Millet Cakes with Carrots & Spinach

Millet Cakes with Spinach & Carrots /

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get quinoa to stick together to form cohesive patties. With eggs, without eggs… I’ve made countless variations, some more successful than others but now I have just one word: millet.

It turns out that millet is sticker than quinoa so these little guys bind together really easily. They’re packed with carrots and spinach and spiced with curry and garlic. This recipe is so delicious and foolproof… as it should be since it comes from America’s Test Kitchen’s new book: The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook.

Millet Cakes with Spinach & Carrots /

Because I knew this recipe was well tested, I messed with it anyway. I knew many of you would ask if these can be made vegan, so I tried these 2 ways – half (as written) using an egg and yogurt to bind the patties, and half using flaxseed and almond milk to vegan-ize them. Guess what – both ways worked! The sticky millet was enough to bind the cakes together, with or without eggs.

The only other instruction I didn’t follow, was that I baked mine instead of pan frying them as they recommended. They were delicious baked, so I can only imagine that they’d be extra tasty if you were to pan fry them.

Millet Cakes with Spinach & Carrots /

So back to the book – you’re going to want this one in your kitchen. It’s packed with 700 recipes, vegetable cooking tips, ingredient explanations, step-by-step chopping how-to’s and more. It’s a great resource for vegetarians or anyone who just wants to incorporate more meatless meals into their lives. Many of the recipes are also vegan and gluten free. Buy it here!

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The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen

4.8 from 20 reviews
Millet Cakes with Carrots & Spinach
Recipe from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen
Serves: 12 cakes
  • 1 cup millet, rinsed
  • 2 cups water
  • salt and pepper
  • 3 teaspoons olive oil
  • 1 shallot, minced
  • 6 ounces (6 cups) baby spinach, chopped
  • 2 carrots, peeled and shredded
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 teaspoons curry powder
  • ¼ cup plain yogurt (vegan version: ¼ cup + 1 tablespoon almond milk)
  • 1 large egg, lightly beaten (vegan version: ¼ cup ground flaxseed)
  • 2 tablespoons minced cilantro
  • any sauce or chutney you like - I topped mine with greek yogurt, mixed with salt, pepper, chile flakes and a squeeze of lime, or use this recipe and make a similar vegan version.
  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Combine the millet, water, and ½ teaspoon salt in medium saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer until grains are tender and liquid is absorbed, 15 to 20 minutes. Turn off the heat, let millet sit, covered, for 10 minutes; transfer to a large bowl.
  3. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in 12-inch nonstick skillet over medium heat until shimmering. Add the shallot and cook until softened, about 3 minutes. Stir in the spinach and carrots and cook until spinach is wilted, about 2 minutes. Stir in the garlic, curry powder, ½ teaspoon salt, and ¼ teaspoon pepper and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Transfer the mixture to the bowl with millet.
  4. Add the yogurt, egg, (or flax + almond milk) and cilantro into the millet mixture and fold until well combined. Use a ⅓ cup measuring cup to scoop the mixture, then form into a ½-inch-thick cake, and place on prepared sheet. Repeat. Refrigerate cakes until chilled and firm, about 30 minutes. (15 minutes for the vegan version).
  5. Drizzle the cakes with olive oil and bake 25-30 minutes or until the edges are crispy and cakes are cooked through.

Recipe is from America’s Test Kitchen’s new book: The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook, and is re-printed with permission.


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  1. Dori from on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is a quinoa veggie burger. Can’t wait to try these millet cakes!

  2. Julie from on said:

    Jeanine; these look wonderful! I just had a quick question concerning ingredients: carrots are in both your directions and the post, but I can’t seem to find them in the ingredient list.
    Thanks so much!

    • jeanine from on said:

      just fixed that, thanks for pointing it out!

      • Marc Oliver on said:

        Can i use the egg and almond milk together as a binding agent?

  3. Beth R. on said:

    I love homemade veggie burgers packed with fresh spices and veggies, but I also love “stick-to-your-bones” kinds of meals like chills, stews and other sloppy concoctions that can be served alongside spaghetti squash or roasted sweet potato.

  4. krystal on said:

    favorite meatless meal? i eat almost exclusively that way so it is hard to pick! i’d have to say my favorite, lazy, meatless meal is a baked sweet potato with tasty toppings. most recently it has been a mix of crispy quinoa, beans, and kale spiced like tacos. it benefits from a scoop of yogurt or crumbled goat cheese. favorite new topping: a handful of crunched up tortilla chips for texture.

    • Michele Rogan on said:

      Great idea!! I’m going to try this!

  5. Giulia Doyle from on said:

    My favourite meatless meal roasted Hubbard squash, roasted with lime olive oil, tossed with pasta, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese.

  6. Holly E on said:

    I love Eggplant Lasagna.

  7. Kate on said:

    I’ve been trying to incorporate more meatless meals into my diet; this cookbook looks amazing!
    I’ve really been loving a recipe for red lentil dahl; I make it once a week!!

  8. Julie on said:

    These look so delicious! I love sweet potato based veggie burgers, tacos, etc., but have been on the lookout for a way to use up a bag of millet I just bought, so this timing is perfect!

  9. Izzy from on said:


  10. Tova from on said:

    Vegetarian lasagna!

  11. gail on said:

    So hard to choose–a hearty kale salad, butternut squash curry, any kind of bowl. These millet cakes look fantastic!

  12. MAM40 on said:

    This looks great, I have yet to try any type of non-meat patty but this is on my list.
    My favorite meatless meal is three bean chili because I can get my family to eat it. I had to change the name from veggie chili to bean chili to get them to try. If I am just cooking for myself I make veggie hash with an egg on top, a great use for leftover vegetables.

  13. Nabila on said:

    My go-to meatless meal is roasted sweet potatoes stuffed to the brim with white beans and kale. I also LOVE your roasted cauliflower and pasta recipe…it has kept me sane (and full) this winter 🙂

  14. Emily on said:

    Favorite meatless meal – mushroom curry or channa masala.

  15. Liz on said:

    I decided to take a 22 day vegan challenge so I am so glad you were able to make these vegan. They look delicious! My favorite meatless meal at the moment is one I made from Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook Plenty – Soba noodles with mango and eggplant. Seemed like an odd pairing at first but it is so tangy and tasty!

