KitchenAid® Artisan Stand Mixer Giveaway!

KitchenAid® Artisan Stand Mixer Giveaway!

I’m SO excited about this giveaway because I think EVERY kitchen needs a KitchenAid® Artisan® Stand Mixer! My grandmother had one, my mom has one, and we’ve had ours for years and years. They last forever – if you don’t have one, here’s your chance to win one :).

If you’re a fan of our cookbook, you have more chances to enter, see below!

KitchenAid® Artisan Stand Mixer Giveaway!

To enter:
Leave ONE comment below telling me about your favorite recipe to mix up. (Please leave your own individual comment and do not reply to an existing comment on the thread).

For additional entries:
Post a photo of any recipe from The Love & Lemons Cookbook on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and tag #loveandlemonscookbook. Each social post counts as a separate entry so post as many times as you want!

Good luck & happy holidays!!

A winner will be chosen at random on December 31st. The giveaway is open to U.S. addresses only. The color mixer that the winner receives will be based on availability. Spiralizer attachment is not included. Special thanks to KitchenAid® for supplying the mixer!

If you make this, let us see! Tag your photo with #loveandlemons on Instagram.


  1. Lisa Brown on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is chocolate chip cookie dough; thanks for the chance.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

    • Frances on said:

      What recipes I like from you, oh where do I start. Well, ’tis the season, I have an abundance (that’s a yealy thing here) of kale in my garden and now a bunch of squash tha I plant every year. Sooo I decided to use your roasted delicata squash/kale salad which came out very well and people liked it.
      Keep up the good work and many Happy Holiday & year to come!

      • Rebeca K Ziegelbauer on said:

        Chocolate Chip cookies & Banana Bread

        • Denise on said:

          So many to choose from, all tried and true. The recipes are quite as beautiful as the picture. I own the cookbook and I make a recipe at least once a week. I will say my favorite recepe is the pumpikin seed bread. It keeps , it’s healthy, it’s easy, and people love it when I share(both the bread and the website).

          Thanks for the love.
          Denise k

    • Liz on said:

      Lemon curd or blueberry muffins!

    • Tami on said:

      My favorite thing to bake are cookies. I bake this time of the year for neighbors and my doctors as a way to say thank you!

    • Joseph on said:

      My favorite recipe is lemon chocolate chip cake with a lemon cream cheese frosting made by my granddaughter and myself on a Friday night.

    • Lisa on said:

      My favorite recipe is my molasses cookies..

    • Aoife Kelly on said:

      Peanut butter cookies 😃😃

    • Jean Patrick on said:

      I love to mix a batch of my grandmother’s biscotti cookies. I try to change up the basic recipe by adding different ingredients like dried cherries, cocoa nibs, or hazelnuts. Thanks for the chance.

    • Wendy Flora on said:

      At Christmas, I make many batches of biscotti for my family and friends. I change it up. Sometimes Anise. Sometimes Cranberry Almond. Sometimes gingerbread. All Delish!!

    • Lucero Barry from on said:

      My Favorite is a ginger chocolate chip cookie I make. It’s like a chewy chai tea!

    • Keiry Benitez on said:

      Vanilla cupckes with chocolate!

    • Julie from on said:

      My current favorite is roasted butternut squash hummus. It was great with creamy feta and pomegranate seeds. I also tried it subbing curry powder, lime juice and coconut cream for the spice, lemon and tahini. Going to make some form of it every week for the foreseeable future.

    • Mama Bearito on said:

      You hooked me w the cookbook now I’m salivating through the blog! There is nothing that we saw haven’t swooned over! All the wonderful tacos and the zucchini cheese lasagna are some that really rock our world!!!

    • Brittany on said:

      Love making almond sugar cookies 🙂

    • Krista Avery on said:

      I’m confused on how I leave my own comment! I’ll give this a shot. I love to make stuffed peppers with feta and lentils! 😋 My favorite recipe from your blog is this white shell pasta with jalapeños! Such a fun twist on shells and cheese and I’m a sucker for pasta!

    • Chris on said:

      Brown butter snickerdoodles

  2. Laura on said:

    Breads that veer into cake territory – banana bread, zucchini bread, pumpkin bread. so versatile and so delicious!

    • Deborah Butler on said:

      My favorite recipe is avocado banana bread. I have been mixing it up by hand, but it would be so much easier if I won a KitchenAid mixer. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Bryna on said:

    Favorite thing to mix up is my great great grandmother’s gingerbread recipe!!! mmmm!!!

  4. Shelley from on said:

    Favorite thing to mix up has to be Christmas cookies every December!

  5. Meghan on said:

    Buttermilk biscuits!

  6. April Murrell on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up would cake I try to make a different cake every holiday!

  7. Katerina on said:

    anything that requires a frosting or glaze <3

  8. Mariah Bloom on said:

    A quick batch of vegan cookie dough which I pop into the freezer for instant (read: 10 minute) gratification on a Tuesday!

  9. I absolutely adore your cookbook, but don’t actually own a copy of my own… here’s to hoping Santa leaves it under my tree! Still, my favorite thing to mix up in a KitchenAid stand mixer is the mountains of cookies my mom and I make together every Christmas, especially great big batches of Italian biscotti! My personal favorite is White Chocolate Almond Apricot, but we’re trying out a few new one this year, including a Pistachio Raspberry Dark Chocolate kind!

  10. Kelly on said:

    I would say mnm cookie dough –> can be made into cookies or bars. Thanks for your great recipes through the year! happy holidays.

  11. Katy on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies dough! (And then eat most of the dough raw…)

  12. Mary on said:

    Definitely frosting or cupcakes (ideally the chocolate whiskey and beer cupcakes from Smitten Kitchen)!

  13. D Richie on said:


  14. Mindy on said:

    Thanks for this lovely opportunity! I love to mix up honey/whole wheat banana bread! Hope your holidays are merry.

  15. jill on said:

    banana bread!!!!

  16. Jaya from on said:

    Chocolate chip cookie dough and bread dough. I like a really wet bread dough so kneading is not possible without a stand mixer or an overnight fermentation to develop the gluten.

  17. Anne from on said:

    My family’s sugar cookie recipe!

  18. Jenn on said:

    I absolutely love the chocolate avocado mousse recipe in the Love and Lemons cookbook! It is quick and easy to come together and makes multiple servings, so my husband and I enjoy it for days. 🙂

  19. Thomas on said:

    A good batch of chocolate chip cookie dough.

  20. Sarah on said:

    We mix up pizza dough pretty much ever week.

  21. Rebecca on said:

    Thumbprint cookies! Gotta beat that brown sugar/coconut oil duo first 🙂

  22. Ellen on said:

    Lots of things! But probably number one is bread or pizza dough.

  23. Kelsey on said:

    Vegan soft pretzels with my boyfriend!

  24. natasha lamoreux on said:

    I love mixing up banana and zuchini bread.

  25. Michelle Flook on said:

    Blueberry muffins!

  26. rachele on said:

    It’s basic, but my mom’s banana bread is my usual go-to.

  27. Brionna on said:

    Two things: pizza dough and pie crust!

  28. Lynn on said:

    Cookies! Any type but thumbprints are great, and remind me of my grandmother who had a kitchen aid mixer. I would love to win one and keep the cookie mixing tradition going.

  29. Barbara on said:

    I’ve gotten really into breads this holiday season.

  30. Laura on said:

    Biscotti! Each Christmas season I make 3-4 different types of biscotti to gift to friends and family. I try at least 1 new recipe each year!

    • Jacqueline on said:

      Bread, especially focaccia with lots of different savoury toppings, or nuts and fruit. Yum!

  31. Allizon on said:

    Making tamales with my mom! The children surprised my mom with a KitchenAid mixer a couple years ago and now the time has been cut in half, given us more time to relax together. Would love to have a mixer in my own home!

  32. Mai on said:

    cookies!! Cakes!! And breads! I have yet to try my attachments- should give is a shot!

  33. Holly on said:

    Good ole chocolate chip cookies!

  34. Olivia Kjeldgaard on said:

    My favorite recipe to make is cranberry bliss bars!

  35. Emily Krieger on said:

    Cookies and homemade frosting!

  36. Fei-fei on said:

    Chocolate chip cookie dough!

  37. Loren on said:

    Pistachio cake

  38. Sarah S on said:


  39. Gwendolyn Jordan on said:

    Jam Cake

  40. Chelsa on said:

    I love making molasses cookies with crystallized ginger!

  41. sarah d on said:

    my favorite recipes to mix up are anything with eggs – egg hash, frittata, quiche, etc.

  42. Abigail K on said:

    my favorite recipe to make is oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made them without a mixer and wow it makes such a difference. The recipe is from the Magnolia bakery cookbook and so so good.

  43. Kat on said:

    My family’s pfefferkuchen recipe! We make it every year and a mixer is a must.

  44. Kristi M on said:

    A no knead loaf – I love the process of making bread without it being too complicated!

  45. Quelyn on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

  46. Christina from on said:

    I love to mix up and add my own variation to cookie dough

  47. Nicole on said:

    I love making cookie doughs! My current favorite is for a peanut butter and chocolate chip combination.

  48. Julia on said:

    a mixer would make mixing pizza dough much easier!

  49. Kera on said:

    Does whipping cream count?
    Homemade granola bars are my favorite thing to quickly mix.

  50. Keisha on said:

    Cakes and sweet bread

  51. Taryn on said:

    I love making my meringue cookies!

  52. Keli Henning on said:

    cookies! because everyone homemade cookies brighten up anyone’s day 🙂

  53. Shannon on said:

    Definitely pizza dough!

  54. Garrett on said:

    Monkey bread!

  55. julie on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies

  56. Janis on said:

    Everything !

  57. Elena on said:

    I recently mixed up some cinnamon rolls. While they were much easier than I expected, they’d be a snap with a KichenAid!

  58. Meredith Edgar on said:

    Almond and lemon shortbread cookies!

  59. April Shelhon on said:

    Dark Chocolate Tahini Brownies!

  60. ali on said:

    i’d love to win this! pizza dough 🙂

  61. Deborah K Haas on said:

    sourdough bread!

  62. Christina Z on said:

    Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls – so much easier when I have the opportunity to use a stand mixer rather than kneading by hand! 😉

  63. Marie on said:

    Pie crust and granola bars!! 🙂

  64. Jess Majewski on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is dough for pizza or breadsticks!!! Thank you for the contest!!! I LOVE your blog!!!!!!

  65. Nancy Lee on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is sugar cookie dough!

  66. Danielle on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is banana bread! I make it pretty much every week!

  67. Chelsea from on said:

    Bread dough!

  68. tzivia witty on said:


  69. Lauren on said:

    Love to mix up protein bar recipes and chocolate chip cookies!

  70. Pamela Vizdos on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies, of course!

  71. Rajitha Vasishta on said:

    Vegan chocolate chip cookie!!

  72. Molly on said:

    Chocolate Guinness Cake (and the cream cheese frosting that goes on top!)

  73. Hilary on said:

    Veggie chili!

  74. Rachel P on said:

    My grandmother’s borekas!!!

  75. Mary Caldwell on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is pizza dough. My old Kitchenaid is on its last leg, and I could really use a new one! Thanks so much for this generous giveaway – I love your blog and your book!

  76. peg schmid on said:

    Any kind of dough…pizza , pasta and naan!

  77. Amy on said:

    Not-too-sweet chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

  78. Pam R on said:


  79. Lauren on said:

    oatmeal raisin cookies! Family Christmas tradition!

  80. Allison on said:

    Definitely cookie dough! 🙂

  81. Courtney H. from on said:

    Our family recipe for Christmas Cupcakes!

  82. Marianne on said:

    Dude Ranch Bars
    Layer of peanut butter/oatmeal crust followed by a layer of melted chocolate and topped with peaunut butter frosting. A thick chunk of HEAVEN

  83. McKenzie Cunningham on said:

    Rosemary bread!

  84. myranda garcia on said:

    My favorite thing to whip up has to be my special oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! I make them for every occasion. I used my friend’s KitchenAid mixer and absolutely fell in love.

  85. Sam on said:

    I love to mix up a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls but I think my favorite use of the mixer was when my brother used some of his attachments grind up deer meat and made some of it sausage. How cool is that!

  86. Bonnie on said:

    I make a batch of pizza dough every week!

  87. Sheree on said:

    It’s a toss-up between any kind of delicious cookie recipe and meatballs…but not together of course 🙂

  88. Sharon W. on said:

    I have a poppy seed bread recipe with an orange juice glaze we LOVE! It appears at most special occasion brunches and is great as the base for strawberry shortcake.

