Our Chicago Kitchen Sneak Peek

Our Chicago Kitchen Sneak Peek / Love & Lemons

In case you hadn’t heard – we’ve moved to Chicago! Long story short, last spring we left our beloved city of Austin and came to Chicago (where I’m originally from). Our original plan was to stay in Chicago temporarily for the summer and definitely(!) leave before the winter. Well, as you see, that didn’t really happen because here we are. I’ll spare you the details, but we spent about 7 months this past year jumping between airbnb’s, hotels, friends’ houses, and parent’s houses (with a marble slab in our car’s trunk to continue shooting recipes). After all of that, we are SO happy to finally be settling into our new home in the windy city.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new kitchen! What I love about it is that it evokes the style of our Austin kitchen without being a clone of it. I will always love subway tiles, white cabinets, and marble (although the new counter-tops are quartz that look like marble), but here I love the pop of the dark blue and and the brushed brass details.

Our Chicago Kitchen Sneak Peek / Love & Lemons

I’m also so smitten over these curvy wooden Norman Counter Stools from Rove Concepts. Choosing counter stools is difficult because they’re such a focal point in the kitchen. I absolutely love the way these look here. They’re also super comfortable to sit in, which is important to me. Rove Concepts SO kindly sent them to us and they’re also offering a giveaway to our readers – see the bottom of the post for details!

Our Chicago Kitchen Sneak Peek / Love & Lemons

On the other side of the kitchen, we have this cute breakfast nook. We thought about doing a built in bench/banquette sort of seating but I really wanted a round table to contrast the strong lines of the kitchen island. I had this Carrara Tulip Table in my mind from the get go – it’s a 100% marble top (it weighs a ton!) and I love it because we can do some of our photography in this area. It’s also a cozy nook to have breakfast in, hence its name: the breakfast nook.

Our Chicago Kitchen Sneak Peek / Love & Lemons

Rove Concepts is giving away a $250 credit to one lucky reader – if you win, you get to use the credit toward anything you want from their store! Their furniture and home decor items are so so lovely! To enter, follow Rove Concepts on Instagram, then go to roveconcepts.com and come back here to leave a comment below telling us your favorite product.

This giveaway will end November 6th and is open only to U.S. and Canadian readers. 

If you make this, let us see! Tag your photo with #loveandlemons on Instagram.


  1. Sara on said:

    I wish for the Vodder Dresser!

    • Sara on said:

      oops! Read the contest instructions wrong 🙂

      • you had it right the first time! sorry, I typed an error as I posted this – your entry will be counted 🙂

        • michelle miller on said:

          So where am I suppose to leave my comment about the $250 drawing???? I need those barstools.

          • Right here, you’re good 🙂

        • Deb on said:

          Gorgeous kitchen. Jealous!!!!!

          • Gretchen Coulter on said:

            From Rove: Farmhouse Glass Pendant! Beautiful, simple, clean lighting—perfect over a kitchen island!

            Congratulations on your new home; may you have years of joy in Chicago!

            Gretchen Coulter
            Bellingham, WA

    • Emily Lambert on said:


    • Bria Wiltshire on said:

      The Carrara Tulip Table is exactly what I am looking for! And it’s actually for my new home in Chicago too!

  2. Christina on said:

    Thanks for sharing Rove Concepts. Just checked out their beautiful furniture. I’m totally in love with The Round Chair and the barstools you featured!

  3. Maggie from omnivorescookbook.com on said:

    Hi Jeanine, your new kitchen looks gorgeous! Glad to hear you’re already settling in. I’d love to hear more about why you decided to leave Austin and chose Chicago. We’ve only lived in Austin for 2 years so far but we’re ready to move on, hopeful at the beginning of the next time. Looking forward to seeing more interior design posts from you 🙂

    • Hi Maggie, we really really loved Austin, we had been there for over 10 years and felt like we were ready for a change. But I was also having some health issues due to allergies. My family is in the Chicago area so it made sense to settle here. Hope that helps! I’m happy to go into more depth if you want to email me.

  4. BAnderson on said:

    What a beautiful space and very much reminiscent of your prior space. Love and lemons to the races! Enjoy it. I was just introduced to Rove as we are looking for chairs … and a furniture shop was sharing ideas with me. The shell chair is on our radar! And the bar stools for the kitchen as well. We’ve been looking for over a year! Thanks for the context 🙂

  5. Jenn on said:

    What a beautiful kitchen! Rove Concepts makes such beautiful furniture and accessories. I really love the Lasse coffee and side tables – so simple and modern.

  6. Valerie on said:

    Love your new kitchen. Especially love the bar stools … they’re my favorite Rove piece as well.