  16. Jerrica on said:

    The best meatless meal that I have ever had is a Philly cheesesteak, made with seitan, at a restaurant that I go to in Toronto. I do actually eat meat, and that is the closest a vegetarian alternative has ever gotten to tasting like the real thing. So good! If we’re talking homemade though, I love vegetable curries with rice (including your recipe for “aloo gobi-ish” 🙂

  17. im with you on quinoa…i have tried to do several things with it but it does not hold very well. i have to get millet and try these out soon.

  18. Dariana on said:

    Since I’m vegetarian, picking a favorite meatless meal is actually picking my favorite meal and is basically impossible. My current favorite to make is borscht, and to get in a restaurant it’s khao soi curry.

  19. Diana from on said:

    These sound so great — and I’m excited to try out the cookbook as well! I’m mostly vegetarian and my husband is Indian, so a lot of my favorite vegetarian food is Indian — daal, aloo gobi, palak paneer. Plus, we adapted one of your soba noodle soups as well, which we loved!

  20. Joy on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is roasted red pepper soup with butternut squash mixed in.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Guy on said:

    Since I’m new to being a vegetarian I’ve only had a little while to test new recipes, but so far my favorite is rajma curry, with kidney beans, lentils, chiles, and AMAZING spices.

  22. Mary C on said:

    We love to cook through vegan cookbooks and find new surprises. Our latest fave is a mushroom stroganoff…so good!

  23. Shachar on said:

    Those look really good!!
    My favorite meat-less meal is a good hearty curry, with lots of vegetables.

  24. Shubha on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is masala dosa from South India. As this is the first time I’m posting a comment on this blog, I should also note that I love your site and have been enjoying following it and trying the recipes for the last several months. One of the many recipes that my husband and I have really enjoyed is the soba noodle soup with spinach and mushrooms!

  25. Laura on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is shakshuka. It’s quick, easy, and healthy!

    Thanks for posting this recipe — looks delicious!

  26. Meghan on said:

    I’d have to go with falafel with tzatsiki and some pita. And it’s soo good for lunch the next day!

  27. Larissa on said:

    I am a meatatarian who loves eating vegetarian foods! One of my favourite go-to recipes is actually one I discovered from your site: Sweet Potato Vegetarian Chili 😀
    Whenever I make it for others it is a huge hit, and I always hope that there will be leftovers for lunch the next day!!

    That book and those patties look amazing… I must try!

  28. I have to admit, I’ve never cooked with millet! I really need to give it a try and diversify my grains. Looks delicious!

  29. Amy on said:

    These look great! My favorite meatless meal is some kind of Thai stir-fry- pad thai or drunken noodles with tofu and veggies.

  30. Marisa from on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is a homemade chickpea minestrone!

  31. sjs on said:

    Vegetarian Japanese curry (with lots of mushrooms and hearty veggies) over steaming rice!

  32. Melissa on said:

    My favourite meatless meal is Pesto made from Hemp hearts, spinach, and kale! I use it on pasta, eggs, sandwiches, and even as a topping in soup 🙂

  33. Sarah S on said:

    I like to make some hearty beans and rice with lots of herbs and spices.

  34. Sara Dickerson on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is any kind of dark leafy greens sauteed with olive oil, red pepper flakes, capers, chopped olives and garlic, tossed with whole grain penne. Grated romano cheese is optional.

  35. Lana Foley from on said:

    Hi there! I would LOVE to win this cook book! I am a vegetarian that eats seafood and fish, dairy, and only eggs if they are a binding agent bc there just isn’t a good substitute for eggs that I have found yet.

    My biggest challenge with cooking is that I’m a vegetarian (for 9 years) and my husband is not. I have Sooo uch fun trying new recipes and having Him try them! He doesn’t ever complain! I even have him hooked on tofu scramble with vegan bacon! One of my favorites for sure! We are in the process of trying out some more of the super grains so we bought them all and now I can’t wait to try your Millet cakes!!

  36. elizabeth on said:

    hi there! this recipe looks delicious! i’m a vegetarian and would love to add this book to my collection. My favorite meatless meal is a fattoush salad inspired slaw with baked falafel and spicy garlic sauce (toum).

  37. Mary Ann Harville on said:

    My favorite veggie meal is anything with asparagus or brussell sprouts. Did I mention potatoes? Ha! Having been a vegetarian for over 30 years. I am in love with most everything I eat!

  38. Julianna M on said:

    I love spicy vegetable curries… especially loaded with cauliflower!

  39. Janee on said:

    There are so many favorites but with this cold weather I’ve been really loving creamy polenta topped with marinara and sautéed greens like spinach and kale. A fried egg often also makes an appearance.

  40. Don’t you want to work at America’s Test Kitchen!? It may just be me but I think that is such an awesome job. Anyway, I’ve heard amazing things about their books. I definitely love millet and I’m pinning this recipe to make later on. My favorite vegan recipes to make are French pastries that have been vegan-ized and any type of soup. I just want allthesoup.

  41. Suze on said:

    My new favourite vegetarian meal is your Spaghetti Squash with Chickpeas and Kale! It is perfect. Thanks so much!

  42. i have to say, my favorite meatless meal is my lemon veggie soup, although these millet cakes look great!

  43. Pamela from on said:

    I think my favorite meatless meal is homemade spinach ricotta filled raviolis with kale pesto or eggplant sauce. I made lots of these for our family for our Christmas Eve dinner.

  44. Sydna on said:

    My favorite vegetarian meal is a roasted vegetable lasagna from the new Barefoot Contessa. It rivals my mother’s recipe that I’ve always made, but is the vegetable counterpart. My husband, who won’t eat goat cheese, even loved it. 🙂

  45. Lesley on said:

    Fresh baked challah and honey. Or mushroom pizza: mushroom sauce, truffle cheese, mushrooms, green onion and truffle oil

  46. Suzan on said:

    My favourite meatless meal is Paneer Curry (it can be with a tomato sauce, a cashew-based sauce, or a spinach sauce).

  47. Tabitha on said:

    I am not someone who will eat a meatless meal very often. But I understand how important it is to mix things up and not eat meat with every meal. Something I enjoy for when I go meatless is stuffed veggies.
    Take Squash, my favourite is butternut squash. Fill it with a mix of quinoa, walnuts (or your favourite nut), spinach, dried cranberries, and goat cheese.
    You will need to pre-cook the squash a bit before adding in the stuffing as it will take longer to cook and you don’t want to dry out the stuffing too much.

