Matcha Latte

Learn how to make a matcha latte with this easy, 3-ingredient matcha latte recipe! It's creamy, cozy, and filled with antioxidants - perfect for cool days.

Coconut Matcha Latte

Ever since our first trip to Japan, I’ve been obsessed with matcha. Matcha ice cream, matcha doughnuts, matcha smoothies… I love them all, but my favorite way to enjoy matcha is in a creamy matcha latte. The slightly bitter matcha flavor mixes with (in this case) coconut milk to create a perfect creamy flavor balance. Often times, coffee shop matcha lattes are too sweet, which is why I prefer to make my matcha latte at home!

What is matcha?

Matcha powder is made from ground green tea leaves. Unlike when you drink steeped green tea, you consume the entire tea leaf in a matcha latte. As a result, matcha has approximately 10x more nutrients than regular green tea! (If you’re interested in more matcha benefits, click here). We, of course, love it because it tastes good.

Matcha powder has a slightly bitter, earthy taste that I love to use in sweet recipes like smoothiesice creammilkshakesfrosting, and even doughnuts!

Coconut Matcha Latte

How to Make a Matcha Latte

This matcha latte recipe is super easy. It’s just three ingredients (and a tiny bit of sweetener, if you want), and you don’t need any fancy barista skills or equipment. If you’re going to make a lotta lattes you might want to invest in an official (and very cute) matcha whisk, but a small kitchen whisk or milk frother will foam it up just the same. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Start by sifting your matcha powder. It clumps easily, and the clumps can be difficult to whisk away, so this step will help make your matcha latte smooth, creamy & lump-free.
  2. Add the matcha to a mug, and pour in hot, recently boiled water over it. Whisk vigorously until the matcha green tea powder is fully dispersed. You want to move your whisk in an up-and-down or side-to-side motion, not the usual circular pattern, in order to get your matcha to foam.
  3. Pour the warmed coconut milk over the foamy water (almond milk is good too!) and whisk again to froth the milk.
  4. Taste your latte and decide how much sweetener you want to add, if any. I like mine with a drop of maple syrup.

That’s it! Enjoy.

How to make a matcha latte

What Is the Best Matcha Powder?

Buying matcha for the first time can be confusing – there are so many brands, and they vary widely in quality. I’ve tested out all of the top matcha powders as tea with water, in lattes, and in baking recipes. I like the Golde Pure Matcha Ceremonial Grade best in my lattes! It doesn’t have any added sugar, and its bold flavor still cuts through the milk in a latte.

Get the Golde Pure Matcha Ceremonial Grade on Amazon for $29, or check out some of the other matcha powders I tested to find the best one for you!

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Matcha Latte

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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Serves 1
This 3-ingredient matcha latte is packed with antioxidants and delicious flavor. A cozy, healthy drink for cool days. Vegan!


  • ½ to 1 teaspoon matcha powder
  • ¼ cup hot water
  • ¼ cup coconut milk, warmed
  • Maple syrup, honey, stevia, or sweetener of choice, optional


  • Sift your matcha so it is lump-free.
  • Spoon the matcha into a large mug. Add the hot water and whisk briskly, in an up and down motion, until frothy - about 30 seconds or so. Add the coconut milk and whisk until well combined.
  • Taste and add additional water, coconut milk, and/or sweetener to your liking.


I used light coconut milk, but you could use full-fat coconut milk if you prefer a richer latte.




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  1. Elaine

    5 stars


  2. Kellie Vordenbaum

    Any suggestions on high quality matcha that is affordable? I love it and am trying to kick the coffee habit, but matcha is so expensive? Also, is one teaspoon as beneficial health wise as 1 1/2?

    • Umer from

      You can try our Matcha super affordable and super delicious

  3. Patricia

    Hi! Which brand of matcha would you recommend?

  4. Vee

    5 stars
    Thanks for the tips how to stir matcha and get it to foam up well.
    I really like your recipe ratio. I tried with both oat milk and coconut milk.
    I prefer oat milk though. A tad of honey works wonder for me.

  5. Carol

    I stirred in a tablespoon if heavy cream plus 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon.

  6. kathy

    Any idea how many calories with the light coconut milk for an 8 oz drink?

  7. Kathy

    I made this this morning. I love the taste of maple syrup in my matches latte. I used unsweetened almond milk, but I prefer coconut. Delicious!

    • Kathy

      I use Tao of Tea matcha.

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      Hi Kathy, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Lora

    Is there a reason why the serving size is so small? half a cup of liquid total (between water and coconut milk) is very small. Just curious, as I’d like to enjoy a larger glass of this.

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      You can increase the recipe as you like – it’s just 1:1 coconut milk to water. Adjust the amount of matcha and sweetener to your taste. Hope that helps!

  9. Patsy Grace

    Cannot wait to try the Matcha in many recipes, especially the coconut milk latte!

  10. Rob from

    5 stars
    This looks so tasty! I like the twist on a traditional favorite Latte.
    I can’t wait to try this one out at home. Thanks for sharing!

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