Green Quesadillas

Green Quesadillas / @loveandlemons

In this frigid weather, nothing sounds better to me than soups and sandwiches. But if you’re like me and you keep tortillas on hand more regularly than bread – quesadillas are the perfect little soup or salad accompaniment.

I always love to sneak a few greens into my food but today there’s no hiding it. These green-on-green-on-green quesadillas start with spinach tortillas that I stuffed with cheese, jalapeños, cilantro and sliced collard greens (feel free to sub spinach, kale, or whatever you have on hand)… and pickled shallots for a bright tangy bite.

These are especially good with our Spicy Black Bean Soup.

Green Quesadillas / @loveandlemons

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Green Quesadillas
Serves: serves 2
  • 4 tortillas (I used Whole Foods' 365 spinach tortillas)
  • a few handfuls of cheese: cheddar, jack, or vegan Daiya
  • a few handfuls of sliced greens: collards, spinach, etc.
  • ½ jalapeño, sliced
  • a few sprigs of cilantro
quick pickled shallots: (make ahead)
  • 1 shallot, thinly sliced
  • white wine vinegar (enough to fill the jar of shallots)
  • a few pinches of cane sugar and salt
optional toppings
  1. Make your pickled onions: place ingredients in a small jar, shake it and chill in the fridge for at least 20 minutes (they'll keep for at least a few weeks).
  2. Pile cheese, greens, jalapeños, cilantro, and a few pickled onions onto tortillas. Heat a skillet over medium heat. Fold the tortillas in half and cook quesadillas for a few minutes on each side, until the cheese is melted.
  3. Enjoy as-is or with toppings of your choice.
Make these gluten free by using gluten free corn tortillas.

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  1. Love these green tortillas and those pickled shallots are calling my name. Yum!

  2. I hear you on the yearning for soups and sandwiches when the frigid weather rolls in. I whipped up some bisque today and these quesadillas would make the perfect partner. The hubs is a pickled vegetable fanatic so I think he would be ecstatic to see these when he came home from work.

  3. I love the green-on-green-on-green! I love the idea of topping these with greek yogurt, lime and chile powder. YUM! Pinned for later.

  4. Candice from on said:

    A bit of green makes everything better! 😀 I love your ability to add a healthy twist to naughty dishes 😉

    • jeanine from on said:

      Ha, thanks 🙂

  5. This looks so healthy and beautiful!! I’ve never seen those tortillas at Whole Foods…I’m going to have to try…and I love (LOVE) pickled onions. I bet those shallots are delicious.

  6. Hannah from on said:

    Wow! Love this recipe! Always on the hunt for delicious food to spice up a mundane weekday work lunch.

  7. Farmer Susan on said:

    Sounds wonderful. Those shallots seem like the perfect gift for next Christmas, that pink color is eye-popping.

  8. FoodCrafters from on said:

    Wonderful! We also love Mexican food, and these quesadillas look amazing!! 😉

  9. Ale from on said:

    Love them! Totally Mexican approved! Haha 😉

  10. Elizabeth from on said:

    I can’t wait to try these 🙂
    Liz xx

  11. Soup and sammies are just what I crave in winter too. I don’t always think of adding greens to a quick quesadilla though, so I love this recipe!

  12. Alexandra from on said:

    I love the idea of sneaking in greens into meals. This is such an easy recipe yet a perfect one. Love the quick pickled shallots!

  13. Ryan from on said:

    Can’t Wait to try this.

  14. Aarthi from on said:

    Green on green.. Love it! Such a great idea..

  15. You had me at quesadilla… like can you make one of those bad!? Love this! Guilty snacks turned healthy are my favorite. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  16. We definitely keep tortillas on hand for regular quesadillas. I love the bright green spinach tortillas you used here and the flavor combo you’ve got going on with all the healthy greens.

  17. Lauren from on said:

    I’m a huge fan of taking food I love (quesadillas), adding greens and calling it a meal. Green=healthy, right? Yeah, I think there is an unwritten rule that spinach cancels out cheese.

    • jeanine from on said:

      Ha, yep, canceling out cheese a few greens at a time 🙂

  18. I’ve been craving quesadillas and fish tacos! Looks like I found this recipe at the perfect time. I’ll be making this for dinner on Friday. Happy Thursday, Jeanine :)

    • jeanine from on said:

      Two things I crave often, hope you like! Happy thursday to you too 🙂

  19. Carlynn from on said:

    I am a big fan of the green sneak attack : ) I love the balance between healthful and a little indulgent too; perfect for this time of year!

  20. How gorgeous is that?! Lovely recipe. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  21. Kathryn from on said:

    Mmm – I love the idea of including pickled shallots in this! It’s not something I would have necessarily considered but I can imagine it adds a great flavor!


  22. Deanna on said:

    Anxious to try. Why do i have no option to pin? Anyone know.

    • jeanine from on said:

      Hi Deanna,

      If you float your mouse over the image, a tab comes up in the lower right corner. (or if you’re on an ipad, click the image and it’ll come up). If you still don’t see it – let me know what browser you’re on and I can look into it.

      thanks! Jeanine

  23. Deanna on said:

    Anxious to try. Why do i have no option to pin? Anyone know.

  24. fijiproduce from on said:

    produce huge variety of islander Kiwi Ice-cream, Taro Root, Rosella Leaves, Taro Leaves, and Betel Leaves.

  25. Andrew from on said:

    Wow, never seen those green tortillas around here before! I’m no vegan but I can definitely see myself making this as a light snack once in a while.

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