    Thanks for the great recipes!

  48. Pey-Lih on said:

    Can you tell me which type of millet did you use? Pearl? Finger millet? foxtail? I will definitely give this recipe a try- looks very good! For the drawing, my favorite meatless meal would be “Kale and Cauliflower Alfredo” served over linguine. It’s absolutely delightful. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  49. Diana on said:

    I have the same problem making quinoa burgers stick together. Millet sounds like a great alternative!

    My favorite meatless meal is a simple pasta dish with roasted artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and mushrooms. A close second is Tuscan minestrone soup. Really, how can one choose when there are so many new, delicious vegetables to try?

  50. Amita Bhalerao from on said:

    Love Millet. We make a type of bread from Millet. Delish with any curry.

  51. Virginia on said:

    I have a lot of favorites, but today I will say, black beans cooked with cilantro and more cilantro on top, and cornmeal crepes. I will try to millet cakes because I love various vegetable cakes, such as these.

  52. marie on said:

    I will love to win this book : vegetarian cookbooks are like a passion to me 🙂 they are so inspiring for my everyday cooking !
    I think that my favorite meatless meal is a conforting veggie curry : earthy rice, creamy coconut milk, spicy curry paste (green, yellow or red depending on my color mood of the day), coriander, lime… and then being creative with a mix of vegetables that are in season and avalaible in my fridge : my favorite is a mix of sweet potatoes, tomatoes and leeks or the eggplant and cauliflowers one, or the brocoli, carrots and snow peas one 🙂 … I love the endless possibilities of this dishes !!!

  53. Laine on said:

    My favourite meatless meals are Dragon Bowls- whatever steamed veg I have on hand( yams, broccoli, daikon, etc) greens (spinach, chard, kale), a grain (quinoa, brown rice), lentils, tempeh or chickpeas, and a delicious sauce to tie it all together. Simple and comforting!

  54. Virginia on said:

    This looks awesome, can’t wait to try it. If I swap the spinach for kale (because that’s what I have on hand) how much do you think I would need to use to make a good substitute?

    • jeanine from on said:

      Hi Virginia,

      I’d say use less kale and chop it pretty small (maybe half the amount, maybe a little more than half?) This baby spinach really cooked down to nothing and it incorporated well into the millet mixture.

  55. Virginia on said:

    Oh, and for the book entry…we like to make stir-frys with any vegetables thats we have on hand and will also put them over anything (carb-ish) that we have on hand rice/noodles/grits/whatever. Great way to use up veggies and we never miss the meat when we make them!

  56. Rachel on said:

    i’m a big fan of nourish bowls. not only are they extremely versatile, but they also prove that a substantial meal can be meatless. though i love to switch up the ingredients, a brown rice base + steamed asparagus + sauteed kale + butternut squash + chickpeas + cucumber + a drizzle of lemon and tahini = pretty phenomenal.

  57. Colleen Daw on said:

    I am just starting out as a vegetarian but hands down my favorite meal is stuffed bell peppers. Perfect filling comfort food

  58. Adele on said:

    Veggie stir-fry made in coconut oil and served over jasmine rice.

  59. Donna F. on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is a simple combo I just came up with randomly one day when looking for something quick to make. Combine chick peas, brown rice and chopped spinach (all cooked) and add whatever toppings interest you that day. I alternate between chopped almonds, hemp seeds or a little Parmesan cheese.

  60. Elizabeth on said:

    My favorite vegetarian meal is ratatouille. Even better served with farro or some other yummy grain!

  61. Robyn from on said:

    My favorite…hm….this changes all the time. Right now, raw pad thai, I think!

  62. Michelle Tremblay on said:

    I love so many meatless meals, but I’m obsessed with your Chickpea Miso Noodle soup at the moment! I keep pushing it on everyone! I also love any veggie curry (Indian or Thai).

  63. Jessica on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is red lentil carrot coconut soup. I make it in the slow cooker. It is my foolproof go to when I’m entertaining a large group of people. I also have a bunch of new favorites from this website that are starting to become regulars in my dinner rotation. Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. rachael on said:

    My favorite simple meat-free meal to make is bbq tofu with sauteed greens on the side.
    I would love to win this cookbook!

  65. I’m not sure I could convince my husband to eat these, but they look tasty!

  66. Heather on said:

    Red peppers stuffed with quinoa and black beans.

  67. Mallory on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is tempeh stir fry 🙂

  68. Arianna on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is a hearty kale salad with roasted fennel and chickpeas 🙂 these look great! Can’t wait to try them 🙂

  69. Judy on said:

    I love Indian vegetable curries with lots of cilantro.Any
    combination of vegetables will do.
    I can’ trait to try those millet cakes!

  70. Rhode on said:

    I’m not a vegetarian, I still have cravings for certain things (andouille sausage) but I attempted to make Cajun red beans and rice and substituted Tofurkey andouille sausage. It taught me a lesson – don’t try to substitute something vegetarian for something with meat. Your taste buds are expecting the real stuff! So now I am looking at all these beautiful photos of these scrumptious vegetarian dishes and anticipating trying them out. A lentil soup with onions, bell peppers and cilantro is my favorite so far.

  71. Anna on said:

    I have 2 favorites for meatless. Peanutbutter on sprouted grain bread and refried beans, rice and avocado in corn tortillas with plenty of hot sauce. I’m a lazy cook.

  72. Emily on said:

    As someone who is on a quest to eat pie crust for every meal, I love a savory galette that is loaded with seasonal veggies, herbs, and cheese.

  73. Rachel J on said:

    We cook 95% vegetarian at home and my latest favorite meatless meal is your sweet potato vegan Alfredo sauce with pasta! That is brilliant, thank you! A regular favorite in our kitchen is Sprouted Kitchen’s Black Bean and Sweet Potato Bowls with poached egg. I love millet, we lived in Korea and they eat it regularly mixed with short grain rice. I am excited to try these!

  74. Logan on said:

    This looks wonderful. I think my favorite meatless dish is squash tacos. I learned about them first from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, but there are so many wonderful ways to make them.

  75. Jona from on said:

    Thank you for providing the vegan version!

