Fair Trade Mother’s Day giveaway

fair trade mother's day giveaway

This weekend, celebrate Mother’s Day the Fair Trade way. When you buy your mom chocolate, coffee, or flowers be sure to look for the Fair Trade Certified logo… you’ll be helping mothers and families in developing countries earn livable wages and ensure safe working conditions.

Read the stories of Fair Trade moms all over the world (click)

Why & where to buy Fair Trade flowers? (click)

What is Fair Trade?
Fair Trade is a global movement to alleviate poverty in the developing world, while ensuring consumers quality products that improve lives and protect the environment. Everyday purchases that bear the Fair Trade Certified™ logo come from farmers and workers in the developing world who are justly compensated, allowing them to build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities.

And now the giveaway!
Fair Trade is sending one lucky winner a box of goodies, many of which were made by women-only cooperatives. The box includes: Choice TeaAllegro CoffeeAlter Eco Thai Sticky Purple Rice, a Chocolove Chocolate bar, a bag of Larabars, and a coupon for Iced Bhakti Chai tea.

This giveaway is now closed, thank you for all the lovely comments…


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  1. ali from ali-lopez.com

    my mom has always been my biggest fan!

  2. sara

    Awe I love my mom, she is the best!

  3. Anna

    My mom taught me to love travel and appreciate art. She also taught me to be a feminist and to stand up for myself. She is the reason why I value education!

  4. Anela

    My mom can always cheer me up even from miles away

  5. My sweet momma taught me what loving good food was all about. We don’t spend much time together now (we’re halfway across the country!) but when we do, we spend most of it concocting delicious things in the kitchen and I absolutely love that time!

  6. Anh

    My mom is strong, smart, understanding, and caring. She gives tough love, but that’s because she believes in her children. She teaches her children the importance of hard work and determination. You have to work to get it – nothing is handed to you. Moms are awesome, but I think my mom is the best! 🙂 🙂

  7. Rachel from chutzpanit.com

    My mother is an amazing person who lets me be who I want to be!

  8. Jen

    My mom taught me how to be a good friend.

  9. Jackie

    My mom is a creative soul. I’m glad she has finally found an outlet.

  10. Kate

    I am thankful for my mom who inspired my love of cooking & who always packed my lunches for school growing up – my favorite were her “banana messages” where she would write me a special note in sharpie on the banana. 🙂

  11. dawn

    my mom is the strongest person on earth…and i don’t mean weightlifting.

  12. Kaitlin Sickle

    My mom is an incredible baker, a great home builder, and full of love for her family. Love you, ma!

  13. She’s a fighter! Her tenacity helped her kick cancer, and she’s lived every day to the fullest since.

  14. lisa s.

    my mother in law treats me like a daughter, and a friend. How lucky am I?

  15. Tori

    My mother is my rock, inspiration, and biggest supporter. I love her with all my heart and am grateful every day for who she is, what she stands for, and how much love she gives!

  16. Cathy

    My mom has never pushed me to be anything other than who I am, and I am so so grateful for her love and support.

  17. I loved my mom so much and I miss her everyday since she passed. I’m fortunate enough to have a mother in law that is sweet and kind so she makes it a little easier when I need someone.

  18. Nicole from adashofcompassion.com

    I’m lucky enough to have two moms! Both of them are inspiring, compassionate souls whom I look up to.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  19. Melissa from o-my-darling.blogspot.com

    Every day, I am thankful for my wonderful mom! She’s a courageous, selfless woman who still manages to make a mean chocolate chip cookie.

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