Copper Vitamix Giveaway

Vitamix Giveaway

Today, we’re celebrating our cookbook launch with one last giveaway – and it’s a good one! You may have noticed that I have a thing for smoothies, blended soups and creamy sauces. I just love my Vitamix – but have you seen the new copper Vitamix!? It’s pretty, it’s powerful, and one of you will get one!

Vitamix Giveaway

pictured above: Carrot Gazpacho with Lemongrass and Creamy Miso Brussels Sprout Fettuccini from the Love & Lemons Cookbook.

This giveaway is now closed, thanks for entering!


If you don’t have a book, click here to get one!

A winner will be chosen at random. The giveaway is open to U.S. addresses only.


And congrats to @jamielynne19 who made our Quinoa Tacos and won the Staub Cookware Giveaway! Thanks to all of you who entered – it was so fun to see what you all made!

Special thanks to Vitamix and Williams Sonoma!

If you make this, let us see! Tag your photo with #loveandlemons on Instagram.


  1. Sarah on said:

    Matcha Kale & Peach Smoothie!

    • Cheryl Knox from on said:

      Ice cream!

      • Aerin on said:

        Creamy split pea soup!!

      • PEARCE THOMPSON on said:

        Kale Pesto!

      • Molly O on said:

        Spinach & peach smoothies!

      • Kelsey Bowyer on said:

        Butternut Squash soup!

      • Lonny on said:

        Spinach, Orange, Banana, Cranberry and Vanilla yogurt

      • Brandon on said:

        Strawberry, orange and banana smoothies with kale and hemp seed.

      • Martha Edmundson on said:


    • Shelly on said:

      OMG – I love the Carrot Gazpacho it has the best flavors and is pretty simple to make!

    • Caroline on said:

      Green smoothie with spinach, banana, mulberries, coconut water, tahini and flax seed!

    • Caitlin on said:

      I love strawberry, peach, and orange smoothies!

    • Kate on said:

      I make a smoothie every morning. Great way to start the day with something healthful and delicious!

    • Rhiannon on said:

      Cilantro jalapeño hummus!!

    • Christina edgar on said:

      Fresh and tasty homemade basil pesto

    • Jesse on said:

      roasted red pepper hummus!

    • Jennifer TO on said:

      I love to make a spinach, cucumber, green grape smoothie–refreshing and delicious!!


    • I LOVE making almond milk!! Lavender is my favorite and I have always wanted to make it in a Vitamix!! How much better would that taste!

    • Melissa on said:

      Fellow smoothie addict here! I usually like to make some nice and beautiful green ones– lots of kale and spinach!

    • Dorothy Lee on said:

      I love blending green smoothies, soups and well as dairy free ice cream. Yum!

    • Lalitha Ganesan on said:

      Butternut squash soup!

      • Kirst on said:

        My favorite too! Especially when you add carrot and/or pear!

      • Danielle from on said:

        Roasted tomato and basil soup

    • Leah on said:

      I love homemade tomato soup!

    • Gina Ordonez on said:

      I make a big batch of smoothies every week with blueberries, bananas, almond butter, Greek yogurt, orange juice, and spinach for my family and I. I freeze individual servings in ziplock bags for easy(er) mornings and less cleanup!

    • Ellie on said:

      Making a Tropical Kale Smoothie with coconut water, banana, mango, pineapple, and peach is one of my favorite blended recipes!

    • gina on said:

      Being in an Italian-American family, I think my all-time favorite is pesto – although lately I have had an healthy obsession with green goddess dressing. I love it so much I could drink it!!

    • Lauren from on said:

      Coconut milk, strawberries, chia seed and kale!

      • Kelly Ann on said:

        Love to make a cold strawberry soup and truffled mushroom soup

    • Shannon on said:

      Kale and berry smoothies..or even better frozen into Popsicles!

    • SKitto on said:

      One of my favs to make in the blender is your recipe for Minty Green Shamrock Shake🍀🍀

    • Zoey from on said:

      The tortilla soup that you have on your recipe index! It’s so good!

    • Brigid C on said:

      I love Roasted apple and butternut squash soup!!!

    • Jordan dennis on said:

      Vegan cauliflower soup with roasted garlic!

    • Gregory Ragan on said:

      I LOVE a good, smooth squash and apple soup with toasted hazelnuts!

    • Ash from on said:

      I make my own bloody Mary mix with homemade tomato juice. The recipe has over 30 ingredients to make the balance of sweet, tangy, spicy just right. I make them once a year at the end of the summer and can then to enjoy throughout the year. A big blender would really help!

    • Nicole on said:

      I love green smoothies in the morning! Recently I’ve been adding mint and cucumber. So delightful and healthy!!

    • Sarah F. on said:

      Love the green smoothie recipe! 🙂

    • Morgan Buehler on said:

      Vegan/Paleo Cashew Spinach Artichoke dip (sans dairy and gluten). It’s a party favorite — and it passes the boyfriend/husband test for sure!

    • Martina on said:

      I love a good homemade Romesco sauce. Roasted bell peppers, Marcona almonds, day old bread, garlic and sherry vinegar. So good with all kinds of grilled vegetables but especially leeks and spring onions. My favorite summer dish!

    • Jennifer Wenzel on said:

      Spinach Berry Yogurt Oatmeal smoothie

    • Emily O'Connor on said:

      Cauliflower and leek soup.

    • Meghan G on said:

      My grandmother is French, and her vichyssoise recipe is sublime! As a child, I loved the silky creaminess of it. Now it represents to me something beautifully simple and nourishing. Of course, the quality is all about the puree consistency!

    • Amy on said:

      Creamy avocado and cashew sauce for zoodles!

    • Emma on said:

      Strawberry Banana smoothie!

    • Michelle on said:

      I love making avocado pesto sauce with lemon to go on my pasta!

    • Angela from on said:

      Smoothies & hummus!

    • Lindsey on said:

      My favorite so far is my spring cleanse smoothie – honeydew, cucumber, lemon, spinach, chia and frozen grapes! We’ve been wanting a Vitamix to help us explore more recipes, and this would be so perfect to win! Not to mention I just ordered your book on Amazon. 😊

    • Cashew nacho cheese!!!

    • Clayton Kelly on said:

      Love love love making roasted red pepper and tomato soup!!! Would die for a new vitamix!

      • Claire on said:

        So many! But I’d have to say blended red lentil soup!

    • Sue on said:

      I would love a VitaMix to use in my Family and Consumer Science classroom! I would teach the kids how to make soup in a blender, how fun!

    • Caroline Stevens on said:

      I am loving smoothies with frozen dark cherries and peaches right now!

    • Krista Schumacher on said:

      Green smoothies, avocado and cilantro hummus, and kale pesto are weekly staples in our house!

    • Kelly Williams on said:

      Chia seeds ground flax seed spinach pineapple small banana blueberries and pitted cherries! Yum!!

    • Lauren Williams on said:

      My favorite blended recipe is my grandma’s pasta sauce and then I add it eggplant at the end.

    • Ari on said:

      Banana ice cream 🙂 yum

    • Whitney on said:

      I love a good acai smoothie bowl, complete with all the toppings!

      • Brittany Lucero on said:

        A big fat smoothie bowl, with a banana and spinach base with all the toppings on top 🙂

    • Natalie on said:

      Fresh green smoothie with pineapple, coconut, kale, banana, and almond milk.

    • Nada on said:

      I too love the carrot gazpacho!

    • Rebecca on said:

      Roasted red pepper hummus is a fave!

    • Katreadme on said:

      Cream of Cauliflower soup with lobster and basil oil!! Amazing.

    • Ally on said:

      My favorite recipes are green smoothies that include spinach, frozen pineapple, and Greek yogurt 🙂

    • Mariah Smith on said:


      • Latrissa on said:

        Protein packed smoothies!! 🙂

    • Jamie Packard on said:

      Home made almond milk 🙂

    • Deirdre on said:

      Tomato gazpacho is one of my favorite blended recipes. I also love it for dressings and pestos.

    • ami on said:

      Green smoothies – kale, romaine, ginger, spinach, cucumber, apple, ginger, lemon. I make a big batch for the week (freeze as needed)

    • Tomato Basil Soup. Yum!

    • Jennifer Scorziello on said:

      Vitamix blenders are the best blenders out there! I love making green smoothies every morning that energize me with organic kale, apple, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, lemon juice, chia seeds, goji berries, water and ice.
      I also love making frozen banana ice cream! Made with frozen bananas and cacao powder.

    • Beth Levine on said:

      Split pea soup! The ultimate comfort food.

    • Lauren on said:

      I LOVE the chocolate almond milk smoothie with banana. So yummy. The cinnamon makes all the difference.

    • Jessica from on said:

      homemade almond milk!

    • Susie Cui from on said:

      Kale and mango breakfast smoothie!

    • Yesenia on said:

      My favorite is roasted red pepper hummos and any green smoothie!

    • Mary Clisch on said:

      Banana ice cream!

    • Maria on said:

      Creamy broccoli soup with avocado!

    • christine on said:

      The Filler upper smoother: Coconut/Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, spinach, banana, flaxseed oil, and flaxseeds!!

    • Julie Boulais on said:

      Cocoa matcha and tumeric

    • Heather on said:

      My favorite is simole. I my bike commute year round. I love it but but it means that I need more energy in the morning but have less time because of my hour commute. No more tofu scramble or pumpkin pancakes. Making a green smoothie each morning saves me time, gives me an energy boost, adds water to my diet, decreases dirty dishes and ensures that I fit fruits and veggies into my busy schedule. Green smoothies have changed my day. Every day.

    • Elise on said:

      My favorite blended recipe is cauliflower Alfredo sauce!

    • Michelle S. on said:

      I love making a green smoothie in the AM- spinach, almond milk, vanilla raw meal & a banana!! ❤️

    • Shelby K on said:

      Vegan creamy mushroom soup!

    • Joyce on said:

      When I was looking for great smoothie recipes, I discovered Love and Lemons! My favorite smoothie recipe from the blog is the Superfood Sunshine Smoothie. It is amazingly tasty and I love the mixture of flavors. Always brightens my day!

    • Samantha from on said:

      Decadent breakfast smoothies!

    • Angela on said:

      Just made a smoothie tonight that included yogurt strawberries and mango and a few peach slices.

    • Theresa on said:

      Acai bowls, nut milk, SOUPS smoothies yuuuum.

    • Heather on said:

      Pumpkin Smoothie anytime of year! Makes me smile!

    • Michele on said:

      Sweet potato hummus!

    • Katy on said:

      Banana, blueberries, kale, Greek yogurt, almond milk, honey & organic plant based protein with greens

    • a e r i e from on said:

      I love making mango sorbet in the morning for breakfast. I use frozen mango, greek yogurt, agave, a little almond milk, and some lemon juice. I also like to top it off with a nice heap of chia seeds 🙂

    • Lindsey on said:

      creamy white bean soup!

    • A Vita Mix hasn’t always been in my budget but I want one terribly! I use my good ole fashion Dutch Oven to make my favorite soup, Split Pea with Ham. 🙂

    • Dee on said:

      I just started making smoothies every morning. I have a cheap blender and usually have a chunky smoothie. Sometimes it’s hard to drink what I make but I’m trying! Usually do spinach, banana and sometimes a mango or cucumber.

    • Grace Spoors on said:

      I love making chocolate avocado mousse! Just avocados, cacao and a dash of honey!

    • Grace Spoors on said:

      Boiled cauliflower blended with a dash of milk makes the perfect Alfredo sauce

    • Judy Jones on said:

      Roasted asparagus, sweet potatoes, & onion with fresh vegetable broth to create consistency you want. Run through Vitamix until HOT. Makes a wonderful soup/appetizer.

    • Jasmine Yu on said:

      I love to blend up some smoothie bowls!

    • Melissa E. on said:

      I haven’t made too many blended recipes. I used to do this smoothie with spinach, peanut butter, matcha, banana, coconut milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and chia seeds. So good! Recently made the parsnip and white bean soup from your cookbook, though, and LOVED it. I had it for lunch for days.

    • Tess on said:

      Butternut squash soup

    • Sarah on said:

      Cinnamon Almond Butter! Just roasted almonds, some agave, cinnamon and a little bit of salt. I could eat it by the spoonful!

    • Kirstin Rudd on said:

      Butternut squash soup!

    • Megan on said:

      I could make salad dressings all day long and never get sick of trying new combinations!

    • Greta on said:

      Kale pesto, kale pesto, kale pesto….my 8 year old loves it 🙂

    • A chai latte smoothie is my latest favorite!
      A chai spice blend, instant espresso powder, milk, vanilla whey, a banana and ice.

    • Anne-Katrin on said:

      rooibos tea and berries smoothie

    • Anne on said:

      Berries, pineapple and kale!

    • Lara on said:

      My favorite recipe to blend is my homemade marinara sauce! It takes less than ten minutes and is easily adjustable for different serving sizes! All I do is saute compari tomatoes, kalamata olives, green bell pepper, onion, garlic and a secret ingredient 😉 once it is fragrant and warm I throw it in, blend and serve immediately over zucchini noodles, chicken or veggies! I chose to blend this mixture because in addition to the warmth the sauteeing brings to my sauce, blending it makes it hot and ready to serve! I would enjoy experimenting with the vitamix 🙂 follow me on _littlemissfoodie on instagram!

    • Priscilla from WomenTalkHealth on said:

      Homemade avocado mayonnaise. Yum!

    • Ashley LaRue on said:

      Berry Smoothie!

    • Lauren C on said:

      My favorite thing I make in my blender is a butternut and apple soup. Butternut is usually more of a fall veggie but the apple makes it fresh, and I really like to cook it in the spring!

    • holly on said:

      butternut squash soup

    • Laura Katherine on said:

      Mar.Ga.Ri.Tas. The silkiness made in a vitamix is incomparable!

    • bosun on said:

      green juice: spinach, ginger, mint, strawberries

    • carly luckow on said:

      my favourite blended recipe is rawnola (medjool dates, oats, cinnamon, coconut sugar, cacao powder, and a pinch of Himalayan pink sea salt) 🙂

    • Savannah Powell on said:

      Tropical banana nicecream!!!!!

    • Angie on said:

      soup to nuts…nut butters to be exact

    • Jessica on said:

      Pesto sauce, cauliflower soup, or any smoothie!!!!

    • Kim Jones on said:


    • Bina on said:

      Green smoothie, kale, spinach, Apple, blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds blended with some almond milk

    • Tiffany Nam on said:

      Broccoli soup!

    • hope on said:

      roasted red pepper and carrot soup!

    • Allison B on said:

      Magic green sauce from Pinch of yum!

    • Krista on said:

      Vegetable bolognese!! Vegan and delicious! You need a powerful blender/food processor for the walnuts.

    • Terri on said:

      Curried Parsnip and white bean soup- family loves it!!!!

    • Phyllid on said:

      Peanut butter, cherry, chocolate smoothie.

    • Cindy from on said:

      fruit smoothie with spinach

    • Genevieve on said:

      Creamy cauliflower and sunchoke soup- so simple and uniquely delicious!

    • Maisie Greene on said:

      I love pesto! The chart in your book has me like ahhh 😛

    • Luisa R. on said:

      A healthy fruity açaí bowl every morning!!

    • I make a tropical fruit smoothie on the weekends! So fabulous!

    • Hannah W on said:

      nice cream!! thanks so much for the opportunity!

    • Kristie May on said:

      Cashew cream!

    • Becca on said:

      banana blueberry smoothie!

    • Maeve on said:

      Grad school Green smoothie: Lots of Spinach, about 2 dino kale leaves, 8ox coconut water, some aloe vera gel or fat free plain yogurt, a small chunk of ginger- diced, pineapple, mango, and topped with cia seeds!

    • Diane Ramirez on said:

      I am obsessed with power smoothies from the Julie Morris book Superfood Smoothies! I make them for my husband and myself every morning.

    • Jennifer on said:

      Vegan pumpkin pie pudding pots!

    • LInz on said:

      Vegan Walnut Salad Dressing!

    • Kim Allison on said:

      Almond butter, strawberry banana blueberry smoothie with bee pollen,cacao nibs and almond milk! Mmmmm

    • Sophie Bjork on said:

      Plain green smoothie with banana, spinach, and molasses! So much iron and so healthy.

    • Melanie on said:

      I love making puréed cauliflower with a touch of almond milk and vadovaun spice! Creamy, vegan, filling and delicious. It would be a dream come true to win a vitamix to use for this!!

    • Val on said:

      Vitamix is amazing for 1,001 reasons …. As are new cookbooks

    • Katy Kvassay on said:

      Brendan Brazier’s Chocolate Almond Smoothie…my go to breakfast!

    • Roslyn from on said:

      I love any smoothie with ginger! My favourite would be ginger, spinach or kale and apple and carrots.

    • Andrea on said:

      A moosewood cookbook dressing of cilantro, tomatoes, and nut butter!

    • Nicole on said:

      I like to make juices the blend in some avacado.

    • Michele W on said:

      Omelette are so fluffy blended in a blender

    • Annie Talken on said:

      The best icecream ever!

    • Meghan on said:

      fresh basil pesto!

    • sandra robinson on said:

      turmeric carrot soup

    • Kevin on said:

      Lemon blueberry pancakes

    • Heather on said:

      The vanilla matcha smoothie is awesome but really everything on your site is great. Always find inspiration for dinner, lunch, and snacks!

    • Suzanna on said:

      I make your matcha milkshakes all the time! This is the most blended recipe I can make with my stick blender. I would love a Vita Mix so that I can elevate my blended recipe portfolio!

    • Carol on said:

      Apple pie smoothie😋

    • Keyla on said:

      I love the cashew, lemon and poblano chili crema! Never made anything with poblanos before. Now it’s my go to topping sauce for all things Mexican!

    • Maria on said:

      Butternut squash soup

    • Kristin from on said:

      Carrot Gazpacho w/ Lemongrass – just made it for the first time….

    • Lindsey on said:

      banana soft serve ice cream using frozen bananas with some chunky peanut butter and mini chocolate chips. just like the real stuff!

    • Matcha coconut milk apple cucumber smoothie!

    • Hannah on said:

      Love making smoothies packed with chocolate protein powder, banana, and spinach!

    • Amber Jansen on said:

      Roasted Red Pepper & Carrot Soup!

    • Jenn Meads on said:

      I love all your recipes and beautiful pics!! Very inspiring. My favorite is the chipotle stuffed sweet potatoes. Thank you!!


    • Melissa Mendez on said:

      I am torn between the kale pesto and butternut squash soup 🙂

    • Erin Waidler on said:

      Hummus! Love trying new flavors…latest is cilantro jalepeno

    • Lindsey on said:

      Green smoothies!

    • alexis on said:

      I toast sesame seeds, then puree them with egg yolks, mustard and vinegar for the most delicious salad dressing. I put it on baby kale with some salt and pepper and it is divine. My friend Dan who owned DABA in Hudson, NY turned me on to it.

  2. Jessie on said:

    My favorite blended recipe are sauces- especially cheezy ones with cashews for pasta.

  3. Jessica on said:

    I’m fairly new to vegan cooking and found your blog over the weekend. I am so excited about all of the lovely recipes and just ordered your book. I can’t wait until it gets here! The first recipe I tried was your healthy loaded vegan nachos. We were blown away! I would definitely say creamy, cheesy blended sauces are a favorite.

  4. Kristin K on said:

    My current blended favorite is a Chocolate Avocado smoothie – chocolate protein powder, spinach, avocado, cocoa powder and almond milk. So delicious!

    • Kristin K on said:

      Wrong email – .com not .con 😉

    • Dae Bice on said:

      I love to blend banana, peanut butter, yogurt, ice and vanilla protein powder! It’s so good!

    • Alexis on said:

      Chocolate protein powder, banana, dates, chia seed, flax seed, almond milk, bee pollen and ice! Protein shake!

  5. tessa on said:

    a roasted red pepper “cream” sauce that i make. or my chocolate avocado “mousse”!

  6. Kim on said:

    Smoothies of course, but also dressings and tahini sauce.

  7. Taste of France from on said:

    It’s so pretty!
    I thought blenders were created to make margaritas….

  8. Megan on said:

    Sweet Potato Protein Shake!

  9. Kimberly on said:

    Cashew cheese!

  10. JAMIE on said:

    Smoothies are definitely my favorite, but I love to make a nice “creamy” blended soup! I like to use white beans to get a creamy-consistency.

  11. Carli on said:

    Smoothies are my every day morning go to but the creamy tomato white bean soup was probably one of my favorite blender soups so far. Cashew sauce is pretty tasty too. Yum!

  12. erica from on said:

    kombucha smoothies!

  13. Adriana on said:

    Beet and Strawbery Lemon Smoothie is my absolute favorite!

  14. Anna on said:

    Your creamy sundried tomato soup is my absolute favorite. It’s become my go-to comfort food.

  15. Julieta on said:

    OOHH that Vitamix is a dream! I love making soups and vegan cheese (I’m looking into transitioning to vegan) I think a Vitamix would do the job perfectly.

    I will have to get your cookbook asap – there are so many recipes I want to try!

  16. Julie on said:

    I love blended soups! One of my favorites uses carrots, red lentils, and Moroccan spices, though I am currently eating a blended black bean soup based heavily on a recipe I found on your site!

  17. lezmachine on said:

    Cashew cheeeeeese. Yes, yes, yes.

  18. Alison Ryncarz from on said:

    I have loved following your blog for a while now. I tend to make the entire recipe, and enjoy it for dinner and then lunch the next day! I’m a big advocate for your blog in the lunchroom ;). Oh – and I love gazpacho soup in the Vitamix!

  19. Alicia Reynolds on said:

    I love blending zucchini, celery, spices, lemons, limes, and almond butter together for a nice creamy sauce! So yummy!

  20. Ann on said:

    I love making soups! Cream of asparagus is one of my favorites!

  21. Tiffany on said:

    love making smoothies!

  22. Kristina Murray on said:

    I love making a simple broccoli soup in my blender!

  23. Anna on said:

    My favorite blended thing is gazpacho and other cold soups for summer- healthy, easy, refreshing!

  24. Rach P on said:

    AAHH! What pasta recipe is that in the photo? looks delicious!

    • It’s a creamy cashew miso sauce pasta recipe that’s in the cookbook 🙂

  25. Emily on said:

    Raspberry Smoothie with Maca and Reishi powders!

  26. Jill on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a blended chia pudding! I love the smoother texture!

  27. Wren L. B. on said:

    My favorite has to be a butternut squash, apple & bacon soup I make every fall.

  28. Lida on said:

    8oz OJ, 1/2 frozen banana, 4 pieces of frozen mango, 2 tbsp avocado, 2tbsp hemp seeds, 2 cups spinach, 1 cup kale…blend it up and watch my 2 boys chug their greens 🙂

  29. JANET from on said:

    Just about time for our favorite use – popsicles! Chocolate avocado; orange yogurt creamsicles; raspberry lemon…

  30. Casey on said:

    Carrot fennel soup – roast carrots, fennel, garlic, and onions, then simmer in veggie broth and blend!

  31. ellen on said:

    i love green smoothies!

  32. Erica on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is butternut squash soup. It’s the best go-to easy meal for any chilly day!

  33. Jenn on said:

    I LOVE the cherry, blueberry, and cocao powder smoothie that you posted a while back in your “Rainbow Breakfast Smoothies” post – I make it just about every weekend. Delicious!

  34. Sarah St. on said:

    Roasted Tomato Soup!

  35. Barbara on said:

    Soups! All kinds.

  36. julia on said:

    I blend some ingredients for stuffed shells (since I don’t have a food processor)! filling is ricotta, spinach, garlic, chives, parm, egg.

    otherwise I dig smoothies with skyr and fruit. yum.

  37. Whitney on said:

    Morning smoothies are a must!! I also make dressings in my blender, makes for a smooth and light dressing.

  38. Lauren S. on said:

    I’m late to the game, but I love acai bowls these days!

  39. Jeri on said:

    Cauliflower “vichysoisse.” So refreshing in the summer.

  40. Julie Spendal on said:

    The chocolate avocado smoothie and anything filled with greens and yummy citrus!

  41. Meg Herring on said:

    My fav blended recipe is your shamrock shake smoothie!! absolutely love the minty refreshing blend

  42. Megs K. on said:

    Gosh! I have got to say that I am a huge fan of pesto. Basil pesto, arugula pesto, decadent pesto with a smidgen of cheese or hazelnut, sky’s the limit. Then using them on roasted veggies or pasta or a dipping sauce. Goodness. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 🙂

  43. Veronique from on said:

    It’s a toss-up between healthy smoothies and killer vegan queso. Life’s all about balance ;).

  44. Lisa C. on said:

    Hollandaise Sauce

  45. Gillian on said:

    OH my gosh.. I was just talking about how I would love a Vitamix to replace my blender! My favorite recipes are definitely morning smoothies… I love your Matcha Kale & Peach smoothie. Currently we use a blender, I can only imagine how much better it would be in a Vitamix!!!!

  46. Meike on said:

    That’s easy – I love ice cream, so Banana ice “cream” with peanutbutter and maybe some chocolate chips it is.

  47. Nancy Lee on said:

    Coconut milk and smoothies!

  48. linda on said:

    Any smoothy where I can add cacao! Love the post work out smoothy I make with chia seed, hemp powder, fruit, coconut/almond milk, ginger, kale, frozen banana, and cacao. Yum.

  49. bethany falzone on said:

    i have this one smoothie that i love to make once summer comes around. it is packed full with ingredients, but so wonderful for cleaning out the digestive system and feeling clean & fresh in the summer. it includes :: strawberries, blueberries, mango, spinach, kale, bananas, hemp powder, oats, and of course, water. or, if i am feeling like i want something sweet, i will just do :: bananas, blueberries, cacao powder, and water ( and a touch of spinach to include those nutrients but not taste it too much ).

  50. Vickie on said:

    Our morning smoothie made with rice milk, hemp seed, yogurt, bananas, and a mixture of frozen fruits.

  51. Danielle on said:

    My favorite recipe is a blueberry & carrot smoothie with tons of spinach and coconut milk!

  52. Lisa G from on said:

    Great giveaway! I’m on a coconut chocolate cashew smoothie kick recently. Like having a milkshake in the morning 🙂

  53. Dana Sullivan on said:

    I’m crazy about your superfood sunshine smoothie. The ginger gives it just the right amount of kick. It is a great boost to the start of my day!

  54. Dolly on said:

    I love all your soups! I usually use an immersion blender for soups, but would love to try them out in a Vitamix!!

  55. Janel Snyder on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is spicy gazpacho. Such a great, hearty summer night meal!

  56. Tracie B. on said:

    Tomato soup

  57. Allison M on said:

    My favorite thing is more of a memory because they don’t make the mix anymore. One of my childhood best friend’s mother always made these shakes for us in the blender on a hot summer day. They were some shake mix with a little milk and some ice and they were awesome! My friend has since passed away, but there isn’t a time when I don’t think about those shakes we always had together.

  58. katie on said:

    soups! especially butternut squash!

  59. Mylissa on said:

    When we had a blender (it broke last month) the kids liked to make their own sauce for homemade pizza’s .
    They would take tomatoes,garlic,pine nuts,spinach,parsley,olives,roasted red and green peppers, olive oil and some spices and blend it all together to make the sauce.

  60. Amanda on said:

    Almond “ricotta” is my favorite blender recipe!

  61. Pete Woods on said:

    My morning Smoothie, Peanut butter, almond milk, flax seed, cashews and dates.
    yum yum yum

  62. Susan on said:

    I am currently a fan of the classic banana – almond milk, and also but add a scoop of pea protein powder, a scoop of fiber and 1 tsp of flax oil, so it holds me for 4 hours until lunch.

    In peach season, i will definitely switch to the peach, ginger.

  63. sprouty_fw on said:

    My absolute favorite thing to make is gazpacho! It is soup in minutes!

  64. Emma Gonsalves on said:

    Hi – I’m Emma and I’m a soup-a-holic. It’s not just a phase I’m going through during the cold winter months here in Vermont, I LOVE and am OBSESSED with really great soups. So when a friend gave me the link to your blog a year ago, I have to say, I’m in love with the Roasted Cauliflower and Leek soup that you shared and make it often. I was just researching the difference between the Vitamix and another blender, and came away thinking that I would wait to invest in the Vitamix. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us, which in return, makes us look good when we cook!