  76. I love millet! And these little spicy cakes with carrots and spinach sound like a perfect dinner to me! I’ll have to check out the new America’s Test Kitchen Vegetarian Cookbook when it drops here in Australia 🙂
    My favourite vegetarian meal (I am 100% veggie) would have to be my black bean and millet stuffed sweet peppers. So good. Or veggie tacos with lots of guacamole!

  77. Tiffany from on said:

    These look awesome. I hear you on non-binding quinoa. One of my favourite veg recipes at this time of year is easily chickpea curry with mustard greens on naked oats or rice, and with a bit of lime pickle for some extra zing. Filling, warming awesomeness.

  78. Mason on said:

    Hmm…I think there is a tie for my favorite veg recipe between a baked sweet potato stuffed with a spicy black bean chili and a stir fry bowl loaded with brown rice, veggies and kimchi!

  79. Molly on said:

    I love making vegetable tacos. I usually cook a bunch of greens with mushrooms and then add all the toppings. These millet cakes look good -I’m going to try them soon!

  80. Sam on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is a nourishing bowl of brown rice, seasoned black beans, avocado, homemade tomato salsa, and sharp cheddar cheese. Delicious!

  81. Amber from on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is hard to say. I have 2 that I eat a lot. Tempeh Chili and hippie bowls with cooked veggies and quinoa. Clearly I need this book to give me more ideas!

  82. Becca on said:

    I’d have to say my favorite meatless meal is a tofu stir fry, or possibly a great oatmeal with all the toppings

  83. Katie DeKoster on said:

    Oh goodness… can my favorite meatless meal be deluxe, veggie pizza? It’s hard to beat good pizza. Lately I’ve also been eating more than my share of roasted eggplant and butternut squash with red pepper flakes. I can’t wait to try making these millet cakes!

  84. Allison R. on said:

    Bean burritos!

  85. Meghan on said:

    I love America’s Test Kitchen! My favorite meatless meal has to be roasted veggies over a green salad. We eat it at least once a week. It is so simple and filling but can be varied so many ways, it never gets old.

  86. MS on said:

    Daal Chawal !!! – lentils with rice 🙂

  87. Alissa on said:

    as a vegan i have countless meatless meals that i love but the one thing most of them have in common is kale and roasted veggies!

  88. Larissa on said:

    I already entered the contest, but just wanted to add that I made these for dinner tonight and what a great recipe! We were eating greek food, so I swapped the 2 tsp of curry powder for 1 tsp of oregano, and added crumbled feta to the mixture. They turned out awesome!
    Thank you for the lovely recipe 🙂

  89. Dahlia Rockowitz on said:

    On a cold night like tonight I’d have to say vegetarian meatloaf (a guilty pleasure).

  90. Jo on said:

    All of my meals are meatless but I would have to say…. pizza! I like mine with kalamata olives, roasted mushrooms, spinach, roasted garlic, and homemade almond cheese. Yum!

  91. vasanthi on said:

    Mine would be minty millet and pomegranate…an absolute winner and a staple at my home

  92. Chela on said:

    I’ve got a new meatless meal favorite – brined roasted tofu with potatoes from Vegan Dad. I also love pasta with mushrooms!

  93. Krystina on said:

    My current favorite meatless meal is a chickpea and spinach coconut milk curry over brown rice. My favorite meatlesss snack involves your sweet potato hummus!

  94. nance from on said:

    favorite meatless meal is hot pot of wonder soup with tons of kale, tomatoe, carrots,etc.


  95. Emily from on said:

    Ooooh, looks like another great recipe! I love the ATK folks, and would love to get my hands on that book! My favorite meatless meal is roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts tossed with a honey vinaigrette and served with chickpeas and quinoa. Yum!

  96. Sarah Pardee on said:

    These patties look super tasty! I have been a vegetarian most of my life and my favorite thing to make/ eat are enchiladas– endless possibilities in a self-contained meal!

  97. Marie-Eve on said:

    This book looks amazing. My favorite meatless meal is lentils curry with basmati rice.

  98. Barbara on said:

    these look awesome! Ive had varying success with quinoa cakes. My favorite vegetarian meal is chana masala, but a close second would be just about any kind of roasted vegetable. 🙂

  99. Vicki on said:

    This looks really good.
    Not a vegetarian (only thing I don’t eat is beef) but I do have a favorite dish I make that’s vegan. Broccoli tofu stew. My spicy tomato basil pasta sauce, lots of broccoli with most of the stem cut off, lots of extra firm silken tofu cubed. Add water to pot as needed and simmer until broccoli is done. We make it with the broccoli well done in a thick stew. I’ve also sometimes added garbanzo beans and/or black olives.

  100. Lauren on said:

    My favorite vegetarian meal is straight up Ezekiel bread & egg whites. Some black tea with it, maybe. Definitely an apple. Or grilled cheese. Or tempeh anything, pretty much. Or definitely that apple smothered in peanut butter. Or pancakes, because obviously I have a thing for bread. Or waffles, because it’s like pancakes with grooves in it. Or just roasted vegetables. Always. Yeah, I keep a short list, I know.

    Either way, this looks pretty fabulous, & ATK is pretty fabulous themselves.

  101. Maggie on said:

    I love yam and black bean tacos! I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    I love making millet cakes, I probably make them a few times a month. I also like to add uncooked millet into baked good batters like banana bread for a little extra crunch once baked up.

  102. delphine on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is a giant salad bowl with brown rice, kale, beet, roasted pepitas, avocado and a lot of dragon sauce !

  103. Deepa on said:

    Homemade pizza loaded with veggies!

  104. Jennifer from on said:

    My favorite is what we call Peasant Pasta – warm pasta tossed with fresh spinach, asiago, and white beans in a garlicky vinaigrette. Add a nice glass of red and you’re set!

  105. Jessica J on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is butternut squash lasagna. Comforting and fancy enough for a dinner party.

  106. Christine on said:

    my favourite meatless meal is veggie lasagna or chana masala!

  107. My favourite meatless meal is a tofu rice bowl with tons of veggies and a flavourful sauce!

    These look wonderful though. I’ve definitely had trouble getting my quinoa cakes to stick together, so I’m glad to hear that millet works better. I’ll need to give these a try!

  108. Miruska on said:

    Honestly, I just made your butternut squash, quinoa and kale stew from your last post and it is so delicious that I have to call that my favourite meatless meal from now on.

  109. candace c on said:

    rice, beans, cheese and salsa – cheap, filling and easy!