  89. Grace Bierman on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is the healthy apple cinnamon muffins from the Love and Lemons blog! They have become an all time favorite in my household 🙂

  90. Mrs E from on said:

    vegan cinnamon rolls for the win! The mixer will make the dough and then the icing afterwards…

  91. Allison on said:

    Cream cheese frosting for pumpkin bars!

  92. Dee on said:

    Cookie dough – any recipe

  93. Brenna on said:

    As of late, I’ve been loving making caramel rolls…so good!

  94. Terry on said:

    crazy nuts granola. anytime, anywhere. it’s an addiction.

  95. Jenny on said:

    my favorite has to be oatmeal craisin cookies! happy holidays!

  96. CaliGirl on said:

    Quiche crusts and Mandelbroit, and delicate meringue cookies

  97. Abby on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is your Simple Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowls! So easy to throw in whatever I have at home and so delicious. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  98. Lynn Ripley on said:

    Bread and cookies

  99. Susannah Armstrong on said:

    Ohhhh!!! My favorite thing to mix up is cheese biscuits crackers for the holidays! Yummmm!!! A mixer like this is perfect so that you can step away and multitask 😉

  100. Andrea K on said:

    Best thing to mix is whipped cream to put on chocolate cake or to eat with strawberries–nothing better!

  101. Justin on said:


  102. Brittani on said:

    Peanut butter cookies!!

  103. Gwen on said:

    Anything that my son chooses💕

  104. Lora on said:

    Cookies, cookies and more cookies! Any kind will do! 🙂

  105. Michelle n on said:

    Flourless chocolate cake.

  106. Cynthia on said:

    Definitely marshmallows. I’ve never liked marshmallows until I made them from scratch and the easiest way to make them is with a Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer.

  107. Vera from on said:

    Cookies!! chocolate chip, toffee pecan, oatmeal raisin, the more the merrier!!

  108. Bernadette on said:

    oatmeal raisin cookies

  109. Gemma on said:

    Wow! Super gift! My favourite recipe is Carrot Cake 🙂

  110. Mackenzie on said:

    I have never owned a Kitchin-Aide because but am DYING to get my hands on one- LOVE the yummy lemon color!!!! My favorite recipes to mix up would hands down be raspberry ginger scones, rosemary garlic pizza crust, and pumpkin pie! With the Kitchen-Aide I would also totally take advantage of its attachments and also spiralize allllllll the veggies for salads and zoodles! The juicer component would also be UHHHHMAZING to juice lemons and really any citrus for my favorite holiday lemon drop. LOVE YOU LOVE AND LEMONS!!!

  111. Molly on said:

    Cookies 🙂

  112. Gaby on said:

    Our family enjoyed the butternut squash & leek stuffing recipe over thanksgiving. I added kale, fennel and 1/4 c. Parmesan. It’s our new tradition!

  113. Erica from on said:

    I have an electric hand beater, so I haven’t had a favorite recipe to enjoy mixing. Mostly do it by hand. But IF I did one this wonderful mixer, I would make meringues!!

  114. Leigh on said:

    Cheesecake, all types. Nothing like being able to put things in a stand mixer and just walk away!

  115. Jeannie on said:

    My sons and I love making pretzel dough. They shape the dough into letters and animals. Such fun!

  116. Peter on said:

    I like to make my own sausage’s But I have trouble mixlng up the sausage’ meat by hand now days. So a stand mixer would be a great help

  117. Julianne Graper on said:

    I second the chocolate whiskey cupcakes!

  118. Aundrea on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies!!!

  119. Deanna on said:

    I like to make biscotti@

  120. D Buchanan on said:

    A Huge Batch of Oatmeal Toffee Cookie Dough

  121. Bonita on said:

    I would love to make my Shortbread Christmas Cookies that I haven’t made in years, they have to be whipped in a mixer…

  122. Carol on said:

    The first thing I ever made in a KitchenAid mixer was Bohemian yeast/bread slice dumplings while at my sister-in-laws. Those giant dumplings took forever mixing them by hand which is how I usually have to make them…..I don’t make them often because of that 😉

  123. Morgan McCleeary on said:

    I don’t have my own Kitchenaid mixer, but i occasionally borrow my kind neighbor’s mixer to make homemade bread! I love the dough hook attachment!

  124. Hilda on said:

    My favourite recipe is my own creation… a French macaron recipe where I roast and grind up some sesame seeds and use that in place of some of the almond flour. It infuses the macaron with sesame seed flavor in a way that no natural/artificial flavouring ever could!

  125. Carol Z on said:

    This mixer is amazing, my Mom has one. Favorites are cakes & cookies, so many are beloved by our family…Nanny’s Rum Cake, Mint Mountain Bundt Cake, Swedish crescent cookies, peanut butter balls, breads in a snap, and the whipped cream…peaks in moments! Happy/Merry & here’s hoping that a mixer may come my way;-)
    Thank you

  126. Kathy on said:

    Pizza dough!!

  127. sarah k on said:

    I love making oatmeal banana bread and with the holiday, white chocolate cheesecake.

  128. Susan from loveandlemons on said:

    Love to mix up gluten free cakes…. and then cream the frosting !!

  129. Taylor on said:

    Any type of quick bread, so comforting! Thanks!

  130. Kris Brown on said:

    Pizza dough

  131. Amber H on said:

    If I owned a mixer I’d say pizza dough or bread dough!

  132. Jenn on said:

    Frosting, all kinds! Otherwise frosting is such a pain to make 🙂

  133. Karynne on said:

    I’m a huge sugar cookie baker. They take a long time to ice and decorate, so having a standup mixer would be amazing help.

  134. Colleen on said:

    Either pizza dough or my mom’s Christmas cookie recipes– both are great this time of year!

  135. Anna on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is my mom-mom Maddy’s Famous Cheesecake recipe! I would love to be able to make it in a brand new KitchenAid mixer (;

    Thanks for all the cook-spiration!

  136. Shari Bennetti on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is my French onion dip. This mixer would make it so much easier for me to mixture larger batches instead of making a single batch at a time. I share this delicious recipe with family, friends and coworkers. I am asked to make this about every couple months. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  137. Emily on said:

    I love making cinnamon rolls.

  138. Shubha on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is the spinach soba noodle soup. It is so heartwarming and satisfying now that winter is in full swing!

  139. Amy Grossman on said:

    Tough chouce- Tied between pizza dough and chocolate chip cookie dough recipe would love to win. Merry Christmas! 🎄

  140. Rebekah King on said:

    I don’t own a stand up mixer so the only time I have the chance to use one is at Christmas, but this is when I love it most. Every year, I bake Christmas cookies with a couple who are like second parents. These cookies (14 different kinds) are from old recipes passed down to the mom from her mom and grandma. These recipes are my favorite to mix up because they are tied to these wonderful memories.

  141. Patsy on said:

    The kids and I always make chocolate chip cookies with chip peas from Deceptively Delicious 🙂

  142. Mindy from on said:

    Fav thing to mix up: my chocolate chip cookies and extra spicy pumpkin bread! Not together though. 🙂

  143. Sunny on said:

    There are so many things I love to mix up but the favorite one should be granola bars because my husband loves it! (oats, pumpkin seeds, pecans, brown rice syrup, cranberries, etc.)

  144. Andrea on said:

    Cranberry berry, so good and festive for the holidays. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Andrea on said:

      Cranberry bread actually!

  145. Rachel Stein on said:

    Chocolate chip cookie dough! Although it is also useful for whipped cream!

  146. Kath on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is… cookies! Any kind! Every kind! 🙂

  147. Abbey Rose on said:

    Fresh pasta! Love the book and the site!

  148. Jill H. from on said:

    Mud balls: like buckeyes, but with rice crispies in them. Super simple but so delicious and a very popular holiday gift: butter, peanut butter, powdered sugar, & rice crispies, mixed and rolled into balls, then dipped in dark chocolate.

  149. Davia Palmeri on said:

    Definitely my great Aunt’s Italian Rainbow Cookie recipe.

  150. Ann D on said:

    I use my mixer to whip up egg yolks and egg whites to make a souffle. Thanks for the chance to win.

  151. Stephanie L on said:

    One of my coworkers let me lend your book & was I excited to start cooking these delicious recipes. Im hoping that eventually I can get your cookbook for Christmas. My favorite dish to use a blender with is the Masala Chickpea Curry. I love curries… i added some extra heat to it & man did it come out delicious!

  152. Elizabeth on said:

    I just watched a friend mix up a gorgeous lemon ricotta cake in her Kitchenaid this weekend… it was so inspiring! I would use a Kitchenaid mixer for scones and muffins, as I bake them weekly. I adore having a warm, homemade treat before work every morning! 🙂

  153. Sara on said:

    Easy, gingerbread molasses and oatmeal raisin cookies. They don’t last but a day in our house.

  154. Joy on said:

    I love making cookies of all kinds! Oatmeal chocolate chip are my favorite.

  155. Terri Kendall on said:

    Snickerdoodles, because they bring so much joy to people, especially my children, especially my son, Alex. He tries to hoard them and not share with the other siblings. It is adorable, he is 25.

  156. dana on said:

    anything sweet. well, savory, too. well, shoot, everything!! cheers 🙂

  157. kate from on said:

    I love to mix up a lemony olive oil cake! (To top with gobs of whipped cream and fruit, of course)

  158. Alyssa Marks on said:

    Quick breads! Easy crowd pleaser. Thanks for the fun & beautiful recipes!

  159. Karen on said:

    Right now, Christmas cookies! 😁

  160. Brooke on said:

    Pumpkin cinnamon rolls! Love your site.

  161. Brandon Long on said:

    Oatmeal raisin cookies!!

  162. Lauren on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is healthy banana bread! The kind I love does not have refined sugar or flour but is SO tasty (especially when eaten warm with a little slab of butter).

  163. Rachel Chen on said:

    Cookies! and Cakes!

  164. Sandy M on said:

    My Grandmothers Fresh Apple Cake recipe!

  165. Jen on said:

    Classic chocolate chip cookies!!

  166. Shannon Oros on said:

    Coconut cream pie bars! 😍

  167. Alex on said:

    OOh this is a tough one! Most likely my family recipe for mexican wedding cookies….

  168. cori on said:

    my husbands favorite oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies

  169. Susan G on said:

    Brownies and nut breads are our favorite things to mix up, but pastas and cookies are a close second!

  170. janet on said:

    I like to mix up cookie dough, cake mixes and ice cream.

  171. Alexis Church on said:

    I love making vegan carrot cake!

  172. Jessie on said:

    Pizza dough!

  173. Grace on said:

    I love mixing up a lot of your recipes. So wonderful to learn and riff from this blog. Most recently I mixed up the Zucchini + Sweet Potato Noodle Minestrone for a Hanukkah celebration I was throwing. I took out the chickpeas and beans and instead added some traditional Jewish matzo balls. I also nixed the tomatoes and added in some celery. I had never thought to spiralize vegetables for soup but it worked wonderfully! I got so many compliments on the soup at my Hanukkah party (all oh whom I pointed to this blog). Thanks for being this year’s Hanukkah miracle!

  174. Ashley on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is a chocolate chip almond butter cookie recipe that my husband and I love. I add orange zest and cardamom. We finish the whole batch in a day.

  175. Jess on said:

    I love mixing up sourdough bread!

  176. Abigail Smith on said:

    Bread dough!!

  177. Christina Abney on said:

    My Favorite thing to mix up is a sweet bread dough called Kolachky, handed down from many generations originating in the Czech republic.

  178. Preethi on said:

    I love making a rich chocolate cake around this time of the year.

  179. Diane on said:

    I gave my Kitchen Aid mixer to my son and his wife. He makes pie dough and has become quite proficient and the mixer gets a lot of use. I gave my daughter in law your cookbook for her birthday. Everyone is happy! Enjoy the holidays.

  180. leslieb on said:

    I bake a lot – especially cookies (chocolate chip and chocolate chip with oatmeal, craisins and sunflower seeds)! I love to use the mixer for anything requiring a lot of power – bread, beating butter and sugar etc. Thanks for the opportunity. The attachments look like a lot of fun!

  181. Ellie on said:

    A few things 🙂 — homemade pizza dough, coconut milk whipped cream, and even some non-edibles like DIY whipped body butter

  182. Donna A. on said:

    Every Christmas I like to mix up a special dessert, either Buche de Noel with meringue mushrooms or Frozen Eggnog Souffles. A KitchenAid mixer is essential. Thanks for the chance to possibly win this DELICATE yellow colored mixer that’s a BEAST in the kitchen 😉

  183. Ann on said:

    Chocolate stout cake!!

  184. Kathy K on said:

    Cookie dough. The ‘holiday favorite’ this year is oatmeal with dried cherries, chocolate chips and pecans!

