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Spring Cookbook Guide / loveandlemons.com

I don’t even know where to start on this year’s recently-released spring cookbooks – gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, endearing, witty, and drool worthy are not words that even begin to describe them. Because I didn’t know how to choose just one at a time to start writing about, here’s a list of a few of my favorites – I’m sure I’ve missed some (let me know if you have any spring favorites!).

Pictured above:

Seven Spoons, by Tara O’Brady
Can’t wait to make: Chocolate Olive Oil Zucchini Bread and her Esquites and Yellow Tomato Gazpacho

My New Roots, by Sarah Britton
Can’t wait to make: Carrot Rhubarb Muffins and her Sorrel Hummus

A Modern Way to Eat, by Anna Jones
Can’t wait to make: Maple Peanut California Wraps and her Chickpea and Preserved Lemon Stew

The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl + Spoon, by Sara Forte
Can’t wait to make: Strawberry Tabbouleh and her Dark Cherry Hazelnut Salsa

Spring Cookbook Guide / loveandlemons.com

Happy Healthy Vegan Kitchen, by Kathy Patalsky
Can’t wait to make: Turmeric Hemp White Bean Burgers and her Sweet Potato Biscuits

The Easy Vegetarian, by Erin Alderson
Can’t wait to make: Farro with Ginger Rhubarb and her Apricot and Three Cheese Grilled Cheese

Spring Cookbook Guide / loveandlemons.com

The Broad Fork, by Hugh Acheson
Can’t wait to make: these 3 kohlrabi recipes (pictured)

A Girl and her Greens, by April Bloomfield
Can’t wait to make: Summery Ribollita and her Dosa with Curried Cauliflower

Spring Cookbook Guide / loveandlemons.com

Last but not least! What Katie Ate on the Weekend, by Katie Quinn Davies
Can’t wait to make: Spaghetti with Capers and Mint (pictured below) and her Tomato and Zucchini Flower Pizzas

Spring Cookbook Guide / loveandlemons.com

For previous favorites, click over to this post I wrote last winter.

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  1. Michelle from lovely-little-things.blogspot.com

    Have you heard of “Date Night In?” Just came out, I really enjoyed that one too.

  2. Mercedes from vegerarianyogi.com

    so many amazing cookbooks, I think I have the longest list of cookbooks on my Amazon wish list and it is about to get longer

  3. Thanks so much for the amazing list! I have been trying to find some new cookbooks to add to my shelf, something fresh and healthy and full of color! Most of these will be purchased by me, whatever my bank account says.

  4. These cookbooks all look so pretty! I love the pictures – that is half of the pleasure of a cookbook for me! These are the best gifts, something I wouldn’t normally buy myself but love to receive (and give!) Kinfolk is a favorite of mine <3 – Charlie, http://www.lemonbutterlove.com/

  5. Very nice post, impressive. its quite different from other posts. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Adina from whereismyspoon.co

    Great idea! I am always looking for new ideas for cookbooks, the 106 that I already don’t seem to be enough. 🙂

  7. Great books. I love buy the cookbooks too, to find the inspiration in the recipes of other cooking manics 🙂

  8. ilona

    all of these look fantastic. i recently picked up the vietnamese farmer’s market cookbook and everything i’ve made so far has been easy and amazing. it’s also beautiful.

  9. Brittany from theladylawyerbrittany.com

    Ohh these are all so beautiful!

  10. I LOVE What Katie Ate (the blog)! I could look at her photos for hours. I would love to get her cookbook. Thanks for sharing all of these lovely new cookbooks. Seven Spoons is another one on my list!

  11. These books sound great! I came across a few of them and would love to buy some to inspire me with my healthy eating. Thanks for sharing!

  12. ale from piloncilloyvainilla.com

    Want them all!! I already have My new roots and drool over it overtime I open it! Can’t wait to order all of the rest.

  13. Wow – what a list!!! I have Bowl + Spoon (LOVING IT) and many of these other ones are on my wish list. I wish my full time job was just reading and cooking from cookbooks. Can I do that somewhere??!

  14. Natalia

    Lovely books, indeed! Have already bought The new roots and A modern way to eat, but dreaming about Seven spoons; Just can’t have enough…

  15. Eliza from penpluspan.wordpress.com

    I am having major cookbook envy right now. Several of these were already on my wish list – I may need to add some more to my list, because of this blog post!

  16. Love all of these books – Anna Jones is actually coming out with a new book soon which I’m so excited for!

  17. Nina from tieanddiy.blogspot.com

    SO many great cookbooks indeed, I am drooling over Bowl+Spoon, every featured recipes I’ve seen so far look awesome! And since I am a huge fan of Erin as well, I’d love to read her book as well. Seven spoon is quite new to me but looks gorgeous. As for My New Root’s book, it looks stunning but I’m not sure this is the kid of food I cook so I’m not sure about this one… and I know it’s not new but I really want to buy Green kitchen travels! Also, I didn’t know that Katie Quinn Davies had a new book out! I have to chek this, she’s one of the very few person that could make me cook meat (with Jamie Oliver!)

    • CJ

      I’ve got the Bowl and a Spoon book and love it! Great inspiration!

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