  110. Christine from on said:

    I’m so happy to see millet instead of quinoa in these patties! Quinoa is great but I’ve had trouble getting it to stick together without eggs too. Plus, a change is just nice! My favourite meatless meal would be a bowl of roasted veggies, with fresh greens, herbs and microgreens on top and some sort of good sauce. Basically, what we have for dinner most nights!

  111. Kristina N. on said:

    I’m all about the roasted vegetable bowls lately. I always have to have sweet potatoes, broccoli, and red cabbage, but I add whatever else I have around. I’m also heavily in my channa masala phase 🙂

  112. Gina Bradley on said:

    My husband and I LOVE your butternut squash burrito bowls! Yummy 🙂

  113. Sara on said:

    My favorite meal depends on the season, but with the weather warming up a bit (I’m not on the East coast clearly) I’ve been eating large amounts of avocado toast lately! Toast bread, mash avocado with lemon, salt, and pepper, and add some combination of fresh raw veggies, pickles, and/or sriracha. Yum!

  114. Pooja Mittal on said:

    My favorite is mexican loaded sweet potatoes! Yum.

  115. April on said:

    My favorite vegetarian meal is lentils and rice (mujaddara). I am looking forward to trying the ATK recipe from season 15.

  116. Cookie on said:

    I’m currently addicted to quinoa, white-bean hummus, pesto, spinach, rosemary-lemon tofu burritos! Or I suppose they could be labeled as wraps, but that’s not as fun. Ole!

    • Kristie on said:

      I need your recipe! 🙂

  117. Casey on said:

    I am a vegan, and I would have to say that my favorite meatless meal are warm quinoa salads. The boys in the house ever would have to say they love when I make vegan mac & cheese

  118. Kate from on said:

    I love the idea of using carrots to help bind! Been waiting for a vegetarian cookbook from ATK for what feels like ages! My favourite meatless is meal is assuredly spicy carrot soup, or anything cozy and warm.

  119. sarah on said:

    Gosh these look good! Millet is my favorite grain. I’m going to need to try these next week. Favorite meatless meal? I love Indian food. Especially Aloo Gobi. That would have to be my fave. Filling veggies, lots of wonderful flavor, serve it over your favorite grain.

  120. Yum! I’m totally going to try this. I love millet but don’t cook with it enough. My favorite meatless meal is super simple. Sliced tofu dipped in egg, pan fried, and eaten with brown rice, soy sauce, and seawood.

  121. What a wonderful looking recipe – and I want a copy of that cookbook!! My favorite meatless meal is a portobello mushroom burger, grilled and loaded with fresh veggies on a toasted bun. Mmm.

  122. Ellie on said:

    My favorite vegetarian dish changes. Right now I am obsessed with spaghetti squash so I have been making a baked spaghetti squash gratin with gruyere cheese and basil.

  123. Beth on said:

    Oh man, this is a tough one. I think tacos are my favorite because they’re so adaptable depending on what produce is available. Right now, I’m loving sweet potato and black bean tacos!

  124. Kristie on said:

    Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas…want the recipe?

    Combine for filling:
    30oz. black beans
    2 heaping cups steamed sweet potatoes chopped small
    1/2 c chopped, roasted, mild green chiles
    2 cloves minced garlic
    1 big juicy lime squeezed
    1/2 tsp cumin (I LOVE MORE)
    1/2 tsp chile powder
    salt and peper to taste
    1/4 C cilantro

    Assemble covering bottom of 9×13 pan with green tomatillo salsa, about 1/2C
    (Trader Joes makes a great one if you’re in a rush)
    fill tortilla of choice with filling, cover with 1 C additional salsa and or enchilada sauce of choice
    Top with additional cilantro, thin sliced tomatoes, sliced black olives ENJOY!

    Can’t WAIT to make these millet patties!

  125. Alexandra from on said:

    Ha! You have been trying to get quinoa to stick together, while I’ve been on a similar mission with lentils – but the patties kept drying out and getting crumbly.

    I spoke to a chef I work with about this and her immediate answer was millet, or any other overcooked starchy grain. These look brilliant!

  126. Joyanne on said:

    I am a sucker for a garlic, lemon zest and parm pasta….. Simple and delicious! A great puttanesca sauce……. Marinated kale and chard….. Lentil and walnut tacos…… I can’t choose! I could go on for days!!!!

  127. Jean on said:

    This recipe looks so, so yummy!!! Thanks for sharing it.
    My favourite non meat dinner (a light one at that) would be artichoke and chickpea hummus with corn chips. Simple but delicious!

  128. Amber on said:

    Lately my go-to recipe has been tostadas. I typically keep beans, greens and avocados around and just throw them together with whatever else I happen to have (tomatoes, cheese, zucchini, etc…). Super simple, quick and always satisfying. Plus, it is easy for groups because people can make their own to taste.

    One of my other favorites is a butternut squash + mushroom pastie. It takes a little more time and effort, but so delicious.

  129. Holly Regan on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is Saffron Pappardelle With Spiced Butter from Yotam Ottolenghi’s “Plenty” cookbook… delicious!

  130. Lena on said:

    favorite meatless meal: butternut squash soup

  131. Nell on said:

    I adore millet. Great recipe. I was sorry, though, looking at those gorgeous carrot tops, that eating them wasn’t mentioned. Chopped finely, they make a wonderful green. I make carrot fritters and saute the minced greens (organic!) with the onion before throwing the fritters together.

  132. Catherine from on said:

    Looks colorful, delicious and healthy!! xo Catherine

  133. Maya from on said:

    My favorite is the Mostly Veggie Macaroni and Cheese.

    I’m new to being a (consistent) vegetarian (this is legit my 5th attempt at being consistently vegetarian and it’s finally working!). This recipe has been so helpful as a college student. It’s great because I can just put whatever vegetables I have laying around in this dish (usually mushrooms, chopped asparagus, kale, spinach, etc.). It makes plenty to share and is perfect leftovers for lunch. I try to stay mostly milk-free so I use the Go Veggie! Shredded Mozzarella. I also blend some honey roasted sunflower seeds if I don’t have Panko bread crumbs lying around.

    It’s an awesome, yummy, warm, one-bowl recipe that my non vegetarian family members, friends, and bible study group really enjoy 😀

  134. Erin on said:

    Falafel with tahini lemon sauce with fresh baby greens & cucumber salad

  135. lauren on said:

    my favorite meal is a black bean burger and parsnip fries! yum yum! I’m excited to try this recipe!