  65. Chris Wrenn on said:

    I make preserved tomatoes in the summer (Ann Willan recipe) and use them for soup. Add some fresh basil, cream or milk and salt. Blend it all up and add a small scoop of fresh goat cheese in the bottom of the cup.

  66. Janice on said:

    Creamy tomato gazpacho and pesto

  67. Ellen Wilson on said:

    an awesome almond cilantro onion cumin mixture for a braised Indian chicken dish.

    just made one of your spectacular salads for a big group (Passover seder) — they loved it. thanks for the vegan substitution for the fresh mozzarella —

  68. Leah Simon on said:

    Smoothies are a given but I really enjoy making soup – specifically butternut squash soup. And then I top each bowl with matchstick granny smith apples and candied ginger! Yum! I have not purchased your cookbook yet but I love your blog so it looks like my library is about to get a new friend!

  69. Lauren E on said:

    I love a spring pea soup that is so smooth and creamy once blended. Delicious!

  70. jamie williams on said:

    Peanut Butter
    Smoothie Bowls! Overnight oats, greens, milk, banana and cinnamon

  71. Jess Jane on said:

    My favorite recipe to make with a blender is the creamy tortilla soup. But since our major cross-country move (in which we had to purge a lot of our kitchen goods) I haven’t been able to make it!

  72. Marybelle on said:

    We have started making smoothies of all kinds. I’m getting some good ideas from the comment section here.

  73. Natalie on said:

    I have recently become vegan, and having a Vitamix would be great for processing cashews for the creamy recipes. Right now I have a big bag of cashews, but I scratch my head when approaching how to best make them smooth with the limited tools I have!

  74. Clorinda on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is not from the cookbook and is not a standard blended recipe. I make a really good chocolate cheesecake with a raspberry puree marbleized top. To make the raspberry puree I blend the raspberries in a blender and add some sugar. This makes it nice and thick.

  75. Coree on said:

    Love my green smoothies. Lots of kale and spinach with frozen cherries and coconut water.

  76. Marcia on said:

    I haven’t jumped on the smoothie bandwagon, but my old Waring blender can still crank out pesto, gazpacho and my new favorite: roasted red pepper & smoked gouda soup. This copper Vitamix is beautiful!

  77. Cheryl on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is an asparagus soup. A little onion and garlic sautéed with olive oil, a bunch of asparagus and stock to cover. Simmer until the asparagus is bright green. Purée. Add a slash of lemon juice. Serve hot.

  78. Jennifer on said:

    I’m new to your blog and excited about your cookbook—can’t wait to pick up a copy at my local indie store after work. My favorite blended recipe is your Chocolate Almond Breeze Smoothie. Such a yummy, satisfying vegan treat.

  79. Amber on said:

    My favourite thing is pesto. I love pesto. Then probably smoothies.

  80. Kylee on said:

    I love my roasted red pepper and sun dried tomato soup!

  81. jan on said:

    I love homemade salad dressings

  82. Heidi on said:

    Smoothies definitely. But good to make tomato sauce out of home grown heirloom and bottled tomatoes!

  83. Amy on said:

    I love blending soaked raw cashews for sauces and salad dressings. Especially lemon tahini garlic dressing. Goes so well with creamy blended raw cashews!

  84. I love all the inspiring blended recipes on Love and Lemons. My go-to in the blender is making fresh herb salad dressings and pesto!

  85. Carrie from on said:

    Soups. Fast, easy, and so good! I also love the peach/ginger smoothie from the Love and Lemons cookbook. Ginger always makes me happy!

  86. Barbara Bass on said:

    Sauces and smoothies and soups and anything else I can think of.

  87. Natasha on said:

    I recently made a “cheesecake” with bananas and cashews, sweetened with honey and dates. The blender made it possile, but I had to do it in batches because my blender isnt that powerful. It turned out yummy, on a pressed date and walnut crust. I set up in the freezer.

  88. Kelley on said:

    My favorite is a butternut squash soup with maple sausage. It’s so yummy!!

  89. Susan on said:

    I love smoothies with lots of spinach!

  90. Jennifer on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a golden milk smoothie made with low fat coconut milk (the canned variety), fresh grated nutmeg, ginger, a very small pinch of cayenne, and turmeric. It is soooo good and great for you!

  91. JoeyfromSC on said:

    This is an awesome blender! I’ve wanted one for forever lol

    My fave blended recipe is a smoothie I make :

    Frozen bananas, organic cocoa powder, peanut butter, chia seeds, & honey or maple syrup!
    Easy & delicious!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  92. Morgen on said:

    I love soups! Carrot ginger, butternut apple, tomato basil! Endless possibilities!!!

  93. Carrie on said:

    My daily hot chocolate! Two dates, two tablespoons cacao powder, 1 cup hot water, 1/4 cup raw cashews. Blend away and enjoy!

  94. Cathryn Garrett on said:

    Hemp seed dill dressing, soups, and cashew cheese…yum!

  95. Jennifer B on said:

    I’m loving green smoothies with the warmer temps. I usually add a frozen banana, frozen spinach, almond milk, ice cubes, peanut butter powder, and Vega chocolate protein powder, then add cacao nibs at the end for an extra chocolaty crunch. So good.

  96. Sarah from on said:

    I have wanted a vitamix for so many years, but I just simply cannot afford one! I would make brazil nut milk first, I think. I heard it tastes like liquid cashmere.
    I have a trust old blender at home now, but I wouldn’t dare fill her with nuts!

  97. Gretchen on said:

    Summer is just around the corner, and I love making my mother’s Gazpacho recipe. She has sent me the recipe numerous times – but each summer I ask for it again because it’s kind of like tradition now.

  98. Emily on said:

    My family not only loves the classic banana, Greek yogurt, lavender honey, raspberry, ice, & blueberry smoothie – they appreciate the nutritious benefits, beautiful color & person making it!

  99. Ems on said:

    That matcha vanilla smoothie L & L introduced me to!

  100. theresea on said:

    What a giveaway!!! Very kind of you. I definitely enjoy your soups! There’s not a bad recipe in the bunch:)

  101. Christy S. on said:

    I so want a Vitamix. I would make smoothies, soups and nut butters first.

  102. Maggie from on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a chicory root latte with almond butter, chlorella and coconut milk. It is a killer replacement for people weaning themselves off caffeine!

  103. katie on said:

    I would use the blender to make large batches of the dressings, specifically for the radicchio cups recipe! I jut made it and it was amazing! Feta + quinoa add a nice flavor.

  104. Caitlin Melvin on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is vegan nacho cheese with cashews, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, and nutritional yeast ! I put it on top of everything — veggie burgers, nachos, baked potatoes, tacos, etc.

  105. Caroline on said:

    Banana, spinach, pumpkin, almond butter, and cacao smoothie with a dash of cinnamon and pink himalayan salt, blended with homemade almond milk!

  106. Colleen Heater on said:

    Blended smoothies with spinach/kale, spirulina, ground barley, coconut water, blueberries, banana, and any fruit that is in season.

  107. ali on said:

    would love a vitamix to replace my ancient blender….. nut butters, nut milks, pestos……

  108. Alanna Dragomnovich on said:

    I love the creamy white bean and tomato soup! Even though it’s (finally) warming up here in Austin I still eat it almost once a month.

  109. Mari on said:

    I love to make a faux Alfredo sauce for pasta dishes, and I make cashew sour cream all the time. It’s so easy, and it’s great if you can’t or don’t eat dairy. We go through a lot of cashews, and I just bought a case of tofu for puddings and salad dressings.

  110. Cherie on said:

    My favorite is the Glowing Green Smoothie. Great recipe to amp up greens for glowing skin. I definitely see a difference after a week 🙂

  111. Mary from on said:

    I do a lot of smoothies in my blender. But my favorite go-to recipe using my blender is a blender salsa. I just throw in a can of stewed tomatoes (such great flavor in a salsa), some cilantro, green onions, jalopeno, garlic, canned diced green chili, salt and pepper, and pulse a few times. Best salsa ever!

  112. Kristi on said:

    I love to blend coconut milk, kale, protein powder, banana, mango, matcha green tea powder and an apple for my breakfast

  113. Brenda Murphy from on said:

    Morning power smoothies!

  114. Aundrea on said:

    Cauliflower soup!

  115. Alyce on said:

    My favorite blender recipe is any blended soup. I almost always start with a basic mirepoix in olive oil or butter. Then depending on the veg, may add some sliced or large chunked garlic (no chopping required since it’s all going in a blender). If I want to go Indian in flavor, I will add some combination of curry powder, cumin, coriander, garam masala, and or turmeric. I add a quart of water and then whatever veg I have on hand. Simmer for 10-15 minutes till veggies are soft and into the blender they go. If I want fresh herbs, I will ad them at the puree stage to keep the flavor bright and fresh. Quick and easy soup for any day of the week. For enhanced veggie flavor, I might a couple of veg bouillon cubes or use veg stock or broth.

  116. Amy from on said:

    I love making hollandaise sauce in the blender!

  117. allie shields on said:

    Favorite blended recipe is a smoothie! Especially now as the weather is getting warmer, we love to blend fruits and vegetables with rice milk (my husband is lactose intolerant and allergic to almonds) to make a sweet and satisfying dish. And it’s something our 11 month old can enjoy with us!

  118. Mary Beth Hunt on said:

    Slushy Fruit Vodka somethings 🙂

  119. Sara Kuhlman from on said:

    My favorite blended recipe sounds kind of funny, but it’s SO GOOD. Basically it’s a pesto made with strawberries and blended with fresh basil and oil. Then you add it to pasta with chopped cucumber and more fresh basil. I got the recipe from Daily Garnish … it’s so unique and refreshing!

  120. Melanie A. on said:

    What a great giveaway! I love making a ‘whole juice’ with green apple, spinach, lemon, and ginger. So tasty!

  121. Diane Budy on said:

    My favorite thing to whir up is a fresh, zingy pasta Sauce.
    A few fresh heirloom tomatoes, roughly chopped
    A handful of fresh basil
    A couple cloves of freshly peeled garlic
    A generous pinch of salt
    A bit of white pepper
    A bit of cayenne pepper

    Blend till smooth. Pour over hot pasta. Enjoy it right down to the slurpy goodness that pools at the bottom of your bowl.

  122. Jenn on said:

    Lots and lots of smoothies. My current favorite is frozen banana, almond milk, cinnamon, and peanut butter. Such a decadent treat.

  123. Beth F on said:

    My favorite thing to make is a smoothie with beets, spinach, carrots, green apple, ginger, and lemon

  124. Suzanne Bergmann on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is when I combine roasted red peppers and roasted tomatoes to make a delicious creamy soup–without any cream! It is tasty and healthy.

  125. Katie B on said:

    I love that vitamix color! My favorite blended recipe to make is a traditional hummus. Yummy!

  126. Bryn Asher on said:

    Green smoothies, or a butternut squash soup!

  127. Sydna Marshall on said:

    My favorite blended recipes are typically soup. I’ve found an apple cheddar butternut squash bisque that’s to die for! The carrot soup in your cookbook looks amazing!

  128. Danielle on said:

    Hi! One of my favorite blended recipes is a Carrot Ginger Tofu Soup. Very simple, quick recipe what includes things like carrots, onion, garlic, ginger and tofu. I swapped the chicken stock with veggie stock (Rapunzel Organic Powdered veggie broth which is great in a pinch if you don’t have homemade b/c you can measure out what you need so there’s no waste.) The soup is super creamy thanks to the tofu. My boyfriend said it was the best soup he’d ever had, better than any restaurant soup. He doesn’t typically like tofu so I “failed” to mention it was in there:) Now I can’t wait to try your roasted cauliflower and red pepper soup! Just received the cookbook as a gift and can’t wait to start cooking. Been making your recipes for years. They are my absolute faves and I’m not saying that to try and win a blender. Seriously, thank you for inspiring such delicious, healthy eating!

  129. Fern on said:

    Been recently on a peanut butter and banana smoothie kick! A vitamix would be perfect!

  130. Jeri on said:

    My current favorite is blended coffee: hot coffee, coconut oil, cinnamon, cocoa and honey. Creamy and delicious w/out dairy!

  131. Janice on said:

    Hemp seed dressings and cashew cheese!

  132. Brittany on said:

    Almond milk!

  133. Johanne Rosenthal on said:

    An avocado crema that my family begs me to make. Also thai peanut sauce(I could put that on anything.).Oh yes and cold sounds in the summer, especially a filled cucumber soup that has them swooning.

  134. Hilde on said:

    Blueberry – Peach Smoothie = Best Breakfast Ever! I’d love to be able to blend it so it is velvety smooth!

  135. Lara on said:

    I’m pregnant so smoothies are my go to breakfast 🙂
    Sip slowly… Feel energized all morning without the nausea of a ‘meal’.

  136. emma on said:

    Definitely banana ice cream with peanuts, coconut shavings, and chocolate chips. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!

  137. Ashley on said:

    Hi! I love blending green, tropical-inspired smoothies. Thanks for entering me for the Vitamix — I love your blog and cookbook!!

  138. CJ on said:

    Smoothies are my favorite right now . . . almond milk, avocado, cocoa powder, vanilla, protein powder. Would LOVE this new blender – the lid on mine is broken. 🙁

  139. Mariana on said:

    My favorites at the moment are the poblano cashew crema, which I’ve been using to top on tacos as well as various seafood tostadas! And my all time favorite breakfast, kale, chia, pineapple, Apple and lime smoothie

  140. Kristin on said:

    We love making fresh cashew and almond milks! We also make protein shakes daily and make lots of soups! Our current blender us about to go so we’ve been using an immersion blender lately.

  141. Holly on said:

    Smoothies! Especially some healthy ones for the kids.

  142. Brigid on said:

    Thai spiced coconut and almond butter sauce! 1/3 cup almond butter, 1/3 cup coconut milk, tablespoon curry paste and tablespoon soy sauce. Finish with cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime. So good on soba or rice noodles with any veggies tossed in! Tastes amazing warm or cold!

  143. Cindy on said:

    I make my son smoothies. He’s 32 and disabled and lives with me. He’s very picky and doesn’t eat the most nourishing foods. So I make this with honey, oats, yogurt, banana, spinach, frozen mixed berries and coconut milk. It’s the one thing he loves and I feel better knowing he has some good stuff going in:)

  144. Gabrielle on said:

    Favorite blend is pesto : basil, parm, walnuts, olive oil, and a tiny touch of truffle oil:)

  145. Monica on said:

    Smoothies. Smoothie. Smoothies!

  146. Adrian on said:

    My favorite is cocoa mousse
    1 avocado
    1/4 c. agave
    1/4 c. unsweetened cocoa
    1/4 c. almond milk
    1 t vanilla
    1 t instant espresso or coffee {optional}
    Blend and chill!……..Yummy

  147. Breezy on said:

    Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup! (with grilled cheese on the side of course…)

  148. Lynn Ripley on said:

    Love the vitamix for making the smoothest pureed roasted red pepper for my muhammara dip. Also for grinding soaked rice and dal for S. Indian dosas.

  149. Sarah on said:

    Curry!! I’ve made homemade curry that requires cooking down tomatoes and spices and then blending the stew for a sauce with a smooth consistency.
    Although, I don’t own a food processor or immersion blender, so I use my blender for just about everything!

  150. Kimi on said:

    My favorite blend is a sauce for veggies: lemon, tahini, olive oil, garlic, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, pepper flakes, warm water-Yum!

  151. Any salad dressing. Especially with silken tofu or cashews. Yum. Fooled even the most diehard fat-i-tarians!

  152. Mary on said:

    Love making smoothies, grating cheese, making all kinds of soups.I think my all time favorite is hummus…any kind!!! My husbands favorite is making peanut butter. Vitamix will make it all so much easier!!!

  153. Amy on said:

    Favorite blend is the simplest – banana ice cream! Frozen banana and coconut milk – with shredded coconut on top after blending. Quick and easy and healthy and delicious – just like all your recipes!

  154. Stephanie Darcy on said:

    Sweet Potato & Pear Soup w/ Sage! This recipe is simple, yet delicious. It packs some serious flavor without being weighed down with heavy cream.

  155. Rebecca on said:

    My everyday green smoothie – spinach, celery, cucumber, green apple, banana and/or yogurt, coconut almond milk, chia seeds, almond butter, cinnamon, and a splash of apple cider vinegar

    Delicious, refreshing smoothie to wake up with every morning!

  156. Lisa from on said:

    I haven’t had a blender in forever so I’ve been using the food processor which is both good and bad. I have a great roasted red pepper sauce for stuffed poblano chilis that I love. It would be nice to make it really smooth. The processor leaves it a little chunkier than I’d like.

  157. Kiralyn Davison on said:

    I couldn’t decide between two: the Minty Green Shamrock Shake Smoothie (all of the joy of childhood and none of the guilt) and the “Creamy” Sundried Tomato Soup (a favorite lunch staple of mine). SO amazing!
    I have to say, it would be awesome to have a blender that didn’t explode every time I hit “blend”… 😉

  158. julia from on said:

    Carrot Gazpacho 🙂 It would be so nice.

  159. Beetree on said:

    I was in Anthropologie over the weekend and spied your beautiful cookbook- congrats! 🙂 That vitamix is gorgeous! I would love to make some yummy soups (and sauces, and smoothies- they are all my faves!) in that beauty. Thanks for the giveaway!

  160. Renee Shannon on said:

    My favorite is the blended coffee. The new book is beautiful.

  161. Kathleen Jones from on said:

    Avocado cream sauce with pasta!

  162. kathy on said:

    i really like the chocolate avocado smoothie!!! i didnt think i would since i’m always a bit nervous with avocados.

  163. Rachel from on said:

    Favorite blended recipe – Manchmantel! It takes forever to roast everything and bring it all together but the end result is divine 🙂

  164. Autumn on said:

    I love making different types of pestos!!! There are so many options of ingredients to mix it up! 🙂

  165. Sarah Rose from on said:

    A Vitamix has been on my Wishlist forever, as I constantly use my mini food processor to make delicious avocado-Greek yogurt-cilantro dressing for tacos and salads. A blender just doesn’t do the trick for the smoothies I wish I could make for my breakfasts and continuing to eat clean. I’d absolutely love this Vitamix and would use it daily! 🌿🍌🍍🍓

  166. jessica on said:

    Winner! I mostly use my blender for protein shakes: protein, almond milk and ice!

  167. Sarah Graves on said:

    Smoothies with frozen fruit, almond butter, chia seeds, greek yogurt and oj!

  168. Rebecca Roeglin on said:

    Love making “green monster” smoothies for my little man thats 2 and me!
    He even helps!


  169. Lori on said:

    The kids have been asking latest for chocolate shakes – fat free cool whip, cocoa powder and chocolate milk, blended with a dash of condensed milk. Would lvelvelove a vitamix!!!

  170. christina on said:

    I make a tahini, apple cider vinegar, and turmeric dressing that’s good on everything!

  171. Julie on said:

    I’m obsessed with making cashew cheese! Having a vitamix would make it bomb.

  172. Megan Arth on said:

    My favorite blended dish was the parsnip curry soup! It was so delicious!

  173. rebecca on said:

    carrot quinoa oatmeal breakfast cookies! yum. except my blender has a rough time with.. ya know.. blending.. a vitamix would be a dream!

  174. Shelby F. on said:

    Chocolate cherry banana nice cream. Yum!

  175. Heidi on said:

    Ah! What doesnt taste good from a Vitamix? After going through some unidentified digestive issues, I’ve turned to an elimination diet for help – all of your creamy soups & smoothies from the cookbook have saved my meals! I am obsessed w the tomato, chickpea & coconut soup!!

  176. Christine on said:

    I love my post workout smoothies of kefir, berries and protein powder!

  177. Casey H on said:

    Chocolate Bananas Avocado Ice Cream! So good. Splash of almond milk to smooth it out, little vanilla extract, dash of lemon juice and BOOM! Guiltless ice cream.

  178. Victoria Lam on said:

    Creamy tomato soup with only 5 ingredients: olive oil, onions, garlic, tomatoes and basil. No cream added but is soo velvety smooth when blended!

  179. Donna A. on said:

    I like to make a Syrian dip called Muhammara out of roasted red peppers, walnuts and pomegranate syrup. Another favorite is Curried Pumpkin Soup.
    P.S. I could really use that Vitamix 😉

  180. Kelly Nickell on said:

    My favorite blended drinks comes from The Raw Deal in Menomine WI. They call it the funky monkey. It has almond milk, banana, almonds, and dates. So good!

  181. Erin on said:

    Green smoothies, soups and sauces. There is so much you can make in your blender!

  182. Alexa on said:

    I love making a great homemade salsa in the blender!

  183. Anik Nadeau on said:

    Always gelato….especially those with choc Olathe bases or heath toffee bits!

  184. Mary on said:

    Many times a week I blend a fruit smoothie with a banana, 1/2 cup of raw oats, a bit of almond milk, frozen blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple, and yogurt. Sometimes a add in some baby spinach or kale. Gross color but still tasty.

  185. Jess Chang on said:

    fresh island papaya, cold milk, and honey! simple, light, and refreshing!

  186. Charlotta on said:

    I absolutely love making healthy smoothie versions of my favourite sweets!
    Carrot cake smoothie (banana, Apple, ginger, carrot ,cardamom, cinnamon, almond butter, almond milk) or my chocolate mint smoothie with two layers ( mint, spinach, frozen banana, vanilla extract + banana, coco, maple syrup, chia seeds), I could go on forever, smoothies are my life! 😀
    Thank you for an amazing, inspiring blog! Love your recipes

  187. Gretchen Dillree on said:

    my favorite blended recipe is my daily super greens smoothie: spinach, lacinato kale, frozen blackberries, 1 banana, strawberry kefir, ground flax seed, maca powder, water. Great way to start the day!

    Would love to win this pretty and powerful vitamix!


  188. Taryn B. on said:

    I love blending up green smoothies and also Alfredo sauce made with cashews is the best!

  189. Susan Weinfurther on said:


  190. Michelle on said:

    I just started getting into blending more when my blender broke, so this would be perfect! At the moment my favs are pasta sauces and a chocolate avocado mousse/pudding — so good!

  191. sarah on said:

    all soups! I’m a soup fan and all the recipes are simply amazing!

  192. Natalie on said:

    Banana and Green Fig Ice “Cream”!!!!

  193. Elisabeth on said:

    My breakfast almost every day! A smoothie with banana, pineapple, coconut oil, chia seeds, juice of an orange, spinach, spirulina, and water!

  194. Zoe on said:

    My favorite blended food is a simple summer gazpacho–made with farmers market ingredients, lots of EVOO, and strained to make it smooth and creamy, Spanish-style.

  195. Mallory S. on said:

    I love doing a simple morning juice of kale, pineapple, lemon and mint!

  196. April Smith on said:

    I’ve never owned a Vitamix but I’m dying to make a creamy cauliflower soup– so delicious!

  197. Elizabeth from on said:

    Veggie smoothies and cauliflower sauce!

  198. Sarah Barnes on said:

    I love a green smoothie with spinach, kale, mango, banana, pineapple, & coconut water 💚

  199. sarah k on said:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite but one of them is a mixed vegetable soup.

  200. Mary B. on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is the one you just make up on the go.

  201. Abbie on said:

    Currently: loving blending my morning coffee with coconut oil, gelatin, and almond milk. Sort-of-bulletproof coffee. But once it’s nice and warm outside, definitely banana nice cream. I’ll even eat it for breakfast. ☺️

  202. Aileen Lee on said:

    my fave blended recipe right now is frozen banana ice cream! so easy and healthy, but my current blender has some difficulty trying to handle the frozen fruit .

  203. Adriana from on said:

    I love making Pitaya bowls in the morning. Pitaya, strawberries, banana, and coconut milk.

  204. Jennifer on said:

    I love making tropical smoothies- banana, mango, and pineapple with some spinach and almond milk! I also love making blended sauces and dips with cashews!

  205. Marina on said:

    This would be used daily at our house! Protein smoothies in the morning, soups for lunches, and salad dressing/vegan cheese dips/pestos for dinner! Fingers crossed that we win!

  206. Cate on said:

    All the smoothie variations! They’re simple, but I love mixing and matching from the matrix at the back of the cookbook!

  207. Jeannie on said:

    Anything with avocado!

  208. Maggie on said:

    My morning smoothies and baby food for my son!!!

  209. Chloe on said:

    Cilantro salad dressing made with cilantro, olive oil, lime juice, s&p, and nutritional yeast!

  210. Amy on said:

    Green Smoothies for breakfast!

  211. Kaleigh on said:

    Everyday I make a smoothie for breakfast! My favorite smoothie has caramel cashew milk, carob chips, frozen bananas, pb2 powder, kale & hemp seed. My current blender leaves me chewing the kale from my smoothie…. this is actually my 2nd blender in 2 years because I blend everyday & most blenders can’t keep up!

  212. Rhiannon Buehne on said:

    Any kind of healthy smoothie!

  213. Lian from on said:

    Morning coffee smoothies!
    Fresh coffee, bananas, peanut butter, soy milk, cocoa powder, and soy milk. 🙂

    • Kristin from on said:

      I love energy soup in the Vitamix – kale apple celery orange lemon avocado – throw in a dash of cayenne and pinch of garlic for a powerhouse breakfast lunch or dinner.
      Make it I 3 minutes if you have mise en place ready!

  214. Kim Dixon on said:

    What a great giveaway @loveandlemons and @vitamix. Wouldn’t that beautiful Vitamix look fabulous in my kitchen!
    Any combination of fruits and vegs blended with protein powder are high on my list of delicious shakes. If I had to narrow down the option then this is it… frozen blueberries, avocado, fresh spinach, plain Greek yogurt, chocolate protein powder and water. YUM!

  215. Arien on said:

    Banana nicecream with blueberries, dates, and walnuts!

  216. Dianna on said:


  217. Kate on said:

    Peanut butter, banana, chocolate smoothie bowls! Tastes like dessert for breakfast!

  218. Sarah Y on said:

    My fave blended recipe is the Love and Lemons Corn Chowder! I usually blend half of the soup to add back for a creamy yummy texture!

    Side note, I LIVED off of that soup when I was newly postpartum and my nursing baby’s immature GI system required me to have a dairy-free soy-free diet to continue breastfeeding! Thank you!

  219. Lu on said:

    Green smoothies! kale, avocado, spinach, banana, almond milk, flax or chia seeds!

  220. Meg on said:

    Moosewood Carrot and Ginger Soup

  221. leah on said:

    soups and sauces

  222. Krista Cure on said:

    Butternut squash soup

  223. Tricia Whitaker on said:

    I feel like you can’t go wrong with a butternut squash soup! It’s one of the only soups I prefer totally smooth!

  224. Ursula on said:

    Berry smoothies with pineapple and orange juice for balance!!

  225. I love to make green smoothies and I know this beautiful copper vitamix would make it even easier! One of my favs is a mix of spinach, kale, bananas, and pineapple!

  226. K Burke on said:


  227. Niki on said:

    Carrot gazpacho!!

  228. Victoria on said:

    A smoothie with frozen bananas, cold brew, almond milk, and cocoa powder. Sometimes I’ll add cinnamon and almond butter too.

  229. CJ on said:


  230. Hayden on said:

    What a beautiful Vitamix! I am currently obsessed with blending up your roasted beet hummus 💕 It’s so tasty, not to mention that gorgeous color and full of nutrients.

  231. Rachel Stein on said:

    Gazpacho–in the summer when the tomatoes are really flavorful!

  232. Whitney Brown on said:

    I make a cilantro and shallot dressing that I drizzle on everything. Delicious!

  233. Tenney Verkamp on said:

    Fruit and spinach smoothies!!!

  234. Kelsey on said:

    Spicy veggie and bean soup made from leftover sautéed or roasted veggies and rice! Throw it all the blender with a chile or good hot sauce and it’s an entirely different meal – never boring 🙂

  235. Morgan Walker from on said:

    I would most definitely make my Aunt Peggys Pumpkin Curry Soup — its filling and so yummy! She shared the story of her soup with me for my blog. Its such a treasure to learn new recipes from all the influential home cooks near and dear to me.

