Fancy S’mores

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I ate a lot of s’mores as a kid. It all started at our family’s annual summer vacations to Kentucky Lake. Later, at home, my sister and I would make them regularly in the microwave. Authentic “camp” flavor doesn’t happen in the microwave, but it was fun to watch them rise and (nearly!) explode.

It probably comes as no surprise that hershey bars and jet puffed marshmallows aren’t quite my thing anymore. So, last weekend, Jack and I headed to Whole Foods where we gathered ideas and ingredients to make these fancy pants gourmet s’mores.

fancy s'mores / @loveandlemons

Most of our inspiration came from the fancy chocolate aisle. I could lose myself in that section all day… So. many. pretty. packages. Jack waited impatiently while I decided which bars looked prettiest together which flavors would go best together.

fancy s'mores / @loveandlemons

Truth be told, we tried to make our own homemade vegan marshmallows. It was a big fail, but these vegan homemade-like ones by Sweet and Sara are awesome. (Find them in the refrigerated section).

fancy s'mores / @loveandlemons

To keep things somewhat classic, we used regular (365 brand) graham crackers. We also stocked up on fruit and a jar of Jeni’s Salty Caramel Sauce. (I never said these were going to be healthy s’mores!).

fancy s'mores @loveandlemons

Here are the combos we came up with! They were all delicious but I think our favorite was the one with strawberries & white chocolate (made with the Divine White Chocolate & Strawberries bar, pictured above).

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Also, be sure to check out Whole Foods website for tons of summer recipes, tips & other fun foodie ideas.

fancy s’mores

  • graham crackers
  • marshmallows
  • variety of fancy chocolates
  • fruit such as: bananas, strawberries, blackberries
  • salted caramel
  • almond butter
  1. roast marshmallows over a campfire (or your gas stove).
  2. Assemble s'mores.
  3. Smush and eat!

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  1. bt

    These smores are great, I also found a site called the smores experience and they have some awesome recipes, and ways to have great experience with smores. There are lots of games to!!!!!! Check them out here.

    Taste the greatness (

  2. Sandy

    Omg o.o I have no campire or gas burner or wonderful whole foods with fancy chocolate but I will make these. I will find away. Nothing can stop me.

  3. Miss Violet Love

    Ooooh! So many delicious possibilities! What about a dark chocolate, raspberry, marshmallow one. Or a chocolate bar w/peanuts, peanut butter, marshmallow and banana! Noms!!!

  4. EmVee

    These look delicious! I love Sweet and Sara marshmallows, but I’d never tried making smores with them — they never last that long in my possession.

    My favorite smores are made with mini chocolate chips. Poke a few holes in the marshmallow with a skewer, fill the holes with mini chocolate chips, squeeze the marshmallow back together to seal, and roast. Voila! A perfectly toasty marshmallow with the chocolate already inside. I prefer less-sweet digestives to graham crackers.

  5. Susan

    I like s’mores with McVies Digestives (cracker from UK), Cadbury milk chocolate, a gooey and well-tanned marshmallow with chopped home-roasted, lightly salted, almonds. Serve with chocolate dipped strawberries on the stem.

  6. Sarah from

    You take beautiful and scrumptious photos.

  7. stacy

    We love our s’mores made with saltines, peanut butter, hershey bars and perfectly tanned marshmallows.

  8. christina

    i love a smoky, spicey smore that’s cooked to burnt perfection, rolled in a little cayenne and ancho chili powder and combined with super dark chocolate.

  9. sarah jamieson

    Not sure if I am too late to contribute or not but wanted to share our recent smores creation!! We did Snickers Smores Bars!! We made with homemade cashew soft serve ice cream with a layer of honey roasted peanut butter and topped with vegan chocolate sauce. We placed the snickers first in the freezer to harden the chocolate then placed these between 2 graham crackers. YUMM!! The kids were devoured these!!

  10. Emily

    Banana + dark chocolate + marshmallow on a cinnamon graham cracker = DELICIOUS!!!! 🙂

  11. Sandra

    I’m thinking that lemon curd, raspberry jam, and white chocolate would be incredible!

  12. Krista

    I love the idea of sophisticated smores – I might try dark chocolate, nut butter, and coconut flakes. Yum!

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