  136. ab18bg on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is vegan macaroni and “cheesy sauce,” which is something that I make with really basic plant-based milk, olive oil, nutritional yeast, and a few other things depending on what I’m feeling. It’s especially delicious with the ridged 3x as long spiral macaroni. I also like to serve this with roasted kale. Just talking about it makes me want to make it right now. Yum!

  137. JenniferAnne on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is Southwestern Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

  138. Sherrie from on said:

    Meatless tacos, ALL. THE. WAY. These little cakes look divine Jeanine.

  139. Carolyn Brotherton on said:

    My favorite meatless meal (and every favorite meal happens to be meatless…) is a plate full of the leftovers of various veggie or bean or otherwise starchy and/or crunchy salads that I’ve made earlier in the week, drizzled with a tahini dressing and sprinkled with salted roasted almonds and accompanied by a big glass of red wine.
    There is possibly nothing better.

  140. Justwright from Loveandlemons on said:

    Favorite vegan meal zucchini feta pancakes

  141. claudia on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is a kabocha squash green curry!

  142. Sonia on said:

    I am so excited to try these! I have the same problem trying to make quinoa patties that they always fall apart. I have millet and spinach here at home–Will be making these tomorrow! One of my favorite vegetarian meals iswhite veggie lasagne. Do you think you’ll ever come out with a book?

  143. Hannah from on said:

    My favourite is a beet and blue (or goat) cheese risotto.

  144. These look incredible! I’m vegan so all my meals are meatless hehe but one of my favourites right now is sweet potato fries with hummus and salad!

  145. Michelle on said:

    veggie burgers are my go to once a week

  146. Michelle on said:

    My families fav right now is a recipe from the smitten kitchen cookbook- spaghetti squash tacos! Yummo! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  147. Clarissa from on said:

    i make these super yummy quinoa “meatballs” that I love

  148. rANA DURHAM on said:

    my fave meatless meal is veggie lasagna

  149. rANA DURHAM on said:

    my fave meatless meal is veggie lasagna

  150. Kelly on said:

    my favorite vegetarian dishes is roasted eggplant involtini. The recipie I use is cooks illustrated. Delicious!

  151. Elena on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is usually the last meal I ate! I gravitate to things that are simple, complete meals…oh and, anything with pasta!

  152. Danny from on said:

    Fav is… Nachos loaded w black beans, avocado, cilantro, romaine, tomatoes, salsa and sourcream plus cheese for the non vegan. Don’t have Nachos? Load up some brown rice or quinoa w the same toppings. Copyright Mexico, 1969. All rights reserved.

  153. Julie from on said:

    I love my vegan pesto. Just made it last night! Lots of basil, cashews, garlic, nutritional yeast, sea salt and olive/avocado oil. YUM! This cookbook would do well in our home 🙂

  154. Julie from on said:

    I love my vegan pesto. Just made it last night! Lots of basil, cashews, garlic, nutritional yeast, sea salt and olive/avocado oil. YUM! This cookbook would do well in our home 🙂

  155. Joanne on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is ratatouille. Thanks and really enjoy your blog!

  156. phillylass on said:

    My favorite meatless recipe is actually a riff on one of yours! I roast a big batch of veggies and chickpeas along with some garlic. Sometimes I use oregano as you suggested. But, just as often, I go with herbes de provence. It’s super quick and easy and I can make large batches and freeze individual servings in pyrex to thaw and take to work as needed. Thanks for all the inspiration! These millet cakes look delicious.

  157. Shoshana on said:

    My favorite go-to meatless meal that I make all of the time for company is a lentil meatloaf. Everyone loves it and whoever tries it always asks for the recipe!

  158. Liss on said:

    Roasted veggies and grains <3

  159. L on said:

    These look so yummy! I discovered millet pretty recently (made a pilaf with millet & kale) and can see why it’d work so well for veggie patties. As for a favorite meal… everything I eat is meatless so it’s hard to pick a favorite! That cookbook looks great though!

  160. Laura from on said:

    As a vegetarian, all my meals are meatless, but my favorites have to be your fig arugula pizza with pistachio pesto, and anything falafel-related!

    Can’t wait to try these millet cakes. Adding them to my recipes for this week’s dinners!

  161. Carly on said:

    I don’t ever comment on these types of things, but that cookbook looks too amazing to pass up the opportunity! I also love your blog, and my roommates and I use it daily for cooking inspiration. While none of us are strictly vegetarian, we eat mostly meatless meals. One of my favorites is from a Portland-based magazine called Kinfolk. They published a cookbook a few years ago, and their sweet potato quinoa burgers are amazing. They take a really long time to make, though, so they are more of a treat than a staple in our cooking rotation. You should try them! Maybe you can create a shorter version. We normally put them on whole-wheat english muffins with some melted cheese on top 🙂

    • jeanine from on said:

      ha, thanks for commenting! I love Kinfolk – I’ve never tried their veggie burger but I’ll have to check it out 🙂

  162. Millet and I have just gotten to know each other…and I like her a lot. I made some black bean and millet burgers that were tasty. These little cakes look very tasty indeed!! Can’t wait to try!! xx

  163. Lisha on said:

    Both my boyfriend and I go absolutely crazy for ricotta stuffed shells 🙂

  164. Sarah Schutz on said:

    Any sort of chickpea curry is my absolute favorite. Also, you can never go wrong with breakfast for dinner. This cookbook looks AMAZING and I would love to add it to my collection.

  165. Courtney on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is any variation of rice and beans with sautéed kale! I’m a college student so this is a super easy, quick and inexpensive meal!

  166. Breanne on said:

    My favorite vegetarian meal is seasoned black beans, fluffy brown cilantro / lime rice, and avocado. Maybe some sour cream for good measure. 🙂

  167. Julie on said:

    My favorite vegetarian meal is scrabbled eggs with fresh veggies.

  168. Landen from on said:

    I have a black bean soup that I make about 2x a month that is delicious! I love vegetarian dinners and this cookbook looks great!!!!

  169. Laura on said:

    My favorite meal ( since all my meals are meatless) is polenta with roasted vegetables. Would love to add more meals from this to the mix!

  170. Danielle from instagram on said:

    I’ve always had a weakness for Korean food. A favorite dish was Bi Bim Bap. Happily, I discovered that the veggie version is just as delish!