    You can see the recipe & story here:

    <3 Morgan

  236. Susie on said:

    I would love to make smoothies and soups with this! I love making gazpacho to beat the summer heat and this would be perfect for it!!! And it would be a lot smoother than making it in a blender (which is what I’m currently doing)

  237. Marissa Winchester on said:

    Gazpacho, Gazpacho, Gazpacho! THE. BEST.

  238. Maryn Thomas on said:

    My favorite thing to make is pesto!

  239. Lauren on said:

    I drink on average about 3 smoothies a day. My freezer has only frozen fruit and ice in it. My favourite recipe is strawberries, pineapple, coconut milk, vanilla protein, coconut oil and spinach.

  240. Elise on said:

    I would love to use this new VitaMix to whip up a delicious acai bowl! Now that it’s warmer out, it’s all I’m craving!!

  241. Erin H on said:

    I love making vegan blended coffee drinks with almond milk ice cubes! They’re similar to frappucinos from Starbucks but healthier and better tasting!

  242. Becca on said:

    We love a smootthis in our house. That copper Vitamix is to die for! And your new on my “short list”!

  243. Micki on said:

    I don’t blend things too too often, but we just made the “Many-Herb Sauce” from the cookbook and it was fantastic! We used basil, cilantro, and tarragon as the recipe suggested and I can’t way to try so many other combinations!

  244. Carla on said:

    my favorite smoothie lately has banana, avocado, pineapple, spinach, and some hemp seeds for extra protein!

  245. Ron on said:

    Kale, frozen strawberries and/or bananas and chocolate protein powder. Almost every morning!

  246. Georgia on said:

    Gazpacho soups! Perfect on a hot summer day!

  247. Kendra on said:

    Oh man…smoothies…pesto…cashew cream…so many options!

  248. I make a vegan cheese sauce with Tahini and Nutritional Yeast and garlic and sesame oil and some other top secret ingredients… ☺️ Nutrient dense and addicting. Sure wish I could have a vitamin at home!

  249. Teagan on said:

    I’m going to have to agree with Anna (and a few others) – your recipe for creamy sun-dried tomato soup is my favourite!

  250. Lisa from on said:

    You can’t go wrong with a good smoothie, but my absolute favorite is a Turkish red lentil soup. It can be left chunky, but it’s so lovely and creamy when blended.

  251. Raphaelle on said:

    Carrot ginger soup! Especially when fighting a cold.

  252. Debra from on said:

    I love all of your creations! My favorite smoothie though is the green tea cucumber. Thanks for all of your experiments they have transformed my healthy eating/vegan menu!

  253. Sarah on said:

    Pasta sauce!

  254. Marissa on said:

    I love blending homemade sauces for pasta! For example, roasted red pepper.. delicious!

  255. Sam on said:


  256. Kristina on said:

    Green smoothies or cold Spanish gazpacho. Yum! Thank you! Xoxo

  257. Sierra on said:

    Minty Green Shamrock Shake Smoothies!

  258. Amandeep on said:

    Green glow smoothie, with kale and pineapple for sweetness. I always add beauty chef supplements to them too.

  259. Elizabeth on said:

    Chickpea blondies!!

  260. I LOVE making almond milk!! Lavender is my favorite and I have always wanted to make it in a Vitamix!! How much better would that taste!

  261. Robyn Dietz on said:

    new smoothie every morning – right now I am taking whatever fruits + veggies I have and adding a little tahini + chia seeds.

  262. Hannah on said:

    I’m obsessed with the roasted cauliflower tacos with chipotle cream sauce from your new cookbook! so good! My favorite thing to make in a blender is a green smoothie for breakfast with whatever ingredients I have on hand. I always include spinach, banana, chia seeds and almond milk and then add in other fruit for a sweeter smoothie or vegetables if I overindulged the weekend before.

  263. Katherine on said:

    Simple as it may be…… strawberry banana smoothie

  264. Karen on said:

    I am so excited that I discovered your blog and your cookbook. I have been going through your cookbook and trying the recipes. Everything I have made so far is wonderful! As for blended recipes, I admit, that my one of my favorites is the Cherry Cacao Smoothie!

  265. Christina on said:

    Love making cashew creams as a cream cheese replacement and other cheesy things!

  266. OMG that blender is so gorgeous!! While I do love smoothies, I really love your miso brussels sprouts pasta recipe from the book. I will be making that again and again.

  267. Caitie on said:

    My favorite blending recipe is frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, almond butter, flax seed, almond milk, yogurt and granola!

  268. June Van Steinburgh on said:

    Roasted tomato and garlic soup!

  269. Nicoletta Mi on said:

    My breakfast shake:
    1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 TBS flax seeds, 1 tea Chia Seeds, 1 TBS shredded coconut, 1 TBS maple syrup, 1TBS rolled oat, 1 cup coconut milk.

  270. Theresa on said:

    Probably roasted pepper bell hummus & bazil nut and rocket pesto! Best wishes from Germany x

  271. Lesley on said:

    Gazpacho! I’m just a soup nut (pun intended, hahaa) and as the days get warmer, gazpacho is a MUST. I’m constantly sending your recipes to my gluten free & veggie friends—thanks for all the flavors!

  272. Gina guthrie on said:

    Anything from smoothies to soups.

  273. Daniela on said:

    Butternut squash soup with browned butter and sage

  274. nuria on said:

    My fav blended recipe has to be a veggie burger made of chickpeas and sweet potatoes. What makes it super yummy is all the spices and textures: cumin, mint, paprika, onion, mustard seeds and some Tahini with parsley to top them up, alongside a side of roasted asparagus and broccoli.

  275. Jackie M on said:

    Cilantro pesto! Delicious and good for you.

  276. Carrie Brown from on said:

    I love to blend up soups like broccoli cheddar or any butternut squash soup. Lately I’ve been blending up a variety of green + protein smoothies to be a healthier me!

  277. Rachel Whitley on said:

    Oh my, I don’t usually do this, but that blender is a dream! One of my favorite blender recipes is a puréed carrot, parsnip, and coconut milk soup. It has just the right amount of sweet heat, thanks to the rich coconut flavor and just a touch of spicy red chili paste. <3 Thanks for sharing your beautiful recipes and photographs!

  278. Jason P. on said:

    Best blended recipe is one of simplicity: creamy cashew milk, powdered peanut butter, cacao powder, hazelnut extract, and decaf instant coffee. OMG, YUM.

  279. Diana on said:

    Smoothing my smoothies with Vitamin Kale.
    Enjoying new “Love and Lemons” cookbook.
    The pizza dough recipe is awesome. Ate it all up before we could get
    a photo shot!

  280. Lindsey on said:

    Any smoothie or sauce that starts with an avocado or two!

  281. Kenzie from on said:

    PESTO of any variety. I love the L&L recipe for carrot top pesto – what a genius way to use a vegetable part that so often gets composted.

  282. Jess on said:

    Favorite blended foods are banana ice cream, smoothies, and hummus!!!

  283. Abby on said:

    All types of soups in the winter and smoothies with spinach tossed in in the summer!

  284. Jessica P on said:

    Soup! Particularly the Tomato Chickpea & Coconut…mmm!

  285. Zoe Rose from on said:

    I make smoothies almost every morning- my favorite is just frozen blackberries and strawberries with yogurt and honey! My current blender is pretty wimpy, a vitamix would be life changing!!

  286. Janet on said:

    I love a blended salsa verde with avocado

  287. Alan Finkelstein on said:

    Great job on your site. Nice Vitamix too. I do coconut water, spinach, mangoes, banana and chia seeds oh and an apple for a smoothie in the morning.

  288. Gabrielle on said:

    I LOVE blending frozen bananas, some nut butter, maybe a little agave or maple syrup, and ice together to make a non dairy frozen treat. So delicious in the summer!

  289. Melissa K. on said:

    I “blend” my own WHOLE cashew milk….don’t need to strain off the pulp!

  290. ErinMK on said:

    Avocado shake! Made with almond milk and honey

  291. Mindy S. on said:

    avocado + pear + spinach + coconut milk + vanilla protein power. YUM!

  292. Peggy on said:

    I love your mojito smoothie – kale, mint, coconut water, and pineapple. I like to add ginger, too!

  293. Kristina on said:

    My favorite blender recipe is a Lemon and Artichoke Hummus. The lemon and artichoke hearts marry beautifully in a way that reflects everything I love about spring. Spread the hummus on crostini and garnish with a bit of goat cheese…heaven!

  294. Melissa from on said:

    I love making a tropical inspired smoothie with pineapple, coconut, and matcha!

  295. Larissa on said:


  296. Lisa Magee on said:

    Just made raw tahini oat cookies! So many great uses for a blender!

  297. Breanne on said:

    The Creamy Miso Brussels Sprout Fettuccini is on my meal list for this week! Hoping my blender can make the creamy sauce…so winning that vitamix would be fantastic for the future!

  298. Brianna on said:

    I love making my own Coconut Milk in the blender… and that would be so much better in a Vitamix!! I also love making the pumpkin pasta recipe in your book Yum!

  299. Christi Moisant on said:

    My favorite thing to mix up is a Carrot, Ginger, Roasted Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup. Sooooooooo good. A dollop of creme fraiche and it’s all good. Would love to try more with that fab Vitamix.

  300. Jessica on said:

    I love a good vichyssoise with chives on a hot summer day! yum yum!

  301. Alyson from on said:

    I love making cream of broccoli soup.

  302. Jessica Mark on said:

    Squash Apple coconut milk soup! Also doubles as an easy pasta sauce!

  303. anastacia Mosher on said:

    I love using my blender for quick sauces.I love a good chimchurri, pesto, or homemade tomato sauce.

  304. Kris on said:

    Frozen bananas, honey and pumpkin.

  305. Danielle on said:

    Creamy tomato soup! To go with a grilled cheese no doubt !

  306. Joe on said:

    Green smoothie with spinach, matcha, banana, mango, pineapple, almond butter, and chia seeds

  307. Leticia on said:

    Smooth, creamy soups! I have been wanting one of these and after I tried my friend’s cream of mushroom soup and asparagus soup, I want it even more!

  308. Kerianne Taves on said:

    Awesome giveaway! I love raw cashew cheesecake 🙂

  309. Carina on said:

    Where to begin…I’ll go with a cilantro hummus that I learned to make while working in Ghana. I ate hummus on everything…as a salad dressing, as a sauce, and maybe even just on a spoon. It’s that good!

  310. Elyse on said:

    Smoothies, pesto, hummus, mayo!

  311. Cristy de la Portilla on said:

    Currently my favorite blended recipe is a chia chocolate smoothie. I know it’s somewhat boring, but it’s because my cheap blender can’t handle anything more complicated than that. Hoping a Vitamix will open the doors to some amazing blender recipes!

  312. Alexandria on said:

    While I love the tomato and white bean soup recipe you posted last winter, my favorite smoothie recipe is a carrot ginger turmeric one that includes pineapple and banana! Hoping to win this contest as I’m currently blender-less and full of smoothie/soup cravings.

  313. Katelyn on said:

    Green smoothies and non dairy ice cream!! 🙂

  314. shawna klein on said:

    Hi! I love your mango/matcha blended smoothie recipe. It’s delicious and refreshing! I’m a big fan of your blog and cookbook. Keep the recipes coming!

  315. Erin on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is an acai bowl with berries and bananas, protein powder, and sometimes some greens!

  316. Erin Compton-Schemmel on said:

    Smoothies! Every morning we make smoothies with fruit, Greek yogurt, and spinach. Sometimes we even get a bit feisty and toss in some oats, nuts or seeds 😉

  317. Tess on said:

    Mango strawberry smoothies all day every day!! Xoxox

  318. Cassie from on said:

    My husband and I make smoothies every morning! I love a peach spinach banana flax smoothie, and Nate loves a strawberry banana peanut butter version. The copper Vitamix is beautiful!

  319. Jane on said:

    love to make pitaya smoothies with fresh fruit and coconut milk! and chia or flax seeds for extra crunch 🙂

  320. Christi R on said:

    Pesto and hummus are to close to call as our favorites.

  321. Kat VS on said:

    I love blender gazpacho with home grown tomatoes in the summer. Banana, date and almond butter smoothie all other days!

  322. Kirsten K from on said:

    I love to blend up different vinaigrettes with olive oil, garlic, basil or cilantro. They brighten up any dish!
    Love your site & your new book.

  323. Sarajane on said:

    Pesto made with extra lemon!

  324. Colleen on said:


  325. Nora on said:

    Butternut squash soup!

  326. beth on said:

    i love making vegan cauliflower alfredo. my whole family enjoys it, but we’re still perfecting our version. thanks for the chance! can’t wait to get my copy of your book!

  327. gina on said:

    Being in an Italian-American family, I think my all-time favorite is pesto – although lately I have had an healthy obsession with green goddess dressing. I love it so much I could drink it!!

  328. Alicia Cannell on said:

    Gazpacho in the summer is heaven!

  329. Veronica Darrah on said:

    I make smoothies daily for my kids, and we have blended soups often for dinner.

  330. Virginia on said:

    Oh my word, my dream appliance! Blended soups are a weekly staple at our house, our current favorite being a vegan broccoli soup with cashews, Yukon gold potatoes, onion, veggie broth and spices. It is wonderful!

  331. Kiki on said:

    Healthy and easy for any time of day: Frozen strawberries, banana, protein powder, water and ice!

  332. Samantha on said:

    Love a good carrot or mushroom soup and of course green smoothies, too many recipes to choose just one.

  333. Melissa Hill on said:

    I’m currently addicted to the ‘dump ranch’

  334. Meg sexton from on said:

    I’m such a “nice cream” nut! I love blending up a healthy post dinner treat!

  335. Heather on said:

    I love strawberry & banana smoothies!

  336. Jackie C on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a smoothie I make every morning with spinach, pineapple, mango, and almond milk.

  337. Karis from on said:

    My current favorite blended recipe is your berry and mint smoothie. I have been making this the past two weeks and I am obsessed…so is my cat! I could really use a new blender as mine is currently borrowed from a friend’s mother. Thank you for also showing different variations on many recipes! Helpful for us newbies.

  338. Jen on said:

    Acai bowls (frozen acai, almond milk, banana) topped with banana, rawnola, almond butter and coconut flakes! 🙂

  339. Franzy on said:

    We love making vegan chocolate pudding. Almond milk, chia seeds, cashews, oats, peanut butter, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla extract, sea salt, dates. It gets this really nice texture if you let it sit for half an hour after blending 🙂

  340. Sherry Libby on said:

    I make smoothies everyday and soups several times a week with my very old Vitamix.

  341. Ania from on said:

    My favorite blending recipe is frozen strawberries, pesto and all sorts of smoothies!

    • Ania from on said:

      Forgot to add, congratulations on your beautiful book <3

  342. Morgan G on said:

    My favorite is onion, parsnip, cauliflower soup with a nice garlicky kick!

  343. Rebecca VanGuilder on said:

    Hello Love and Lemons! I absolutely love smoothies, but not as much as I love your blog! My go to smoothie is made with Coconut milk, two TBSP crunchy almond butter, a frozen banana, as much spinach as I can fit, a TBSP of flax seed and a solid squeeze of honey.

  344. Glennda P on said:

    Green smoothies every morning! A great way to start the day

  345. Sarah on said:

    Green smoothies! I’ve broken two blenders in a year– I need a Vitamix!!

  346. Melissa H on said:

    My favorite thing to make in my blender is Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake – Cashew cream, raspberries, agave, lemon peel, water, and a little pinch of salt! So yummy and having a good blender makes all the difference!

  347. Geena on said:

    wow I love the copper! So hard to choose 1 favorite blended recipe… it would have to be making vegan cheez sauce for macaroni and cheez or nachos using potatos, carrots, onions, nutritional yeast,cashews, and spices!

  348. Jennifer on said:

    Banana “ice cream” with cacao nibs, almond butter and coconut. Summer in a bowl!!


  349. Corrie on said:

    Soup with butternut squash, carrots, apples and turmeric! Or green smoothies with ALL the goodies (hemp, bee pollen, chia, spirulina)!!

  350. Lindsay on said:

    I love making blender muffins with almond butter, oats, bananas and almond milk. So delicious and my toddler loves them!

  351. Lisa Meredith on said:

    Homemade salad dressings! This past weekend it was dijon mustard with maple syrup, champagne vinegar, olive oil, chopped shallots, salt and pepper…served it over baby butter lettuce and spinach with thinly sliced shallot, blackberries, grape tomatoes, and maple syrup candied cashews! Yum!

  352. Catherine on said:

    Mango Lassi Slushie. Cool, tangy and refreshing.

  353. Anne Wallace from on said:

    Oooh la la! Copper Vitamix??? Thanks for this copper opportunity!

    I make a smoothie with coconut yogurt, lime juice, pineapple, ginger, and oj..a dash of fresh mint at times and a squirt or two of agave when want it a tad sweeter. My go to at the moment.

    Reading The Vitamix Cookbook right now and dreaming!

    Love your new cookbook I just picked up at Powell’s in Portland from their cookbook store. Your’s stood out in the crowd!!!

  354. Lindsay Beaver on said:

    I love this smoothie recipe from Runner’s World:

    1 cup dried figs
    2 cups hot brewed coffee
    1 cup plain Greek yogurt
    2 bananas
    ¼ cup almond butter
    ¼ cup cocoa powder
    ½ tsp. cardamom
    2 tsp. vanilla
    6 cups almond milk

    Soak dried figs in hot brewed coffee for 30 minutes. Blend with Greek yogurt, bananas, almond butter, cocoa powder, cardamom, and vanilla until smooth. Pour into 12 muffin cups and freeze until solid. Blend 1 cup almond milk with 2 smoothie cups for each smoothie. Makes 6 smoothies.

  355. Sara Panchaud on said:

    Pesto! Pesto! Pesto!

  356. Dora Duong on said:

    Currently hand blending an almond milk acai bowl base, topped with granola, berries, banana and local honey!

  357. Lili Hastings on said:

    I am addicted to a recipe from the Spinach4lunch gals. A tropical smoothie with pineapple, mangos, lime. I add fresh ginger, baby spinach, kale and spiced vanilla chai protein powder! It’s amazing.

  358. Kate on said:

    Smoothies every day! Also we make a nice veggie dip with carrots, ginger, onion, olive oil & acv.

  359. claire tanner on said:

    Bananas, peanut butter, ice, chocolate, toasted coconut milk 😊😊

  360. Christine on said:

    Banana, Homemade Almond Butter, Maca, and Cacao Smoothie

  361. Lauren from on said:

    Classic green smoothie. Frozen berries, spinach, banana, coconut milk.

  362. Patricia on said:

    Frozen Bananas, soymilk, cocoa powder, 2 heaping spoons of peanut butter. Blend. Add frozen spinach if I want to feel healthy.

  363. Anna on said:

    Green smoothie with kale, spinach, banana, lemon, and almond milk!

  364. Anna from on said:

    Jeez that’s beautiful. I seriously think I’m in love with a blender. Oh blender food! I don’t know if I can choose… But if I had to, creamy miso turmeric dressing, or my favorite date shake would probably win out (best thing ever ice cold on a hot day)

  365. Daphnée Laflamme on said:

    aspargus, avocado, orange, lemon juice and basil, YUMMY 🙂

  366. Shannon on said:

    Summertime smoothies are a must in my house. I cannot make enough. We love your rainbow smoothie recipes with added almond butter.

  367. April Simpson from on said:

    My Favorite:
    1 cup coffee
    1/2 cup ice
    1/2 cup cashew milk
    1 scoop Vegan Chocolate Shakeology
    2 leaves Kale

    Blend until smooth!

  368. liz m on said:

    I have a smoothie problem – my go to breakfast, like your rainbow ones. I also love blended soups, especially carrot soup!

  369. Jill on said:

    Green smoothies!

  370. Elizabeth Stewart on said:

    I’m a sucker for a good smoothie – so that’s probably my FAVORITE blended recipe. But I also blend a lot of soups in the fall: squash, tomato, potato and more. So many uses when you have a good blender! 🙂 (And great inspo from sources like Love & Lemons)

  371. Barb on said:

    A smoothie every day, either for breakfast or as an afternoon pick me up

  372. We love the tropical fruit blend smoothies with spinach and kale

  373. shanna on said:

    at the moment and every morning, it’s a smoothie for my daughter and me. other times i love to make quick salsas or soups!

  374. Ryan on said:

    Homemade peanut butter with seashore honey!

  375. Lawrence on said:

    Definitely a chocolate smoothie!

  376. Nicole on said:

    Green smoothies!! Mint and cucumber with lemon and pineapple is outstanding!

  377. Olivia McDowell on said:

    My favorite blender recipe is literally any of the smoothies. I mean how can you pick just one they are all so amazing!

  378. Maggie Renshaw on said:

    Superfood ice creams that are dairy-, gluten-, and sugar-free (even unrefined)!

  379. Luis LEBRON on said:


  380. Sarah Lucht on said:

    I have fallen so hard for mango/spinach/banana smoothie bowls! They’re perfect for breakfast, afternoon snack, or late night snack. Mmm. This Vitamix would be so beautiful & perfect for making them!

  381. Taylor p from on said:

    Fav morning smoothie!
    Almond milk

  382. KelseyT from on said:

    Daily green smoothies and spinach & artichoke hummus!

  383. Lindsey on said:

    Non-fat Greek yogurt, mint, almond milk, dark chocolate chips, baby spinach, maple syrup and ice…taste just like Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookies!!

  384. Sarpreet from on said:

    Ginger, peanut and miso sauce with fresh cilantro for a great stir fry dressing!

  385. Sara on said:

    Kale, grapefruit and mango granita. Just delicious!!

  386. Aysegul from on said:

    WOW! Copper Vitamix.
    I am a huge fan of kale smoothies. <3

  387. Kate mai on said:

    I make a smoothie almost every morning. Would love this copper bad boy!

  388. Katja haugen on said:

    Vegan Mac n cheese sauce! Getting it creamy is the key

  389. Mariel Gaviola on said:

    I love making vegan pistachio banana ice cream with my boyfriend. Our relationship has really bloomed with our mutual love of wholesome vegan healthy cooking and we are always trying new recipes. This blender would be a dream to play around with an experiment with alongside him 🙂

  390. Caitlin on said:

    That is the prettiest vitamix ever! I love making smoothies for my son and baby food! I’d also love to try vitamix ice cream.

  391. Sam on said:

    I get extra excited about making any sort of pesto. I throw anything and everything I can in there

  392. Kristina on said:

    I love making cashew based sauces – anything cheesy!

  393. Alina Pina on said:

    I love blending strawberry, banana, spinach, Greek yogurt, almond butter smoothies!

  394. Nicole A on said:

    Any taco sauce! Your avocado tomatillo salsa and avocado yogurt sauce are a favorite for my husband and I.

  395. Alexis on said:

    I love to make soups, and your creamy sun dried tomato soup is my favorite!
    Thanks 🙂

  396. Christina on said:

    Kale, spinach, Apple, cilantro, pineapple and lime! My toddler actually loves it!

  397. Karla on said:

    A miso sauce that triples as salad dressing, marinade, and a cooked sauce.

  398. Anna on said:

    blenders make the best banana ice cream 🙂

  399. Janine on said:

    Salsa, smoothie bowls, pesto

  400. kelly on said:

    I love making your minty green shamrock smoothies 🙂

  401. Hannah on said:

    Definitely smoothies! (Although I had an amazing sundried tomato pesto the other day on a tempeh sandwich.) A go-to recipe for me is 1 c almond milk, 1 banana, 1 big handful of spinach, 1 T almond butter, 1 t chia seeds, 1/4 t cinnamon, and a pinch of nutmeg. Today I left out the spinach and added vanilla protein powder and strawberries though.

  402. Sara on said:

    Vegetarian chili

  403. natalie from on said:

    Hummus! I’ve perfected my recipe and blend up a batch weekly to keep in the house.

  404. Emily w on said:

    Berry smoothies, banana “soft serve,” and cheeses cauliflower soup. Yum!

  405. Jessica on said:

    Hummus, soup, smoothies…all of it!

  406. Sarah Wallen on said:

    Smoothies! Banana, berries and yogurt or spinach, banana, dates and cashew milk.

  407. Natalie S. on said:

    Nice cream with banana and mango!

  408. Jessica G on said:

    Sauces! Pesto, chimichurri, hollandaise, mayo.

  409. Amy Lucas from on said:

    My favorite favorite FAVORITE blended recipe is a kalamata olive tapenade. Actually its more of an aioli, but it is delicious and I put it on everything, but this stuff on warm, fresh bread is heaven. You basically just throw all the ingredients in the blender (or in my case a hand me down nutribullet), refrigerate for 30 minutes and voila! 1 cup pitted Kalamata olives, 1 pinch black pepper, 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese, 1⁄2 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 clove garlic, peeled, 3 or 4 leaves fresh basil, 1 cup light mayonnaise. Just thinking about it has made me decide that I need to whip some up tonight.

  410. Kate on said:

    Carrot ginger soup, kiwi strawberry spinach smoothies, and butternut squash rutabaga puree! getting hungry!!!

  411. Sarah Schmoker from on said:

    Homemade pesto! One of my favorite pesto recipes substitutes pistachios for the traditional pine nuts- perfect for pizza!

  412. Ana S on said:

    Gazpacho during the summer with tomatoes from the farmers markets is a must! Butternut squash soup during the winter months. And of course green smoothies for breakfast everyday.

  413. Jessie on said:

    Fruit and yogurt smoothies every morning for my kids!

  414. Billie on said:

    I love to make a coconut carrot ginger soup inspired by one I tried at a local vegan restaurant … would be so much easier if I had a Vitamix to heat it up in and didn’t have to transfer from the blender to a pot!

  415. Amanda Swanson on said:

    Mango, strawberry, banana and spinach smoothies were a game changer for me. I tried and failed to get my toddler to eat spinach in a variety of ways and finally found that I could throw a ton of spinach in a fruit smoothie, and she’d happily drink it. The smoothies also make great popsicles in the summer!

  416. Jessica Shade on said:

    My favorite thing to make in a blender right now is your cherry, blueberry and cacao smoothie recipe but the thing I make the most here lately is spinach, applesauce, and banana muffins. It is the only way I can get my two year old twins to eat any vegetables!

  417. Jess on said:

    What don’t I like to blend?! Carrot soup, hummus, smoothies and if I have leftover roasted veggies, I pop them in my blender and heat it up and it’s a yummy veggie soup!

  418. alicia szemon on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is my everyday strawberry banana chia smoothie(:

  419. I make a kale smoothie every day, and I absolutely love them. I use Unsweetened Almond Milk, a large handful of Lactino Kale leaves, a few Medjool Dates, Maple Syrup, Frozen Blueberries, a handful of ice, and a tablespoon of the following: Hemp Seeds, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds.
    It is refreshing and delicious.
    A change up would be to add Whey Protein Powder, and/or Matcha Green Tea.


  420. Hannah on said:

    Swiss Cauliflower soup!

  421. Ashley Teykl on said:

    I made a blended creamy zucchini soup with tons of fresh herbs! Delish!! 💝🎉💝

  422. Jennifer Wenzel on said:


  423. Chandra P. on said:

    Soups! Vegan broccoli soup made creamy with rice milk, AND a butternut squash veggie soup blended at the end for non-dairy creamy perfection.

  424. Glenne Stoll on said:

    smoothies from whatever fruit is in the house, unsweet almond-coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla or almond flavoring, plus a little red or black pepper. YUM

  425. Marci Semain on said:

    A yummy veggie soup that I make. You blend partner the mixture to add creaminess to the soup!

  426. Paula on said:

    The beet hummus! It’s perfect! And with a Vitamix it would be perfectly smooth!! Congrats on your book, your recipes are great!

  427. Halle on said:

    Any kind of blended veggie soup! Options are endless but some of my most favorites are roasted butternut squash w apples, spring peas & zucchini, roasted carrot, and broccoli! Smoothies are a given, too 😉

  428. Kristi L on said:

    pesto of all forms, kefir smoothies, hummus, & broccoli soup are the most frequent items in my blender.

  429. Kristina on said:

    Anything with spinach!!

  430. Lynn Hanson from on said:

    I am an artist and take a simple but nourishing powerful breakfast smoothie to my studio, keeps me going for a long time, and the protein keeps my sugar cravings at bay. Califia almond milk, 1-2 scoops Sunwarrior natural vegan protein powder (just hemp, pea, and goji berry), organic blueberries or strawberries, organic hemp or chia seeds, and a dash of almond extract! Love your blog, sent itntonmy daughter and she immediately ordered your book. She has a food blog as well, Meta Street Cafe/ Plein Oranges. Thank you!

