Romesco Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Slather homemade romesco sauce on a roll and top with your favorite grilled veggies & arugula for a delicious & healthy summer lunch or dinner. Vegan!

So this isn’t really a new recipe, but I just couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this sandwich the day after we grilled these veggies with romesco sauce. They were just as good (maybe better) the next day.

Jack has to work this afternoon, so I’m thinking of attempting to make that lemon-thyme cake that was on my mind the other day. I’m not much of a baker, so we’ll see how it goes… (no promises of it being photo-worthy). If you have a recipe or a suggestion, please let me know! So far I’m thinking olive oil cake.

I want to get out and see To Rome with Love… and I’m sure I’ll be sad that I’m not on my way To Rome in real life.

I wish my dogs loved each other like this. Jack suggests we can photoshop them together.

I’ve probably been living under a rock, but I’m just now on a Kombucha kick… and I’m experimenting with cocktails like these.

Happy weekend & stay cool (it sure is going to be 103 degrees here – yikes!).


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  1. Oh dear, this looks amazing! I should not read your blog before bed! I’m way too hungry now! Too hungry to sleep. *haha*

  2. That sandwich is PROOF that a vegetarian sandwich can compete with a meat version, any day!

  3. I l o v e kombucha cocktails. I’ve been making my own with citrus kombucha and habanero infused tequila – and they’re so delicious. I could go for one with that sandwich of yours, right about now!

  4. That sandwich looks amazing. And kombucha cocktails?! Woah. I’ve been going broke on my kombucha habit but I feel compelled to go buy more so I can experiment with kombucha cocktails!

  5. Samantha from

    Holy smokes I hadn’t even thought of making a cocktail out of Kombucha. That is amazing.

  6. This sandwich looks like just the kind of thing I like to take into work for lunch. I’ve just got back from holiday in Barcelona so have been eating lots of romesco sauce – it’s so delicious!

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