Lemon Fennel Toasts

Lately, this has been our pre-dinner snack. It seems fancy (fancy for us, anyway) to have an appetizer just for two, but it’s less glamourous than that… When we’re cooking and photographing our meals, nights can get late and snacks have become necessary. Especially fast snacks. This one can be made in about 7 minutes, and if that’s too long for you, the components could even be mixed up (and kept separate) a few hours in advance.

If you’re vegetarian, don’t click away yet… yes, this is smoked salmon, but it’s the fennel that is the real star and this can be adapted a number of ways. Spread some cheese as the bottom layer, or rub the toast with some garlic and a bit of salt… Anything just to add a little salty balance to the sweet & tangy shavings that will be piled on top.

Mix up the yogurt sauce simultaneously with the fennel mixture – you’ll use the same “splashes” of ingredients  for both.

Inspired by this salad (one of my favorites).

1 fennel bulb, white part only
3 squeezes of lemon
splash of honey, agave, or sugar
pinch of salt
a few pinches of chopped dill

whole grain bread slices, toasted
smoked salmon (optional)
cheese instead of salmon (optional)
garlic clove to rub toast with (optional)

dill yogurt:
1/2 cup yogurt (of your choice…greek, icelandic, soy)
teaspoon of chopped dill
a few squeezes of lemon
splash of agave, honey, or sugar
splash of olive oil
pinches of salt and pepper
1/2 small garlic clove, minced (optional)


Using a mandoline, slice paper thin shavings of fennel.

In a small bowl mix fennel shavings with lemon, honey and salt. Taste and adjust. Let the fennel sit and marinate in the juices for a few minutes while you prep the rest.

For the dill yogurt, mix all ingredients together. Taste and adjust. Chill until ready to use.

Grill or toast bread, drizzle with a little olive oil, and assemble.

If you make this, let us see! Tag your photo with #loveandlemons on Instagram.


  1. Love how light and healthy this is! And it does look very fancy the way you arranged it.

  2. I’ve never tried fennel before, but this makes me want to try it. Looks delish!

  3. 1) I’ve never had fennel, but would love to try it.
    2) I had no idea there was such a thing as Icelandic yogurt. I’m intrigued, as I’m going to Iceland in 10 days.
    3) This looks freaking delicious. Thank goodness I can tolerate gluten, again!

    • jeanine from loveandlemons.com on said:

      yea it’s called skyr yogurt (this brand: http://www.skyr.com). I had it a restaurant once and have been buying it since then. I wish I was going to Iceland in 10 days!

  4. Courtney Jones from thefigtree.blogspot.com on said:

    What a fantastic starter! 🙂 I’m definitely making these for my next dinner party. Thank you for the great idea!

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