  185. Tracy Olson from on said:

    I have a recipe that I concocted for Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Made with Heart Healthy Walnut Butter. They’re my favorite cookies.

  186. Anne on said:

    Definitely cookies!

  187. Pam on said:

    I like making a triple chocolate cookie that is like a macaron … crunchy on the outside, dense moist deep chocolate goodness in the middle, with chocolate chunks. It’s not a sandwich cookie, and, to make it properly a stand mixer is needed.

  188. Heidi on said:

    Since it’s the holidays, it’s got to be divinity. There’s absolutely no way to make it without a KitchenAid.

  189. Kurt Brandstrom on said:

    I like to mix up a batch of cranberry, white chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies!

  190. Courtney on said:

    All sorts of cookies and sweet breads! Love trying new recipes for my celiac husband!

  191. MK on said:

    A variety of Christmas cookies every year!

  192. Elizabeth Nesbit on said:

    I love mixing up cookies for the holidays and having some warm ones ready when the grandkids come over.

  193. Denise Fraser on said:

    Double chocolate zucchini muffins…..amazing to ‘mix up’.

  194. Kate | Mountain Cravings on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies!!

  195. Gina on said:

    Biscuits – so many mix-ins!

  196. Ginger on said:

    I’m thinking of a humble yeast bread mixed with cranberries and walnuts for the holidays! The dough hook will be my friend. 🙂 That and chocolate chip cookies.

  197. Rachel on said:

    Banana bread! Perfect for
    The holidays!!!

  198. Christa I Walker on said:

    All kinds of bread! Out favorite is a heart whole wheat sandwich loaf!

  199. betty campbell on said:


  200. Kiralyn Davison on said:

    Swedish pepparkakor cookies! A holiday ginger cookie my family has been making for ages. I love to carry on this tradition ❤️

  201. Isabel on said:

    cookie dough! 🙂 Fun fact: my family still uses the kitchen aid mixer passed down from my grandmother. They are certainly built to last!

  202. Lisa on said:

    Love mixing me up some brownies!

  203. Suzanne on said:

    Soups! There are so many great alterations to old favorites.

  204. katie grady on said:

    I love to shred sweet potatoes to make the best vegetarian/vegan friendly tacos – you bake the shredded sweet potatoes and they are the best texture!

  205. Rachel Hunt from on said:

    The amazing flourless Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe I make now (thanks to my sister-in-law sharing it with me)!

  206. Jennifer from on said:

    Pizza dough, every 2 weeks!

  207. Heidi LVR on said:

    Sourdough for bread rolls

  208. Miranda on said:

    Pull-apart garlic and herb focaccia! Smells, tastes, and looks amazing!

  209. Zosia on said:

    I love mixing up ice cream, you can add anything- especially yoghurt ones 😋😋. Also LOVE oats in all forms, especially with cocoa and maca- SO GOOD!!!

  210. Rachel on said:

    I’d love to make pizza dough using a dough hook on the mixer!

  211. Lisa W on said:

    I love baking cookies and loaf cakes around the Holidays. This year we’re mixing up Cranberry Walnut mini loaves, cut out sugar cookies, cut out double chocolate sables and mini peanut butter cup cookies.
    I’d love a sleek black kitchen aid to replace my white one!

  212. Carolyn Parish on said:

    My 3 year old grandson and I had a beautiful time in the kitchen making Vegan Gingerbread Men. Thank you!

  213. Nancy on said:

    For holiday dinner – Salt crusted dried currant pecan rye bread rolls. For this dough a bread hook would make the job so much easier.

  214. JCB from Wordpress on said:

    Love to mix aquafaba for vegan macaroons and as standin for egg whites in other vegan delicacies.

  215. Alexa on said:

    birthday cakes for my family

  216. Krispy on said:

    My favorite thing mix up is shortbread cookie dough, plain or flavored like your lemon and thyme version. Nothing beats this.

  217. Brigid on said:

    Flatbread with White bean puree—trying different vegetables on top!

  218. Christy on said:

    My forever favorite recipe is for sugar cookies. I made them with my mom when I was a kid, and I’m still making them now!

  219. heather from on said:

    Vegan whipped cream (ie coconut milk fat) – it can be used on so many things and tastes better than dairy cream (IMO).

  220. steph bari on said:

    I love making monster cookies for the family

  221. Donna McFadden on said:

    Hummus for my daughter, and all kinds of cookie dough for my sons!

  222. Jada Edwards on said:

    I love all kinds of cooking and baking, but prepping bread dough with the bread hook is my favorite thing to do with my mixer! If I win, I will gift the prize to my daughter, who’s in a culinary program and just getting started….. 🙂

  223. Steven from on said:

    I jus made some matcha sugar cookies for the holidays that mixed up really well.

  224. Pamela on said:

    I love to mix up healthy “Sunday morning” muffins. It will be a blast with a Kitchen Aid!!

  225. Amanda on said:

    Homemade apple butter with all kinds off yummy winter spices!

  226. MaryB on said:

    Favorite recipe to mix up is Grandma’s dark and spicy gingerbread.

  227. Virginia on said:

    I’d like to use the mixer for pizza dough.

  228. Kim Henrichs on said:

    I like to mix up oatmeal cookies many different ways!

  229. Debra on said:

    Meringue for lemon pie

  230. Anita Olson on said:

    Making cookies and cheesecake is a breeze with the help of my kitchen aid mixer. I have had a white one for years. Love the new colors!

  231. Kathy S on said:

    I’m celiac, so gluten free and sugar free cookie dough are my favorite recipes for mixing!

  232. Irina on said:

    This cookbook is one of my absolute favorites! I love using cashew cheese, especially to make zucchini lasagna. Yummmm.

  233. Melissa on said:

    keto cream cheese pancakes

  234. Melissa on said:

    keto cream cheese pancakes

  235. leah on said:

    cinnamon rolls, bread dough, cookies for the family!

  236. Ashley Mauceri on said:

    Classic chocolate chip cookies! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  237. Kim Rousseau on said:

    Cookies cookies cookies! Oh and for sure pie crust 🙂

  238. Sarah.A on said:

    I love to mix up cookies and muffins! Baking with my kids 🙂

  239. Adam Davis on said:

    It’s simple, but whipped cream can change a recipe from blah to beyond belief!

  240. Alex on said:

    Gingerbread cookies for the holidays!

  241. Cecilia Plante on said:

    Shredded Brussels Sprout and Cranberry Salad. I make it all the time.

  242. Cheryl Marshall on said:

    Beet and Carrot salad with sweet citrus vinaigrette
    Iwas searching the web for a different way to eat my garden beets. I found this recipe. Then I ran out at lunch and bought the cookbook. I have never been so excited to buy a book. I share all the emails with my friends. I always enjoy reading them.

  243. Barbara C. Hardison on said:

    Over the holidays our grandchildren (2 of them) are out of school and staying with us….I just love making cookies for them to decorate and doing crafts (painting or button pictures) with them. My favorite time!

  244. Dorothy Whitlock on said:

    Cakes and Frosting! Yum!

  245. Megan Madden on said:

    I mix up the traditional Vanillekipfel cookies during the holidays. My dads favorite!

  246. Elsie on said:

    blueberry muffins with a cinnamon sugar streusel crumb topping~ yum!

  247. Aileen on said:

    cupcakes and frosting all the way!

  248. Lindsay Kidd on said:

    I make the Strawberry Basil Smashed Avocado Toast a few times a week in the summer. It’s by far my favorite!!

  249. Brenda J. Trainor on said:

    You gotta have a kitchen aid juicer attachment to juice all the lemons from my lemon tree. They are great!

  250. Judith Gozlan on said:

    Happy Holidays !!
    My favorite dish to mix – up is a giant salad with several types of lettuce, endive, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, pepitas, dried cherries and shredded carrots, cukes, peppers, scallions, you name it … dress with a maple vinaigrette, thick with good olive oil and dijon !!! YUM

  251. Laura Engel from on said:

    My go-to dinner after a long day at work is to roast a big pan of veggies (broccoli, sweet potato, red onion, mushrooms, etc) and a big batch of savory seed granola (.5 c sunflower seeds, .5 c pepitas, 1 T soy sauce, 1 T peanut butter, 1 T honey, .25 c coconut oil; baked at 350 degrees for 10 min). Put those over a bed of cauliflower rice and topped off with a hard boiled egg and a sprinkle of chopped scallions. 🙂 YUM!

  252. Laura Carter on said:

    Gingerbread cookie sandwiches filled with buttercream! This year I will make peppermint buttercream and ginger spice buttercream!

  253. Gene Dalais on said:

    I love to make pizza dough or banana bread.

  254. Marie on said:

    I have made so so many of your recipes but a constant sweet go-to is your pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. As for savory, sweet potato nachos and brussel sprouts with coconut rice for the win!

    • Marie on said:

      Well, having reread the prompt, the pumpkin cookies in the stand!

  255. Deborah on said:

    I love to make seeded crackers and three ingredient cookies. I have a recent nerve trauma to my right arm so it has become a challenge to bake. I don’t let it stop me but it would be a bonus to have the kitchenAid. Thank you!

  256. Sarah on said:

    I love making some sort of dessert cookies, cakes, brownies, etc!!

  257. Kristen D on said:

    Banana bread!!!

  258. Bets on said:

    Feta and lemon dip. So good!

  259. Tracy on said:

    Artisan bread dough from home made sourdough starter!

  260. Mallory on said:

    I love making sugar cookies. I’m newly married and my husband’s favorite cookie is sugar cookie. So, I make them for any special occasion! I feel they can be so versatile. I know that’s not fancy, but I could make a lot of sugar cookies with a new mixer!

  261. April Clark on said:

    I literally don’t bake without using my mixer…cookies, cakes, even shredded chicken for tacos!

  262. Samantha Ancer on said:

    Carrot Cake, it’s my favorite

  263. My favorite recipe to mix up are the Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Cookies that my mom and I have always made together. It was my favorite recipe growing up, and it still is.

    Christa |

  264. Lesley on said:

    I’m non-dairy for my infant son so I’ve been loving mixing up dairy-free pumpkin and banana breads! Love throwing in dark chocolate chips!

  265. Poppy McDonnell on said:

    I love making my Grandma’s amazing(!!!!!!!!!!)chocolate cake! It’s so good and we always have it on birthdays!

  266. Ann Hacker on said:

    Bread is my favorite. Any kind will do and it is fun to watch the dough hook do it’s magic.

  267. Emily Hambrick on said:

    I love to make breads! Trying to perfect a wonderful every day bread to have handy all the time.

  268. Cindy on said:

    Fluffy meringues!

  269. Julia on said:

    Christmas cookies, gingerbread are the best!

  270. Allie on said:

    aqua faba meringue 🙂

  271. Mary Buzzell on said:

    Cookie dough!

  272. Pina on said:

    Pizza dough!!

  273. Fran Oppenheimer on said:

    Alana’s pumpkin cranberry nut and seed loaf. Delishous!

  274. Carolyn Brooks on said:

    I love making pizza dough and homemade whipped cream!

  275. Shanda on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies!

  276. Bailey’s Mousse in Chocolate Cups!!!

  277. Brandi Hall on said:

    Biscuits and jam with cup of hot coffee!

  278. Emily Heisler on said:

    My favorite is chocolate cake w/ganache and raspberry filling.

  279. Jennifer on said:

    Always something sweet!

  280. Maureen on said:

    At the holidays for me it is the Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake that I make.

  281. jan on said:

    Pizza dough!

  282. MaryBeth on said:

    Banana coconut upside-down cake – using my grandmother’s pineapple upside-down cake recipe 🙂

  283. Sarah on said:

    I love making cookies and muffins

  284. Adriana on said:

    My husband loves key lime pie, so egg whites it is that I beat in a stand mixer 🙂

  285. Rachel Winston on said:

    An all time favorite is Creamy White Bean Shells with Broccoli. I love using quinoa shells, adding extra nutritional yeast and cauliflower. So delicious!!

  286. JoAnn on said:

    I love to mix up seitan this time of year. I give the seitan roasts away to vegans who would like them for the holiday.

  287. Miriam on said:

    My mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe! It has walnuts and ground oats, making the flavor rich and not *too* sweet but so indulgent.

  288. Lauren on said:

    I love to mix up a batch of ginger snap cookies for the holidays!

  289. Lori on said:

    I don’t have a mixer!! I would love to make bread and cookies, I know we would use it all the time, since my three daughters love to bake! Thanks for giveaway.

  290. Pauline from Love%20and%20Lemons on said:

    I love the Tomato and Zucchini Frittata especially when they are fresh from the garden.

  291. Linda on said:

    My Grannies Welsh Cookies!