  431. Ana on said:

    I really love a spinach, green tea, and homey smoothie in the morning, so good!

  432. Suruchi from on said:

    Obviously I’m partial to my green smoothie every morning, but I love treating myself with a chocolate mousse in the blender every once in a while (:

  433. Jamie on said:

    Favorite blended recipe is definitely the curry pumpkin soup! Love the new cookbook too!

  434. Alexis white on said:

    I have always wanted a vitamix! It would be so helpful to make all my favorite soup, smoothie and sauce recipes. Smoothies espicially. Right now my boys love sunrise smoothies: strawberries, watermelon, orange juice. I also add liquid calcium, protein powder, flax oil, and mct oil.

  435. Sara on said:

    Favorite blended recipe – right now, peanut butter banana post workout smoothie!

  436. Isabel on said:

    Oh so excited! My favorite blended recipe would have to be a rice porridge made with pine nuts. The ingredients are all blended up and then cooked over the stove–blending is key here! The finer the texture the silkier it will be 🙂

  437. Jessica on said:

    Green smoothies daily and roasted red pepper and feta hummus!

  438. Morgan Lemond on said:

    I love frozen coffees in the blender! Adding dark chocolate almond milk for a lighter mocha taste!

  439. Ashley Chew on said:

    I love making avocado-date pudding!! I like using dates because it makes it such a guilt free treat!!

  440. Stacey on said:

    My favorite is first blending 1 cup of kale and 1/2 cup of almond milk. Once that is blended add 1 cup of frozen banana and 1 cup of frozen pineapple and 1 tablespoon of chia seeds. Yum!

  441. Sarah on said:

    I make a pretty good smoothie to curb the sweet cravings with PB2 powder, Chocolate Vega powder, frozen banana, almond milk, a few pretzel sticks, and sugar free caramel syrup!

  442. Jeannette on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a tropical mango smoothie:
    Almond milk, fresh mango and coconut yogurt with a dash of cardamom and lots of ice – so good and so refreshing!

  443. Elizabeth on said:

    I love making the creamy cashew sauce for your butternut squash stuffed shells in my mother’s vitamix! The consistency is unlike anything else one could achieve in a normal blender!

  444. Jinan Munro on said:

    I LOVE blending smoothies during the hot summer months. My favorite combo is two cups of ice water, a cup of frozen berries (blackberries, blueberries and raspberries), two handfuls of spinach, a tablespoon of chia seeds, a tablespoon of Agave and a scoop of raw protein powder. Super filling and satisfies my sweet tooth!

  445. I’m on a big smoothie bowl kick lately, so that’s currently my favorite thing to blend- but I love making sauces too!

  446. Rachel on said:

    I love to blend up different variations on pesto – lately I’m loving spinach and basil with cotija – so salty and delicious.

  447. And the winner is…….from Denmark!!!!
    Thank you so much:-)

  448. Abby on said:

    creamy tomato-basil soup (and a grilled cheese!)

  449. Penelope on said:

    While I love my daily smoothies, in the spring, pestos with all kinds of different greens are a favorite!

  450. Erin on said:

    I love making soups and smoothies! My favorite soup is butternut squash. And my current fave smoothie is skinnytaste pb&j smoothie, which both my kids and I love!!

  451. Lia Petrozziello on said:

    Butternut squash mac and cheese (sauce in the blender)

  452. Jennifer from on said:

    fave smoothie: spinach + bananas + peanut buttter + mixed frozen berries + almond milk = delish!

  453. Laura on said:

    your “creamy” sundried tomato soup!

  454. Sarah on said:

    Cherry, pineapple and banana smoothie

  455. Paola on said:

    I love the minty green shamrock smoothie- it’s my morning go-to!

  456. Catherine on said:

    Fresh pesto made with herbs from my garden

  457. katy from on said:

    One of my favorite recipes to blend is a soup made of romaine lettuce, onions frozen peas, lots of parsley and vegetable stock; it’s vibrantly green and delicious, especially with a generous dollop of creme fraiche or Greek yogurt on top.

    I also love using a high-powered blender for nuts milks–it leads to a remarkably creamy texture.

  458. Lori Minzenmayer on said:

    Mango smoothie, arugula pesto and ginger pea purée.

  459. Tia DeShong on said:

    I love my blender so much that it travels with me when I’m on the road! And I use it for so much — soups, dressings, my morning smoothies, etc . My recent egg allergy diagnosis and the discovery of tofu quiches and frittatas has made my blender work harder than ever. Whip some tofu with some hummus, nutritional yeast, and some spices in the blender, mix the batter with some veggies, and bake. Easy nutrition, sans allergic reaction. Score. So good!!

  460. Dorissa Gursahaney on said:

    My absolute favorite blended recipe is the Tomato Bisque by Tal Ronen in his cookbook The Conscious Cook. So delicious!

  461. Rebekah from on said:

    Cashew cream has been a game changer for me in transitioning to a plant based diet! I get terrible migraine headaches from dairy and eggs learning to blend things like cashews to add into sauces and soups for the creamy texture is my favorite thing to blend! And that copper vitamix is so gorgeous – thank you for the awesome opportunity!! XO

  462. Mason on said:

    I am totally obsessed with banana ice cream! I could eat it every day…maybe every meal!

  463. Amy W on said:

    I love soups! Cheesy potato is my current favor.

  464. Abbie Christiansen on said:

    Copper Vitamix?!? Yes please! So many delicious possibilities.

  465. Bruce on said:

    simple and quick- homemade almond milk, greens, berries and lemon

  466. Ryan Beeson on said:

    My new favorite smoothie for cold season is strawberry mandarin ginger made with coconut milk! Absolutely perfect for the sore throat or depressed immune system!! Would be even better made in a beautiful copper Vitamix!!

  467. Sydney on said:

    Cashew cheese!

  468. Callie on said:

    My Granna makes the best squash bisque- need to start making it on my own 🙂

  469. Jill J on said:

    Romesco sauce with roasted red peppers – it’s so good.

  470. Laurie from on said:

    I love using a blender to make smoothies every morning for breakfast. Right now I’m using my 14 year old Magic-Bullet from college. I would LOVE to try a “real” blender like a Vitamix!

  471. Krista Sanderson on said:

    Sauce for cilantro rice! I just a blendeder almost daily for smoothies, soups and salad dressings. Would love a vitamix to be able to do so much more!

  472. Hilary on said:

    Love a green smoothie…
    Kale, spinach, green apple, cucumber, frozen pineapple, mint and coconut water. Plus, a dash of spirulina and hemp seeds.

  473. Lelia Williamson on said:

    Blueberry and banana Greek yogurt pancakes and cauliflower rice!

  474. Susanne on said:

    Hmmm, daily smoothies or White Bean Veloute? the latter because it was the first bean dish my eldest fell in love with. Cheers!

  475. Sarah Flynn on said:

    It’s a tie! Carrot ginger soup and green smoothies (kale, pineapple, and orange)!!!

  476. Chloe on said:

    Green smoothies!

  477. Kara from on said:

    The first time that I made hummus, I felt like a sorcerer.

  478. Stefanie on said:


  479. Jackie on said:

    Smooth & creamy soups! My current fav is roasted tomato blended with goat cheese. SO GOOD.

  480. Becca on said:

    I love making these little frozen treats – blending bananas and cashews together, along with any spices like cinnamon. Not sure of what to call them! 🙂

  481. Clare on said:

    My mom gave me a wonderful carrot-ginger soup recipe that is absolutely a go-to, plus it can be adapted to be vegan or non-!

  482. Emily Fortin on said:

    My roommate and I make juice (with the pulp!!) in my vitamix (she still needs one for after I move out!)
    Green apple
    Mix, divide into 4-5 glass jars and you have a big glass of nutrients perfectly blended for every week day!

  483. Carol on said:

    Smoothies with Aloha protein powder and all kinds of frozen fruit

  484. Sean B on said:

    Love all your recipes. Thanks! And I hope to get a vitamix so I can make even more of them!!

  485. Keri on said:

    Green smoothies…the only way my child will eat greens!

  486. Erin Larson on said:

    Cucumber, kale, ginger smoothie with local hickory syrup!

  487. Lynn on said:

    I make a blended sweet potato and roasted cauliflower soup that is delicious!

  488. Nicole on said:

    Acai bowls/smoothie bowls are my new go-to healthy lunch, and both would benefit tremendously from a VitaMix!

  489. Stephen on said:

    Chile sauce! Whether it is destined for chili or for enchiladas, doing it in a high powered blendered makes the task super easy, quick and delicious… creamy and I don’t even have to strain it.

  490. Hannah S on said:

    I love to make a healthy, super simple version of green goddess dressing! Avocado, honey, green onions, garlic, lemon juice, a little vinegar. Sometimes add basil or cilantro if I’m feeling spicy! Press blend!

  491. Robbin Zirkle from on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is absolutely homemade hummus…bonus points for roasted red peppers!

  492. Tiffany on said:

    I love your superfood sunshine smoothies (goji berries are one of my favorite things to add to smoothies)! I love your blog so much — I have been following for years! I would love this Copper Vitamix and it would get a lot of use!

  493. Colleen on said:

    Green “Gazpacho” made with green grapes, spicy watercress, english cucumbers, marcona almonds. Delicious, healthy, and unexpected!

  494. Jennifer from on said:

    I like to blend my tomato sauce. It emulsifies the olive oil!

  495. Amy on said:

    I make a green smoothie every morning! One of my favorites is pineapple, cherries, banana, spinach, and almond milk.

  496. Lily on said:

    Love making a smoothie with almond milk, fresh peaches, matcha powder and ginger slices. So refreshing! Loving the cookbook and would love to make some more recipes in the vitamix! Xo

  497. Nellie on said:

    Roasted Bert & macadamia dip… So good!

  498. Lindsey on said:


  499. Madeline Brockberg on said:

    Green tea Mochi! Always reminds me of my time traveling in SE Asia and is the perfect summer dessert.

  500. Claire on said:

    Green goddess sauce!!!

  501. Anji Trujillo on said:

    Peach, spinach, blueberry, greek yogurt, coconut milk, AND chia seeds!

  502. Sarah on said:

    I’ve been making blueberry smoothies every morning lately since I read blueberries are really good for you. 🙂 Hopefully I can keep it up.

  503. Katia on said:

    I love orange souce with cloves for chicken.

  504. darcy on said:

    shamrock shake!

  505. Stephanie from on said:

    I love to make my own sauces and condiments…so much fresher and better-tasting than the stuff you get at the store!

  506. Cassy on said:

    We blend all sorts of food in my kitchen, but my favorite would have to be the raw porridge nearly every morning. It’s a riff on GKS’s recipe: soaked buckwheat and walnuts blended with cardamom, vanilla, an apple and a couple of oranges, and topped with delicious things (mainly cocoa nibs, help, bee pollen, and berries or pomegranate arils).

    • Cassy on said:

      Whoops! Had a typo. Should be hemp, not help. 🙂

  507. Pegg L on said:

    What a beauty! Right now the only thing I am making is apple/kale/ginger smoothies in my very old blender. I don’t know if could take much else! But I love drinking smoothies after work as a snack before dinner.

  508. Mallory on said:

    Lots of favorites, but I’d have to say a smoothie with spinach, banana, almond butter, and cinnamon would be at the top of my list.

  509. Gillian on said:

    Smoothie with mango, banana, yogurt, OJ, vanilla, spinach or kale, and a whole carrot.

  510. raman on said:

    yogurt oats and mango blended for breakfast..!! yummy

  511. barbara d. on said:

    Green, green green smoothies. Oh and pesto.

  512. Ann on said:

    I love a buckwheat groat, spinach and almond milk smoothie. Throw in some cinnamon and almond butter and I’m a happy girl!

  513. Susan T on said:

    Smoothies are my favorite blender recipes — any flavor is OK but I love a fruit smoothie with strawberries and bananas the best of all. Yum!

  514. Suzy Pasette on said:

    My favorite smoothie lately is: spinach, mango, lime juice, cilantro (sometimes), and coconut oil (sometimes).

  515. Dani from Www on said:

    Whipped cream made with berries to add to smoothies or topped on oatmeal!

  516. Jessica Crabb on said:

    I love green smoothies in the morning!!

  517. Sara on said:

    I like making a simple 5 ingredient cauliflower soup, homemade chicken stock, onion, olive oil and seasoning to taste. After you brown the onions and cauliflower with the salt and pepper you add stock, bring to a boil, and simmer until cauliflower is cooked through and soup has reduced to desired consistency, then blend the whole thing up. It’s creamy, but dairy free, healthy and delicious!

  518. Bee on said:

    Mmmm, my absolute favorite blended soup recipe is my mom’s old, traditional, tried and true potato cheese soup. Nothing compares.

  519. Katy on said:

    Recreating one of my favorite drinks from cafe gratitude: coconut milk, almond butter, dates, vanilla and cinnamon!

  520. Sarag on said:

    Green smoothies or a good chimmichurri sauce!

  521. Mekendry Grace from on said:

    So hard to pick just one blended recipe. Absolutely love making hummus, and a curried carrot “bisque”, also avocado dressings and fruit smoothies for the AM.

  522. Casey on said:

    The vitamix makes the best margaritas EVER! ~ Casey

  523. Christine on said:

    Berry smoothies!

  524. Lindsey on said:

    Butternut squash soup!

  525. Katy from None on said:

    Cashew milk!

  526. Carla on said:

    My favorite blend is greens + coconut water + celery + frozen banana + protein powder 🙂

  527. Erin Haber on said:

    I love smoothies with frozen fruit, spinach, yogurt, and some oatmeal or peanut butter for protein. I also love blended soups (like Butternut Squash soup in winter).

  528. Blair A. on said:

    Avocado pesto for pasta! YUM

  529. Laurel Hurst on said:


  530. Tasha on said:

    My favorite blended thing to make is sauces to drizzle over veggie and grain Buddha bowls.

  531. Hilary on said:

    I hate to be the 1783724965th person to say smoothies but it’s the truth!

  532. Elena on said:

    Ooooh rad giveaway! Love blending up nut & seed butters, banana nice cream and creamy cultured nut cheeses. Any would be greatly helped along with a Vitamix! X

  533. Sophie Cook on said:

    Avocado ice cream is one of the world’s most beautiful blended creations and a personal favorite!

  534. I love making creamy blended black bean soup with chiles in adobo sauce. Spicy, warm and hearty! Congrats on your cookbook!

  535. Taylor from on said:

    I absolutely love to make Arugula and Sunflower Seed Pesto! The buttery sunflowers mixed with the spicy arugula creates an amazing pesto to go on anything from veggies to fish! I’m obsessed with Vitamix, I have read they are absolutely amazing!

  536. Laine on said:

    I love making my own homemade almond milk. Its so much more rich and creamy than store bought and a regular blender really just does not do the job!

  537. Melissa Hicks on said:

    Well I have two!! White bean soup and potato leek soup. Yum yum!

  538. CJ on said:

    PESTO all summer with fresh basil from my garden.

  539. Laura on said:

    I love making soups and smoothies with my kids! We all get to try new things.

  540. Jamie Escareno on said:

    I love to make all kinds of pesto!

  541. Emily on said:

    I have a twist on pesto that I highly recommend. Put raw carrots. garlic, olive oil and pistachios in there and blend it up. Has consistency of pesto but a totally different and very refreshing taste. I’m not even a big carrot person but this is to die for. I put it with a grain like couscous or bulgur with chickpeas, fresh mint, green onions and dried fruit. I also put some chili flakes in there. It’s a really interesting taste. I adapted from a cookbook titled Meatless which is ALMOST as good as Love & Lemons. But of course, not the same. Enjoy!

  542. Linda Bakos on said:

    Smoothies! Love grinding avocado pits and love and need this beautiful copper Vitamix.,

  543. cmbb on said:

    Old fashioned egg whirl – raw egg, milk, banana, vanilla, served over ice.

  544. Kelly from on said:

    Smoothies! Literally made a green or fruit one every morning!

  545. Victoria on said:

    I’m a sucker for creamy blended soups, thai curry butternut, cauliflower, potato kale, yum!

  546. Jessica Jensen from on said:

    I really enjoy making sauces in the blender, chimichurri, cashew creams, roasted red pepper…amazing

  547. cmbb from on said:

    Old fashioned egg whirl – raw egg, milk, banana, vanilla served over ice.

  548. Lisa on said:

    In winter, pumpkin ginger soup is amazing and in summer I’d definitely go for nice cream!

  549. Alexandra on said:

    I like a good peanut butter and banana green smoothie the very best, I think.

  550. Jennifer on said:

    Cashew milk and cheese and spinach, sweet potato, coconut milk soup.

  551. Kate Freeman from on said:

    Would love this for my kitchen. Lots of smoothies and soups for this vegetarian!

    Xo! Congrats on the new cookbook too!!

  552. Melissa on said:

    I love making soups and sauces!

  553. Michelle on said:

    Cashew Cream!

  554. Amanda munden from on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is mole! I love making a smooth, decadent mole poblano to pour over chicken, pork, duck, enchiladas, anything!

  555. Joshua on said:

    Nut milks are a breeze in the vitamix! I love to make some good almond or cashew milk for use as beverage or in other recipes 🙂

  556. Caroline on said:

    Smoothie with coconut water, pineapple, mango, spinach and protein!

  557. Leah Taylor on said:

    I love blending green smoothies, it’s a great way to get all those greens especially for my brother, I also love making cashew creams for pasta.

  558. Tosha on said:

    Love to make protein smoothies and homemade sauces

  559. 2wawas on said:

    Carrot Soup with Carrot Top Pesto…yummers!

  560. kate on said:

    Curried carrot soup!

  561. Sandra Lea on said:

    Gazpacho, I love gazpacho and actually have gazpacho parties in the summer. It’s a good excuse to make a big batch. Seeing this carrot gazpacho I can’t wait to try it.

  562. Bailey on said:

    I love kale, lime juice, mango, peach, and honey.

  563. m on said:


  564. Patti on said:

    I’ve heard you can make hot soup in a /vitamix…I’d love to try some butternut squash soup with a bit of sherry in it ! YUMMM…I’m sure you agree !!! :}

  565. Amber O from on said:

    Southern style no cream cauliflower gravy

  566. Emily Hopler on said:

    My favorite blender recipe is cashew sour cream sauce!

  567. marisa from on said:

    I love using the blender to make smooth refried beans!

  568. Dana on said:

    I love to blend 1 cup almond milk, 2 1/2 tbsp peanut butter, and 2 frozen bananas together. It’s like a thick smoothie!

  569. Elizabeth on said:

    I love making butternut squash soup in the fall!

  570. danielle on said:

    acai + bananas + blueberries + soy milk + peanut butter + whey protein – so delicious!

  571. Julie on said:

    Turmeric Beauty smoothie. Banana, pineapple, turmeric, coconut milk. Yum!!

  572. Bobby on said:

    I’m a huge fan of the kombucha smoothies!

  573. Kristie on said:

    I would love to use this to make a perfect vegan pesto or a cashew cream sauce! YUM!

  574. Valerie Maxfield on said:

    Gluten Free waffles! I’ve recently taken gluten out of my diet and found that blending cashews, coconut flour and of course a handful of other ingredients makes for the best waffles I’ve tasted. Never realized all you can make with a blender!

  575. Z Seymour on said:

    It will always be Terry Hope’s Back to the Ranch dressing from Salad Samurai. Make it at least once a week.

  576. Fei-fei on said:

    Beet gazpacho. It’s perfect for summer!

  577. Shannon on said:

    I would say Vedged Out’s cashew ‘mozzarella’ recipe is my favorite. Thanks for offering the chance to win!

  578. Kayley on said:

    My Palestinian father-in-law’s hummus recipe!

  579. Sarah Suchoff on said:

    I love making a creamy cashew cream for a Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo!

  580. Amy on said:

    Matcha latte green smoothie

  581. Danielle on said:

    A tomato soup I just concocted last week! It was so creamy and flavorful! Thanks for the chance to win this amazingly awesome vitamix!

  582. Kristin P. on said:

    Tomato basil soup with tomatoes pulled straight from our summer garden! The vitamix would be perfect for this & would hopefully eliminate the extra step of a food mill.

  583. Viviane on said:

    I’m in love with the minty green shake!!!

  584. Carole Harris on said:

    Green smoothies, smoothie bowls, pesto and cashew cream!

  585. Kelli on said:

    Definitely the green smoothie! I just add mint and coconut milk for extra flavor and creaminess 🙂

  586. Allie V on said:

    Spinach and banana ice cream with mint is hard to beat! A healthy refreshing “shamrock shake”!

  587. Nanllel Rashidzadeh Arroyo on said:

    I love making creamy soups! My blender is kind of crappy so the consistency doesn’t always turn out great, so that copper vitamix would be a GREAT addition to my kitchen 🙂

  588. Alexandra on said:

    Pesto with great olive oil and arugula!

  589. chris on said:

    recently my cooking repertoire has been limited to baby food-this would be a fabulous addition!

  590. Holly Stewart on said:

    Love to make smoothies, soups, and hummus!

  591. lynn s on said:

    tomato basil soup!

  592. Hailey W on said:

    Mango smoothies!

  593. Nora on said:

    I love banana ice cream and homemade nutbutters!

  594. Liz on said:

    Love my kitchen-sink smoothie!
    Beets, turmeric, ginger, berries, mango, chia seeds, almond milk, raw honey.

  595. Anna on said:

    I love blending cooked sweet potato and carrot with some vegetable stock to make a fast soup!

  596. Shell on said:

    My current fav is a cauliflower based vegan Alfredo sauce all the yum.

  597. Belinda Galvanin on said:

    I like to make smoothies, margaritas, soups and hummus!

  598. Molly R. on said:

    I work at an acai bowl place– smoothies and bowls are my absolute favs! We use vitamix blenders at work because they are the BEST!!!

  599. Jennifer Rob on said:

    I make a super easy broccoli potato soup! It’s the perfect winter comfort food!

  600. I love to make tahini dressing or sauce with lemon, garlic and my secret kitchen weapon – jalapeño infused olive oil. Yum!

  601. Judith May on said:

    Greens. Banana. Lemon juice. Chia seeds. Cucumber

  602. Steff on said:

    I make a whole lot of smoothies–frozen bananas, PB, almond milk, usually some berries, honey, and spinach (if I’m feeling it).

  603. Johanna S on said:

    I make a killer hemp cream sauce in the blender! Lots of fresh garlic and totally vegan.

  604. Stephanie on said:

    Almond flax smoothie (frozen bananas, almond milk, flax seeds, almond butter, drizzle of maple syrup, couple drops almond extract)… So simple and so good.

  605. Jennifer on said:

    I love recreating the Juiceland wundershowzen at home! Peanut butter, banana, spinach, almond milk, and protein powder- yum.

  606. Katrina on said:

    I love making dressings or smoothies!

  607. Dori on said:

    Butternut squash soup!

  608. Katelin on said:

    Watermelon and tomato gaspacho

  609. greta on said:

    I love making a big batch of pesto!

  610. Megan Higuera on said:

    I have my favorite mixed berry banana and kale smoothie 3 times a week! A small slice of lemon really brightens it up. 🙂

  611. Ninoush on said:

    Avocado banana smoothie!

  612. Ivonne hershman on said:

    Horchata smoothie: coconut milk, pineapple, banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and a handful of spinach

  613. Erin N on said:

    There is nothing better than fresh basil pesto!

  614. Dawn on said:

    Ramp, English pea, mint, creme fraiche soup! Garnish with fresh Maine Lobster or Crab.

  615. Liz on said:

    a smoothie with strawberry, banana, mango, and yogurt or a butternut squash soup!

  616. Margaret on said:

    Gazpacho for sure!! Would LOVE the vitamix

  617. Tamara on said:


  618. gillian on said:

    My mother saved up for a Vita-Mix years ago when no one had them in their kitchens, and I still fondly remember her making delicious tofu pudding for me and my sister. Would love this beautiful version of the classic!

  619. Ami on said:

    Pestooooo!!! Basil, Spinach, pinenuts, walnuts, Sundried Tomatoes…. And lots more. Put it in a Vitamix…buzz buzz…and Taadaa! Done and Done! Simple Clean Yummyness… And the clean up is as easy! 😄

  620. Erin on said:

    Butternut Squash Soup!

  621. Emily Harvey on said:

    Carrot Gazpacho!!! So yummy!

  622. Stacey on said:

    Black bean brownies all blended up – no other bowls needed. So easy!

  623. Wittney Reed on said:

    My favorite is a classic smoothie my mom and I made when I was young! Banana and strawberries with honey and Greek yogurt! Health conscious even as a youngster! Please please please pick me! My roommates and I NEED this blender and we love your recipes!!!!

  624. Haley on said:

    Homemade vanilla date cashew milk!

  625. Serafina Strickland on said:

    I grow organic vegetables and have never had a way to blend them into the AWESOME smoothies and sauces you have in your lovely book! I would like to learn to transition from just eating veggies to blending them into healthy drinks and sauces. I would start with a variety of pestos, nut butters and nut milks and then learn to make energy drinks!!! I have severe arthritis and need to radically change my nutrition program – and your blog is helping! Thank you!!!!

  626. Allison R on said:

    Peach milkshakes 🙂

  627. Jasmine Davis on said:

    A good old fashioned pumpkin soup – with a zing of chilli to spice it up!

  628. Sam L on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is chocolate avocado mousse: unsweetened cocoa powder, banana (or dates), avocado, vanilla extract and a tiny pinch of salt

  629. Sharon on said:

    Spicy salsa with tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro from my garden. Wow, that blender is beautiful!

  630. Jerelle on said:

    Strawberry banana chia seed smoothies!

  631. Jenna Schiedermayer on said:

    My morning smoothie!

  632. Nicole on said:

    I love to make different types of soups. With summer coming up, I’ll be making batches of gazpacho with about a third of it blended to thicken it up!

  633. Ashley on said:

    Smoothies, smoothies, smoothies!!! Almost every morning my 3 year old and I share one!

  634. TVHW on said:

    Favorite blended recipe: roasted butternut squash, sweet potato, and carrot soup.
    Roast all the vegetables (or whichever you have around) add to blender and TA-DA. Dinner in 15 minutes.

  635. barbara on said:

    Pina Coladas!

  636. Kerry on said:

    I love to make a healthy version of ice cream with frozen bananas, Navitas raw cocoa, medjool dates and almond milk!

  637. Kath on said:

    Pesto! Hummus! Pesto hummus!

  638. Dana S on said:

    every morning I make a spinach cauliflower banana strawberry ginger smoothie

  639. Ali on said:

    I am smoothie obsessed, make one most mornings. My favorite base is frozen banana (duh) and i usually add other fruit, spinach, and mesquite powder.

  640. Jenny T. on said:

    Cauliflower Purée!

  641. MrsNumbles on said:

    That’s so hard! But it’d have to be curried pumpkin soup.

  642. Alison on said:

    Blueberry raspberry Greek yogurt smoothie!

  643. Maren Keen on said:

    All the smoothies! And sometimes butter up squash soup.

  644. Georgia on said:

    A homemade version of Balthazar’s mushroom soup!

  645. Laura on said:

    Smoothies sweetened with dates.

    My blender can’t handle them, but I bet a vitamix could!

  646. cheri on said:

    My current blender is always in use making pesto and hummus.

  647. rachel on said:

    banana ice cream

  648. Jeannie S on said:

    Strawberry Lemonade!

  649. Amy Krajec on said:

    I love to make avocado cilantro dressing. It’s delicious. I make it with Greek yogurt and a tad of mayo so it’s not full of fat. Great on a salad as well as any veggies.

  650. Serena from on said:

    I love making green smoothies in my blender.

  651. Nora on said:

    Squash soup 🙂

  652. Wendy on said:

    Kale, fresh ginger, parsley, cucumber/celery, fruit!

  653. katy dolesh on said:

    green smoothies!

  654. Laura on said:

    Anything that involves cashew cream (usually some sort of mac and “cheese”)!

  655. Kristie on said:

    Gazpacho of all kinds is my fave blended dish!