  171. Kelly on said:

    These look great! I am a fairly new vegetarian but have been experimenting a lot! My go-to during the week is black bean burgers, but my new favorite recipe is sweet potato nachos! I roast sweet potatoe wedges seasoned with salt and chili powder and then top with sliced bell peppers, black beans, scallion and a sprinkling of pepper jack then broil. I finish them off with avocado and salsa verde. So satisfying and delicious!!!

  172. Chelsea on said:

    can’t wait to get a copy of this book!
    favorite vegetarian meal… sweet potato black bean tacos with guac

  173. Laura Osburn on said:

    My husband and I are both vegetarians and we love making meals together. We enjoy creating homemade pizzas with whatever veggies are in our current CSA Box. Beet and Cheddar Pizza or Carmelized Fennel and Goat Cheese Pizza are 2 favorites at the moment.

  174. Ginger Stark on said:

    FieldRoast grain sausage with roasted root vegetables and homemade chimichurri sauce

  175. Lacey on said:

    I made this tonight and my boyfriend (who claims to hate millet) loved it. I subbed the almond milk for soy yogurt in the vegan version you have written and baked it like you did. Turned out great!
    His was topped with a zucchini relish and poached egg and my was topped with vegan soy yogurt mixed with lemon juice, salt, pepper, and chili flakes. Thanks for another great recipe!

  176. Karen L on said:

    This is a tough one! My current favorite is probably a spinach and cheese enchilada I found on Two Peas and Their Pod. I change it up some and add black beans, reduce the cheese some, and make a few other tweaks to suit my family’s taste. I really like the looks of these millet cakes – so colorful! Maybe they will be my new fave : )

  177. Erin on said:

    My favourite meatless meal is a comforting, cheesy pasta or gratin! Pumpkin alfredo with herbed goat cheese and rosemary is my soul food. <3

  178. Kristin on said:

    My favorite vegetarian dish (this month!) is a baked dish with kale, pinto beans, sweet and spicy peppers, roasted veggies (cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes), charred romaine lettus, and topped with fage yogurt. Sweet and spicy and full of nutrients. YUM!

  179. MmeMcM on said:

    My favorite meatless meal would have to be Marcella Hazan’s simple butter and tomato sauce over fresh pasta. My favorite meatless other meal is Molly Wizenberg’s arugula, bread, cherry and goat cheese salad.

  180. Angie on said:

    These look awesome (as does that cookbook)!! Can’t wait to try them tonight. I’m in agreement with a lot of others that it’s hard to pick just one favorite vegetarian dish, but I do love a good black bean burger.

  181. Noa on said:

    My favorite vegetarian meal is Pasta with cream, onions and zucchini! Num!!

  182. Jenelle from on said:

    Would love this recipe book!
    My favorite lately is gf pizza crust topped with caramelized onions, butternut squash, feta and fresh greens once it’s baked.

  183. Katie on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is your “ricotta” stuffed shells! My (slightly) picky husband loves them even though he knows it’s not cheese in there, and when I take them to parties everyone asks me for the recipe.

    And now I’m off to make some millet cakes 🙂

    • jeanine from on said:

      yay, I’m so glad! 🙂

  184. Kristyn on said:

    As a newbie in the vegetarian scene one of my favorite meals is sweet potato quesadillas with fresh sage. Now my mouth is watering…

  185. debi on said:

    i’m a sucker for bowls! throw loads of roasted veggies, some spices, a bit of preserved lemon (if i’m feeling saucy), and some quinoa, brown rice or millet and you’ve got yourself a meal. so easy, so filling and so delicious!

    can’t wait to try these millet cakes!

  186. Juliet on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is golden beet and feta pizza with arugula and spiced honey 🙂 I just found your website through Saveur. It looks great. I’ll be back!

  187. Jackie on said:

    Looks delicious. Can’t wait to try it out. My favorite meatless meal is linguini with garlic oil, sundried tomatoes, and za’atar.

  188. Candice on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is Tempeh Reuben with baked sweet potato fries. Yumm Yumm!!!!

  189. Kevin on said:

    Currently I’m very happy with an Irish cheddar potato soup, with fresh bread and a green salad!

  190. Stephanie on said:

    All my meals are meatless, so it’s really about what’s trending in my household right now! With the benefit of Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo, I’ve been making Jambalaya almost once a week. Okra, carrot, celery, onion, garlic, and whatever else I might have around, with soy chorizo, tomatoes, and brown rice. Easy, filling, delicious.

  191. Linda on said:

    Hello, I’m all set to make these tonight but haven’t used curry powder in the past. Will these be spicy hot? If I cut down the curry to 1 tsp will that be too bland?
    My favorite meatless meal is anything with chickpeas and lemon. My go to easy one pot recipe is diced baby red potatoes fried crisp in pan with a little oil, then adding chickepeas, cabbage, parsley, shallot and a huge squeeze of lemon at the end.

    • jeanine from on said:

      Hi Linda, it depends on what curry powder you have (what brand, etc). Most of the time general curry powder (unless it’s labeled spicy) is pretty mild. It has more of a warm spiced flavor rather than being super hot. (To me, these were not spicy at all).

      If you’re worried about it, I would start by adding 1 teaspoon (in step 2) and then taste (before you mix it with the egg), and see if you want to add more. If it’s bland but you don’t want more curry, maybe add more garlic, salt and pepper. Hope that helps!

  192. Linda on said:

    Thanks Jeanine for your quick response. I purchased Frontier salt free curry powder – is there normally salt in curry powder? If you had to do it over again would you pan fry or oven bake them? Sometimes I find veggie cakes get too mushy pan fried but not brown enough in the oven. Decisions, decisions…

    • jeanine from on said:

      They were good baked, I pan fried one the other night and that worked out too (they got more browned, definitely). I’d start with less curry powder if you’re worried about it because you can always add more. As far as I know, they don’t usually come with added salt, that’s kind of strange 🙂

  193. Kim Sadowski on said:

    Hands-down my favorite meatless meal is my boyfriend’s spaghetti. He mixes Bertolli sauce with a Trader Joe’s olive tapenade, and it is as yummy as it gets =:)

  194. Jen Ryder on said:

    Do you have the nutritional information for this recipe?

    My favorite meatless is Veggie Lasagna and black bean burgers! I do have a new veggie burger recipe I am going to try this Spring!