  292. cakey on said:

    my favorite thing to mix up is dark chocolate mousse with coconut whipped cream.

  293. Deb on said:

    Pizza dough combined with parsnip smash!!!!! Yum.

  294. Suzanne Langton on said:

    I make organic pet treats for my elderly dog with graham flour, pumpkin puree, etc..he needs something softer for his teeth..

  295. Colleen on said:


  296. Shirley Dembo on said:

    The perfect mixer for making your latest recipe: Cranberry Pistachio Chip Cookies.

  297. ANGELIA M JOHNSON from on said:

    The Love & Lemons Cookbook is really cool I love how they make it so easy for you to switch things up for example their salsa recipe and how easy it is to make new favor profiles who knew?

    • I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying our book 🙂

  298. Laura on said:

    Cake! So much cake.

  299. Angelique on said:

    I love jazzing up the Hershey’s Best Brownie recipe. I always modify it to use dark cocoa powder and whole wheat flour, then sometimes I use cinnamon extract or coconut oil to feature different flavors.

  300. stacey on said:

    I’ve been using mine to mix up double batches of quiche dough, freeze the extra. I’ve been making winter greens, leek, and bacon quiche (freeze the extra slices for breakfast at work!).

  301. Megan from on said:

    Not “mix” in the sense of this giveaway, but I’m pretty pleased with this remix from last weekend: a huge pan of seafood of paella for a dinner party on Saturday, turned into “arancini” (deep fried balls) for a Sunday appetizers. My next plan with the remaining leftovers is to bake the fried paella balls into an eggplant parmesan-inspired bake, with Spanish cheese and a spicy tomato sauce leftover from potatas bravas.

  302. Jenn on said:

    I love the chocolate chip cookie recipe by David Leite from the NYT cooking app!

  303. Roberta Margolis on said:

    I make an amazing apple cake which has loads of apples and not much sugar. Still it’s sweet.

  304. Katie H on said:

    I love trying new bread recipes. The Kitchen Aid with the bread hook would be golden for that!!

  305. sandy on said:

    I love mixing up cookie dough!!

  306. Lynn on said:

    I want to mix up holiday cookies to decorate with my family ❤️

  307. Jessie C. on said:

    Dark chocolate pecan brownies.

  308. Julie on said:

    Have to go with classic chocolate chip cookies 🙂

  309. Meredith on said:

    When I first learned to cook a few years back I got my footing in the kitchen by baking challahs. The results were scrumptious but fairly time invasive. I eventually moved on to other recipes but now that I’m more confident in the kitchen, and to the request of my challah loving fiance, I want to give it another go!

  310. Blythe from on said:

    Dates, nuts, and oats, made into powerball bites or pie crusts… and oh, man, how I would love to win this!

  311. Michelle on said:

    We love the broccoli and pasta salad with Tahini. All of our favorites together!

  312. clara on said:

    A pan of blackberry cobbler, double crust!

  313. Corissa Goodrich on said:

    I would love to make my great grandmother’s sugar cookies, they involve a couple of surprise citrus ingredients and are so special, it’s one of my favorite things to make around the holiday season. But, I love any old family recipes especially handwritten ones. There is something so magical about pulling out a card slugged with flour and that old school cursive handwriting… I’m currently stand-mixer less and it’s unlikely I will get one anytime soon! On a fun note, my mother has my great-grandmothers mixer. They clearly last forever and can take quite a workout.

    Best of Luck to all!

  314. Debi on said:

    Love and Lemons Carrot Waffles every weekend!!!

    • yay, so glad to hear that you like the waffles 🙂

  315. Shelly on said:

    Love making the pizza dough!!

  316. Tracy on said:

    Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! ….and pizza dough.

  317. Catherine Upton on said:

    I love to mix up mix for a carrot cake..

  318. Nicole on said:

    Whipping up meringues is so much easier with a stand mixer.

  319. Jamie on said:

    Fresh bread loaves.

  320. kerstin on said:

    Love making my grandma’s banana bread. Such sweet memories.

  321. Cyndra on said:

    I’d make molasses cookies!

  322. jillian on said:

    I can’t wait to make buttercream without a hand mixer!!

  323. Denise on said:

    I would make beignets

  324. Wilda Ernst on said:

    This would make for delicious fresh bread.

  325. Wendy on said:

    Yeast bread dough!

  326. Gail on said:

    Any kind of bread.

  327. I don’t want to enter the contest, as I’ve already got a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, but I just wanted to say OMG I absolutely LOVE the spiralizer attachment! We make so many fun dishes with it, it’s easy to use, and the box it comes it is just perfect for storing it – no need to clutter up drawers or anything!

  328. Amy from on said:

    I love using my mixer to help knead dough for bread – it’s been a lifesaver! If I win this mixer, I’m giving it to my friend as a gift (since I already have one!)

  329. Amanda on said:

    I love mixing up big batches of roll out sugar cookie dough and buttercream frosting for holiday cookies! But I love my Kitchenaid for so many things.

  330. D.B. on said:

    My favorite is chocolate chip cookies!

  331. Naz Malekan from on said:

    Love your cookbook! I enjoy making Pizza dough, then getting creative with various vegetable toppings.

    Happy holidays!

  332. Robin on said:

    I love mixing up bread recipes! Savory, sweet, stuffed! So many possibilities! 🙂

  333. Kristine on said:

    Maple butter cookies!

  334. Melissa on said:

    My husband and I LOVE the coconut rice with brussel sprouts! Butternut squash is a yummy addition too, to “mix it up”.
    For literal mixing, making Christmas cookies for our neighbors is so much fun and really gets us in the Christmas spirit. But, we’d love to learn how to make pizza dough too!

    • So so glad you love the coconut rice – one of our favorites too 🙂

  335. Jenna Stulberg on said:

    I absolutely love the stuffed ricotta shells! We are also big fans of the vegetarian pho, the sesame noodles, and the mini lentil burgers!

    Hope you guys are having a happy holiday!

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying those recipes!

  336. Jen S on said:

    Christmas cookies!

  337. Leanne Smith on said:

    Pizza dough!

  338. Teresa on said:

    The Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake. Because; chocolate…

  339. Sue McDermott on said:

    My mom’s buttercream vanilla frosting!!!!!

  340. Robin Purnell on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is chocolate cake and chocolate frosting! Nothing better!

  341. Penny on said:

    Christmas cookies with the kids at Christmas!

  342. Sj Dc on said:

    love making a pavlova as I find the ones in cafes/shops overly sweet

  343. Alison on said:

    My everything cookie that can have anything and everything added to it — chocolate chips, dried cranberries, pecans, coconut, etc — but starts with an oatmeal cookie base.

  344. Lisa Brown on said:

    Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.

  345. Katie on said:

    Soup… so easy to change up the veggies and spices!

  346. Roshni on said:

    Any sort of yeast breads with a healthy twist. Cinnamon rolls, jam buns, babka – the possibilities are endless.

  347. Suzy Kaplan on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies are the best!

  348. Elaine Gordon from on said:

    I love to mix up chocolate chip zucchini bread! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  349. Carly on said:


  350. Ari on said:

    Ginger molasses cookies for Christmas Eve!

  351. Marny Heit on said:

    I love mixing up chocolate chip banana bread!

  352. Katie C. on said:

    Cherry cheesecake.

  353. Indi Jafar on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is Lemon cake cookies. Perfectly sweet with a nice tang, love them for get togethers and tea.

  354. paula rothman on said:

    pumpkin bread!

  355. Cara on said:

    I would love to use this awesome KitchenAid mixer to spiralize veggies as you show in your photo. So many spiralized slaws, bakes, “pasta” dishes to try… so little time!

  356. Soni on said:

    My tween is getting into baking so a sunday morning sweet( date walnut) or savory bread(garlic olive) to be prepped is soon becoming a tradition. This would be awesome!

  357. Joyce Lok on said:


  358. jodi on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is Smoked Salmon spread! I can’t wait to one day have a Kitchen Aid Mixer, I loved using my mom’s growing up. I used to love to bake, but since I do not have a nice mixer like this I have strayed from my baking days.

  359. Alicia on said:

    Zucchini bread!

  360. Claire Hampton on said:

    All time favorite is old fashioned buttermilk pound cake with lemon zest I make this cake at least three a month my family just loves it but I have ra and is getting a little hard for me to handle the hand mixer I would love to make at least 4 a month thank you it is so delicious

  361. Cali on said:


  362. Hannah K-M on said:

    My favourite thing is orange buns!

  363. Rose on said:

    Healthy carrot muffins!

  364. Rhonda on said:

    My favorite is macrons

  365. Danielle on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is red velvet cake!

  366. Sue Ellen on said:

    Whole grain bread dough!

  367. Willis Gentner on said:

    Cake mixes and whipped frosting

  368. Rebecca on said:

    Marshmallows! I usually enjoy using a hand whisk, but there are some things that just cannot be made by hand.

  369. Siobhan on said:

    My mother’s pumpkin bread!

  370. carmen on said:

    Stuffed sweet potatoes!! yuum!

  371. Willis Gentner on said:

    Anise drop cookies

  372. Kate on said:

    Bread! I would love a stand mixer to knead bread dough. I used to love doing it by hand, but have gotten lazy about the clean up. Thanks for the giveaway! Kate

  373. Leah H. on said:

    I love making cut out Christmas sugar cookies!

  374. Charlene from Love on said:

    Cakes: I love making cakes for my family especially German Chocolate Cake and the home made icing.

  375. Camille H on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is delicious vegan banana bread for my family and friends. The best part is that I can use all of my over ripe bananas so they don’t go to waste. I usually mash it up using a fork and hand mixer, but having a KitchenAide Artisan Stand Mixer would make the job so much simpler! Not to mention it would be the most beautiful addition to my kitchen. Happy Holidays, and thank you for offering such a generous giveaway to Love and Lemons fans!

  376. Sue on said:

    I love mixing up a batch of Carrot Cake and making them into cupcakes.

  377. DD on said:

    Plum tart!

  378. Ally Musano on said:

    Old fashioned pound cake!

  379. Shoshana Rose on said:

    I love using my mixer to make brownies!

  380. Teresa Zehr on said:

    My grandmothers gingersnap recipe wins every time!

  381. Geraldine from geraldinetalks on said:

    I don’t have a mixer but I use my food processor and I love making protein chocolate chip balls!

  382. Mason on said:

    I am obsessed with experimenting with aquafaba for vegan macarons, marshmallows, meringues, royal icing……

  383. Jeanne S on said:

    Christmas cookies, especially Russian Tea Cakes from my mom’s old Betty Crocker’s Cookbook.

  384. Kristina St George on said:

    King Cake! A Mardi Gras treat in South Louisiana.

  385. NAOMI on said:

    My favorite thing to make is a dark chocolate cake with buttercream icing. Just thinking about it makes me want to make it now!

  386. Kaitlin on said:

    I love to mix up pizza dough every week! Also love making a ton of cookies every Christmas

  387. Nadine Johnson on said:

    I would love to have this to make cakes and cookies like thumbprint cookies, snowballs, peanut butter blossoms, give to friends as gifts

  388. Pamela on said:

    My favorite is Chocolate Carmel Pecan Tart. It is so totally delicious!

  389. Catherine on said:

    I love mixing up cakes for birthday parties! I always think it is nice to make someone a homemade cake!

  390. Sandy Iselt on said:

    I love to bake Christmas cookies.

  391. Hannah on said:

    Chocolate. Chip. Cookie. Dough. 🙂

  392. stephanie comstock on said:

    Your vegan raspberry lemon chia “cheesecake” changed my world. For someone who is allergic to dairy, this recipe was just heavenly!!! Even people in my family who can eat dairy are hooked!

    • Ooh, I’m SO glad to hear that one was a hit with your family!

  393. Rene Lusk on said:

    I like to make homemade marshmallows

  394. Hollis Evon Ramsey on said:

    i make the most badass Baked Greek Salad — grape tomatoes, orange or yellow bell pepper, red onion, jalapeno or serrano, kalamata olives, chickpeas, feta, oregano, salt, pepper, olive oil. chop all up, mix together, put into 2-qt. baking dish, & make at 350 F for 30 min. the more EVOO, the better! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

  395. Robin on said:

    Banana bread or chocolate chip cookie dough!!

  396. Jacqui on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is pizza! The possibilities are endless 🙂

  397. Denise Johnson on said:

    My fave is red velvet cake.

  398. Sue S. on said:

    My sister in law’s chocolate chip cookies recipe! Thank you 😊

  399. Wendy Carley from on said:

    I love to mix up my family chocolate cake recipe that came over from Germany in 1865. Yummmm!

  400. Karen on said:

    I have a copper insert an make the best angel food cakes with it

  401. julianne on said:

    banana bread!!