  656. Sarah on said:

    I love making different varieties of pesto in my blender, and of course banana peanut butter smoothies 😉

  657. Foram on said:

    Butternut squash soup!

  658. Jenny on said:

    I’ve been super into smoothies lately. Some of my favorites are fig/strawberry/banana/almond milk and mango/banana/spinach/coconut milk. Checked out your book from the library just last week, it’s so gorgeous! I like it a lot and it’s now on my wishlist. 🙂

  659. Helena on said:

    Enchilada sauce with toasted chile peppers and fire-roasted tomatoes, yum! Otherwise my favorite green smoothie: green apple, mint, pineapple, cucumber, fennel and spinach!

  660. elizabeth Normandin on said:

    My daughter loves to experiment with fruit and yogurt smoothies. We are looking to expand our cookbook. The other comments gave some great inspiration to us. Thank you

  661. Alison on said:

    Strawberry/banana with ginger & parsley

  662. Elizabeth normandin on said:

    Butternut SquasH soup too!

  663. Allyson Stark on said:

    Butternut squash soup! So yummy for a fall dinner!

  664. Aleta on said:

    Butternut Squash soup is a favorite of mine. If I won this I think it would live on my counter and then I could have smoothies ever morning.

  665. Maria on said:

    I love the matcha, kale and peach smoothie!!

  666. Maria on said:

    Carrot gazpacho!

  667. Valerie on said:

    Acai, banana, greens, berries, plain yogurt and OJ!

  668. Katerina Urmeneta on said:

    Kale, Spinach and Tangerine smoothie. It’s very refreshing!

  669. Julia on said:

    Peach, raspberries and mint smoothies!

  670. Marlene on said:

    Love making a kale/honey/ pistachio pesto for a special brie sandwich. Rich and yummy. Thanks for the great blog. I always look forward to receiving it.

  671. chimes on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a tie between broccoli soup and split-pea soup.

  672. Patty S. on said:

    My favorite blend is a coconut chocolate chia oat shake. Unsweetened shredded coconut, cocoa powder, chia seeds, and oatmeal are blended together into a fine powder. I use some sort of non dairy milk (coconut almond blend is my favorite) and add about 2 tbs of honey and 1/2 cup of ice to finish it. Sometimes I will add peanut or almond butters for an extra boost of protein.

    With the almond butter addition, it does taste very close to an almond joy!

  673. Dawn Graichen-Moore on said:

    What a great giveaway! Thank you! And congratulations on the cookbook.
    We love making almond butter or almond butter nutella:)

  674. Julianne on said:

    I love a daily smoothie with greens, fruits, seeds, and more!!

  675. Candace on said:

    All your delicious hummus recipes.

  676. Sarah on said:

    Love your creamy sundried tomato soup!

  677. Ellen on said:

    A smoothie made of frozen banana, almond butter, cold brew coffee, cocoa powder.

  678. Nora on said:

    anything in smoothie format…spinach, grapes, and almond milk is my recent favorite.

  679. Samantha on said:

    Fresh tomatillo salsa with veggies right out of my summer garden. The season is almost upon us!!! Hope I win! I’m obsessed with your cookbook, btw. Every recipe is SO perfect!

  680. Patricia on said:

    Blended veggie soup!

  681. Brandon on said:

    I love a strawberry banana and spinach smoothie every morning!

  682. tam on said:

    Our homemade orange julius recipe is my all-time favorite.

  683. Sarah Wilson on said:

    I’m obsessed with homemade hummus! One of my favorite recipes is butternut squash hummus!!!

  684. cassidee shinn on said:

    My fave smoothie = berries, spinach, turmeric, ginger, flax, hemp protein, almond milk, maca, cinnamon

  685. Angela hernandez on said:

    Love the hummus! Yummm

  686. Nicolle on said:

    Raspberry and cranberry smoothies with flex and protein powder

  687. Kip Dean on said:

    I love making (and eating) baba ganoush!

  688. Nell on said:

    Kale or beet smoothies!

  689. Betty Bloom on said:

    Black bean soup … and pestos!

  690. Sophie on said:

    Blending frozen bananas with a dollop of pb and a splash of almond milk— a delicious milkshake!

  691. Shanna on said:

    Fresh watermelon juice! During the summer months I have one just about everyday!

  692. LaTanya on said:

    chocolate mint chip ice cream

  693. Dorothea on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is one that calls for blending spinach, broccoli, avocado, onions, and Parmesan cheese into a delicious sauce for pasta!

  694. Megan Lee-Brockhoff on said:

    Hands down, butternut squash soup 😍 I’ll eat this multiple times a week come fall!

  695. Candy on said:

    I love making brownies!!!

  696. Catie on said:

    I love making smoothies, homemade salsa and a variety of soup recipes. Now I’m hungry! 😊

  697. Emma on said:

    CHOCOLATE AND AVOCADOS to make mousse!!!!!!!
    (not mistyped, …it’s heaven i swear)

  698. Libby from on said:

    Okay, so I’ve always wanted a vitamix but now I REALLY WANT A COPPER VITAMIX!
    My favorite blended recipe that I make is my Curry Carrot Soup. I love love love it this time of year.

  699. Davida on said:

    My clean out the fridge smoothies. I put all my leftover fruit and vegetables in the Vitamix and blend. Yum!

  700. ANDREW L on said:

    My favorite recipe in a vitamix is a green coconut sauce for a curry.

    1c coconut milk
    1bunch of cilantro
    2 limes squeezed
    5 garlic cloves
    Raw ginger
    1/2c water
    1 bunch green onions
    2tbs of brown sugar

  701. Queena Li on said:

    I love your recipe for roasted carrot turmeric soup!
    Although… pretty much every soup with roasted veg is a win. 🙂

  702. Olivia Myers on said:

    My favorite “blended” dinner is to make Ina Garten’s pasta alla vecchia betolla. My fiancé loves it and the portion is large enough to have plenty left over for lunches! Although, we do start our mornings with a smoothie of blueberries or raspberries, blended with some coconut water, hemp seed, banana, flax, and cacao nips…and it’s delicious!

  703. Suzannah on said:

    My favorite smoothies are what I grandkids smoothies. My grandsons stand in front of the refrigerator and pick out whatever types of grimy it they want, and then we add “leaves” and blend. It’s always something a little different and they think it’s great!

  704. Jamie on said:

    Banana ice cream 🙂 with peanut butter 🙂

  705. Jessi on said:

    Caribbean Dream
    1 medium beet, steamed, roasted, or raw
    1 cup fresh or frozen mixed berries
    1/2 cup fresh or frozen mango
    1/2 cup fresh orange, sectioned
    3/4 cup homemade almond milk
    1 tbsp hempseed

  706. Sonia from on said:

    Vegan alfredo sauce…
    Nutritional yeast
    Roasted garlic
    My absolute favourite 😍

  707. Drisdy Kee on said:

    spinach, mixed organic berries, cashew milk, chia seeds make for a good smoothie

  708. Omg. Favorite smoothie? Gosh. That’s hard. Frozen strawberries and rasberries with fresh mango, beet, ginger, and lemon. If it’s too thick add some maple water. Super yum. Add some mint if you’d like too

  709. Paige on said:

    I have oral allergy syndrome and am allergic to a lot of raw fruits and vegetables so I can’t really buy smoothies/juices in public!
    My favorite allergy free recipe is kale, spinach, banana, echinacea, blackberries, and honey!

  710. Justine on said:

    I love pineapple, ginger, and turmeric smoothies!

  711. Mel on said:

    Romesco sauce and gazpacho.

  712. Jenna from n on said:

    White bean tomato soup!

  713. Pam C on said:

    I love my cacao, banana and oat smoothies!

  714. Zoë from on said:

    I love chocolate peanut butter smoothies! Health that tastes like milkshakes!

  715. Julia on said:

    I’m a smoothie gal myself – and would love a Vitamix to make one in!

  716. Madison on said:

    My fiance’s salsa verde!

  717. Laura on said:

    Almond milk!

  718. Jennifer F on said:

    Blender pancakes are the best! You can have hearty multi-grain pancakes without having to buy an expensive mix. And they’re much healthier!

  719. Maya Kumar on said:

    I love making smoothies with dates, almonds and bananas – it’s absolutely delicious!!

  720. Chloe from on said:

    Pineapples, turmeric, cinnamon, strawberries, and blackberries, topped with kiwis 🙂

  721. Shannon on said:

    Vanilla almond milk, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, spinach, honey – yum!!

  722. Gina on said:

    Green drink – spinach, wheatgrass, ginger, pineapple, apple, and lemon. ♡

  723. Maureen Sheehan on said:

    Butternut Squash Soup!

  724. Melissa on said:

    Wow, if I had time to read what everyone loves to blend I would have lots of new ideas!! 🙂 Life would be complete if I could just have PB&J smoothies all day everyday! Blend up some spinach, frozen banana, vanilla almond milk, raspberries and strawberries, and LOTS of PB and you are good to go!!

  725. Laura Hlohinec on said:

    Spicy green smoothie!

    Spinach or kale
    Frozen banana
    Fresh ground pepper
    Water or unsweetened nut milk

    Voila! Delicious! My go-to and all time fav especially with a generous amount of fresh chopped ginger and turmeric root!

  726. Katherine on said:

    We make a yummy butter paneer and the sauce is blended–that’s my favorite!

  727. jackie torres on said:

    blueberry and date smoothies have been my most recent obsession!

  728. Jeff Hallin on said:

    I love chocolate peanut butter oatmeal smoothie

  729. Victoria on said:

    I use a blender for the best dang hummus to go with the best dang lamb quesadillas!

  730. Elisabeth on said:

    Always smoothies..but avocado mousse is a very close second 😉

  731. Faye Chow on said:

    I love a simple smoothie with frozen mangos and milk.

  732. Shawn on said:

    Tomato basil soup!

  733. Megan on said:

    Smoothies!!!! Especially anything with dates, bananas and peanut butter!

  734. Ellen on said:

    Hard to pick a favorite but I’d say Thai coconut butternut squash soup is my favorite savory blended recipe and smoothies of all kinds are my favorite sweet blended food!

  735. Helen Ivanov on said:

    I got the idea from Jamba Juice – I make an orange juice, frozen mango, chia seed smoothie

  736. Allie on said:

    Love making soups – especially tortilla soup! So warming and has a bit of a kick to it.

  737. Adrienne on said:

    I usually follow recipes or adapt them, but one day I started with some leftover watermelon languishing in the fridge and created a most delicious smoothie. I felt so clever! Blend together:
    1 cup chopped warermelon
    1 cup chopped strawberries
    1/2 cup yogurt
    1 tbsp lime juice
    1 tsp maple syrup or honey
    1 cup coconut water

  738. Thia on said:

    Ooh, Jeanine….SERIOUS blender lust!!! Sooo pretty!!

    OK…I’ll try to rein it in and answer your question 😀
    My favorite blender recipe is a really simple asparagus soup I make every spring, when the local asparagus comes in. It has only a few ingredients (asparagus, garlic, onion, russet potato, broth, tarragon, salt and white pepper), it’s silky smooth and the asparagus flavor really shines through. I often will also dilute it a bit and use is as a sauce over spring veggies and grains, or a pasta dish, as well.

    It’s my own, personal celebration of the return of warmth and green and flowers!

  739. Jeannine Mesina on said:

    Beet, carrot, celery, kale, pineapple, and pear smoothie-juice. Everydayyyyy

  740. Ali on said:

    Kale and blueberries smoothies are the best!

  741. Suzanne Lierz on said:

    Love your Chocolate Almond Breeze Smoothie! And it would be great in the Vitamix Copper! It’s dessert in a glass!

  742. Becca from on said:

    I love a great smoothie with Arbonne Chocolate Protein Powder, Banana, frozen berries, cinnamon and local wild flower honey. I also love making pesto.

  743. Amanda Wise on said:

    Your superfood sunshine smoothie is one of my favorites!! I also love Making a big batch of Avocado Creama and putting ithem on salads and dinners throughout the week 🙂

  744. Leigh Ann DeWitt on said:

    We love to try all different smoothie recipes – sometimes the simple ones with just frozen fruit, almond milk and a little vanilla are the best!

  745. Jenn on said:

    Spinach banana smoothie muffins, so good for breakfast!

  746. Ashley Byrum on said:

    I really like a kale, mango, banana smoothie with Greek yogurt and coconut water. I would LOVVVVEE a copper vitamix!

  747. Dora E on said:

    I am obsessed with creamy veggie split pea soup. yummy yummy in my tummy. winter spring summer or fall!

  748. Vassa on said:

    I love making smoothies! Banana and strawberry are my favorite!

  749. Monika on said:

    I really love your recipe for Zucchini Noodles & Lemon “Ricotta.” Since my household transitioned to a whole-food based vegan diet this has become a staple. It’s so satisfying and delicious, with a gorgeous variety of textures and flavors. I like to top the “ricotta” on other things, like crostini with fresh tomatoes and basil or homemade spelt flour pizza with spinach and “ricotta.” Sometimes I make it with all cashews or sunflower seeds. Always delicious!

  750. Lou Macaluso on said:

    My current favorite is combination – now don’t run away – of beets, carrots, sweet onion and once blended, stir in a small amount of horseradish for bit of zing.

  751. Shaylea on said:

    Any smoothie with a little PB is right up my alley!

  752. Alex C on said:

    Basil pesto and breakfast smoothies. That Vitamix is so pretty!

  753. Jean Chong on said:


  754. Talia Berday-Sacks on said:

    summer smoothies!

  755. Kristen Chorneau on said:

    My post-workout protein shake with spinach, frozen cherries, & cacao powder.

  756. Rebecca Magee from on said:

    Creamy potato soup! Or my fave smoothie of all time: pineapple, green apple, and mint.

  757. Samantha P. on said:

    Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothies!

  758. Erica Stearns on said:

    My favorite blended recipe? Lately, I have become obsessed with your Hemp Seed & Kale Pesto recipe. I made it with the Chickpea & Cauliflower Minestrone recipe and have since made it again to serve with a pasta dish. Though delicious on its own, the pesto transformed the minestrone into something sublime. Yum!!

  759. I love a green goddess smoothie!!! My absolute fave 🙂

  760. Alyssa from on said:

    Any kind of no-cook sauce or condiment – I’m on a chimichurri kick lately after a trip to Argentina!
    I have been dying to get a Vitamix and didn’t even REALIZE they came in copper. Obsessed.

  761. Erin Ellis on said:

    I love fresh berries/apple/spinach with a scoop of yogurt! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  762. Hillary on said:

    Any smoothie with frozen bananas!

  763. Riana M. Rosas on said:

    Chocolate Avocado Mousse Cake with a sunflower and pecan crust!!!

  764. Lilly Cap on said:

    Chocolate green smoothie with cacao nibs and tahini!!! So yummy!

  765. Kaitlyn Bates on said:

    Hummus! Chickpeas, tahini, lots of garlic, salt and olive oil 🙂

  766. Sarah on said:

    I love making blended vegetable soups.

  767. Christi on said:

    Butternut squash soup

  768. Connor on said:

    Gluten free chocolate chip cookies for my celiac friend.

  769. Jennifer from on said:

    Fresh basil pesto!

  770. Leslie on said:

    Love carrot soup!

  771. Hayley Cox on said:

    A veggie soup my host mama made for my roomie and me in Spain. Carrots, squash, onions, tomatoes… Boiled in chicken stock and then blended smooth!

  772. Laura Jordan on said:

    Roasted Red Pepper & Carrot Soup

  773. Rebekah on said:

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I love the minimalist design and it’s incorporated in your cookbook as well! I have yet to try a soup recipe because I don’t have a blender. I usually make smoothies with the typical ingredients: a green, fruit, and liquid (yogurt, type of milk, or water). I saw one of your muffin recipes and saw spinach. My jaw dropped. How is it that you could put spinach in there and still taste amazing?! I am in awe of your creativity and artistry! Do you have signed books by any chance?! Love love everything you’re about! Best of luck with everything!

  774. Reilly on said:

    Either banana ice cream (sooo much better than I expected) or chimichuri sauce, yummm!

  775. Jenny Clawson from on said:

    blueberry, pineapple, spinach and coconut smoothie!

  776. Katie W on said:

    Green super smoothie! Lots of spinach, cup of plain Greek yogurt, cup of almond milk, teaspoon of peanut butter, and a banana!

  777. Beth on said:

    Lovely giveaway! Lately I’m coming to the conclusion that a Vitamix would be quite useful in a well-stocked kitchen. I love to make pesto, salsa, hummus, etc! Also your coconut tomato chickpea soup is so simple and delicious! 🙂

  778. Kimberly on said:

    Oh fresh cilantro salsa! Can’t help myself!

  779. Stephanie Kelly on said:

    I have gastroparesis which means my stomach is paralyzed. Everything I eat has to be juiced or blended. This would be a lifesaver! Literally!

  780. adam c on said:

    silky cauliflower soup

  781. Anna on said:

    Super boring… but I love making simple peanut or almond butter. Just the nuts and salt…some cinnamon if I’m feeling frisky 😉

  782. Genna on said:

    Creamy cauliflower thyme soup! I especially love it made with some purple cauliflower for an extra fun color.

  783. Kaela on said:

    I love making berry nana ice cream but I’ve never been able to get it quite right because my blender isn’t strong enough. A vitamix blender would be a great help!

  784. Amanda on said:

    Green Goddess Dressing!

  785. Jayne on said:

    I love greek youghurt with blueberries strawberries kale and chia seeds.

  786. I love soups! I could eat them every day. Roasted butternut squash with red pepper puree has my heart. ♡
    I first tried it at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant and have been smitten ever since. I would love to recreate my own. A very smooth consistency is the key, Vitamix power would ensure that!

  787. jacquie on said:

    never having had a blender or a vitamix I don’t have any favorite blended recipes so I would really love to win this so I could have some 🙂

  788. Sue Ellen on said:

    I make smoothies and “nice” cream almost every day!

  789. Jena on said:

    Spinach, coconut, and lime smoothie

  790. Amanda on said:

    A smoothie made of whatever I have in the fridge/freezer! Good for me, good for my wallet.

  791. Angela Hernandez on said:

    Almond butter, honey, cocoa, spinach smoothie!

  792. Katie c on said:

    Would loooove love love a vitamix! We’ve been through several blenders- we love making smoothies daily- a great way to get the little guy to eat greens!

  793. jenn b from on said:

    Caramel banana matcha smoothies are hands down my favorite, but I have a soft spot for peach cardamom too.

  794. Danae on said:

    Matcha “nice cream” and butternut squash soups!

  795. Ericka on said:

    A citrus and fresh turmeric smoothie.

  796. Mel on said:

    Margaritas made with whole citrus. Yum.

  797. Alexandra on said:

    I adore your blended delicata squash curry recipe.
    Choosing favorite is difficult indeed, but any blended vegetable soup and blended veggie dips (think blended spiced carrot tahini dip) are a few of my favorites for sure!

  798. Danielle from on said:

    I love making salsa in the blender!

  799. Anna Florez on said:

    The creamy white bean and tomato soup is delicious!

  800. Vanessa Palomo on said:

    Strawberry sorbet with raw honey 😋

  801. ArtThouJules on said:

    Green smoothies for life !! My favorite being the Chillantro Boom Box with mango, avocado, mint, cilantro, cucumber, soy milk, lemon, spinach, chlorella and apple cider vinegar 🍋🍋👌🏼

  802. Wendi on said:

    Peanut butter and banana smoothie!

  803. Impromptu peanut-cilantro wowie sauce: giant handful of cilantro, big scoop of peanut butter, glug of toasted sesame oil, glug of tamari, big squeeze of lime, dash maple syrup, spoon of sambal chili, several cloves garlic, hunk of ginger… 😍😍😍
    And chimichurri. But the struggle is real sans Vitamix! Im buying several copies of your book for gifts right now.

  804. Jennifer Gentry on said:

    Margaritas! My dad used to make the perfect pitcher…I’ve never been able to duplicate it, even with the same measurements. A vitamix would probably help though!

  805. stacey on said:

    i love making protein smoothies! chocolate protein mix (vega sport), spinach, frozen bananas, peanut butter, and almond milk.

  806. Jill on said:

    I love blended soups, especially cauliflower! Yum!

  807. kate s. on said:

    strawberry pineapple mango smoothie!!! all fruit all the time.

  808. ArtThouJules on said:

    GREEN SMOOTHIES FOR LIFE!!! My favorite is my Chillantro BoomBox with soymilk, spinach, mango, lemon, cucumber, avocado, fennel, chlorella, apple cider vinegar, and mint🍋🍋🍋👌🏼

  809. Brittany on said:

    I love pesto, but different kinds like walnut & arugula!

  810. Victoria on said:

    I love making my own tomato soup in a blender – if I only had a good blender that is! 😮

  811. Janet on said:

    I make Kimberly Schneider’s green drink almost daily; and have for almost 5 years. I haven’t purchased your cookbook yet, but I do receive your emails with wonderful recipes. I do make your Matcha Mint tea and love the afternoon pick me up that I get from it.

  812. Charles Kiser on said:

    My favorite is a simple strawberry banana smoothie with a little almond milk.

  813. Rhonda on said:


  814. Bianca from on said:

    green smoothies, nut butters, and banana ice cream!

  815. Mindi on said:

    Green smoothie with dandelion greens, honeydew melon, a couple of pitted dates, a dozen banana and either coconut milk or almond milk. Need a vitamin because the dates rarely get completely pulverized.

    • Mindi on said:

      Sorry….that’s frozen banana! And vitamix not vitamin. 😑

  816. Rachel on said:

    What a great giveaway. I’m crazy for green smoothies, especially with plenty of lemon and ginger.

  817. Linda Grothe on said:

    A full flavored garlic, lemon and avocado dressing, I used a combination of walnut oil and canola oil. All I can say is superb. Thank you for the opportunity to pass on to others what we like and thank you for the chance to win the gorgeous Vitamix.

  818. Sarah on said:

    My absolute favorite is frozen banana “ice cream”. Just add peanut butter, cocoa, and a little coconut milk and it is magical.

  819. dawn welch-harbin on said:

    I love making salad dressings from scratch.. but I also love making fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast… one of my favorites is beet greens, blueberries and grapes with water blended.mmmmmmm

  820. Tracie Long on said:

    Dairy free Alfredo to go in my zucchini noodles!

  821. Raven on said:

    Frozen banana, pb, cocoa powder, chia seeds and almond milk. Yum!!

  822. Jay Jordan on said:

    Chilled carrot gazpacho with lemongrass is the bomb!

  823. Bryn on said:

    Smoothies are my absolute fave.

  824. Soni on said:

    Green smoothies

  825. meriem from on said:

    My favorite blended recipe consists of spinach, pineapple, almond milk, mango, and protein powder!

  826. Lynette on said:

    I love a simple smoothie recipe of frozen banana, almond milk, dates, cacao powder & cinnamon.

  827. Rachel on said:

    orange+banana+spinach+lemon smoothie

  828. Jean James on said:

    I like to make my kids a smoothie and hide all types of veggies and omegas!

  829. Melissa Koch on said:

    I love making basil, spinach,sundried tomato and hemp heart pesto!! Sooo good on pasta and eggs 🙂

  830. Allison on said:

    Love to make green smoothies every morning, but a guilty pleasure is a smoothie made with almond milk, peanut butter, cocoa, flax seed and a shot of espresso! Yummy 😋

  831. Stephanie Gambsky on said:

    I love to make homemade cashew butter, hummus, and healthy breakfast smoothies!

  832. Laura from on said:

    I love a good green smoothie with oj, greens, frozen peaches + banana, honey & almond butter!

  833. Liz Lane on said:

    Creamy Pumpkin Soup!

  834. Jess from on said:

    I love making butternut squash soup!

  835. Kimberly on said:

    Ooh! My favorite blender recipe is for Thai peanut sauce!

  836. Rosemary on said:

    My favorite smoothie is a banana, a cup of ice, a half cup of milk and a little nutmeg for seasoning–cold, creamy, and delicious!

  837. Annie on said:

    almond butter

  838. Liz F. on said:

    I make salsa verde in my blender! I would love a vitamix!!!!

  839. Kate J. on said:

    Frozen bananas-only ice cream, and can add add-ins for different flavors.

  840. Lori B on said:

    raspberry, peach, and blueberry smoothies!

  841. nina on said:

    summertime popsicle fillings … currently carrot+turmeric+ginger+pineapple pops!

  842. Lindsey on said:

    I love making smoothies, and your minty green shamrock shake smoothie has been my go-to recently.

  843. Karissa on said:

    Poblano Cashew Cream Sauce!

  844. Erin on said:

    Butternut squash soup! I’ve made yours three of four times without even taking a picture before I eat all of it! 🙂

  845. congratulations on your gorgeous new book. there’s a copy in the mail headed for me right now!

    so hard to pick a favorite blender recipe, but one that’s seriously up there for me is soaked buckwheat pancakes. they come together easily in the blender and nice and fluffy in the skillet!

  846. Skylar on said:

    Love starting my day with spinach, banana, apple, ginger and parsley smoothie!

  847. Maria on said:

    That blender looks dreamy! I have been loving butternut squash soup lately. Made it 4 or 5 times this winter. Yum!

  848. Arlene on said:

    I really enjoy a good strawberry banana smoothie!

  849. Rui N. on said:

    Frozen ice coffee

  850. Franny on said:

    I can’t wait to try the “rooberry smoothie”. Sounds tasty and nutritious.

  851. Jacqui on said:

    I love making homemade salsa!

  852. Shoshana on said:

    I actually make hummus in my blender…I would love to see how the Vitamix can handle it!

  853. Leticia Stern on said:

    I love making smoothies in the morning with almond milk, peanut butter, chia seeds , flax seeds, spinach , strawberries and blueberries. Yummy 😋😋

  854. Tiny Bubble on said:

    The green mojito is my favorite.

  855. stacymus on said:

    My son and I slurp
    “Blueberry-kale whirls” each
    morn for the best mustaches

  856. Julie on said:

    Date shakes!! Almond or cashew meal (or soaked whole, raw nuts) to cover blades, 3 dates, teaspoon vanilla, dash of sea salt, frozen banana, blend & enjoy. Decadent. For a chocolate version, double the dates and add 1-2 tablespoons Rae cacao powder or nibs. <3

    • Julie on said:

      Oops, plus water or coconut water!

  857. Ellie Delancey from on said:

    I really enjoy making fruit & yogurt smoothies!

  858. Carly Mae on said:

    Peanut butter banana smoothies!

  859. Bailey Weaver on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a creamy garlic tahini sauce that I put on basically everything!

  860. jessica on said:

    smoothies! I’m boring!

  861. Stephanie B on said:

    Nut milks and coconut milk are my favorite to make in a blender.

  862. Christine on said:

    I make my son smoothies every morning with fresh, seasonal fruit and he loves it!

  863. Alyssa P on said:

    I can’t stop won’t stop blending up green smoothies! The best on-the-go breakfast/snack/postworkout!

  864. Melissa Z on said:

    I love banana “ice cream”!

  865. Jill on said:

    I have a recipe for an absolutely bomb butternut squash soup in a blender. Yummmm. About ready to go find that thing and make it later this week now!

  866. Gal f. on said:

    Mango smoothies with coconut water!

  867. Julie on said:

    Peanut butter, banana, and spinach smoothie!

  868. Aberdeen from on said:

    Green Superfood Coconut Smoothies with Ground Flax Seed!

  869. Ashley Oku on said:

    I like to keep it simple: banana X spinach X Greek yogurt X honey smoothies 🙂

  870. Lindsee Redmond on said:

    Tart Dough!

  871. Kristin R on said:

    Homemade salad dressings, homemade soups, and homemade fruit sorbet!

  872. Mary Pentecost on said:

    All of my recipes blended up for baby food for our new daughter, Marcy!

  873. Katelyn T on said:

    spinach, pea protein, blueberries, banana, almond milk, and hemp seeds!

  874. Isabel on said:

    Currently obsessed with banana peanutbutter “nice cream” can’t get enough of it!!!

  875. Madison Doutre on said:

    I love smoothies!

  876. Gorgeous book! I would make a green smoothie 🙂

  877. Georgiana from on said:

    I love to make soups in blender and they always end up being more delicious than I expected! Everybody in the house love my green soup that is raw and extremely healthy.

