Cozy fall recipes

fall recipe roundup //

I’ve been seeing all kinds of cozy pumpkin-ey goodness going around pinterest lately. Which makes me just a teeny bit homesick to get back to my own kitchen (and my own bed, for that matter)… both of which seem oh so far away right now…

Until I get cooking again, here are few links to some oldies but goodies:
apple pancake  /  miso sweet potato tacos  /  curried sweet potato soup  /  apple muffins
pumpkin bread pudding  /  sweet potato salad  /  butternut risotto  /  pumpkin soup

If you make this, let us see! Tag your photo with #loveandlemons on Instagram.


  1. I am heading into summer so pumpkin need to be used up before it is gone! Lovely links to your recipes, I am so making that pumpkin bread pudding!

  2. I love all of your recipes! we are harvesting pumpkins and sweet potatoes at our farm next week. Can’t wait to try some of these lovely meals!

    • jeanine from on said:

      I just clicked over to your blog – your farm is so beautiful!!

  3. Quyen from on said:

    I love these round-ups. It gives me great ideas for the fall. I’ve been loving purple yams lately and I don’t think they get as much attention as sweet potatoes and butternut squash in the fall! 🙂 Thanks!

    • jeanine from on said:

      you’re right, they don’t – they’re absolutely everywhere in Japan, I’ll have to make some when I get home 🙂

  4. dana from on said:

    Jeanine, these photos are absolutely stunning, as usual. So excited for fall – this was the first day I wore full length workout pants while running!! Your recipes have gotten me even MORE excited, which is hard to do. So glad we could meet this summer! Have *especially* loved following your blog since.

    • jeanine from on said:

      Hi Dana, I know, so fun… and thanks for your sweet card 🙂

  5. Sharmila from on said:

    Those miso maple sweet potato tacos are so getting made this week! So delicious looking, I can’t wait to try them

  6. Crista on said:

    Every single one of those recipes does it for me.. I’m most anxious to try that coconut pumpkin soup!

    • jeanine from on said:

      let me know how you like it!

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