  402. Diana M on said:

    I want to try making my own vegan whipped cream, but I am too lazy to try it with my handheld mixer!

  403. Maddie on said:

    Chocolate chip cookie dough because I can snack on it!

  404. paige on said:

    Orange Nut Balls for the holidays! Thanks for the giveaway.

  405. Jo on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix is my Mamaw’s Araby Spice Cake

  406. Chris on said:

    I like to mix peanut butter and powdered sugar for my peanut butter pie filling…and I can mix it up in whatever color is available. Fingers crossed.

  407. Anna on said:

    Fried rice is a favorite of mine to mix up depending on my mood & what is in the fridge.

  408. Amanda on said:

    Definitely some bread dough & pizza dough!

  409. Monica on said:

    Holiday cookies with the kids!

  410. Rachel on said:

    homemade bread dough!

  411. Leigh on said:

    Good old Southern favorite to mix up is Hummingbird Bird Cake

  412. Steve Weber on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is homemade butterscotch cookies!

  413. Cassie Freeman on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is chocolate chip cookies. It’s my favorite memory growing up with my Grammy. She was the first one who showed me the mixer and now every time I make cookies I think of her!!!

  414. Shaneka Campbell on said:

    Fruitcake from my island home, Jamaica!

  415. Carissa on said:

    I always substitute ground turkey for recipes that call for ground beef

  416. Robbin Degeratu on said:

    I love mixing up chocolate butter cookies! So tasty!

  417. Lisa on said:

    I always loved making bread. After I had to go gluten free, I found it very difficult to make a good loaf of bread. I have finally found one that tastes and smells so good!

  418. Allison Beck on said:

    I love to make souffles most — I need a stand mixer to make the egg white filling.. which has me thinking of meringues of all kinds. french meringue. Italian meringue. Oh what I’d do to have a stand mixer!!!

  419. SuzyM on said:

    I’d love to mix up a Carrot Cake for my Husband. It’s his favorite!

  420. Anel on said:

    I like to mix up my mom’s casserole recipe. It has four main ingredients, but I like to add more to it! Thanks. !

  421. scott on said:

    I have an avocado mouse recipe that everyone loves – even people who dont like avocados

  422. Annette on said:

    Definitely cookies! I have some I make every year at Christmas and then of course I find even more recipes that I can’t resist.

  423. Margaret on said:

    Cookie dough, anytime!

  424. Alms on said:

    Bread is my favorite…. including yeast & cakes!

  425. Emily E on said:

    I love to play with lemon tart recipes, as I really enjoy sour desserts. You can make them festive, by adding some cranberry. You can do south of the border with mango, lime and chili. You can change the base from citrus to tamarind to create a more rounded sour.

  426. April Williams from on said:

    I love the Apple Oatmeal Raisin Cookies because I can change up the nuts, fruit, and chocolate chips and other goodies based on what is on hand and how I feel

  427. Annie on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies

  428. Linda Wilson on said:

    My cheesecake recipe would be a great one to mix up in this mixer.

  429. Alexa on said:

    Cake! Especially for someone’s birthday. 🙂

  430. Amanda Thompson on said:

    I love making different flavors of cheesecakes, especially special requests for family & friends birthdays. Peanut Butter Cup is always a big hit!

  431. Laura on said:

    One of my favorites, lemon ricotta cookies! Or classic chocolate chip. Or any cookie really. Can you tell I love cookies? 🙂

  432. Sharon on said:

    Cheesecake! It’s my alltime favorite!

  433. Cynthia Zaio on said:

    Crispy Butternut Squash & Poblano Tacos! Yum!!!!!

  434. Elena on said:

    I love to make banana bread.

  435. Lindsey on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is your vegan carrot cake with macadamia frosting!

  436. Lauren from on said:

    Right now my favorite recipe is vegan chocolate mousse made from avocado, banana, (or roasted sweet potato…still fiddling with the recipe for that), nut butter (I’ve used almond butter, tahini, coconut butter…and some combinations), vanilla, cocoa powder and salt. YUMMMMMMMMMMMM.

    Happy, happy days and thanks for the possibility of a stand mixer : ) – Lauren

  437. Janet on said:

    Hi, usually like to whip up the different overnight oats recipes

  438. Sophia on said:

    Definitely fresh baguettes!…Or maybe pizza dough… or maybe batter for peach upside-down cake… or anything chocolate … Argh! It is too hard to pick a favorite!

  439. Traci on said:

    my favorite thing to mix up is vegan banana bread!

  440. Ellie Delancey on said:

    I love to mix up cookies! Especially during the holidays.

  441. Alice E on said:

    Meringues are one of my favorites to mix up into cookies , pavlova , or mushroom 🍄 shapes to top a Yule log.

  442. Katherine on said:

    I rarely bake (just got my first muffin pans), but would love to do this with my three little girls and learn together. With my two sisters, we would make 4-H banana bread and my mom’s sugar cookie dough with her KitchenAid that made the perfect base for fruit pizza. Sweet memories!

  443. Yvonne on said:

    Every Christmas I make a 7-up cake with my Kitchenaid. I mix the batter for a whopping 20 minutes. No way I could do that by hand. Well I could, but wouldn’t want too, lol! It’s the best! (The cake and the Kitchenaid)

  444. Marianne Abrams on said:

    I love to mix up brownies with my mixer!

  445. Lee on said:

    My “Grammy” passed away a few years ago, and my favorite recipe to mix is her Italian orange and almond biscotti. <3

  446. Annie Hedderman on said:

    Wow! I didn’t know the KitchenAid could make zoodles! I love to use my little hand zoodle maker for cold zucchini noodles or zucchini bread. Sometimes I switch it up with carrots or potatoes for fun curly fries. A KitchenAid would totally amp up that!

    • the spiralizer is a really great attachment 🙂

  447. Juliana on said:

    My favorite recipe to make are peanut butter and chocolate no-bake cookies. They’re a quick and delicious dessert around the holidays!

  448. natasha on said:

    monkey bread!!

  449. Caroline on said:

    Cookies! Of many kinds!

  450. Katherine on said:

    My favorite item to whip up is my classic chocolate chip cookie recipe!

  451. Melissa on said:

    Jam thumbprint cookies!

  452. Diona on said:

    My favorite thing to mix-up is a caramel pound cake — it is so luxuriously rich and delicious with the sweet yumminess of caramelized brown sugar

  453. Sonia on said:

    I LOVE the chocolate chip cookie dough!!! Yummy 🙂

  454. rachael on said:

    I am not much of a baker so don’t use a mixer myself, but my partner does and he has always wanted a kitchenaid. Would make all his cookie and cake baking so much easier

  455. Cindy Thomson on said:

    Cookies of all kinds. AIP ones to oatmeal chocolate chip to molasses…

  456. Elizabeth W on said:

    A classic sugar cookie or shortbread!

  457. Laura S on said:

    I mixed up a batch of spritz cookies the other day and they were delightful, always a favorite to me this time of year!!

  458. swati on said:

    i would love to make lemon loaf with a light drizzle of maple syrup and blueberries.
    thank you for your lovely book.

  459. vivian ho on said:

    Macarons and more macarons!

  460. Tara on said:

    Hurricane Love Puck cookies!!!

  461. Kevin on said:

    I love to mix up pasta!

  462. my favorite thing to mix up is pizza dough using my dough hook Attachment! So handy and so satisfying to make!

  463. Alissa on said:

    Whipped cream is always a classic, or batter for apple cakes!

  464. Jade DaRu from on said:

    One of my favorite recipes to make was your heart-shaped lemon and thyme shortbread cookies. I didn’t have a cookie cutter but made a quick stencil and cut them all by hand. They were a huge hit at the party I took them to and have now become a go-to cookie recipe for me.

    • aw, I’m so glad the cookies were a hit! Thanks for sharing!

  465. My favorite has gotta be gnocchi dough!

  466. Melissa on said:

    My favorite recipe has got to be ice cream! I’ve had lots of homemade ice cream and the kitchen aid makes the best!!

  467. Paul Cerniglia on said:

    Mashed potatoes!

  468. Anagha Bharadwaj on said:

    I love bread! I’m just now getting into artisan bread, and love experimenting with alternate flours and flavors. I’ve been drooling over this mixer after heating rave reviews from other bread makers!

  469. Michaela from on said:

    Roasted beets with citrus, as a light meal on its own served with a warm rustic bread and a smidge of real slightly salted butter.

  470. Barb on said:

    Pumpkin muffins

  471. Elizabeth on said:

    Bread! I love that the mixer does the kneading- so easy! Okay, and pasta. The pasta attachment for the KitchenAid is fantastic and allows you to crank out fresh pasta in minutes. So wonderful!

  472. Ann Whiting on said:

    I love to mix up rolls with my mixer. Nothing better than fresh baked rolls.

  473. on said:

    I always dream to own one of this Kitchen Aid mixers but is a lot expense for me , I love to bake banana bread ,, cookies all kind and on this time of the year I like to make tamales with kitchenAid mixer is more easy to make 100 tamales 😊

  474. Alicia on said:

    Definitely BREAD!

  475. Jeanna Mancini on said:

    Homemade cake and whipped ganache and pie crust.

  476. Rebecca on said:

    Favorite going to mix is pizza dough

  477. Lisa on said:

    Whipped Cream!

  478. Angela Joseph from on said:

    Blueberry gluten free muffins are my fave to mix up! Thank you for this opportunity! 🎄

  479. Genevieve Rainey on said:

    Any kind of yeasted bread 🙂

  480. Isabel Gorgulho on said:

    Meringue the fluffy Clouds of Goodness

  481. Roxlyn Britton on said:

    Cookies and cakes

  482. Eileen from on said:

    Right now, I’m really craving for a green tea chiffon cake! Haha

  483. Dani on said:

    Health Banana Bread for the kids!
    I love your book. And I adore the Kitchen Aid!

  484. Lauren E on said:

    Any kind of cookies or brownies. It would be so much easier to cream the butter in a mixer…

  485. Corinna from on said:

    the reason why i need a kitchen aid stand mixer?
    – for a creamy porridge in the morning
    – for making a homemade toast for lunch
    – for preparing the best hummus (with spiralized carrots) in the evening
    and raw energy balls for dessert <3

  486. Julie Fout on said:

    I would love a mixer to help make my family’s Christmas cookies! My kids’ favorites are sugar cookies and gingerbread.

  487. Carmen on said:

    I have never owned a mixer of any kind. Every year I make tamales masa(dough) by hhan 45-60 minutes. I am almost 65 yrs old and my arthritisminutescould use help now.

  488. Carmen on said:

    My hands have mixed tamale masa by hand for many years. I have never used a stand mixerbut my arthritis hands say I could surely use one now.

  489. Karlie on said:

    Favorite would be classic chocolate chip cookies!

  490. Faith Kubicki on said:

    I’m a classic mashed potatoes kind of gal – the more garlic, the better! Would be way easier to make with a new kitchen aid 😉

  491. Sean Hanratty on said:

    tough choice! swedish meatballs or chad robertson’s danish rugbord (rye bread) pretty much impossible to make without it!

  492. Rachel Joy on said:

    I mix up different noodles or rice and different veggie combos under a delicious peanut sauce!

  493. Kaitlyn on said:

    I love mixing cookie doughs and bread doughs, and this mixer would maker that a breeze!

  494. Jaqui on said:

    I love mixing up macarons! It’s taken some trial and error but I found a recipe that works for me and they always impress 🙂

  495. Peter D on said:


  496. Nikki McDonald on said:

    Soups are the best to mix up. Start w a good recipe and then add those items in the fridge that need to be used. 😃

  497. Rhonna on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up this time of year is vegan salty caramel corn, heading to the kitchen right now to do just that! Thank you!!

  498. Elzbieta Augustyn on said:

    There is no one recipe but many use my mixer all the time, my favorite is poppy seed sweet bread,wish I could win because my old one is well overdone.

  499. Megan on said:

    During this time of year we have 5 different cookies we mass produce to give out to family and friends. It’s much easier with an industrial mixer such as a kitchenaid.

  500. Megan on said:

    Definitely cookie dough!

  501. Ruth Kauffman on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is monster cookies, With extra m&ms!

  502. Christy Spurlock on said:

    I love making recipes that I’ve obtained from my family. Looking at old handwritten recipes with possible food splatters on them bring back lots of memories. I’ve started taking pictures of this recipes because they have gotten really fragile and I don’t want to lose them. I love my mother / grandmother’s recipe for Chocolate Pie!!!

  503. Paula on said:

    LOVE “QUINOA TACO SALAD”. Delicious and light meal and a lot of protein from the Quinoa!! YAY! 🙂

  504. Iwona z on said:

    Oh my god, this is brilliant. Congratulations on the idea and implementation.