  878. Tess on said:

    I’ve been wanting a vitamix for years!! Fingers crossed!

  879. Aimee from on said:

    I do love making smoothies with my blender (though it’s on it’s last leg), but I also love how easy it is to blend up the mixture for a Dutch baby pancake. Yum!

  880. Kelsey on said:

    Acai bowls!

  881. Lorie Bradberry on said:

    Steamed and blended carrots, beets, broccoli, with ghee. Turmeric and ginger over rice. It is so yummy!

  882. Jdavis on said:

    Spinach Smoothie, banana, ice, spinach, and vanilla almond milk!

  883. Kim on said:

    Here is my favorite smoothie:
    — handful of ice cubes
    — 1/2 c frozen pineapple chunks
    — big handful spinach
    — 1 serving raw tofu
    — 1 cup almond milk

    So yummy!

  884. Ellie H. on said:

    Green smoothie with cucumber, kale, spinach, parsley, mint, spirulina lemon and a smoothie bowl with oats, hemp protein powder, banana and almond butter.

  885. Laren Cyphers on said:

    I love blending butternut squash soup to make it extra creamy! Currently using a food processor to do all my blending things, and it just doesn’t quite do the job.

  886. Sarah from on said:

    I love making smoothies so picking just one for your giveaway is hard. If you head on over to, you’ll notice my #DrankOfTheDay board!

  887. bridget on said:

    pesto….nothing beats a fresh pesto.

  888. Samantha on said:

    Any Green smoothie and coconut ice cream!

  889. Colleen on said:

    Cream of Potato Soup!

  890. Sharon H. on said:

    Any green + fruit smoothie! Yum!

  891. Arlene on said:

    any almond milk fruit smoothie with matcha and ginger, lots of ginger 🙂

  892. Kira W on said:

    I am obsessed with the Minty Green Shamrock Shake! I made it everyday for a week before I ran out of ingredients. I told my mom about it, and at this point I think she has made it as many times as me.

  893. Connell Youmans on said:

    I love kale, banana, small Apple and homemade almond milk. Better yet favorite thing to blend is homemade almond milk!

  894. Courtenay on said:

    I love making soups in a blender! Curried carrot soup is so good and creamy! Hummus is my runner up favorite.

  895. mari on said:

    mole sauce!

  896. Tricia on said:

    I make a smoothie most mornings with banana, blueberries, spinach, almond milk and wheatgrass!

  897. Katheryn on said:

    Spinach basil pesto.

  898. Nan from on said:

    Green smoothie with kale, Greek yogurt and berries!

  899. Yandary from on said:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE green smoothies! I make them three at a time so I can just grab and go in the mornings. 🙂

  900. Jen on said:

    Lately, avocado and basil “goddess” dressing. I put it on just about everything!

  901. Stacy on said:


  902. Andrea Cheneweth on said:

    Fresh salsa, or salad dressing, cilantro ranch made with Greek yogurt is a favorite right now or smoothies!!

  903. It sounds so lame, I know, but smoothies are my favorite thing right now. Banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder. YES YES YES!

  904. Julianne on said:

    Blended? Hummus. Always hummus. Endless variations!

  905. Debbie on said:

    Carrot ginger soup!

  906. Pri on said:

    Mango orange smoothie!

  907. Christine Doman-Wells on said:

    I just got the cookbook for my birthday and I LOVE the Roasted Red Pepper and Carrot Soup.

  908. Dylan on said:

    Golden milk green smoothie!

  909. Erin on said:

    Fresh fettuccine with a simple blended kale sauce!

  910. DaveyK on said:

    Sun-Dried Tomato and Pistachio Pesto – Mmmmmmm!!!

  911. Hana on said:


  912. jillian on said:

    butternut squash soup with curry and coconut milk!

  913. Katie on said:

    We love making smoothies!

  914. DJ from on said:

    butternut squash soup, hands down

  915. Jessica Hernandez on said:

    Banana, mango, pineapple carrot and spinach smoothie. Favorite thing about my vitamix is that once I turn it on my baby girl (3years) comes running g screamong ” is that my smoothie”

  916. Metta Kaparos on said:

    Watermelon-strawberry frozen dessert

  917. Kristy on said:

    I love making smoothies of all kinds; green smoothies for weekday morning, berry-banana smoothie for weekend snack!

  918. Amy from on said:

    I love to make Immunity Soup! I would like to make fresh Almond Milk!

  919. Hannah on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is banana ice cream! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  920. Jenny on said:

    I love to make salad dressing, throwing anything in…tahini, miso, apple cider vinegar, garlic, Dijon mustard, dill, capers…yum!

  921. Cheryle on said:

    Cilantro and parsley pesto.

  922. Cheryle on said:

    Avocado milkshake.

  923. Becky on said:

    Spinach, banana, peanut butter and coconut milk are a fav around our house 🙂

  924. Elizabeth on said:

    I love a smoothie with banana, kale, pineapple, flaxseeds, chia seeds, water and a little lemon.

  925. Karin on said:

    Cacao, fruit, flax milk, nut butter and spinach smoothies.

  926. Allison Krzastek on said:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite! Probably homemade cashew milk since I use that pretty often!

  927. Jackie on said:

    I’m excited that peak smoothie season is approaching- I love a simple green smoothie with almond milk, nut butter, chia, banana, and lots of greens.

  928. Sean Sullivan on said:

    Butternut squash soup!

  929. Allison Sullivan on said:

    Smoothies! A frozen banana + whatever other fruit is on hand + a spoonful of almond or peanut butter all blended with a little almond milk.

  930. Georgette Helton on said:

    roasted turnip cream soup with crispy bacon and cornbread croutons

  931. Xochi on said:

    cashew basil garlic pasta sauce.

  932. Sarah from on said:

    I absolutely love love LOVE making cashew cream! Packed full of protein and dairy free goodness! 🙂

  933. Stephanie on said:

    My favorite smoothie is with greens (kale or spinach), lots of tomatoes, celery, green apple, and cilantro. Like a healthy bloody mary. If you’re feeling froggy, add a little vodka and hot sauce!

  934. Lisa M on said:

    Thai peanut sauce! We put it on rice noodles and a bed of greens and top with with loads of fresh, crispy veggies for a quick and nutritious meal.

  935. Donna F. on said:

    I love a blended tomato basil soup!

  936. Julie on said:

    green smoothies! (frozen mango, spinach, and coconut milk, with flax seeds and chia seeds on top)

  937. aimee from on said:

    your tomato and coconut soup recipe was the first recipe of yours i ever tried. it got rave reviews and has kept me coming back for more ideas ever since! your photos and recipes are always inspiring!

  938. Adele on said:

    Mixed berry smoothies with nut milk are so delicious!

  939. Danielle on said:

    My favourite blended recipe would have to be your Hazelnut tahini pasta sauce. They’re two ingredients I LOVE separately and would never have thought to combine them

  940. r on said:

    spinach, kale, blueberries, almond butter, and cashew milk!

  941. Vasuki on said:

    Yogurt and frozen fruit smoothies! We make them daily. Thanks for offering the contest.

  942. Kate O. on said:

    Hummus! All different kinds. All the time!

  943. Every spring I make a ramp pesto and freeze it so I can use it year round. Love it!

  944. Vy Tran from on said:

    A green smoothie with spinach, kale, pineapple, mango, banana, almond milk, and chia seeds!

  945. Caitlin Link on said:

    Green smoothie: almond milk, spinach, kale, banana, mango and agave sweetener!

  946. Nikki on said:

    I love making apple, kale, celery, and spinach smoothies!

  947. Rachel C on said:

    Love a good green smoothie in the morning 🙂

  948. Ariel Winter on said:

    I love making “nice cream” with a Vitamix – frozen bananas, almond milk, and just a few carrots actually give it a caramel flavor! So delicious, and so healthy!

  949. Megan on said:

    Lentil celery root soup in the winter and green smoothies year-round! My husband is allergic to bananas (yes, so strange!) so we have to come up with other combinations like spinach, mango, blueberries, water and cinnamon.

  950. Sarah on said:

    I love making fruit smoothies with whatever I have on hand and also pesto in the summer with all the basil I grow!

  951. Brittney Begin on said:

    The creamy tomato white bean soup is fabulous! I also like to make a potato leak soup. Now that summer is coming — I’ll be doing less soups and more hummus, sauces, etc. I’m also looking forward to making vegan protein cookies with fresh ground almonds, fresh blended oats, chia seeds, and more. So many fun things to do with the vitamiz and the Love and Lemon cookbook is always giving me healthy alternatives that I can blend on my own. Love it!

  952. Allison on said:

    avocado soup

  953. Rick w from on said:

    Banana chia flax coconut milk whey protein cocoa nibs and mango- omg!

  954. Elizabeth from on said:

    Any soup, yum!

  955. Stacey on said:

    Homemade salad dressing! It’s so delicious and incredibly easy when I make it in the blender! My favorite combination is a bunch of roasted garlic cloves, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and a little honey. When it’s all blended together, the consistency is so creamy without having to add any dairy whatsoever…I want to put it on everything 😁

  956. Jen on said:

    Tahini miso dressing

  957. Breanna Holderby from on said:

    I love making creamy (dairy free) cauliflower kale soup! Topped with truffle oil!

  958. Jamie on said:

    Any creamy soup will do 🙂

  959. Jennifer on said:

    Carrot soup and butternut squash soup!!

  960. Helen on said:

    Soup! homemade tomato soup! butternut squash soup!

  961. Madeline Lipkin on said:

    I love making avocado “cream” sauces! I blend an avocado with cilantro, coconut milk or cream, or tofu, miso and cilantro ! It’s perfect on pretty much everything.

  962. Jackie on said:

    My favourite smoothie recipe is kale, mango, pineapple, banana and almond milk. The pineapple really gives the flavour a boost of sweetness

  963. Lea on said:

    Cashew cream!

  964. Leonor on said:

    I love smoothie bowls! Specially banana berries spinach and avocado!

    • Leonor on said:


  965. Mary Low on said:

    I love to make tahini, then hummus! Yum!

  966. Reanna on said:

    Pumpkin or squash soups are amazing!

  967. Molly on said:

    I love using a blender for soups – butternut squash soup in the fall and asparagus soup in the spring!

  968. Shirl on said:

    I love spinach, pineapple, banana & kefir or coconut milk.
    Also love coconut milk, banana, berries and turmeric, cinnamon & flax & chia seeds. I usually throw in what I have.

  969. Brianne on said:

    Fig and banana smoothies in the morning, butternut squash soup and potato-leek soup!

  970. Joni on said:

    Frothy strawberry lemonade – feel free to add vodka if the mood should strike! 😄

  971. Leticia on said:

    A sweet banana carob shake

  972. haley on said:

    I love to make broccoli leek soup, as well as chimichurri sauce!

  973. Angela on said:

    Another morning smoothie proponent! Almond/coconut/cashew milk, vegan protein powder, flax or chia, raw cacao, cinnamon, nut butter or tahini, frozen fruit, and lots of greens. It has truly helped turn around my world of “severe IBS.” This copper baby will help achieve my next goal of making my own milk! I know Vitamix milk is the best, I know it.

  974. Mira Mikat on said:

    Broccoli cauliflower soup! All the creamy goodness of cauliflower without the calories of cream.

  975. Jessie Smart on said:

    smoothies! preferably something with lots of berries and perhaps some kale!

  976. Amber Henry on said:

    During the summer – all the smoothies
    During the winter – roasted cauliflower soup

  977. Andrew Danyew on said:

    Yay smoothies! They’re my go to workout supplement, with oats and kale and berries, plus some vitamins and supplements, all I need is in one delicious drink.

  978. Amanda on said:

    creamy banana fruit smoothies!

  979. Amy ng on said:

    Vegan creamy tomato soup made with cashew cream – super yum!!

  980. Kate on said:

    Peaches and cream smoothie — pretty simple but the key is to peel and freeze the fruit beforehand for the perfect thick, cold texture.
    1 peach, peeled, pitted, and frozen
    1 banana, peeled, pitted, and frozen
    1/2 cup almond milk (or regular milk if you want it extra creamy)
    1/2 cup greek yogurt or vanilla yogurt (or even vanilla almond milk yogurt for lactose intolerant people out there)
    A dash of nutmeg gives this guy a special kick, if you’re into that

  981. leana on said:

    i do love a great smoothie, but nothing beats a great hummus

  982. Lisa Tan on said:

    I love making curry ginger carrot soup with a blender to make it creamy and smooth! Yum!

  983. Karen on said:

    One that I would LIKE to make is a raw rainbow nice cream cake.
    Red :frozen bananas and strawberries (cherry … Anything red)
    Orange : bananas and mango
    Yellow: bananas and lemon???
    Green: bananas and spinach
    Blue : banana blueberry
    I: … Likely would skip the indigo…
    Violet: banana and beat powder maybe.

    I would then decorate it with random fruits and pipe on coconut whipped cream.

  984. Susan Golden on said:

    I love homemade gazpacho, made in the height of fresh tomato, pepper, and other vegetables of summer.

  985. Martine from on said:

    Oh there’s nothing like a well-blended hummus! Only achievable with the most high powered of blenders 😉

  986. Jamie Y on said:

    I love to make pesto but with a more powerful blender there’s a lot more I would try to blend such as more veggies into my smoothies!

  987. Shayne on said:

    Almond milk. I make a fresh batch every week with a small batch of chocolate milk for the kiddos

  988. Laura on said:

    I love to make green smoothies with peanut butter and lots of superfoods. I don’t have your book yet but it’s ANYTHING like your amazing blog I cant wait to get it. I’ve been saving up for an vitamin but they’re so pricey! I would use this every day 😁😁

    • Laura on said:

      And I obvs meant vitamiX… But autocorrect.

  989. Michaela Z on said:

    Love cold soup in the summer!

  990. Christine on said:

    I love making any kind of green smoothie and a cauliflower based Alfredo—yum!

  991. Kate Milke on said:

    I love to make the fava bean purée from Alice Waters’ “The Art of Simple Food”. It tastes a little like hummus and is bright green.

  992. Sylvia on said:

    Hummus, salsa, or morning fruit smoothies.

  993. Jennifer Essad on said:

    My very favorite is the Cauliflower-Kale Soup with Crispy Kale Topping from the Vitamix recipes

  994. Tom H. on said:

    Your Matcha Mango Smoothie looks refreshing and it would look even more refreshing blended in a Copper Vitamix atop my kitchen counter. Thank you for the opportunity.

  995. Janis K on said:

    Peach orange banana spinach strawberry coconut oatmeal smoothies.

  996. Barbara Giacomin on said:

    Breakfast smoothies — stewed dried fruit, tofu, almond milk and cinnamon. Amazing.

  997. Jenny on said:

    Tomato chickpea & coconut soup

  998. Gabrielle Swisher on said:

    Nutella Banana “ice cream” for sure!!

  999. Terri on said:

    I actually really love your minty green shamrock shake smoothie!! I love eating more natural and wholesome smoothies!

  1000. Angela Z on said:

    Cashew cream! But it never gets super creamy bc I don’t have a vitamix

  1001. Diane S on said:

    Love your cookbook! My favorite smoothie is spinach, blueberry, Apple, coconut water, pecans, and chocolate mint protein powder… Sounds awful, and looks worse … But it is delicious!🍏🍎

  1002. John D on said:

    Gazpacho is the best! Quick and refreshing.

  1003. Pauline on said:

    Definitely banana ice cream.
    Still amazes me that frozen bananas can blend into such a delicious and creamy product. Mmm drooling just thinking about it!

  1004. Debra on said:

    Peanut butter banana protein shakes!

  1005. Elena from on said:

    Raw tomato soup on a hot summer day. Nothing better than that made in a blender.

  1006. Daniella on said:

    I am a new vegan and so many sauces for plant based cuisine require blended cashews as a base. My bullet barely cutting it;) would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  1007. Dani from on said:

    Fave recipe is a smoothie called Om nom! With Kale, dates, almond milk, coconut water, cinnamon, macs and walnuts! Sometimes I add chia seeds and shaved coconut, great pick me up drink!

  1008. I love a good tomato basil soup. And I would love a Vitamix blender to be able to blend smoothies with ice.

  1009. Maxine on said:

    Almond butter banana protein shake!

  1010. Meredith on said:

    Thai carrot ginger soup

  1011. Meredith on said:

    Green veggie soup

  1012. Marjaneh on said:

    Your roasted cauliflower leek soup! Yum yum yum so good

  1013. Tamra on said:

    So many favorites. Smoothies, one ingredient banana ice cream, fresh almond milk, vegan cashew ranch. My favorite smoothie lately is a few bananas, a bunch of strawberries, almond milk and ice. It’s a delicious healthy strawberry banana milkshake.

  1014. Moira on said:

    Pea Pesto from Minimalist Baker!

  1015. Tina Jeffers from on said:

    Homemade hummus! My Vitamix is my desert island kitchen appliance. I couldn’t manage without it! Love the new cookbook, thanks for the inspiration!

  1016. Marie Cornelio from on said:

    Oh my word. I been wanting and need this exact vitamix. I plan on buying this book and post my favorite recipe! hmmm lets see for my favorite blender recipe is a yummy protein smoothie.
    Called Walnut heaven!

    1/4 walnuts
    1 scope of your favorite protein powder. I use the vegan vanilla
    1.tsp of maple syrup
    1 cup a vanilla almond milk
    handful of ice!
    Garnish with walnuts and it is delicious and so good and filling!!

  1017. Christy on said:

    Vegan potato carrot cheese sauce!

  1018. Now that the weather is warmer, I have gazpacho on my mind! Green smoothies are also amazing (I love the peach + matcha one you posted a while back)

  1019. Teresa M. on said:

    I love the Sunshine Smoothie and the Blueberry Smoothie. It is a great way to start your day off

  1020. Kristina sembler on said:

    Smoothies, of course! Followed by hummus & nut milks.

  1021. Emily on said:

    My favorite part of each morning is a cup of pre-made cold-brew coffee, soy milk ice cubes, and homemade vanilla simple syrup!!

  1022. Cynthia Maddox on said:

    Beet Apple Ginger smoothie!

  1023. Ellie on said:

    Garlicky artichoke hummus, roasted mushroom soup, almond blueberry avocado smoothie. The possibilities are endless with a vitamix

  1024. Cynthia on said:

    The best salad dressing is this creamy mango/mint blend. I mix the mangoes and mint with olive oil, lime juice and salt and the result is a divine creamy vegan guilt free dressing that goes wonderfully on all different kinds of salads specially Asian inspired mixes with lots of carrots, cucumbers and red bell peppers.

  1025. Kelly Mcelligott on said:

    Peanut butter and banana smoothie!

  1026. Mary Ann Donnarumma on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a chickpea tomato soup. So easy and only a few simple ingredients.

  1027. Elodie on said:

    For sure it’s smoothie with mango !

  1028. Zubayda M. on said:

    I would have to say my favorite blended recipe is a homemade salsa. Something about the smell of onions, fresh tomatoes and peppers. It gives me life and my son loves it too.

  1029. Kyra on said:

    every morning I wake up and blend up frozen bananas, frozen berries, dates, with coconut milk, soaked chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, hemp protein, and spinach. it’s bliss is a jar

  1030. Casey Manning on said:

    Spicy cauliflower cashew soup!

  1031. Alexis on said:

    Tomato Pesto soup creamed with cashews…yum!

  1032. Kari on said:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite- I would say green smoothie… closely followed by chocolate-avocado mousse and hummus 🙂

  1033. Kim Henrichs on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a smooth guacamole dip with avocado, garlic, campari tomatoes, lime, salt, pepper and onion!

  1034. Jeremy Hu on said:

    I love the vegan spinach mac & cheese, or any other cashew based sauce!

  1035. Kelsey Raymond from on said:

    I love making homemade dressings in my blender! Some of my favorites include the ingredients tahini, miso, cashews and lime!!

  1036. Raya Thoma on said:

    Butternut squash soup with potatoes, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. No milk at all and the soup is so versatile: it can work with carrots, apples or root vegetables.

  1037. Lisa on said:

    I make kale cucumber smoothies!

  1038. Jenny B from on said:

    Green smoothies: celery, apple, avocado, parsley, pineapple, lemon

  1039. Caroline from on said:

    My favorite blended recipe has to be white cheddar nutmeg cauliflower soup with bacon crumbles on top! My grandma used to make it when I was little and cauliflower has always been my favorite veggie.

  1040. Annie on said:

    Morning smoothies with cacao, frozen cherries, banana, and hemp powder.

  1041. karen on said:

    I don’t have a great blender yet, A vitamix is on my wish list. i do have a waffle recipe with cashews and coconut flour I love and always have some in the freezer. I usually use my immersion blender.

  1042. Melanie on said:

    Strawberry, banana, coconut milk, & honey.

  1043. Stefanie from on said:

    I like a good blender salsa or I do this super easy creamy roasted red pepper blender soup that’s always a winner in a pinch! Congrats on the book! Next payday I’m soooo buying it. It’s just waiting in my Amazon shopping cart!

  1044. Marysunny on said:

    The sweet potato soup from “It’s all good”!!

  1045. Annie on said:

    Fruit breakfast smoothies made with coconut , almond milk or yogurt. Throw in my raspberries, blueberries, bananas, cherries…whatever I have on hand! A vitamix would certainly make this job more pleasurable and easy!

  1046. Susan on said:

    My current smoothie favorite is frozen banana, frozen cherries, spinach, cacao powder, chocolate Amazing Grass superfood powder, cinnamon, and almond milk.

    Congratulations on the cookbook launch! I’m so excited to check it out!

  1047. Tenesia G on said:

    I love a sweet potato soup. Made with real cream and topped with either bread cubes or bacon bites.

  1048. Amelia on said:

    Carrot Ginger Soup!!! (with a dash of fresh tumeric!)

  1049. Amy from on said:

    I’d love to make my own nut butters – and with the Vitamix, I’d be able to!!

    Congrats on your cookbook!

  1050. Peggy from on said:

    Curried Spinach Green Pea Soup

  1051. Karlie on said:

    I LOVE smoothies.. but if I had a Vitamix I’d want to try making my own Peanut Butter too!

  1052. Kathryn on said:

    Peanut butter, frozen bananas and cherries, almond milk, and a bit of spinach just for the green part. Yum!

  1053. Suzy on said:

    Almond milk is my favorite thing to make in a blender, then creating fun things to use up the pulp like almond peanut butter crackers or a pie crust.

  1054. Sara C on said:

    I think my favorite savory blender recipe is roasted butternut squash, apple, onion, and spicy/hot pepper soup. It’s so smooth and creamy that you’d never guess that it’s vegan!

  1055. amy macdougall on said:

    My favorite recipe is Cucumber Avocado soup–1/2 avocado, 1 3/4 english cucumbers (not peeled), juice of one lime, 3 T. fresh chives, and as much fresh jalapeno as you’d like, plus 1 c. ice and 1 c. greek yogurt. Blend and eat! Incredibly refreshing.

  1056. Ellen on said:

    I make a mean peanut sauce (which I then put on everything)! What a beautiful blender. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway and congrats on your new cookbook! I love it.

  1057. Jennifer from on said:

    Truthfully- smoothies! I have one ever single day.

  1058. elizabeth bruinsma on said:

    brussels sprouts with creamy cashew pasta sauce!

  1059. Jen on said:

    Sweet potato soup!!

  1060. Allison on said:

    I love making cashew cream, especially for vegan spinach artichoke dip!

  1061. Anna on said:

    Blending the beans for black bean brownies!

  1062. Leslie on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a simple green smoothie or pesto!

  1063. Kirstin Rudd on said:

    My favorite vitamix recipe is tortilla soup!

  1064. Gail on said:

    Love to make Tomato Soup – so quick and easy

  1065. Autumn on said:

    Butternut squash soup, with a bit of lemon! Great in the fall and winter.

  1066. Amanda W on said:

    I love making fresh salsa in the blender!

  1067. Heather on said:

    For sure butternut squash soup with coconut milk for cozy fall dinners!!

  1068. Mary Colalilo on said:


  1069. Kim S on said:

    banana and blueberry smoothie with hemp powder, bee pollen, chia seeds and almond milk

  1070. Keiko on said:

    Cashew cheese!

  1071. Judy on said:

    I love to make pureed soups !!

  1072. Ashley on said:

    Your superfood sunshine smoothie is my favorite thing to put in any blender! It’s a cure all!

  1073. Sam on said:

    Traditional pesto, it goes with anything and everything!

  1074. I love almond butter, dates, banana, and raw cacao
    powder with a splash of almond milk. A perfect sweet treat. Congrats on your book!

  1075. Liz on said:

    Puffy Pancakes. My mom makes hers in a blender and mine never seem to turn out right. Maybe if I had a blender it would turn out as good as hers!

  1076. Tess on said:

    My favourite blended recipe is to make my own nut milks. However, I am currently only able to when I travel to my parents house and borrow their vitamix. I would love the opportunity to be able to make as many nut milks as my heart desires and all the other recipes I can discover with this amazing tool!! I just got the cookbook last week, but it was damaged so im waiting for a new one in the mail!!

  1077. kassie on said:

    my favorite blended recipe is a roasted cauliflower soup!!! i used to absolutely loathe cauliflower and now its one of my favorite ingredients

  1078. Steph on said:

    I love making pesto in the blender

  1079. Ruth B on said:

    Smoothies with lots of fruit!

  1080. Julie on said:

    Spinach Soup!

  1081. Cari on said:

    Romesco worth toasted almonds and sherry vinegar.

  1082. Kasey on said:

    Love to make basil hummus and green smoothies!

  1083. Karla on said:

    Kale, spinach and frozen fruit smoothies. I make them for dessert, kids love them!

  1084. Anna on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is what I call “Matt’s gross kale smoothie” because it’s how my boyfriend first got me to try kale (it’s actually delicious!).

  1085. Marie on said:

    I like making peanut sauce with fresh ginger, roasted peanuts, red curry paste, and a few other ingredients. It’s great with chicken, tofu, or just about anything!

  1086. Chelsea on said:

    What a beautiful blender. My favorite blended recipe is for creamy tomato basil soup – yum!

  1087. Nicole from on said:

    Well that’s amazing – I just posted a picture of my cookbook for fun and saw that there was a giveaway going on!!! How lucky of me! So excited to try this new cookbook out! I have already flagged at least 10 recipes I need to try! I think I am going to be relying heavily on this book for Mother’s Day brunch ideas! Thank you for all that you do!

    • Nicole, the same thing happened to me! Posted a feature on Instagram of Jeanine’s recipe, and then learned about the giveaway. FAB! Also, I love your blog. As a new, experimenting blogger I love to read others to learn and be inspired. So thank you!

  1088. Katrina from on said:

    My fav blended recipe is one for blender banana pancakes! SO simple!!

  1089. katharine on said:

    i love my miso and pea soup… 3 ingredients, so so good.

  1090. Kate Liu on said:

    Growing up, my parents used to make Potato Leek Soup to combat the cold weather. It was always so smooth and creamy… winter never tasted so good!

  1091. Lauren on said:

    I loooove to make this strawberry almond smoothie. It’s soo delicious!

  1092. Nicole Perry from on said:

    Miso-ginger carrot soup is a standby I keep coming back to.

  1093. Elle on said:

    Cilantro jalapeño hummus. Sounds fancy but super easy

  1094. Kristine on said:

    My favorite blended recipe has to be the white bean purée! The naan with asparagus and white bean purée is phenomenal and we got to use the extras on sandwiches and to dip triscuits! Yum!

  1095. Nicole on said:

    I have a green smoothie every morning. I would love to make it in a new blender as mine is over 10 years old. This one would be so much prettier on my counter.

  1096. cori on said:

    We love blender pancakes! Make them at least 3x a week for lunches and breakfasts!

  1097. Jennifer Cleveland on said:

    I love a smoothie full of kale, cherries, berries, and coconut milk!!

  1098. Katie P on said:

    My mom makes the absolute best pesto, it’s my favorite thing that comes from a blender:).

  1099. Mary on said:

    Honestly, I love an acai bowl! Complete with coconut, granola, and banana on top!

    • Mary, I would love to try an acai bowl, but I’ve never found it in a store! Where do you get yours?

  1100. karen on said:

    Tomatillo sauce made from the garden at the end of the summer

  1101. Natalie S. on said:

    Carrot gaspacho- such a healthy and unique spin on the classic gaspacho recipe that I would have never known about!