  195. Ashley on said:

    A giant spinach/mixed green salad with nuts, salty cheese, roasted tomatoes, some kind of veg protein (tofu or beans) and sherry vinaigrette.

  196. Emma on said:

    Favourite meatless meal is cupcakes, obviously. Specifically, chocolate coconut. Sure, some people think cupcakes aren’t a meal, but they’re wrong, man. Haters gonna hate (while I eat all the cupcakes-cakes-cakes-cakes then shake it off etc.).

    Also, Internet *high five* for the millet recipe.

  197. Tara from on said:

    These look amazing, and the cookbook looks great, too! It would be hard to choose my favourite meatless meal, but I’m currently on an Indian kick so I’ll have to say either palak paneer or dahl with lentils and beans. Ultimate comfort food 🙂

  198. anna on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is Stellar Salad, a spaghetti squash/spinach/roast red pep/chevre salad from a restaurant in Burlington VT. It is topped with a simple vinaigrette and toasted walnuts.

  199. Connie on said:

    This cookbook looks amazing! Favorite meatless meal? Baked apples stuffed with wild rice and quinoa with a light arugula salad as a side.

  200. Veronica on said:

    YUM! This looks delicious and I’m a huge fan of ATK. They know what they’re doing!

    • Veronica on said:

      Almost forgot! My favorite meatless meal is spinach lasagna 🙂

  201. Katie Higgins on said:

    As a New Mexican girl myself, my favorite meatless meal is pinto beans and ____. Pinto beans with eggs and avocado, pinto beans mashed in a tortilla with cheese, pinto beans in a bowl with corn bread. That’s just how we like it around here.

  202. Debbie from on said:

    Oh gosh. Where do I begin? I love, love spicy black bean burgers. Pinto beans with a side of turnip greens — I’m a Southern girl after all. Quinoa/veggie salad…I should probably stop:)

  203. Kristine from on said:

    I love cookbooks! They are my favorite bedtime reading. I love anything involving pasta or cheese. I am not a skinny vegetarian!

  204. Molly V on said:

    Favorite is probably black bean enchilada casserole. Because who has time to roll individual enchiladas?

  205. Molly on said:

    My favorite vegetarian meal is homemade refried beans, rice and guacamole.

  206. Melissa on said:

    I love a good vegetarian risotto, but I just made a vegan chili that is spectacular. Clearly, I am still enjoying the stick-to-your ribs food of winter.

  207. Traci on said:

    I have so many favorites! I love cooking mushroom bourguignon for non-vegetarians and surprising them with dish’s heft and depth of flavor.

  208. Ally on said:

    I’ve never cooked with millet before, but these look delicious! One of my favorite meatless meals is a roasted sweet potato topped with kale and black beans sauteed in some chile verde!

  209. Janet on said:

    Favorite meatless meal-vegetable soup made with veggies just harvested from my garden.

  210. ahatch on said:

    My favorite is ATK’s veggie burgers. I love them because they were one of my first successful experiments with vegetarian cooking and made me realize that vegetarian food good be delicious, hearty, and satisfying.

  211. Amanda Marie Martinez on said:

    My favorite vegetarian meal is Tempeh Orzilla from The Post Punk Kitchen blog. It is the perfect combo of sweet and savory with a great mix of spices.

  212. Juliet on said:

    Chickpea salad or the roast beet salad from it’s all good.

  213. Heather B. on said:

    All of our meals are meatless, but our current favorite is probably a vegan Chipotle Mac & Cheese with roasted broccolini! It is from the Post Punk Kitchen website (and I make it with broccolini rather than brussel sprouts since our kids aren’t a fan of brussels).

  214. Lily Sheng on said:

    My favorite meatless meal is eggs nested in toasts, though not containing veggies, it’s simple and satisfying. Thanks for the post and giveaway!

  215. Radika K on said:

    Meatless meals, hmmmm so many!!! Vegetarian meals are not only healthy but also a conscious decision we have made over the years due to the suffering of animals. The best texture and taste that we love to replace meat with is mushrooms. My new favourite meal is Vegetarian Quiche packed with veggies and made with Phylo pastry.

  216. Nancy on said:

    So hard to choose a favorite! I often make a spicy black bean taco filling – great for dinner, and equally good reheated with a poached egg on top for breakfast. A question about the millet cakes: when baking rather than frying, do you still chill them in the fridge before cooking?

  217. ski on said:

    could you specify the type of millet?

  218. Emilie on said:

    I just tried these, and they fell apart in the pan! Any suggestions?! They’re super yummy though 🙂

    • jeanine from on said:

      oh no! hmm, you could try more flax (or an egg if you eat eggs). Did you bake them or pan fry? (baking is a little easier because they can set before it’s time to flip).

  219. Melanie Burnham on said:

    Vegetarian chili is my favorite meatless meal.

  220. Jenn on said:

    I made these last night and the whole family loved them! I think I’ll try for another egg next time since they crumbled a bit while pan frying. This tasted good even before making them into cakes as well so that’ll be something to try when the toddler masters silverware. 😉

  221. Karin Anderson from on said:

    I made the millet cakes today, and we loved them!
    Since I often make vegetable patties, I have a few suggestions. For easier portioning I use a 1/4 cup scoop (smaller patties are less fragile). Placed on a panko sprinkled cutting board, the cakes can be easier transferred to the skillet, since they don’t stick. The panko also adds a nice crunch. Refrigerating the cakes for at least 1/2 hour before frying keeps them from falling apart.
    Cilantro looses much of its taste when cooked – next time I would rather use parsley or basil.

  222. Carol Diamond on said:

    Truly delicious!
    My husband detests strong odors, curry in particular, so had to jack up the exhaust fan for this batch, but it was so good! Will just use a different spice next time. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Carol, a mix of dried cumin and coriander would be delicious! I’d do 1/2 teaspoon each since cumin can be bold in flavor. Should be less aromatic though 🙂

      Glad you liked them!

  223. Loey on said:

    Correct me if I’m misreading this: When you say to add the egg and yogurt into the mixture, then form the cakes and refrigerate, does this mean that the egg is uncooked?

    • Loey on said:

      Nevermind. I realized that I did not read the last step that involves actually cooking them 😛

  224. Sara on said:

    Can I use millet flakes?

    • Hi Sara, no, I would definitely use just regular millet. Hope that helps!

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