  7. Shubha on said:

    That new kitchen is gorgeous! The barstools are beautiful, but I actually think the tulip table is my favorite! I also really loved the Sophia sofa on their website.

  8. Tuere on said:

    The Flag Halyard Chair is my favorite. I haven’t seen anything else like it. I’m very fond of unusual, yet stylish, statement-making pieces.

  9. Deborah on said:

    Don’t make me pick. Lots of lovely pieces, the Lars Dinging Table, the Noah Sofa, the Pastoe Sideboard….

  10. Maree Sperle on said:

    Your kitchen looks amazing. My husband and I moved from Austin to Chicago over 4 years ago and love living in the city.

    Wonderful pieces from Rove Concepts and I would pick the Eileen Gray Adjustable Table.

    • so glad to hear that you’re loving Chicago! It seems like everyone is moving the other day these days 🙂

  11. Sandra Patarini on said:

    Welcome Home ! In more ways than one ! Love the kitchen ! And Nook !
    Such fun to see the pics. Enjoy your new home and keep cooking ! Wish Rove
    was in Chgo when we were first starting out……love the lines!

  12. Kellie on said:

    I love the ceramic and wood bowls 🙂 congrats on your beautiful new kitchen!

  13. Cynthia Zaino on said:

    Your kitchen is beyond! I can’t wait for more incredible recipes! I have never made a recipe from you that I have not absolutely loved! Rove concepts has some great items! I love the Jette shelf ladder and the Mouille floor lamp!

  14. kristin on said:

    La Chaise lounger

  15. Celia on said:

    Love your kitchen- obsessed with the color palette and breakfast nook! And I similarly adore the Anders dining chair over at Rove.

  16. Megan N on said:

    I love this kitchen! We just purchased our first new home and are looking for the perfect furniture! I love the 1955 sideboard from Rove, our record player would look so co sitting on top of it!

  17. Fiona on said:

    Love your kitchen! I’d love to hear more about your counter and see close-up pictures.

    I also love the Womb Chair at Rove.

  18. Colby Lynn from returnoftheyuppie.com on said:

    Obsessed with your kitchen AND the round Tulip Table!

  19. Jessie Snyder from faring-well.com on said:

    Oh your new kitchen is a total dream space you two! That blue in there is so perfect, love those cabinets. And I’m melting over everything on Rove, but I think I would have to go with the Asher bed as a favorite, we’ve never had a bed frame! Our box spring has sat on the floor for six years now, and theirs is so pretty! xx

    • thanks Jessie! We still have a box spring on the floor too 🙂

  20. Sara on said:

    Loving the Mikkel bed

  21. Lilly Gorman on said:

    I LOVE that pop of color on the island plus the stools plus the pendants plus pretty much everything else. ATX is such an awesome city, so I know that must have been so tough to leave. Chicago will treat you well though!


  22. Julie Gardner on said:

    Your kitchen is beautiful ~ it must truly feel like “home” now because there is nothing more important than family.
    I love the Sebastian Rug in Chestnut!

  23. laila on said:

    who is the light by in the nook area?

    • Taylor on said:

      Ooh, same question from me! That light fixture is so beautiful!

  24. Diana K on said:

    Your new kitchen is dream! I absolutely love the color palette. We just moved into a new house recently and I have been eyeing Rove’s Hunter Bed among other pieces so this post is a pleasant surprise!

  25. Mariangela Sassi on said:

    I’ve pinned, saved and dreamed about that very Tulip Table! If my dining room was only so lucky I’d put that Rove Concepts credit to great use!

  26. als on said:

    The stools are awesome – and I really like the asher dresser

  27. michelle miller on said:

    Love Love Love the Norman Barstool!!! Must have 6 for my new kitchen remodel in Paso Robles, Ca.

  28. Katie on said:

    This post is perfect, as my new husband and I are only a few months in our new Chicago condo with a brand new, gorgeous 9′ dining table and all we have are our end chairs. So…

    The Aubrey Side Chair!

  29. Kelle Kerr on said:

    Asher bed and Luca sectional sofa!

  30. Joan Kubes on said:

    I love the Tulip Table Round – Carrara

  31. Leah on said:

    We’re looking for some new chairs for our living room and the Model 45 Easy Chair is soooo beautiful!!!

  32. Grace from gracewashko.com on said:

    Ugh why would you make me choose… Everything is so lovely at Rove. As a designer I’m a sucker for the classics. Gonna have to go with the Tulip Table Round – Carrara.

  33. Krisha Garvey from goldenstatebeauty.com on said:

    The Flag Halyard Chair is the bees knees! 💗

  34. Vanessa on said:

    Just bought some accents from Rove Concepts!! wishing for that store credit to put towards my dream reading chair – the Flag Halyard Chair.