  1102. candace on said:

    love banana and pb smoothies

  1103. Shani on said:

    pretty much any smoothies

  1104. sarah on said:

    my favorite is a blended peanut-sweet potato stew!

  1105. Abby on said:

    Curried carrot & sweet potato soup – so delicious with a grilled cheese on a chilly night!

  1106. Green Monster Smoothie

  1107. Val Graves from on said:

    Love making kale smoothies every morning (going strong for 5 years now)! Can’t go a day without it!

    • YES kale smoothies are the bomb!

  1108. It’s not original, but any and all smoothies! I use blenders for basically everything, but I’ve never had a Vitamix and would love to try one, as I am a beginning food blogger. I make a fruit and greens protein smoothie every morning for breakfast – no recipe, just whatever feels good at the moment. My second favorite thing to blend would probably have to be veggie soups – squash, asparagus, you name it. Dying to try the carrot gazpacho recipe!

  1109. Heidi on said:

    We love to sauté peppers and onions and then blend with cream and serve with pasta!

  1110. Denise on said:

    I love to make your dark chocolate avocado mousse and the vitamix would be good for that!

  1111. Brittney on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a super loaded green smoothie shake with all the fruits and veggies we have in the house!

  1112. Liz on said:

    Cashew cream sauce! Thank you for introducing it to me!

  1113. Kat on said:

    banana protein smoothie- banana, almond milk, protein powder, collagen, iced coffee, and some nut butter!

  1114. Laura on said:

    My most frequent blended recipe would have to be a green smoothie, but my favorite, especially as the weather gets warmer, is a gorgeous gazpacho packed with bright fresh veggies and a good olive oil.

  1115. Erica on said:

    There’s nothing like a beautifully blended smoothie in the middle of the summer! Any and all fruits make me a happy camper! 💛

  1116. Shanda on said:

    rainbow smoothies! Fruit or veggie of every color in the rainbow

  1117. Andrea Haines from on said:

    I have a pesto recipe that I love – I make it for lunches all the time!

  1118. Kristina Cotter on said:

    Roasted Butternut Squash Soup!!

  1119. Emma on said:

    I love smoothies in the summer! But my absolute favorite thing to blend is any type of homemade pesto, especially one using a mixture of spinach, arugula, and basil as the greens!

  1120. Poe on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is mainly for soups. I love tomato basil blended till smooth and creamy!

  1121. Jessica L on said:

    carrot apple ginger soup!

  1122. Christine on said:

    I love making the butternut pumpkin soup

  1123. Jessica on said:

    I am a new momma and I want to be able to provide healthful, quick meals and snacks for my family, and using a blender, let alone a powerhouse blender like the Viatmix, would be a new fun tool in the kitchen! Can’t wait to get your new cookbook, congrats!

  1124. Laddy Syxomphou on said:

    I love making tomato soup!

  1125. Dea Henrich on said:

    My all-time favorite blended recipe is Pea and Pesto Soup. It’s dead simple and crazy fast. And it is surprisingly low in sodium without tasting in the least bland. Another plus is that excellent frozen peas are available year round, so even in the middle of a winter storm, I can have a bowl full of spring.

  1126. Lauren on said:

    I love a good arugula pesto!

  1127. April on said:

    I love to make a healthy breakfast shake for the mornings I need something fast, healthy and can take on the go. I use blueberries, cinnamon and a good source of protein with coconut oil. Tastes delicious and is healthy.

  1128. Courtney on said:

    Pureed pumpkin and black bean soup, with about 3/4 of it pureed and the rest stirred in. So good.

  1129. Emily W on said:

    Fabulous giveaway! I love a green smoothing with spinach, avocado, an orange, frozen banana and greens!

  1130. Emily on said:

    Homemade nut milks! They’re game changers 😄

  1131. Mrs. Higgs on said:

    I love America’s Test Kitchen Cauliflower Soup made with the blender, but more importantly instant smoothies!

  1132. Beth from on said:

    I’m currently blender-less because the glass broke which has made me realize just how much I use it! (tragic I know..) Breakfast is a smoothie almost every morning and I really love to use it for soup too, my favorite is butternut squash soup with curry, turmeric and cashews – it’s so creamy and delicious!

  1133. Amy H on said:

    Spinach and berry smoothies or soups, especially tomato

  1134. Amy H on said:

    Spinach and berry smoothies or soups, especially tomato!

  1135. Angela on said:

    My favorite is frozen bananas and strawberries, almond milk, and vanilla greek yogurt for a simple and quick icecream/smoothie!

  1136. Lauren BD on said:

    Coconut milk, banana, pineapple, blueberry, almond, yogurt smoothie

  1137. Hilary C on said:

    Cashew cream – on its own or as a base for an extra creamy chia pudding!

  1138. saniel on said:

    my favorite blended recipe is vegan sour cream with cashews and lemon it Thanks

  1139. Diane on said:

    I love to try new pesos using different greens or combinations of greens with different nuts and cheeses. They are great on pastas, on toast, on eggs, as salad dressings, on veggies, and more.

  1140. Kristine on said:

    Favorite blended recipe is a green smoothie for breakfast. Spinach, cucumber, carrots, frozen peaches, and frozen pineapple. Fresh squeezed orange juice and a few splashes of water!

  1141. Amanda on said:

    I love to make matcha tea lattes and ice cream for the kids

  1142. jill A on said:

    Roasted Asparagus Pea Soup with Parsley and Lemon. Thank you and congratulations.

  1143. Laura on said:

    I love any kind of fruit smoothie from the blender! (And a vegan cheese sauce)

  1144. Erika M on said:

    I LOVE your new cookbook! I’ve made like 6 things already and they have all been fantastic! I love making green smoothies in my blender but I also make my own homemade nut milks too

  1145. Kerry on said:

    Love making smoothies with my toddler!

  1146. rachel on said:

    whoa the copper is gorgeous! my favorite blended recipe is definitely green smoothies, so delicious and a great way to get greens!

  1147. Chelsea on said:

    Banana ice cream!

    My best recipe is:
    Frozen bananas (4-5 peeled frozen)
    Coconut milk (1/4 cup)
    Cinnamon (1 tsp)
    Vanilla (1 tsp)
    Lucuma powder (makes the texture amazing!) (1 tbsp)

    The measurements are approximate. I usually eyeball it!

  1148. Sarah on said:

    I love it the most when my son (13) is making his famous shakshoukha – first the Hommos and then the spicy pepper sauce….mmmmh!

  1149. Nikki on said:

    Love making salsa! Esp the tomatillo salsa, so tasty.

  1150. emily on said:

    Vegan mac and shews, vegan queso dip, butternut squash soup, and avocado pasta sauce are all dishes I love and use a blender for.

  1151. Alice on said:

    Vegan Ricotta! Because on trying it my husband (who is not vegan) exclaimed that it was so good you could put it on anything! Thanks much.

  1152. Grace Suzanne on said:

    I’m super picky about textures, so I basically blend everything. My favorite would be a cream of spinach or chicken soup with lots of veggies packed in there. Or a strawberry lime smoothie. Yum!

  1153. Megan on said:

    I always love a classic strawberry banana smoothie! But I would love to try making gazpacho!

  1154. iryna on said:

    I love making cold soups and smoothies! My favorite one is banana-oatmeal-kale.

  1155. Rebecca on said:

    I have a curried carrot and squash soup that I make all winter long! It’s just the best, can be combined with rice, over veggies, or warmed in a mug by itself…

  1156. Georgia Thompson on said:

    butternut squash soup!

  1157. Allison on said:

    The Green Monster: Spinach/kale, strawberries, blueberries, apple juice, lemon, & ginger!

  1158. Marla on said:

    Can’t beat homemade hummus!!

  1159. Abbie on said:

    Oatmeal and peanut butter smoothies!

  1160. Katie Knoll on said:

    I would make carrot gazpacho

  1161. Missy Luna on said:

    My new favorite is soup: curry, turmeric, coconut cream, garbanzo, and carrot base – all vegan and so delicious! Fingers crossed I win this copper beauty Vitamix Pro750 Heritage Blender, would be a dream come true! Thank you love & lemons I heart you and all the goodness you post!

  1162. Jessie on said:

    Just a good ol’ smoothie for Bfast!

  1163. Kaela on said:

    I love making acai bowls!

  1164. Ellie on said:

    Creamy carrot soup is my favorite thing to make in the blender!

  1165. Sierra Turner on said:

    Ginger-Apple Pumpkin Soup! I love making soup, but honestly not having a good blender makes it rather tedious, so I don’t make blending soups as much as I would like. As of now they stand to be for holidays with family and friends like thanksgiving 🙂 so everyone gets to enjoy!

  1166. Tracy on said:

    My favorite for this year is a green smoothie for breakfast

  1167. Danny on said:

    Faux ice cream made from frozen bananas

  1168. Erin M on said:

    I love to make virgin strawberry daiquiris! Yum!!!

  1169. Leigh on said:

    I recently discovered banana nice cream and it’s quickly become my favorite dessert! Unfortunately my current blender is on the fritz and can’t blend up frozen bananas 🙁 This beautiful Vitamix would be a DREAM and I would celebrate by whipping up some chocolate & PB nice cream!!! <3

  1170. Kelsey on said:

    I love making up a big batch of smoothies in the beginning of the week, sticking them in the freezer and then I have instant breakfast. In the fall – I LOVE to make creamy soups, like asparagus with tofu (and I am not even a vegetarian!).

  1171. Katharine on said:

    Smoothies any time of the year – I make one daily, chock full of greens. Recently I have been on a hummus kick as well. Having a good blender definitely makes a difference!

  1172. laura from on said:

    butternut squash pasta sauce = winter crack.

  1173. Anna Beth on said:

    Vegan banana cream pie milkshakes with a little bit of bourbon!!

  1174. Jody Docksteader on said:

    My fave blended recipe is a passion fruit smoothie: passion fruit pulp, banana, orange, pea protein coconut water + coconut milk. YUM and great post workout fuel.

  1175. Katherine on said:

    I love experimenting with different types of pesto: kale, arugula, spinach – whatever is leftover in the fridge ☺️

  1176. kate from on said:

    breakfast these days is a green smoothie with some fresh grated ginger for a spicy kick! my current blender tends to jam on the spinach so a new vitamix would be awesome. 🙂

  1177. Maria on said:

    I make a superfood smoothie every morning!! My chai one with maca powder is my favorite! It would be real nice to have a Vitamix! My blender takes a while and is very loud!!

  1178. Heather Taylor on said:

    Milkshakes! Add-ins like cookies and brownies are a plus!

  1179. Madison Barlow on said:

    Rise and Shine! My absolute favorite smoothie is actually one of the first ones I tried! Spinach, green apples, carrots, celery, lemons juice, and ginger. Better than coffee in the morning!

  1180. amanda on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is the cashew miso sauce from your cookbook! (Not saying that to suck up and win a Vitamix.) It has become my favorite staple. I’m also a sucker for ANY kind of smoothie, which I use my blender to make every single morning.

  1181. Jenny on said:

    Congratulations on your beautiful book! It’s such an accomplishment, and I can’t wait to try my hand at everything in it.

    My favorite blended recipe would have to be cashew cheese — on sweet potato and black bean tacos!

  1182. Janet on said:

    Acai bowls = blended perfection!

  1183. Julieanne Hammond on said:

    Butternut squash soup!

  1184. Amy L on said:

    I like to blend a smoothie with a banana, 1 cup of milk (dairy or non-dairy – I like almond milk), a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup, and a tablespoon of either peanut butter or almond butter. Sometimes I add a couple of ice cubes if I want it to be “frosty”. This is my “comfort food” smoothie.

  1185. Barbara on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is my regular morning smoothie made from homemade almond milk (soak 1 cup almonds overnight, discard water, add almonds and 4 cups of fresh water to the blender and blend until smooth. Pour all through a sieve and either discard almond meal or put in tupperware and use over your favorite Muesli), kale, green apple, kiwi and maple syrup. A fast and easy blend when you’re in the rush, yet with lots of vitamins.

  1186. Jean on said:

    My favorite and only thing I blend at the moment is a smoothie in morning for me and my kids. It usually consists of yogurt, frozen fruits, and milk or keifer water. I have tried adding spinach but my current blender won’t handle veggies. I am hoping to buy a vitamix before the current sale go off. I love the looks of your cookbook(going to check it out!).

  1187. Alana Berry on said:

    Pretty soon I will be making my favorite blended soup. Cucumber, mint, greek yogurt, lemon juice, all that good stuff mixed together!

  1188. Grace on said:

    I pretty much live for a good fruit smoothie

  1189. Melanie on said:

    It’s so pretty!!!!…. I love making green smoothies!

  1190. mkII on said:

    love your matcha mango smoothie!

  1191. Jannell from on said:

    Vitamix blenders are the best for making acai bowls! Acai powder in a thick smoothie served in a bowl with toasted coconut, fruit, flax/chia seeds, and drizzled with honey or maple syrup. My fav.

  1192. Chloe on said:

    Its so hard to choose just one!! I think I am going to have to go with a good old breakfast smoothie. I love your rainbow breakfast smoothies 🙂

  1193. Bang on said:

    Spinach pineapple green smoothie

  1194. Kelly on said:


  1195. Emily on said:

    Coconut butter!

  1196. Nikki on said:

    My family’s favorite blended recipe is passed down but never been written down- Nonno’s pesto. Every fall, my husband and I ceremoniously pull up our herb garden and raid the pantry to fulfill this sacred family tradition.

  1197. Chris Russell on said:

    Well I don’t have a blender currently so haven’t been able to enjoy any of your recipes yet, but I am dying to try the Peach-Ginger green smoothie. Looks like the perfect way to start off a beautiful summer morning!

  1198. Lynne Z. on said:

    My favourite blended recipe is my morning green smoothie – it’s the easiest way for me to get my greens in. I follow Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s micronutrient smoothie recipe: 8 large kale leaves, 4-6 rainbow chard leaves with stems, 3 cups (~710 ml) of baby spinach, 2 medium to large carrots, 1 tomato, 1 large avocado, 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 cup (~710ml) of blueberries (fresh or frozen), 1 tall shot glass of flaxseed (optional), and 3 cups (~710 ml) of unsweetened flax milk.

  1199. andrea on said:

    Oooh….touch choice, but I would have to say green gazpacho!

  1200. Sarah on said:

    Roasted Cauliflower Soup…. one of my kids favs!

  1201. All green smoothie with cucumber, matcha, romaine, spinach, mint, protein powder and chia seeds

  1202. Madeline on said:

    I love frozen banana smoothies with peanut butter and strawberries, basically a pb and j in a cup!!

  1203. Mabel Chan from on said:

    smooth sweet potato soup!

  1204. Rob Smart on said:

    Super food smoothies (nearly) every morning to power my days and near-daily runs. A great 1-2 punch!

  1205. Maureen on said:

    Your black bean soup and vegetarian tortilla soup recipes are in regular rotation at our house!

  1206. Emily on said:

    Homemade Almond Milk with a ouch of cinnamon and sea salt.

  1207. Nicole P. on said:

    My favorite blender recipe is a creamy cashew sun-dried tomato pasta sauce. Yum!

  1208. amy on said:

    Obsessed with almond milk smoothies. Currently loving whipping milk with bananas, quick oats, cinnamon, honey & Greek yogurt = addicting!

  1209. Larissa on said:

    My favorite smoothie is actually your Matcha Mango Smoothie! I absolutely love it – especially in the summer. I always add the banana, and I love it with Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk. Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

  1210. Marcella Roberts on said:

    Mango and pineapple smoothie!

  1211. rachael on said:

    i love to make a blended vegetable soup using what I have on hand.

  1212. I enjoy a basic frozen mixed berry smoothie with spinach, banana, shredded coconut, chia seed and acai juice for breakfast.

  1213. G A Over on said:

    I love fruit smoothies. Always add bananas and peanut butter.

  1214. Laura on said:

    I’ve been making this blended strawberry margarita with cumin from the tippling bros book recently. It’s savory and wonderful — a new favorite! The beautiful red color would look lovely in a Vitamix…but what wouldn’t?!

  1215. Erin on said:

    I love throwing my vegan garlic cheese sauce into the blender to make it oh so smooth!

  1216. Megan on said:

    Just bought your cookbook two days ago and I’ve already read it cover to cover! I love the beautiful pictures of all your tasty food! I’ve tried several recepies already and have loved each outcome so far!

  1217. Megan on said:

    Just bought your cookbook two days ago and I’ve already read it cover to cover! I love the beautiful pictures of all your tasty food! I’ve tried several recepies already and have loved each outcome so far! I’ve tried the samosas, zucchini lasagna, and the roared red pepper and carrot soup. I think the samosas are my favorite so far, but only by a pinch!

  1218. Megan on said:

    Just bought your cookbook two days ago and I’ve already read it cover to cover! I love the beautiful pictures of all your tasty food! I’ve tried several recepies already and have loved each outcome so far! I’ve tried the samosas, zucchini lasagna, and the roasted red pepper and carrot soup. I think the samosas are my favorite so far, but only by a pinch!

  1219. Grace Rusch from on said:

    I’ve been loving blended soups more and more. Anything from leek and potato, to lentil sweet potato to curried squash soup.

  1220. Nora Farrell on said:

    My favorite blender recipe is Curried Sweet Potato Soup with Crispy Black Lentils by the Sprouted Kitchen

  1221. Kasey from on said:

    What a beauty. I’d love to have one in my kitchen! My go-to favorite blended recipe is probably a smoothie made with bananas, dates, and almond butter. I can never get the dates quite creamy with my current blender…this one is my dream. xo

  1222. Courtney Trask on said:

    Spicy jalapeño margarita. So refreshing.

  1223. Norma Oldner on said:

    I love a healthy chickpea hummus recipe with a generous dash of cayenne powder!

  1224. Lauren on said:

    banana strawberry/blueberry greek yourt smoothie!

  1225. strawberry banana smoothies are my favorite!

  1226. Kelsey Bowyer on said:

    Butternut squash soup!

  1227. Sarah on said:

    Whole lemon citrus vinaigrette. Yum.

  1228. Maria Sisci from on said:

    Watermelon gaspacho – watermelon, tomatoes, bread, olive oil and all the herbs and almonds too!

  1229. Marsha V on said:

    Bok Choy, white grapes, pineapple and mango smoothies!

  1230. LunaDanelle on said:

    I am alive today and I Vegan thanks to smoothies!!!
    A favorite of my family and I is almond milk, spinach, dates, almond butter, hemp seeds, vanilla and maple syrup Oh Yum.
    Another favorite is banana ice cream!!!
    Good Luck to everyone 🙂 🙂

  1231. Donna Cash from on said:

    I’m crazy about juicing & smoothies! Love love love anything with kale! Matcha kale & peach smoothies Yum!

  1232. LizC on said:

    Hard to pick a fave – but likely during cherry season – whipping up a frosty cherry, lime & coconut milk blended drink

  1233. Morgan A on said:

    Just when I thought VitaMix couldn’t get better…copper! I love soups in the winter and cashew cream is always a go to!

  1234. Stephanie on said:

    Cashew/cilantro/lime Crema. I love Smoothies, but it’s the stuff that requires a high-powered blender that I love most!!!

  1235. Holly on said:

    Butternut squash soup with ginger! So good, and I love being able to leave the food processor in the cabinet.

  1236. Erin on said:

    Current obsession: chocolate peanut butter cheesecake…smoothie? Shake? Whatever you want to call it, it’s delicious. Cottage cheese always belongs in shakes. Always. I’d really like to try to make nut butters but I fear my blender isn’t powerful enough.

  1237. Edie on said:

    Strawberry and banana smoothies. Thanks for the chance.

  1238. Sienna on said:

    Wow, now it takes a bit of dedication to scroll down and comment.

    Frozen berry medley + plain yogurt + cocoa powder or handfull of chocolate chips

    Although this recipe is not vegan, it never fails to please (and I’m so bummed I can’t eat it any longer!). It’s not super sweet, and the sourness of the yogurt actually really enhances the flavors of the berries. And chocolate is always a bonus!

  1239. Lisa on said:

    I love to blend green smoothies and to blend soups to make them silky smooth

  1240. Heather on said:

    Just about every meal I make has a blended sauce! Cashew crema in all of the flavors, including with smoky spices like cumin, turmeric, chili powder and smoked paprika.

  1241. Victoria on said:

    I love making any and all kinds of soups, specifically a curry cauliflower and squash soup in the winter! But I could never resist some banana nice cream, any time of the year! 🙂

  1242. Kate Kloss on said:

    Green smoothies- almost every single day. I could use a workhorse like a Viramix!

  1243. Susan on said:

    Love smoothies and my fav tip is to use frozen organic spinach. Spinach goes weird so fast in the fridge and the frozen is so much more convenient and already cold!

  1244. Kristin on said:

    we love smoothies and soups in our blender – super easy and super healthy

  1245. Sarah on said:

    For me it’s all about the smoothies in a Vitamix. My favorite is with 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tsp cocoa powder, 1 sliced frozen banana, a dash of cinnamon, and 3/4 cup iced coffee concentrate. It’s my breakfast and coffee all in one!

  1246. Kristen D on said:

    Falafel spiced hummus

  1247. Andy I. on said:


  1248. Meagan on said:

    Obviously love the soups and smoothies, but my absolute favorite blended item is the poblano crema used in the vegan enchilada recipe! TO. DIE. FOR. I have started making extra to add to quinoa bowl dishes and other warm entrees. 🙂 yum!

  1249. Meagan on said:

    Obviously love all of the soups and smoothie combination(especially the ginger, pumpkin soup!), but my absolute favorite blended item is the poblano crema used in the vegan enchilada recipe!! TO. DIE. FOR. I have started making extra to use in sauteed quinoa bowls and other entrees. So much flavor!

  1250. Melinda on said:

    I love to make smoothies!

  1251. Megan on said:

    I love using my blender for smoothies, sauces and dressings, but it’s getting old and tired… Time for a new one! I just got The Love & Lemons Cookbook this past weekend (looooooove it!) and have been flipping through and flagging recipes to make soon! Would love a new blender to make some of your fabulous recipes!

  1252. Jennifer Seamans on said:

    Hummus, which I currently make in my food processor, but if I had a high speed blender, I’d love that creaminess!

  1253. Arlene on said:

    Smoothy and creamy soups!

  1254. Kim Taylor on said:

    I make a juice every morning – banana, 1/2 each of apple, lemon, orange, cucumber
    piece of ginger, water & ice cubes.

    I love your coconut rice with brussel sprout bowl – I top it with fish!

  1255. Nadine Muhtadi from on said:

    I make a smoothie each morning with elements of fruit, leafy greens, nut butter and seeds!

    Apart from that, I tried this avocado pesto sauce once with pomegranate molasses, a bunch of basil, garlic and olive oil – so good on zoodles or any cold salad!

  1256. Clara on said:

    Chocolate milkshakes, hands down!

  1257. Dione on said:

    I love blended veggie soups! I can’t wait to try the gazpacho recipes in your book.

  1258. Lyndsy A on said:

    Acai bowls with strawberries, banana, peanut butter and almond milk! That cooper color is gorgeous!

  1259. Danielle S on said:

    dark chocolate pecan butter!

  1260. Crystal R from on said:

    I use my mom’s recipe for tortilla soup and she uses the blender to smooth the broth.

  1261. Darien on said:

    Absolutely the best, best, B-E-S-T tool for making vegan cheese!

  1262. Jessie on said:

    I love a good smoothie – frozen banana, peach, hemp hearts, spinach, water and almond milk. So good!

  1263. Alex on said:

    Going to have to go with curry squash soup– so comforting and delicious, never gets old.

  1264. Julia on said:

    Banana ice cream with crushed cookies!

  1265. Robin on said:

    Butternut squash soup!

  1266. Erin M. on said:

    Green smoothies are great, but when I’m in the mood for savory, I’m a sucker for a nice creamy cauliflower soup!

  1267. Jenne Lahov on said:

    For me it’s a tie between three recipes:

    First, Mango Avocado Smoothies! It’s super easy – just blended almond milk, mango, peaches, avocado, kale, and honey. I don’t use any ice or yogurt, because I love the creamy, velvety texture you get from the avocado!

    Second, chilled cucumber soup. I love cold soups – to me, they’re the epitome of refreshing, especially on a hot summer day! This soup is nice and easy: just blend together cucumber, mint, basil, lemon juice, sour cream, and scallions. Sometimes I like to add a little chopped jalapeno for heat, and serve it with a little diced avocado to add a little richness. You can season it to taste with salt, pepper, lemon juice, or extra hot sauce!

    Third is a chilled apricot curry soup. I LOVE this soup more than anything, because it’s that mix of sweet and spicy that I love. It’s a simple purreed curried chicken broth that is thickened with cubes of cream cheese, and served chilled with a dollop of apricot preserves. It’s absolutely heavenly!

  1268. lindsay on said:

    Cookie + Kate’s Roasted Butternut Squash Soup!!

  1269. Lacy on said:

    I love making tropical fruit smoothies with mango, pineapple, and yogurt! And throwing in some ground flax seed is always a good idea.

  1270. Rachel Joy on said:

    My favorite thing to make n the blender these days are smoothies for my toddler! We throw in kale, berries, apples, bananas, kefir, whatever we have on hand and it’s such a great way to get him lots of veggie and fruit nutrients! I’m pretty sure a Vitamix would take take my smoothie making game up to the next level!!! My favorite L&L recipe to blend is the sweet potato Cashew Alfredo! That one is so super good!

  1271. Michelle Flook on said:

    I love to make salad dressings, usually with a hand mixer. My fave is a yogurt+lemon+garlic concoction that goes great with plain salads, chicken, shrimp, anything!!

  1272. Merilyn on said:

    Basil pesto and garlic hummus! Yum! Couldn’t choose only one. 🙂

  1273. Kari on said:

    I love using Iced Tea as my liquid in smoothies. Anything from black iced tea to herbal infusions. Frozen berries, a bit of herbs. So refreshing!

  1274. Jessica on said:

    I live off blueberry, banana, and protein powder smoothie. It’s my morning go to!

  1275. coral sayer on said:

    I love making blended soups like potato fennel or tomato basil – and I always reserve some of the ingredients so that my creamy soups still have some chunks. If I owned a proper blender (I don’t!) I would love to make smoothies for my preschooler and myself to start our mornings a little better!

  1276. Kari Marie on said:

    Quick chimichurri for summer veggies.

  1277. Leslie on said:

    My favorite blended product is a salad dressing – composed of carrots, white miso, and ginger. Its so good that I put it on sandwiches, burritos, salads, and even on my yogurt.

  1278. Liz__frances from liz__frances on said:

    I am a huge smoothie gal. I like making a “carrot cake” smoothie bowl with bananas, a bit of pineapple, carrots, almond butter and milk, and cinnamon. Topped with raisins and granola = perfection.

  1279. Erin G on said:

    Spinach & fruit smoothie or a roasted tomato soup.

  1280. Kim from on said:

    I love smoothies! I always use almond milk, banana, and avocado as a base. Sometimes I’ll add a starbucks via if I need a pick me up.

    Congrats on the new cookbook!

  1281. Kathy on said:

    Almond milk, peanut butter, baby spinach, banana and frozen blueberries. Yum!

  1282. Kelly Towle on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is tortilla soup. It’s simple & DeeLish! 😃

  1283. sarah b on said:

    love a matcha kale & peach smoothie!

  1284. My favorite blended things to make are smoothies, but lately I’ve been really into blended soups!! 😀

  1285. Amy Munoz on said:

    My recipe fave for the blender is a spinach and almond smoothie. I ballpark measurements so the taste is little different every time which is a nice surprise. Ingredients: yogurt around a cup, 2 bananas, lots of spinach, almond milk however much it takes to blend, honey, and ice cubes. I sometimes add in strawberries for tanginess or almonds for texture.
    Another cool trick is to blend split peas for a smooth creamy soup. Yum!

  1286. Mayra Sanchez on said:

    I can’t get enough of green smoothies made with coconut water, spinach, gogi berries, frozen mixed berries and chia seeds!

  1287. Faith Moores from on said:

    I love making Butternut Squash Soup! I puree half the soup and cook the rest on the stove. So delicious!

