re ready (they only take 3 minutes!), I scoop them off the grill, top them with vanilla ice cream, toasted nuts, and fresh herbs, and dig in while they’re still hot. If you’ve never tried grilled peaches, I hope you make them in the…


Grilled Eggplant

Lightly charred and full of smoky flavor, grilled eggplant is a delicious side dish. Dress it up with a fresh couscous topping, or enjoy it on its own!

Way back before Love and Lemons began, when I was first learning about seasonal vegetable cooking, grilled eggplant was one of my favorite things to make. Jack and I would visit farms near Austin, where we lived at the time, and come home with armfuls of summer veggies like zucchini and eggplant. We’d get the grill pan nice and hot (this was before we had an outdoor grill), and cook everything until it was tender and perfectly charred. We’d drizzle on a tasty sauce, pass some crusty bread, and call it dinner. So much has changed since then – we…

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