  505. Caitlin on said:

    Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

  506. Taylor from on said:

    Any kind of cookie!

  507. Claire Tanner on said:

    Any cookie recipe, I love to bake ❤️🥧🍰🍪❤️

  508. susan mcmahon on said:

    Soup, soup, soup and more soup, oh and cocktails 🙂

  509. Annie Clark on said:

    The Vegan Gingerbread Cookies from your cookbook. We discovered them a couple of weeks ago and my kids and grand kids just gobble them up. They are just gorgeous and so much fun to make and decorate.

    • I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the cookies!

  510. Karla Neese on said:

    My favorite recipe is my friend Cindy’s amazing chocolate chip cookie dough recipe! It makes me happy.

  511. Tammie Koehnen on said:

    Oh my favorite recipe to make is jumbo chocolate chip cookies! Can’t beat A good chocolate chip cookie warm out of the oven with a glass of milk. 🙂

  512. Chelsea on said:

    My favorite recipe are the oatmeal maple scones from Flour + Water… they make great gifts and freeze beautifully, too!

  513. Ruthie on said:

    I never enter these types of contests. This one is different. I’m an avid baker just using the old fashioned wooden spoon and bowl. This prize is one I would love! Pizza & Bread doughs!!! 😉

  514. @sarahspy from on said:

    My favorite recipes to mix up lately are fresh pasta and bread doughs! Best time of year for baking 🙂

  515. Ashley Teykl on said:

    I adore your cookbook and have found so much inspiration and from that I’ve created a cookie called ‘Yesmeen Cookies’ inspired by a friend who goes out into the world and helps others by what she calls her ‘Purpose Project’. These cookies have coconut, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips! They’re ooey and gooey and would be MUCH easier to make with a mixer!

  516. Sherrie from on said:

    I love anything with avocados.
    Keep up the good work.

    Thank you

  517. Barb H on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies and pie crusts! So I would love to have a kitchen aid to help make my fav recipes. I think I would cook/bake even more if I had one!

  518. Lynne Mason on said:

    I just love any pasta and veggie dish ( especially a one-pot recipe). After a busy day this type of meal is warm, satisfying and so easy to put together. My favorite is carmelized onion, kale, mushroom and linguini-with a healthy sprinkle of parmesan cheese! Yum!

  519. Erin W on said:

    I like to mix up my salads, the possibilities are endless and I have a “more the merrier’ mindset about it 🙂 I also feel the same way about burrito bowls.

  520. Olivia McDowell on said:

    My favorite is the veggie summer pasta! It is so easy to throw together, and I love that I can substitute whatever veggies I get from the farmers market that week!

  521. Vickie on said:

    I like to make biscotti and homemade cookies for our dogs.

  522. roz b on said:

    I would love to mix-up my Mom’s recipe for Paint Brush Cookies. We have a set of holiday cookie cutters and then make egg wash ‘paint’ to create yummy cookies!

  523. Jo-Ann on said:

    energy balls made with dates, coconut, almond powder and cocoa!

  524. Sarah Gonzales on said:

    I love to make my mom’s apple cake – it’s requested for almost every family gathering!

  525. Marcia on said:

    Just like everyone else: chocolate chip cookies!

    That is a gorgeous mixer!

  526. Alexa on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies for sure!

  527. candace on said:

    chocolate chip skilllet cookie pies

  528. Joana on said:

    My favorite receipe is a spicy cheese ball. A dear friend gave this to me over 30 years ago . It includes severak divverent cheeses, cayanne and worchester sauce. The kitchen aid mixer is the perfect mixer to make this delicious cheese ball

  529. Marie on said:

    maple-balsamic roasted brussels sprout salad

  530. Sara from on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is biscotti or swedish cinnamon rolls!

  531. Celeste on said:

    Caramel Cups – time consuming but for sure my best cookie!

  532. Diane B. on said:

    Irish Crème!!!

  533. Adela Mou on said:

    I love to mix up some pistachio macarons! Although I don’t do it too often because they can be so finicky!

  534. Yoojin on said:

    I don’t own a mixer but I would LOVE to mix up some homemade bread!

  535. Joanna on said:

    Any Christmas cookies!

  536. Veronica on said:

    A secret family recipe poundcake!

  537. latanya on said:

    pound cakes

  538. Deasy from on said:

    What an awesome giveaway! My favorite thing to mix up is pancakes because my husband loves them, haha.

  539. Kitty on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is Gingerbread Cookie dough for Christmas! My kids LOVE adding ingredients and watching them mix! Half the fun right there. Obviously, the other half is getting totally messy with frosting after they are done!

  540. Courtney Hoppe on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is a frittata!

  541. Christi Lavengood on said:

    I like to mix up my chili recipes. Sometimes I add sweet potatoes, and sometimes I just make it with green peppers and kidney beans. I’ve made chili hearty with turkey burger, chili beans and mushrooms as well.

  542. Ross Gonyer on said:

    I love making scotch shortbread. A Kitchen Aid stand mixer would make this recipe MUCH easier to execute!

  543. Lisa on said:

    Nothing beats homemade chicken soup!

  544. Erin on said:

    Savory all the way: Bread, bread, bread!

  545. Kristen from on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is pizza dough!

  546. Jessica Morales on said:

    My favorite recipe to whip up is anything with cream cheese! My family is a big fan of cheesecake everything! but I do not have a kitchen aid mixer to whip it up in 🙁

  547. Melinda Pikey on said:


  548. Rita on said:

    I don’t have a kitchenaid mixer but would love to win one. I love to mix up sugar cookies and the icing to decorate with the family.

  549. JerseyBuckeye on said:

    It’s all about mixing up the cookies in our house!

  550. Beverly Davis on said:

    I have recently discovered your site and I am transfixed! I hope Santa leaves your cookbook under my tree so that I can fully utilize your beautifully photographed and yummy sounding recipes, a few of which I have tried and love. I have become dependent on my very old, and barely working, Kitchen Aid to knead my bread dough because my arthritic hands aren’t up to the job as they used to be. My neighbors and friends always enjoy the different bread creations so winning a new mixer would be wonderful! Happy Holiday Season to you and yours.

    • Happy Holidays to you too Beverly, I hope you enjoy the book!

  551. mardi on said:

    my fave is mix up a double batch of chocolate chip cookies to have in the freezer ready when needed.

  552. Ron Chase on said:

    Absolutely has to be bread. My favorite is sourdough. Its so nice mixing the ingredients and then kneading the dough as well. For me there is nothing like the smell of bread baking in the kitchen.

  553. Sally Hernandez on said:

    Lemonade sugar cookies for summertime and Frosted Sugar cookies for Easter, Halloween and Christmas!!! I would love this mixer for my Granddaughter as she always bakes with me. Side by side mixing would be awesome fun!

  554. Ellin on said:

    My favorite is the Tomato and Zucchini Frittata. Love that recipe and so easy to make! Thank you!!!

  555. carol clark on said:

    cookies i mix up all the time try new things its fun

  556. Amanda S. on said:

    My grandma’s fruitcake!

  557. Alanna on said:

    Banana bread (made with sour cream!) is my favorite thing to make!

  558. Jean on said:

    Anything yeasted/bready that requires kneading!

  559. Michelle on said:

    Merengue! It always feels like magic.

  560. Shannon on said:

    I found these cinnamon toffee oatmeal pecan cookies years ago and they’re all I make every Christmas now. This mixer would be a blast to win!

  561. CJ on said:

    I love to mix up a big batch of chocolate chip cookies with chunks of dark chocolate and sea salt!

  562. Crystal White on said:

    Vegan Banana Bread with fresh blueberries! I use apple sauce as a substitute for eggs and it makes the bread super moist.

  563. Ginger on said:

    My favorite is the pumpkin tortilla soup!

  564. Amber on said:

    I love making thumbprint cookies with jam in the middle! My favorite.

  565. Teresa B on said:

    Vegan Coconut Pancakes!

  566. John on said:

    Low Carb Sugar Free (Keto) Cheescake

  567. Kelly on said:

    Choosing a favorite is so hard! Cookie Dough is probably the most frequent though.

  568. nicole k on said:

    my go to is chocolate chip cookies of course. comfort food and great gifts.

  569. Darlene S. on said:

    My favorite signature recipe is a pecan pie. It’s my husband’s favorite!

  570. Suzanne on said:

    Lemon Cake. I made it for my neighbors for Christmas. I love the lemon colored Kitchenaid you are using in this blog!

  571. Alisa Andree on said:

    My favorite thing to whip up is fresh whipped cream. I put it on coffee, pies, desserts and JELLO! Fresh whipped cream is my guilty pleasure!

  572. Devon Bijansky on said:

    Homemade pasta!

  573. Cara on said:

    Cookies I love cream cheese cookies

  574. Carly on said:

    Pulled zucchini and pasta e ceci!

  575. Kara on said:

    I would love to mix up a carrot cake and cream cheese frosting

  576. andrea on said:

    I would love a Kitchen Aid mixer to mix up a whole grain bread dough, studded with nuts and dried cranberries!

  577. Debbie Cade on said:

    Favorite recipe to change up is fudge, white choc or milk choc….you can change up your flavors….and everyone loves fudge!

  578. Grace on said:

    Definitely cookie dough! Chocolate chip is my favorite, but I have a bad habit of snacking out of the bag of chocolate chips and end up with none left for my dough!

  579. katie turrell on said:

    my fav thing is any kind of seasonal cheesecake, right now im all about sugared cranberries.

  580. Alexis on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is homemade eggnog. The whites take forever to beat if you don’t have a Kitchenaid!

  581. Lara H on said:

    Workin´ hard on those bread recipes… because bread is good with EVERYTHING.

  582. Reilly on said:

    My favorite thing to ‘mix up’ during the holiday season are cookies for the annual cookie party I attend! A great way to share recipes and spend time with friends.

  583. Graca Angulas on said:

    I’m going to culinary school next year and I’m a aspiring baker! I would love this mixer so much and I would mix up my favorite French cookie MACAROONS!! 💕👩🏼‍🍳

  584. Monica on said:

    If I’m honest, my favorite thing to mix up is Bourbon Buttermilk Pie from Elaine’s at Eastside Cafe in Austin. So simple, yet so good!

  585. Danielle on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up if my grandmother’s fruit cake, and it’s perfect for this time of year!

  586. Amy Bramblett on said:

    Cookies cookies cookies! That’s what I like to mix up!

  587. Claire on said:

    A pavlova or a flourless chocolate cake.

  588. karen on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies definitely!

  589. Rachel on said:

    Sourdough noodles and English Muffin Bread

  590. Leslie Kobrin on said:

    As it’s the holidays my favorite recipe to mix up is cookie dough, chocolate or vanilla sugar cookies. Thank you for the chance to win!

  591. Allison on said:

    Toll House cookies with extra salt

  592. Joseph on said:

    My favorite recipe to make is classic cheesecake.

  593. Cindy A. on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is chili. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  594. Alison on said:

    Chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough!

  595. Shanna from on said:

    I can’t pick a favorite recipe. It’s too hard! I’m inspired by your out of the box veggie recipes. Sometimes, salad after salad gets old. You do such a wonderful job turning vegetables into hearty meals. For that, I love you lots!

  596. debbie on said:

    I love any cookie recipe. My favorite one right now is a chocolate cookie rolled in pecans with a caramel thumbprint. YUM!

  597. Bianca on said:

    cinnamon rolls and brownies!

  598. Jenny from on said:

    I’ve been struggling with the vegan thing, and found your French toast recipe last night. Thank you! Delish ❤️ I was just visiting to see what else I can find.

    • ooh, I’m so glad you loved the french toast!

  599. norma on said:

    I have been obsessed with scones lately! If made correctly they are so flaky and perfect for breakfast or with coffee. Sweet ones are amazing but love savory chive and cheddar ones with ricotta that help make them extra fluffy! Got the cookbook for christmas and I am beyond excited as I have been making tons of your blog recipes so far.

  600. Maria Cortez Paynter on said:

    Brioche bread!

  601. Catharine on said:

    Cinnamon rolls from scratch – maybe not the quickest to whip up, but still delicious

  602. Lamia on said:

    Lemon pound cake or chocolate ginger cookies! Mmmm 😋

  603. Miranda on said:

    Lemon pound cake!
    EVERY kitchen needs a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer indeed [heart]

  604. Stefanie on said:

    I love making risotto. Super versatile and always delicious!

  605. Lisha on said:

    Cinnamon rolls for Christmas brunch! Hopefully, no buttons will pop off anyone’s pants this year.

    Not to forget so many delicious breads and cookies
    with love and help from the stand mixer.