  1288. Janely A on said:

    I love smoothies. I always love to put almond milk, cashew, peanut butter, cinnamon, vanilla, and banana. 🍌

  1289. Aleksandra Stapmanns on said:

    Congrats on the cookbook!
    My fav thing in a blender is banana ice cream with peanut butter 😉

  1290. maddie on said:

    i love making any kind of nut butter <3

  1291. Erin Wood on said:

    Fruit sorbet!!
    Your favorite fruit, some water and a bit of sugar or sweetener 😉

  1292. Carolsue on said:

    I love Caramel Apple Smoothies!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  1293. Min on said:

    I love puréed soups; I’m currently on a carrot and parsnip soup kick. YUM!

  1294. Kimberley lee on said:

    My favorite blended treat: purple swag
    It’s bananas, blueberries, an inch of vanilla bean and soy milk !

  1295. Jaclyn Reynolds on said:

    Roasted Red Pepper Hummus would be fun to make!

  1296. Annie on said:

    Green smoothies & soup are 2 of my favs! I love getting a veggie based soup nice and smooth in the blender! This copper blender is an absolute beauty!

  1297. Rubi from rubijones.clm on said:

    I love making your poblano cashew cream!

  1298. Stacy S. on said:

    Vegan Pate…. YUM!!!! Is that considered blended….? hmmmm. Anyways, its deeelicious!!

  1299. Crystal Joy on said:

    Smoothie: spinach, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas!

  1300. Megan Henderson on said:

    As today is gray and chilly, I’m thinking about soups, like a nice butternut squash soup

  1301. Ali Omsberg on said:

    cacao, frozen banana, natural peanut butter, and almond milk smoothie!

  1302. sarah on said:

    roasted eggplant soup!

  1303. Grace Pyne on said:

    TIE: classic butternut squash soup or spinach-almond power shake on my way to class!! Your cookbook and instagram are fabulous, xo from a college cook!

  1304. Laura on said:

    Vegan cheeses and with a dry jar, ground grains and seeds!

  1305. Andrea Floyd on said:

    there are so many. my favorite–green smoothies with lots of ginger.

  1306. Kate on said:

    I think cashew cream is my latest favorite blender recipe. Add a little roasted jalapeno and cilantro and you have a dip/enchilada topping/just-eat-it-with-a-spoon recipe.

  1307. sarah c on said:

    my fave blended recipe is butternut squash soup, or green smoothies! (thought the latter is not so much a recipe as a whole food category, haha!)

  1308. Dionisia on said:

    Spinach and peach smoothies, for sure!

  1309. Jen on said:

    It may be simple, but I love smoothies!

  1310. Natalie on said:

    The matcha mango Smoothie! Perfect way to start the day after running from morning workouts to work. The perfect healthy kick to make me feel better about sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day!

  1311. Aku on said:

    Marcella Hazan’s tomato sauce, with the onions blended in–the perfect thing to have in the fridge or freezer =)

  1312. Jay on said:

    Pistachio jalapeño pesto

  1313. Shari on said:

    White Bean Tomato Soup!

  1314. Chelsea on said:

    Crème d’asperges with freshly foraged wild asparagus, onions and garlic from my garden, and home-made vegetable broth.

  1315. dzer on said:

    Butternut squash soup

  1316. Amber on said:

    Hmm… Well, I’d have to say right now it’s fondue because I’ve been so into fondue lately. Classic cheese fondue w/Emmental & Gruyere or Chocolate fondue w/rich cacao. It’s a toss up 🍽

  1317. Kylie on said:

    Smoothie with spinach, blueberries, banana, protein powder, chia seeds, and almond milk! 🙂

  1318. Amy on said:

    I love making cashew sauces- alfredo or queso. That Vitamix is a beauty!

  1319. Ali D. on said:

    I like to make smoothies and soups!

  1320. Alicia O on said:

    Love creamy smooth butternut squash soup, but having a coveted vitamix would let me indulge my love of green smoothies on the regular!

  1321. Flor on said:

    Definitely any kind of Acai or smoothie bowl!! Nothing beats the satiety and clean energy you feel after one of those!! 💪🏼💪🏼

  1322. Alexandra on said:

    Hummus. Particularly pumpkin hummus to pair with quesadillas! I used to peel (yes, I’m crazy) my garbanzo beans after cooking them because, well, it made my hummus so buttery smooth I felt it was worth the effort. Enter: my mother’s Vitamix, which I became accustomed to using while I lived at home for a stint during law school. The Vitamix makes hummus so ethereally creamy, I no longer peel garbanzo beans when making hummus, at least, whenever I can borrow my moms. I’m newly married and somehow our wedding guests just completely ignored the Vitamix on our Williams Sonoma registry. Someday 🙂

  1323. Deb F on said:

    I make a green smoothie almost every morning with fruit, kale and maca powder and my kids love my cream of broccoli soup!

  1324. Tania on said:

    chocolate hazelnut spread

  1325. Amy on said:

    Chipotle Mac n “Cheese” from the Post Punk KItchen.

  1326. DBakes on said:

    Homegrown tomato sauce with fresh basil :))))

  1327. Emily on said:

    Green smoothies with spinach, kale, berries, banana, apple, chia seeds, and coconut water or almond milk.

  1328. Sam on said:

    I love a creamy cold gazpacho in the summer!

  1329. Courtney H from on said:

    All of my favorite smoothie recipes, especially green smoothies for breakfast!

  1330. Chelsea on said:

    smoothies with fresh fruit from the farmers market 🙂

  1331. Rebecca on said:

    Cherry-Almond smoothies!

  1332. Claire Higgs on said:

    I love making smoothies… but sometimes my magic bullet just doesn’t cut it! One my favorites smoothies is blueberries, peanut butter, and vanilla protein powder – tastes just like a peanut butter jelly sandwich!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  1333. Sarah Jean on said:

    We have Thanksgiving at my mother’s house, but every year for the past few years I’ve been making a delicious butternut squash soup with nutmeg, sweet paprika, and just a touch of honey and cream. It has become a new family tradition.

  1334. Ooh that question is a toughy, but I think I’d have to say banana ice-cream… or creamy guacamole (I knew I wouldn’t be able to pick just one) I think I’m going to dream about that beautiful blender tonight! Congratulations on the book launch, I can’t wait to pick up my own copy. xx

  1335. I really enjoy making different smoothies for my family. My husband really loves when I make him all kind of smoothies and being he has been gone for quit a few years over seas for work, I am now going to be making them more than ever!!! Our daughters love them too, and I feel pretty happy about all the healthy ways I can add in so many healthy veggies they would not normally eat… Thanks for a chance to win that Beautiful Vitamix, it would look so Amazing in my kitchen ha ha…

  1336. Emily on said:

    Green smoothie variations every morning! All depends on what’s in my fridge, what’s in season. Generally has spinach, kale, romaine, cucumber, celery, an apple, a banana, an entire lemon and various spices (cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, etc). Sometimes avocado for some extra creamy goodness….. I’m drinking one now 🙂

  1337. Joe Meredith on said:

    Modernist cheese sauce!
    cheese, milk/water, and sodium citrate + 5 minutes on high power. So good!

  1338. Jennifer on said:

    Your avocado cashew cream!

  1339. Glenda from N on said:

    Cashew crema to top mushroom and spinach enchiladas!

  1340. Caroline Johnson on said:

    Strawberry smoothies with soy milk and honey

  1341. Ryan on said:

    Tomato soup in the winter and green smoothies in the summer

  1342. Krista on said:

    I make a mean green curry and cilantro soup base. This might be the most beautiful kitchen appliance I’ve ever seen!

  1343. RP from on said:

    I make a yellow tomato and peach summer gazpacho that will change your mind on gazpacho! It changed mine…

  1344. Allie from on said:

    Black and Blue Smoothie – frozen blackberries, blue berries, orange juice, banana and spinach

  1345. Stephanie on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is my go-to breakfast smoothie made with two frozen bananas, a cup of blueberries, a tbs of flaxseed meal, a quarter cup of apple juice, a half cup of water, and a small packet of SuperGrass supergreen powder! Yummy yummy

  1346. Katie T. from on said:

    The cilantro jalapeno hummus is amazing!

  1347. Jennifer on said:

    Caulifower Alfredo sauce is so good, but honestly any mylk. Oat and almond have been ones I make the most, but I have so much fun making any kind. Plus there’s so much you can do with the plup, it’s like a two for one recipe!

  1348. Thiersten from on said:

    I really enjoy my husband’s hummus-yum!

  1349. Diana Wolff from on said:

    One of my favorite things to do is to blend roasted and/or raw vegetables to make delicious sauces – these add so much to main dishes and are also a great way to camouflage veggies if you have kids who will only eat pasta.

    I love a blend of tomatoes, red peppers, zucchini and a little bit of well-caramelized onion. There’s just enough sweetness and the fresh flavors really come through! If you have egg, chicken or fish eaters in your family they’ll really enjoy this sauce with their meal too.

  1350. Megan on said:

    All different kinds of pesto!

  1351. Katherine on said:

    Smoothie bowls!

  1352. Erin on said:

    My SIL has been making this delicious cauliflower soup in her blender and I’d love to make it at my own home 🙂

  1353. Amanda from on said:

    I have a carrot and broccoli soup recipe that is partially blended and I love it so much! Would love to win this blender!

  1354. Andrew A Liebelt on said:

    I love making pesto in the blender, I’ll typically toast some walnuts and pecans instead of pine nuts and I love to add a little milk to make it extra creamy.

  1355. Hannah Cousar on said:

    I may be too happy staring at the copper mixer to think of making almond milk smoothies:)

  1356. Jess on said:

    I love starting everyday with a smoothie. My favorite breakfast is pineapple, mango, spinach, and ginger! A little greek yogurt adds plenty of protein.

  1357. theresa j on said:

    I love butternut squash soup

  1358. Jenn on said:

    Green smoothies!
    I start with a base of apple, cucumber and water – blend
    Then I add kale or spinach, frozen fruit, chia seeds and grapefruit – blend and drink up!

  1359. Naomi on said:

    Berry smoothie w Greek yogurt

  1360. Asher on said:

    Chocolate-Tofu pudding with dates and coconut milk!

  1361. Sarah on said:

    I really like green smoothies but I think my favorite blender recipe might be one for a Dutch Baby with lots of yummy spices.

  1362. Traci on said:

    Green smoothie with spinach, avocado, flaxseed, banana, and almond milk!

  1363. Eartha on said:

    I love to start my day with a green smoothie made with kale, spinach, almond butter, banana, and coconut water.

  1364. Clarissa from on said:

    Green smoothies are my go to blender recipe 🙂

  1365. Jim on said:

    Vegan navy bean gravy

  1366. Ashley on said:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! I love making smoothies and almond butter. 🙂

  1367. Mary on said:

    Chilled almond milk with cardamom 👏🏻

  1368. roxanne on said:

    almond milk-banana-blueberries-spinach smoothie!

  1369. Sarah on said:

    Nom Nom Paleo has a recipe for this green sauce that we make in the blender that is to die for!

  1370. Janneane from on said:

    We love making cashew cream — especially your chipotle cream!

  1371. Dianna on said:

    Love the Collard Wraps with Carrot Hummus!

  1372. Devon on said:

    I’m simple. A frozen banana blended into milk. Yummmm.

  1373. Michelle on said:

    A simple strawberry banana smoothie when I have a sweet tooth!

  1374. Veronica on said:

    Asparagus soup!

  1375. Cathi F on said:

    Any breakfast smoothie with berries and greens! And my blender just broke!

  1376. Giselle D on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is a simple smoothie: frozen banana, peanut butter, yogurt, vanilla, almond milk, and honey. So delicious!

  1377. Addie G. on said:

    Since I’ve started making @loveandlemons vegan ricotta I haven’t stopped! This is the best thing that’s ever been blended in my kitchen. 🙂

  1378. Hollind Kevo on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is Sorrell Soup….so yummy!

  1379. Jenny on said:

    Chocolate avocado smoothie!

  1380. Heather on said:

    Pumpkin pie smoothie

  1381. Angela on said:

    Nice! I actually just stumbled across you on Instagram and was wowed by the delicious recipes that you post! I have just decided to change my lifestyle to eating clean and have really enjoyed all of the new recipes I’ve explored – I feel so great! I really like blending up a banana, almond milk, cinnamon, and Earth balance coconut peanut butter for a satisfying treat. I dream of having a vita mix

  1382. Carol Sprenger on said:

    Potato & Leek Soup

  1383. Mia on said:

    Tonight we made the carrot and red pepper soup from the new cookbook. It was incredible! It was almost like a gazpacho. Loved the touch of the beans in it — thickened it up without tasting heavy! LOVE!

  1384. Bonnie on said:

    Frozen cherry vanilla smoothie!

  1385. Carrie Moore on said:

    Smoothies and pureed vegetarian soups are my favorite things to make in a blender. They’re foods that make you feel good and taste good!

  1386. Susan Goldner on said:

    Yogurt fruit smoothie….best way to start the day!

  1387. Katherine on said:

    Watermelon, mint, kale smoothie ! Yum!

  1388. Noel on said:

    I love making blended soups! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  1389. Caren on said:

    Homemade Almond milk with nuts from our family ranch!

  1390. Juniper on said:

    Watermelon margaritas and healthy green smoothies to balance it all out 😉

  1391. Lisa on said:

    Healthy smoothie with greens, beets, strawberries.

  1392. Maureen Marino on said:

    I do love a milkshake, vanilla or chocolate!

  1393. Meghan on said:

    Acai bowls!

  1394. DRTVrMoi on said:

    I’ve been making a frozen dessert with bananas and mini chocolate chips. Two ingredients = heavenly!

  1395. Christine on said:

    Love to make smoothies but a nice curried squash soup is nice too!

  1396. Kim T on said:

    Carrot Gazpacho with Lemongrass is my fav!

  1397. Jennifer from on said:

    organic gazpacho – I could live off of it!

  1398. Helene on said:

    I love making cucumber/lime blended with filtered water. Sometimes with a little kick with cayenne powder. I use my stick blender on the go!

  1399. Nadya on said:

    ‘The Exotic’
    – Mango
    – Chikoo
    – Banana
    – Spinach
    – Peanut butter
    – Chia Seeds
    – Almond Milk
    – Mix together for a great energy smoothie!

    I usually don’t enter into drawings but this smoothie is worth a try!

  1400. Katie on said:

    Cashew *cream* Sauce!

  1401. Janine on said:

    What a beauty! Do I have to pick one recipe? I can not decide between mango ice-cream or a green smoothie….

  1402. Martha on said:

    Banana coconut smoothies!

  1403. Cody on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is my favorite smoothie consisting of Banana, strawberry, mango, pineapple, ginger, and chia seeds!

  1404. I love blending up green smoothies and nondairy ice creams, and sometimes I’ll blend coconut oil and coffee for a foamy spin on a latte! A Vitamix would really help make these treats velvety smooth. Thanks for featuring such a great giveaway and congrats on your fantastic cookbook! xo B

  1405. tiff on said:

    Beet gazpacho

  1406. Anne on said:

    Love the Chocolate Almond Breeze Smoothie! Yum!

  1407. Christie on said:

    I love making smoothie bowls and topping them with granola or ripe berries and a drizzle of agave of course – yum!

  1408. Trish on said:

    Roasted asparagus and garlic soup is my favourite blended recipe.

  1409. Tiffany Lee on said:

    My favorite blended recipe is any green smoothies. I love them in the morning!

  1410. Rebecca on said:

    gazpacho, both the red tomato and white grape-almond varieties!

  1411. Jacqui SS on said:

    Carrot, sweet potato habañero salsa

  1412. Melanie on said:

    Love making green smoothies!!

  1413. Cathy Brans on said:

    Frozen banana, cherries and almond milk

  1414. Adam Ducote on said:

    All the hummus! I want to use this to make ALL THE HUMMUS!

  1415. Kathy on said:

    Crepes are the easiest in a blender. Also- strawberry rhubarb smoothie.

  1416. Kristy on said:

    green smoothies!

  1417. Marie on said:

    Creamy tomato soup!

  1418. alexis on said:

    I make a berry-banana smoothie (and sneak in some spinach), but you wouldn’t know it. #betterthanicecream

  1419. jim on said:

    Date smoothie with plain yogurt or a fruit one which compliments…spices of your choice.

  1420. Sarah on said:

    Gorgeous recipes! I love making crêpe batter in the blender- it comes out so smooth and lump-free! We also do a lot of blender green drinks.

  1421. Kara on said:

    Making cashew cream!

  1422. Lisha Mejan on said:

    The blueberry spinach smoothies include two of my go to ingredients. I love the healthful deliciousness of these smoothies. I make them the night before, freeze them, and they thaw in the morning and keep my energy going post run. Ready for the day! Thanks.

  1423. Kristine H on said:

    Breakfast smoothies ! Can’t wait for strawberry season !

  1424. Kristen G. on said:

    We make smoothies using five different greens from our garden!

  1425. Christine on said:

    Smoothies of carrots, apple, tumeric, ginger and chia seeds are the best!

  1426. Shawna on said:

    Carrot ginger soup, salad dressings without the additives that are in store-bought varieties, and um, margaritas.

  1427. Anna from on said:

    Chia pudding w/ almond milk, vanilla extract, maple syrup, and crushed fresh strawberries

  1428. Laurie S on said:

    Peanut butter and banana smoothie!

  1429. sana on said:

    I love making mango/raspberry/any berry smoothies! Also have wanted to try making my own oat flour and almond butter but my blender is not sturdy enough 🙁

  1430. Jen on said:

    Pumpkin soup my mom makes in her own vitamix! Hopefully I can can convince her to give me the recipe!

  1431. Alicia on said:

    I have a favorite white bean soup that is blended. I like to call it magical because it is gluten and dairy free and vegan and everyone can eat it together and be happy. The best. 🙂

  1432. Kelly on said:

    Pumpkin Cashew Cream from the roasted squash tacos recipe. I put it on salads, sandwiches, tacos, bowls… my husband and I can’t get enough of it!

  1433. Jamie on said:

    I have lots of personal favorites, but I feel most success when I can blend in colorful veggies into smoothies, soups and pasta sauces that my unknowing kids actually enjoy devouring.

  1434. Jennifer on said:

    Cashew “cheese” sauce. Great for nachos, macaroni, fettuccine, sandwiches…

  1435. Edna on said:

    funky monkey smoothies! frozen bananas, cocoa powder, soy milk, & cocoa powder

  1436. Michelle Graci on said:

    Almond milk, raw organic cacao powder, banana, peanut butter and a huge handful of organic spinach…yum!

  1437. Mea from on said:

    A smoothie with banana, frozen strawberries, almond milk and peanut butter. Yum!

  1438. Coral on said:

    I love making nut milk – so nutritious and quick

    Love your site! I’ve made the cherry chocolate chip cookies twice this week!

  1439. callie on said:

    My favorite: my soy milk based protein powerhouse smoothie. A nice soup comes in at a close second. 🙂

  1440. Callie Farrell on said:

    Creamy Cashew and Miso Pasta! I have a nut allergy and was able to substitute soaked pumpkin seeds for the cashews, it was great! Potatoes, as well as roasted cauliflower work well too.

  1441. Bethany on said:

    Black bean fudge- on my first try I thought they were okay, but now I am a tad obsessed with them!

  1442. Craig on said:

    I would take all my hopes and dreams, some strong coffee, banana, almond butter, almond milk, ice and honey and blend them until they have the delicious consistency of success.

  1443. Christa Oldsberg on said:

    Roasted eggplant and tomato pasta sauce. Hummus! Soups!

  1444. Sara Hensley on said:

    I haven’t made anything blended yet but just ordered the book! I made a few of your salads and they were delicious! Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got!!!

  1445. Annette on said:

    Spring Pea Soup – I blend half of it then return it to the pot.

  1446. Sarah Burnett on said:

    Love love green smoothies! My fav – kale, spinach, a tiny bit of greek yogurt, fresh fruit, lemon juice and the most important ingredient – ginger!

  1447. Leslie on said:

    Definitely green smoothies – I make them all the time for my husband and I! Kale, frozen berries, frozen bananas, protein powder, spirulina, water or yogurt!

  1448. Jen on said:

    I love the kale pesto!! My friend gave me her cookbook and I have now ordered my own copy…my family is eating so many veggies 🙂

  1449. Laura on said:

    Creamy potato soup on a chilly day

  1450. Michelle on said:

    My favorite would have to be cauliflower soup. I know that sounds kind of boring for a favorite, but it’s so delicious!

  1451. Loretta Bozza on said:

    So many things! Pistachio pesto, hummus, asparagus leek soup, and any smoothie!

  1452. Kristen Downs on said:

    I received the LOVE AND LEMONS COOKEBOOK from a friend for my 50th birthday… is such a cheery and amazing source of cooking inspiration.
    The Roasted Red Pepper and Carrot soup was great…..and the Ginger Carrot sauce for the Millet Grain bowl….another goodie! Both were easier with a blender. And wouldn’t a copper Vitamix look good when blending all the delicious recipes?!?!? Thanks for a great cookbook!

  1453. Adrienne on said:

    Breakfast smoothie with frozen banana, soy milk, almond butter, cayenne pepper, and a touch of maple syrup.

  1454. Marianne D on said:

    Cashew based vegan cheese sauces and dips! And my green smoothies, of course! 🙂

  1455. Erica on said:

    OMG carrot soup with carrot top pesto! Allllll the thumbs up! I’m a soup and smoothie addict.

  1456. Lindsay on said:

    Pesto! And hummus! YUM

  1457. Danielle on said:

    It’s hard to choose one but my most recent favorite is a new smoothie recipe I got from the #PurpleCarrot…a creamy, slushy grapefruit one: Frozen cut up grapefruit, frozen bananas, half a squeezed lime, spinach (or any mild greens you prefer), and almond milk. So simple but so yummy. I’ve been having in for days!

  1458. Ceilidh on said:

    In the summer, I love to skin a watermelon then put the whole darn thing in my blender and blend it up. Makes the best type of juice 🙂 My happy juice!

  1459. Cooks illustrated crepe batter.

  1460. Brianna Evans on said:

    I love making smoothies for my daughters, with whatever fruit and greens we have on hand! And I love canning fruit butters, this would be helpful for that too!

  1461. Mariah Bouthiller on said:

    Vichyssoise all the way!

  1462. cmvb on said:

    nut milk and finally a real smooth smoothie!!

  1463. Brian on said:

    restaurant-style salsa, the best in the summer!

  1464. Emily Greenberg on said:

    Blueberry flax-seed smoothies!

  1465. Maria on said:

    Colombian smoothie

    1. 2scoops of protein
    2. Arequipe/caramel
    3. Ice milk
    5. Oats
    6. Cinnamon

  1466. Phoebe Dukas on said:

    Creamy Mushroom Soup… Yum!!!

  1467. Maggie from on said:

    I would love to be try making my own almond milk, but my blender isn’t strong enough to handle it! I also am dying to try the Creamy Miso Brussels Sprout Fettuccini that you have pictured above. #drooling

  1468. Corrine on said:

    Really smoothies! So easy to do and endless varieties. =)

  1469. Lydia Claire on said:

    Cauliflower alfredo sauce. So delicious!!!

  1470. lekkercraft from on said:

    Garlicky hummus, the smoother the better!

  1471. Lane Brenner on said:

    Spicy black bean soup!

  1472. Amakescakes on said:

    Black bean burgers and almond milk! Loving your new cookbook, it’s beautiful!

  1473. Nicole V on said:

    Would love to try your cauliflower “rice” with the new Vitamix! I’m a big fan of green smoothies already

  1474. Teri on said:


  1475. Phoebe W. on said:

    Fruit Smoothies!

  1476. Maia on said:

    Lemon parsley hummus

  1477. Johanna Miller on said:

    Carrot top pesto! or, if I’m feeling the urge…knock off Chipotle salad dressing! 🙂

  1478. Anke on said:

    One that I still have to invent… BUT without further ado, it will contain love & lemon. Ha! Our last blender got up in smoke (forshizzle). I made a video & sent it to the manufacturers, no biggie to get a refund after that.
    SO now we have safely avoided a meltdown, the time is right to get back to the nitty gritty & blend blend blend. As I live in Europe, I am HAPPY to take the shipping on as I don’t think you ship international? Lots of xoxo. A fan of you since forever ago with a favorite recipe in mind (think pomegranate & sweet potato).

  1479. swati shah on said:

    date and coffee rice milk shake…
    love your blog! thank-you!

  1480. Emily on said:

    Cashew cream without a doubt! My love first started when I made your enchiladas with tomatillo salsa and poblano cashew crema. They changed my life when I made them a few years ago and I haven’t looked back since! Love your book and your site!

  1481. Kate R on said:

    Roasted strawberry and coconut popsicles!

  1482. Meg on said:

    Cashew gooey cream!

  1483. Hallie R. on said:

    I used our very old blender for the first time ever last week to make the chipotle sunflower butter for the collard wrapped tacos and broke it 🙁 Would LOVE a vitamix to try more recipes! The cookbook is gorgeous!

  1484. Efrie on said:

    Chocolate (soymilk) and almond butter smoothie!

  1485. Shelley on said:

    Summer has arrived, even way up north here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Time to celebrate on my deck with Love & Lemons Green Gazpacho, and Carrot Gazpacho With Lemongrass. And a glass of Minty French 75 🙂 I just received your fab cookbook for my 60th Birthday from my children….I’m a very lucky Mom. Thank you, Jeanine!

  1486. myla on said:

    As of late, I’ve really been digging simple stuff. On Sundays I make broth, some sort of grain and then roast some vegetables (butternut squash had been my favorite) for the week. Then every afternoon, I just chuck the broth and vegetables and a few herbs in the blender for a quick soup. Top with quinoa, or brown rice, or whatever I’ve got going on that week, and a drizzle of oil, and chili flake, and I’m a happy person.

  1487. Megan Bradley on said:

    Smoothies are the #1 thing I make in the blender and now that we are getting into spring and summer probably popsicles for my girls.

  1488. Lauren S on said:

    Green Smoothie-Spinach,Banana,Chia,Maca Power & Agave

  1489. Leah on said:

    My go-to smoothie. Spinach, mango, banana and flax seed. Yum!

  1490. Melissa Mendez on said:

    I am torn between the kale pesto and butternut squash soup 🙂

  1491. Cassidy on said:

    banana soft serve

  1492. Shannon Martin on said:

    Butternut squash soup–like a warm hug on a rainy day!!

  1493. LeslieJeannene on said:

    SOUP! Any kind of soup…just soup…

  1494. Sally on said:

    A garam masala coconut milk carrot soup!

  1495. stacy abernathy on said:

    minty green smoothie. every day.

  1496. Rachael S. on said:

    Love to make salad dressings. My Favorite is Cashews,Lemons, Olive Oil, Garlic Cloves and Salt.

  1497. Natalie on said:

    I make this every morning before school and it’s one of the few smoothies that really fills me up! I don’t know what I’m going to do when I move out… No other blender compares to my moms Vitamix

  1498. Amy L on said:

    Green smoothie!

  1499. Joe on said:

    I am absolutely addicted to the Minty Green Shamrock Smoothie! I had to buy a second Love and Lemons Cookbook for home because the guys at the firehouse made me leave mine there.

  1500. Kristie May on said:

    Giggled all night in our kitchen as we cooked, smoothied, chopped, shot pics and posted. #lovethatgirl #kitchentimewithyourdaughter #priceless #cookingtogether #alwaysinthekitchen #loveandlemonscookbook you haven’t let me down yet! Thank you!

  1501. Laura M. on said:

    I love making fresh salsa for veggie taco nights!! mmmm!!! now i want tacos 🙂

  1502. Kristie on said:

    So neeeeeed this! You can’t even call a vitamin a blender….. It’s so much more! Its such a must in a plant based kitchen! xo

  1503. Leon Chu on said:

    Kale salad with cranberries, and avacodos garlic walnuts lime juice sea salt and pepper pesto…”;”

  1504. KatieD on said:

    favorite smoothie right now is beet, berry, spinach and mint with almond milk

  1505. Kelly on said:

    Your coconut rice with brussels has FINALLY made a brussel sprout lover out of my husband! I’m eternally grateful 🙂

  1506. Renee on said:

    Favorite smoothie is half an avocado, almond milk, frozen banana, cacao powder, honey, and almond butter – delicious!