tart cherry & mint iced tea
Serves: serves 4
  • 2 black tea bags
  • 4 cups water
  • a few big handfuls of ice
  • ½ cup tart cherry juice (or more or less to taste)
  • handful of fresh mint
  • slices of lemon
  • optional - frozen tart cherries for garnish
  1. Steep tea and let it cool to room temp. (or pop it in the fridge if you can't wait).
  2. Pour tea over ice and stir in tart cherry juice, mint, lemon slices & frozen tart cherries.
  3. Add more tart cherry juice to taste.
Feel free to add sweetener (honey, stevia, etc), to taste if you like your tea a bit sweeter.
If you want more minty flavor to your tea, try steeping a few mint sprigs with the tea and remove them before serving.
Recipe by Love and Lemons at https://www.loveandlemons.com/tart-cherry-mint-iced-tea/