  606. Suzanna on said:

    Hm, a tie between pasta with crushed tomatoes and butter, and chocolate chip cooki dough!!!

  607. Tara H on said:

    Mixing dough for cookies is probably high on the list of what my mixer gets used for. Chocolate Chip cookies with either cinnamon-chocolate salt or espresso salt sprinkles on top is usually the cookie of choice.

  608. Aviva Isenberg on said:

    A good batch of fudgy brownies.

  609. Bonnie Chapman on said:

    Pizza dough! Love me some pizza and the Roasted Cauliflower and Pear pizza from Love and Lemons is divine!

    • One of my favorites – I’m so glad you love that pizza recipe as much as we do!

  610. Kimmy R on said:

    I love to make white chocolate chunk cranberry cookies with a sugar glaze drizzled on top!

  611. courtney on said:

    My mom’s secret recipe christmas bread 🙂

  612. Cee on said:

    Lately, I’ve been trying to make aquafaba meringues (chickpea cooking water, cream of tartar, vanilla, sugar) with the hope of one day making macaroons.

  613. jayme on said:

    This time of year, I love mixing up Sugar Cookies and Crinkle cookies in my mixer!

  614. Megan on said:

    Molasses cookies!

  615. Alia on said:

    I love to mix up dough for pizza!! So easy and so satisfying!!
    PS. I’ve asked for your cookbook for Christmas so here’s hoping I made it on the nice list!!

  616. hannah from on said:

    My mom’s oatmeal-raisin cookies, modified over the years from the recipe off the canister of Quaker Oats from the 1980s. Tastes like home!

  617. Sara on said:

    Classic chocolate chip cookies are my go-to! I try to freeze half of the dough in cookie dough balls to stretch the cookie goodness 🙂

  618. Eunice from on said:

    I *love* your vegan banana bread! I discovered it when I was 17 (3 years ago) and it’s my go-to recipe every time I have ripe bananas on hand. 🙂

  619. Jennifer from on said:

    Pizza! I love coming up with crazy combos like brussels sprout/blue cheese/pine nuts, or eggplant/sriracha/corn/cilantro!

  620. sarah on said:

    Hi! I love to make a creamy pasta with avocado, basil, lemon, and garlic. It’s very light and summery 🙂

  621. Valerie on said:

    Magnolia bakery Oatmeal muffins

  622. shannon on said:

    my favorite recipe to mix up is the banana zucchini bread!

  623. Quinn Ladd on said:

    Buttercream frosting!!!

  624. Kate F. on said:

    Chewy almond cookies or any cookies with nut butter, which can be a drag to incorporate by hand!

  625. Kari on said:

    A big batch of pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips!

  626. Rachel B. on said:

    Banana walnut muffins!

  627. Brittany on said:

    Chocolate mousse. So easy!

  628. Liz S. from on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is white chocolate blondies.

  629. e.c.p. on said:

    my favorite recipe is vegan black bean brownies

  630. Anne on said:

    A Favorite Recipe to Mix-Up is Cranberry Scones

  631. Karoline on said:

    Experimenting with frosting flavors.

  632. Sandi from on said:

    Love to make Breads using dough hook. I hate knead . My kitchen aide is old , would love a new one. Thanks for the chance.🍋

  633. Jillian on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is ginger molasses cookies! They’re always fantastic!

  634. DeAnn from on said:

    I like to mix up your Almond Choc Chip Zucchini Bread! YUM!

  635. Jennifer H. on said:

    Breads, breads and more breads!!! Any flavor will do!

  636. Emily on said:

    FETA & HARISSA FATTOUSH SALAD – buying harissa turned out to be the best decision. This salad is on regular rotation, ingredients change but Harris’s is the key!

    • it’s a such a great blend of spices – I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the salad!

  637. Brett on said:

    I made your cauliflower mac and cheese as a side for Thanksgiving and it has a become a go to dish. Thank you!

  638. My favorite thing to mix up in the kitchen is oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! I made them with my dad growing up and now make them in my own kitchen.

  639. Edward Szczerba on said:

    I actually came across your cookbook while out shopping with my wonderful wife in an Anthropology store for women’s clothing and accessories. I thumbed through the book while she shopped and was so impressed by your recipes I bought the book! I don’t think there’s one thing I don’t like in the entire publication! Thanks for the recipes and please keep them coming! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 🙂 ♡

    • Thank you, Edward, I’m so happy to hear that!

  640. Linda on said:

    My favorite recipe is a lemon meringue cake.

  641. Carla C on said:

    I like to make gingerbread and cream cheese cinnamon icing . 🙂

  642. Ansley Beatty on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is homemade marshmallows. My 3-year-old loves to help and watch it turn from light brown to bright white. Yum!

  643. Doris on said:

    Cherry Pecan Butter Refrigerator Cookies!

  644. Thia on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is my Grandma Hazel’s Brown Sugar Pecan Cookies. They’re rich and delicious, a part of Christmas at our house.

    Thanks, Jeanine, for this opportunity to win a really great stand mixer.

  645. Holly on said:

    All. The. Cakes!!

  646. Jaci from on said:

    Cookies and Bread!!!!!

  647. Rebecca Gollnick on said:

    Making cookies, cakes or pies makes me happy 🙂 Your cookbook is beautiful!

  648. Laura on said:

    Macaron recipes are my favorite to whip up. I only have a hand mixer and it doesn’t work nearly as well as a stand mixer.

  649. Al on said:

    Chocolate babke!

  650. Steph Peterson on said:

    It would have to be sweet potato cookies, banana bread, or pumpkin muffins!!

  651. Lisa Clarke on said:

    Any kind of yeasted bread. Working dough by hand is hard work!

  652. Mikka on said:

    Pie crust!

  653. MichelleS on said:

    I have an affinity for ginger bread cookies, or making homemade waffles.

  654. Jeni on said:

    This time of year, I am making sugar cookies and snickerdoodles. But typically, I love to make all kinds of breads.

  655. Enrica Garzaro on said:

    My favourite is chocolate cookies!👍🏻

  656. Kathryn Brown on said:

    Our family favorite is Pizza Bianca dough. It means crispy dough with aromatic rosemary in a couple hours!

  657. Sophie on said:

    A great buttery pie crust!

  658. Julie Wood on said:

    I love mixing up my Cranberry orange bread, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies!

  659. Sarah B on said:

    Definitely mashed potatoes!

  660. nicole on said:


  661. Kate Griffiths on said:

    My grandmother’s oatmeal cookie recipe!

  662. Isaac on said:

    I most often use my stand mixer to make delicious banana bread!

  663. jim Hanger on said:

    Any of your recipes with GINGER! I can be fresh–ground or candies…love it ALL!

  664. Susan Christy on said:

    I’d like to mix up a 3 layer cheesecake with this beauty!

  665. ddemos on said:

    Pizza dough would be amazing…

  666. ruthie on said:

    Love to make cinnamon rolls.

  667. Claire Rebecca on said:

    I love making any type of bread.

  668. Ali Omsberg on said:

    I love the vegan broccoli soup!

  669. Cheryl on said:

    Meringue kisses!!

  670. Miss. Violet from on said:

    My favorite thing to “mix up” are definitely my tahini chocolate chip cookies! So Devine!

  671. Jessica on said:

    Lately, I’ve been mixing up bread! Thanks.

  672. K. on said:

    Bread is my favorite thing to bake!

  673. Mary Beth Albrechtsen on said:

    We use my mixer that was a high school graduation present from my dad in 1989!!!!! It’s still hanging in there. We mostly make bread and cookies. We made your chocolate chip, cranberry, and pistachio cookies. YUMMY!!!!!!

  674. Farrah from on said:

    I’m a huge fan of good ol’ snickerdoodles (or lemon bars)! *-*

  675. Wendy Porter on said:

    My favorite recipe that really needs a good mixer is Pao de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread).

  676. Natalie on said:

    Vegan challah!

  677. My favorite recipe would be cinnamon rolls! Love that dough hook! Keeps my hands free to do other things, like the dishes…

  678. Fabiola from on said:

    I have never owned a stand mixer, but always think about all the recipes I could do when I have one. With all the gadgets the KitchenAid Stand Mixer comes with, I am sure I will have more fun in the kitchen! 🙂

  679. Joy on said:

    My favorite recipe requiring a mixer would be Evil Whipped Cream: whipping cream plus a little brown sugar and a bit of sour cream, all whipped up to the right consistency. The result is whipped cream with a bit of complex tang but also nice sweetness from the brown sugar and, best of all, DOESN’T BREAK! You’re welcome. And, since I don’t have a stand mixer, boy would I love to win one!

  680. Cafe Xpresso on said:

    Our favorite at Cafe Xpresso in Newtown. CT is Butternut squash & tart cherry quinoa.
    We serve it as a grain bowl and our guests love it!

  681. coral sayer on said:

    my great grandmother’s brownie recipe – deeply fudgy without being at all raw-batter-ey – they are the gold standard of brownies for me!

  682. Michelle on said:

    Fresh whipped cream for banana-walnut pancakes 🙂

  683. Y E on said:

    Favorite thing to mix up has to be chocolate chip cookies!

  684. Jessie B. on said:

    My favorite thing to “mix up” is salad: chicken, tuna salad, artichoke white bean salad, and now chickpea salad (thanks to your cookbook I got for Christmas!).

  685. MelissaW on said:

    Whipped cream! so so easy.

  686. LA from on said:

    I love mixing cheesecake batter to make yummy oreo cheesecake!

  687. Amy L. on said:

    Pizza….pizza! And brownies and salted tahini chocolate chips and…..

  688. Shannon from on said:

    My famous whiskey cake!

  689. Emma on said:

    Every time I have a chance to use a kitchen aid, I am always shocked by how lovely and puffy my pizza dough is – it is one of my favorite things to make!

  690. Gabriela on said:

    My favorite recipe is my grandma’s corn soufflé. She made it every year around the holidays and it reminds me of her love for cooking and life even though she’s no longer with us.

  691. Danielle S on said:

    I love mixing up mint chocolate chip layered brownies for Christmas, but they’re good any time of year!

  692. Jennie on said:

    Breakfast cookies! So tasty as well as healthy!

  693. Div on said:

    Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup

    • Div on said:

      I put my favorite recipe versus one with the mixer! I really like making gingerbread cookies with the mixer especially this time of the year.

  694. Lau on said:

    My very favorite recipe from your cookbook is your cauliflower tacos. They’ve totally changed my taco game. I make them vegan now (with non dairy yogurt) and I always make homemade tortillas! It’s one of my very favorite dinners and guests love it too!

    I would love to win the mixer! The first thing I’d make would be your vegan chocolate zucchini muffins! Yum!!

  695. Caitlin Haines from on said:

    I love mixing up cookies! Especially my kitchen sink cookies 🙂

  696. Allie on said:

    I love to mix up brioche dough! It’s fun to play with different fillings.

  697. Eileen on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is any kind of chocolate cookies, especially during the holidays

  698. Carol on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is cake batter–especially carrot cake. Thanks for the opportunity! I have never had a good mixer and love to cook.

  699. Taelan Mullan on said:

    OMG the things I would do for this mixer! I’ve seen it everywhere!

    I would make peanut butter cookies every week!!!!

  700. Annette on said:

    I love making bread and peanut butter cookies!

  701. Becca Kramer from on said:

    Martha Stewart’s chocolate chip molasses ginger cookies. I don’t bake all that frequently (possibly because I don’t have a stand mixer :D) but I make those every year for the holidays. This year I made them twice!

    (PS: longtime reader here, commenting for the first time. Love your blog!)

  702. Angie H. on said:

    Savory bread dough, pizza dough.

  703. Melissa C. on said:

    Carrot Cake!!

  704. Chloe from on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is your eggplant adobo quesadillas!

  705. Reener on said:

    Absolutely pumpkin muffins or a nutty, dense carrot cake!

  706. GoMovies on said:

    Good luck & happy holidays!!!

  707. Jen on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is peanut butter banana muffins – dairy-free!

  708. Kelly on said:

    Definitely cranberry seed loaf! Perfect for breakfast, a snack, or dessert!

  709. Gabrielle on said:

    I’m making your Curried Red Lentil Sweet Potato stew right now to mix it up from all those holiday leftovers!

  710. William on said:

    Cookies, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip.

  711. Valeria Graves on said:

    Definitely chocolate pb cookies!

  712. Meghan on said:

    I love to mix up pizza dough in large batches so there is dough whenever I have a pizza craving. Homemade pizza is my nostalgia food that reminds me of my grandparents.

  713. Monica Huynh on said:

    currently love roasting vegetables for the winter because its healthy and warms up the apartment!

  714. Rachel on said:

    Homemade pappardelle!

