Our kitchen tour on the kitchn

I’m excited today to share this tour of our kitchen on The Kitchn! As this post goes live, we will be on a way-too-long flight home from Spain… longing to be back home.

We’ve had a great trip, but I am excited to get back to my kitchen. After two weeks of eating ourselves silly, a good healthy detox will be in order… And when that’s done, I’ve got a notebook full of travel-inspired recipe ideas to try out.

Click here to go over to The Kitchn to view the rest of the tour… tons more photos of us, our kitchen, and even a few great dog shots…

All photos by Chris Perez, for Apartment Therapy. Thanks Chris for the great work!


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  1. so beautiful! I am jealous of your space. Thanks for sharing, dear!

  2. Alison from paperwhitesblog.blogspot.com

    Just found your beautiful blog and am so inspired. It’s such a fresh, pretty space – thank you! Your kitchen is amazing, and my second favorite thing, next to the turquoise/minty Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, is that you wear a black rubber band on your wrist. Daily wardrobe staple, in my book.

    • jeanine

      Ha – yes, I always have one (right now I have 2).

  3. Jodi from whatscookinggoodlooking.com

    What a beautiful article, and even more stunning kitchen! It’s always so fun and interesting to have a peek into someone else’s kitchen, and you two have a great one. We definitely share the same taste in kitchens, because mine (which we’ve been working on for a few years) has almost the same layout and a lot of white (which I love in a kitchen). Gorgeous … all of it! Congrats!

  4. Congratulations on a lovely article! Your kitchen is truly amazing — what a dream to have so much space and light! So happy for you both. Can’t wait to hear more about Spain — a country so dear to my heart as well! XO

  5. Emma

    I LOVE your kitchen! That GIANT cutting board is incredible! Can I ask where you got it? Or is it custom made?

    • jeanine

      Hi Emma, let me look up the link and send it to you, I can’t remember the name of the site off hand. It was a restaurant supply site and it was cheap (compared to brands like boos)…

  6. ileana from alittlesaffron.com

    With the marble backdrop of your food photos, I was always curious about what the rest of your kitchen looked like. It is so beautiful! Seriously, what a dream kitchen to cook in. Also can’t wait to see what inspired you in Spain.

  7. kari

    your kitchen is simply gorgeous! may I ask where you get the jars for all your dry storage? they look like just the size/style I’ve been hunting for! thank you!

  8. Francene

    Love, love your kitchen and blog! Just found it yesterday in “The Kitchn’s” email.
    Hope you will post how your trip to Spain was and if you had any suggestions as I am going in July!

    • jeanine

      oh so exciting! Yes, I will post more. I have suggestions for sure.

  9. Dana from celiackiddo.wordpress.com

    Oh, wow! Your kitchen is insane. What a dream. I might never ever leave if I had that kitchen.

    • jeanine

      thanks! Yep, we used to eat out almost every night… now, we’re always to lazy to leave 🙂

  10. Carol from duchessofhere.wordpress.com

    I’m a new fan! Love your food, blog, and kitchen.

    Quick question for you – my husband and I just bought a home, and we’re going to be redoing the kitchen and floors. I have been fighting for flowing floors (which means including hardwood in the kitchen), and he’s insisting on tile for functionality. Since you have the wood flowing into your kitchen, what are your thoughts on it? (and I particularly love the white oak you have, what colour stain is it?)

    Thank you!

    • jeanine

      Hi Carol,

      I personally love our wood floors. In our last house, we put stone tiles (a type of limestone) in our kitchen and I regretted it because they were so hard and my back would really ache after standing on them for awhile. I never realized how much softer wood flooring is. Also, the tiles we had had white grout which was annoyingly not possible to keep clean.

      I can see more wear on the wood flooring in the kitchen vs other areas of the house, but the way they are colored really hides things well. I’m not particularly careful about the floor and they really hold up well. We were SO close to getting dark hardwood floors until some friends advised us against it… darker woods would be harder to maintain (especially with dogs).

      I can look up the brand info and send it to you… it’s an engineered wood… it’s real wood, but they were pre-finished. It’s a sort of pickled effect, rather than a stain color.

      anyway, hope that helps some!

      • Carol from duchessofhere.wordpress.com

        Thanks, Jeanine! I agree with the wood being softer when you’re on your feet, and I think it looks stellar as well. You used the perfect colour/grain to help hide wear. I’d love the brand info if you are able to find it 🙂

        • Carol

          Hi Jeanine, we’re currently gutting our kitchen and will be putting in new flooring in the house. If you have a chance to look up the brand information for your engineered wood, I would be very grateful.


          • jeanine

            Hi Carol, I’m finding out, I’ll get back to you later today or tomorrow when I hear back…

  11. I always wanted a better look at your kitchen, I knew I’d absolutely love it! Safe travels home.

  12. Just found your site via Creative Index and I’m in love with your kitchen! Your open shelves and white tile are gorgeous – what a pleasure this must be to cook in!

  13. Phi from princesstofu.com

    stunning! your kitchen is so full of light – so ideal for eating and cooking in.

  14. pve from pvedesign.com

    lovely to meet you. love and lemons are two of the things I attribute adding so much zest to my life! who would know that there was actually a blog….and all the great recipes….wow. love your kitchen…i think we are twins. my kitchen is very similar in layout. my lower cabinets are dark and my uppers are white.
    white counters….twins I tell ya.

  15. I’m so jealous of your beautiful white counters and huuuuuge windows! It’s as if your kitchen were specifically designed for food photography.

    • jeanine

      thanks! What can I say, I love white 🙂

  16. Allyn from lollingabout.wordpress.com

    I was so excited when I saw this earlier on the kitchn! You guys have become our newest foodie crush, since you enjoy a lot of the same asian flavors and fresh ingredients that we do. Every recipe I’ve made (and I’ve made quite a lot) over the last couple of months has been stellar. Can’t wait for more.
    Oh, and your kitchen is droolworthy.

    • jeanine

      Hi Allyn, so nice to hear!

  17. Oh my gosh, swoon swoon swoon. Your kitchen is soooo lovely and I’m so insanely jealous. Wow! Off to check out the rest of the photos. Hope your travels were great.

  18. what a DREAM kitchen. the white tile is beautiful and i love the pop of red. i’ve been enjoying all of your recipes so much. thanks for sharing!

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