  715. Margaret on said:

    carrot cake!

  716. Michelle on said:


  717. Sally from on said:

    Oatmeal scotchies!

  718. Jana on said:

    Anything with cinnamon or ginger! I am a beginner baker, so I’m still learning

  719. Gina on said:

    I love baking breads during the winter – especially good sourdough and baguettes.

  720. Jennifer from on said:

    Salad dressing with spicy oil instead of regular and white peach vinegar instead of baslamic

  721. Jennie H. on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls are my family’s favorites.

  722. My favorite thing to mix up during the holidays is a batch {or three} of homemade marshmallows! They make a fun and unexpected holiday treat that everyone loves.

  723. Jenna C on said:

    I love the meatless meatballs!!

  724. Maria on said:

    Never thought I needed a KitchenAid until I recently saw your sweet potato lasagne recipe ❤️ Now I have been obsessing over the two!

  725. Emily on said:

    I just got the spiralizer attachment for Christmas so I love making healthy recipes with my stand mixer!

  726. Mckensie on said:

    my constant go to is roasted veggies with curry paste, lemon, and olive oil!

  727. Sarah B on said:

    I’m a big fan of mixing up any form of omelet. My usual though is mushroom and onion, cooked with some balsamic vinegar. Add some feta in there and lots of coffee on the side.

  728. Jordan on said:

    It’s so hard to pick one!!! I love trying new recipes and the kitchenaid is perfect for all of them!! I would love to win this to give to my sister because she is the BEST baker and I know she would make more deliciousness than I could 😊😊😊

  729. Jessica T on said:

    I love baking in the winter and making double batches of pumpkin or banana bread and freezing one for later!

  730. Micaela on said:

    I love making cheesecakes!

  731. Calaandra Mazcuri on said:

    One of my very favorite things to do is to bake birthday cakes for my friends!

  732. Angela on said:

    This doesn’t really count as a recipe, but fresh whipped cream. Takes one minute and always makes an impression.

  733. Shannon on said:

    Oh what a treat! This time of year I just LOVE making veggie soups! Nothing like curling up with a bowl on a chilly day 🙂

  734. Kathleen on said:

    Lately I’ve been mixing up pizza toppings and trying every possible type of oat flour muffin. Whatever gets you through the winter!

  735. Julie on said:

    Chocolate chip cookies with my girls!

  736. Ronel on said:

    I love to make spritz cookies- especially this time of year! They are a family tradition, and always bring good memories too!

  737. Alyssa E. on said:

    Pumpkin Pie! The family loves it so much that we have it for breakfast on Christmas morning.

  738. Priscilla on said:

    One of my favorite recipes to mix up is a thin pizza crust. It’s so quick and easy and is part of our family’s weekly traditions. When my boys see me mixing it up they know it’s-family movie night!

  739. maureen on said:

    pasta! zucchini noodles, homemade ravioli, roasted veggies with noodles, lasagna or mac and cheese, butternut squash noodles, homemade gnocchi.
    I love mixing different veggies and sauces and noodles! making homemade pasta or store bought.

  740. Melanie on said:

    Definitely any kind of cookie! Chocolate chip and oatmeal are our favorites!

  741. Amber on said:

    My daughter and I love to bake. Snickerdoodles are my favorite quick cookie to mix up.

  742. brooke White from on said:

    I love mixing up paleo pancakes! Or paleo muffins!

  743. Jess on said:

    My favorite recipe is the one that makes people around me happy; growing up it was a weekly batch of cookies, and now it’s freezable “bagel bombs” that can be premade. Egg, sausage, cheese, and dough (plus a little everything bagel seasoning because it makes everything better), and my co-workers, boyfriend, etc. have something delicious to start the day with!

  744. Ava on said:

    Hummus!! I love mixing it up with different beans and add-ins! Works for every mood and occasion. Mix up the dippers too- veggies, homemade crackers, anything! ❤️

  745. Brigette on said:

    Chipotle sweet potatoes are so nice to make in a stand mixer! The mashing becomes extra quick and easy 🙂 They are a cosy winter dream in our house.

  746. meg on said:

    homemade gluten free marshmallows that we dip in chocolate and crushed candy cane or caramel and nuts and serve with polar express hot chocolate!!!! 🙂 yummmy! ….or just anything gluten free!!!

  747. Gwendolyn Pierson on said:

    My fave recipe to mix up are my grandmas oatmeal raisin cookies!

  748. Raven on said:

    Sweet potato, sausage and kale. In a Dutch oven. All mixed together. Thyme and Dijon mustard for a little pinch of flavor. YUM!!!!

  749. Julia Scott from on said:

    The first thing I would make is grain free vegan gingerbread cookies – I whip up these babes all year round when I visit someone with a kitchenaid! Having one of my own would be a dream!

  750. Becky on said:

    Lately, my kids have been loving “Grinch” muffins – oat muffins packed with tons of spinach, a ripe banana and applesauce. Would love to win a mixer -but that spiralizer attachment is really what I have my eye on 😍😍😍

  751. Abbie O on said:

    Hard to pick a favorite – usually a sweet bread so a kichenaid mixer would be useful. Also love making the veggie pizza options, or a hearty vegetarian soup

  752. Aubrey on said:

    The mango avocado collared wraps from your book are life changing!

  753. Melissa on said:

    My latest fav recipe to mix up is overnight oats! So many ways to make that and I love having breakfast ready to go in the mornings.
    Love your cookbook! That lasagne with the attachment looks amazing!

  754. Carley on said:

    My favorite recipe is your red curry lemongrass soup! I’ve made it at least five times this year, always putting a spin on it based on the produce I have in my crisper. It’s always fresh and delicious and I can put it over rice or add coconut milk if I want something heartier.

  755. Meghann Milton on said:

    No knead sourdough bread made with Einkorn white wheat flour is my fav recipe to mix up these days. 🙂

  756. Zoe on said:

    Gluten free dairy free biscuits- yum any time of day!

  757. Adrienne on said:

    I am a big fan of muffins. All different types and flavors. When I need a quick side or a filling breakfast on the go, muffins are my go to!

    Though cookies of every description come in at a close second ^_^

  758. Gail Walker on said:

    Holiday stollen. The original recipe called for citron, but when I noticed little piles of citron left of plates, I started mixing up the recipe with different combinations of favorite dried fruits.

  759. Macy on said:

    I’m a pizza feind, so I’d love to have a mixer to help with kneading the pizza dough!

  760. Rachel on said:

    I love baking, so anything is made easier with a mixer, but my favorite recipe to make would be the birthday cake that I always make for my daughters and the frosting that goes with it. Not only is it a delicious cake, but I always feel happy when I make it for them! Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  761. Erika on said:

    Sugar cookies and royal frosting!

  762. Marianne Ammendolia on said:

    Cheese cake with pastry crust

  763. Marianne Ammendolia on said:

    Cheesecake with pastry crust

  764. Keri on said:

    Quick breads (especially banana bread) are a family favorite, but I would be most excited about getting a KitchenAid mixer to start trying out yeast breads st home.

  765. Edmary on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is gluten free chocolate chip cookies!!! It’s perfect for any time if the year. I just love cookies so I’ll take any that come my way.

  766. Jordan on said:

    I love mixing up bread, especially sourdough and rye

  767. Kelly O on said:

    I’m all about chocolate chip cookies! Can’t go wrong with a classic 🙂

  768. Lisa W from on said:

    I love baking any kind of cookie! The tricky part is not eating them all myself.

  769. Laura on said:

    I love to mix up our favorite sugar cookie recipe and then the frosting! My kids love to make the cookies and eat them! 😍😊

  770. Alicia from on said:

    My grandma’s gingersnap cookies! They are so snappy, spicy and delicious – every time I bite into one I feel like I’m back in her kitchen again 🙂

  771. Kate on said:

    I love making no bake Monster Bars!! Oats, peanut butter, mini M&Ms… yum!!!! So addicting, I find myself making more at all hours!! I can not do it without my moms KitchenAid and I would love one of my own!!

  772. Haley on said:

    This year I have really enjoyed making friends cakes for their birthdays!

  773. andy on said:

    no knead bread 🙂
    Thx for the chance to win 🙂

  774. Jayme Schutt on said:

    Skillet cookies!!!! Hands down. Although I’m realizing I need to start using my mini skillets for things other than cookies, but they’re just so darn good!! (And cute) 😉
    DYING to try this veggie lasagne with the sweet potato “noodles”. But oh how I need a kitchenaid mixer!!!!! 😊

  775. Debbie on said:

    I love to mix up vegetable soups. It’s a great way to hide new veggies and get my children to love them

  776. Krista Avery on said:

    I love making stuffed green peppers with lentils and feta! My favorite recipe that got me started with your blog is the white cheddar shells and cheese with jalapeños! Fun twist on a classic 😋

  777. Mari on said:

    Pizza dough for “Pizza Friday!”

  778. Mailoha from on said:

    My fav recipe is PASTELON!

  779. Bethany on said:

    Heath bar cookies

  780. Jessica Wijangco on said:

    I love to make my grandmothers’ recipe of Leche flan. I’ve been dreaming of having a Kitchen aid mixer. Thanks for this awesome giveaway 😍

  781. Monica Ortiz on said:

    I’ve been dreaming of having one of these for over 6 years since I got married. Banana bread is a favorite around our home, which for now have always been whipped with a wooden spoon. There is no end to all the delicious food that could be whipped up with such ease having a mixer!

  782. Anna Sholl on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up are my Nana’s chocolate chip cookies 🙂

  783. Sammantha on said:

    I’ve mastered whipping up brownie batter in 10 minutes… I love making chewy brownies!

  784. Hilary Hatfield on said:

    Almond flour blueberry banana bread

  785. Andrea on said:

    I love playing with your cookie and banana bread recipies! Thank you for a great year of recipes!

  786. Rachel on said:


  787. Lyndsy on said:

    Simple and classic – chocolate chip cookies. They’re my 3 year old son’s favorite and I love baking with him! I sprinkle sea salt on mine 😋

  788. Ali on said:

    I love mixing up vegetable cakes- carrot and walnut, parsnip and vanilla, chocolate zucinni- even beetroot cakes! They are always so moist and delicious! Have always wanted a kitchenAid! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  789. Amy on said:

    I don’t currently cook a lot. I work 12 hour shifts and switch between day and night. I’m starting a new job soon and would love to win the mixer to be able to try cooking on my own and eating healthier. Right now my favorite recipe to rip up is chocolate chip pancakes.

  790. Alison Moscoso on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up would be cake batter. There’s a blueberry, almond, lemon cake that I love!!

  791. Randy on said:

    I like to make the anise biscotti I grew up on. A recipe from my grandmother

  792. Brettnay on said:

    Sugar cookies!

  793. Yelena on said:


  794. Anela on said:

    Any pasta dish! You can swap out noodles, sauces, veggies, cheese, etc to always have something customized. Even better if you experiment with making your own pasta.

  795. Layna on said:

    Fresh whipped cream and then eating it right out of the bowl.

  796. Lynn on said:

    I love mixing up soup recipes!!

  797. Kyle on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is chicken and sausage gumbo!

  798. Stephanie from on said:

    I love baking anything sweet. It makes me think it’s a special occasion!

  799. jberry on said:

    My favorite recipe currently to mix up is my mates’ Banana Bread recipe that, believe it or not takes 5 whole bananas.

  800. Nichole on said:

    I’ve always wanted a kitchen aid stand mixer, I just received my first hand mixer for Christmas and prior to that I just make everything by hand. Including one of my all time favorite recipes of yours, vegan carrot cake with “cream cheese” frosting. It is my absolute favorite desert and I bring it to every/holiday and get together I go to. I have tried adding pineapple and pecans and raisins and it holds up to all my different cravings! Thank you for having such great recipes for the dairy free!

  801. Rachel Angrisani on said:

    I would love to try the spiralizer attachment!!

  802. Shikha from on said:

    My favorite recipe to mix up is banana bread! I make it pretty much every weekend!

    The Ultimate
    Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

  803. Rachelle on said:

    I love mixing up pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! They are so light and fluffy and have the perfect hint of chocolate, of course.

  804. Sydney B from on said:

    I love making turtle brownies! Chocolaty, pecany, caramaly goodness in every bite. My absolute favourite.

  805. Marie Lowther on said:

    I love making homemade bread and pizza dough! I love how fluffy you can get the bread when using a kitchenaid mixer.

  806. Julia Mason from Google on said:

    I really love the sugar cookies. So many possibilities. And lets not forget the homemade bread. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  807. Lisa Calabrette on said:

    I like mixing up cookie dough with my daughter for the holidays. One of these mixers would certainly be helpful!! Thank you!!

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