  35. Buffy from begoodorganics.com on said:

    Jeanine this looks gorgeous! Did you build the whole kitchen from scratch or was some of it already there? We’re getting a kitchen island installed this weekend I can’t wait.

    Looks beautiful your design style as always

    Love from NZ

    xx Buffy

  36. Diane Iselin on said:

    I love the Rove Gustav Chair, as well as your bar stools. Beautiful kitchen, btw!

  37. Hillary hanson on said:

    All the chairs!

  38. Aliza on said:

    The Evelyn Dining Table… so stunning.

  39. Cassy on said:

    What a beautiful kitchen you have! They have a lot of fun pieces on their site, but I’ll say that the Vodder Night Stand caught my eye, since I’ve been on the lookout for a good night stand.

  40. Robin Eller on said:

    I discovered Rove a couple of months ago. I love their furniture. The barstools look beautiful in your new home. I have my eyes on their Gustav lounge chair and ottamon.

  41. Sarah on said:

    It feels like I’m copying you to say I want those barstools, but — I want those barstools! Gorgeous kitchen.

  42. jen on said:

    I like the Norman bar stools the best.

  43. scott on said:

    I’m all about the Asher TV Stand!

  44. Annette on said:

    I’m redoing my living room and need rugs. This one would work well Horacio Rug – 5.2′ x 7.5′

  45. Aileen on said:

    The Porter Sectional looks SO comfy!! would look amazing in my living room!

  46. lynn from deepeaves.wordpress.com on said:

    That Dolf coffee table would fit perfectly in our living room. Minimal but not cold.

  47. Faye on said:

    Beautiful kitchen and congrats on finding the perfect counter stool! We just finished a kitchen reno and the Jesper stools would be perfect in the new space!

  48. Pina on said:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitchen! Congrats on finding a house with the perfect kitchen! That Tulip table is everything!! Enjoy 🙂

  49. Kathi on said:

    Love your kitchen design, it is absolutely gorgeous!!! <3

    I also love that Rove cararra tulip table, it pairs beautifully with the cabinet behind it. Where is that cabinet from???

  50. Kathy Miller from kathymillertime.com on said:

    Love the counter stools!

  51. Latanya on said:

    I follow them on instagram as @sweetums82.
    I love the Andrej Sideboard

  52. Mary Caliendo from beautyisabeastthing.blogspot.com on said:

    Welcome to Chicago!! Your kitchen is gorgeous, I love Rove Concepts. Their accessories are really nice and I adored your marble Tulip Table~ how stunning!

  53. liz C on said:

    Really love your kitchen. Hard to pick a fave item but love the Pantone credenza and the marble tulip table

  54. Frances on said:

    More power to ya! Me, I’m a big “Cottage Home” dudette. My husband built us 2 beautiful homes, 1 acre on each. Lots of room to make wonserful gardens. AAAHHHH! Life is good!

  55. coral sayer on said:

    I think their marble tray and Matti bench would love to live at my house 😉
    Your kitchen is beautiful!

  56. AGS on said:

    Lovely kitchen! I like the dark accents. The bar stools look sharp, but I’ll have to take your word that they are comfortable. 😉

    I’ve never heard of Rove before. I like their Executive Chair. Wish they made the style as a bar stool.

  57. Michele on said:

    I dream of the Jonas dining table and I know it will stay in mind as we continue house shopping! As will your beautiful blue cabinets- it’s a fun twist 🙂

  58. Alia on said:

    I loveeee your new kitchen! The navy blue is such a perfect contrast to all of the white and the Rove bar chairs are perfect. Thanks for featuring Rove! Their products are beautiful and I love their sustainability commitment. I love both the Jonas and the Evelyn dining tables! Such clean lines and beautiful surfaces.

  59. sharon on said:

    it is not practical but, I like the warren stool

  60. Kim on said:

    Could you share what type of quartz you picked? I am currently trying to choose a countertop and I can’t find a white quartz that looks like real marble. The sample I have now looks more like varicose veins than marble.

  61. Kari from keepwalkingmac.com on said:

    Love those Norman counter stools!! Would love them for my newly renovated kitchen!!!

  62. Kristen Nelson on said:

    I love the blue in your kitchen! I live in the Chicago area and have always loved it. Get a good down winter coat! 😉

    I’ve been lusting for months and months over the Rove pavilion bench to use at the end of our bed. So beautiful!!!

  63. Karen on said:

    The nordic floor lamp caught my eye the best! I also love the pendant lights in your kitchen!

  64. Julie on said:

    HI I love the color of your island. I have been thinking of painting mine a color other than white. I also like that brass seems to be making a comeback. I checked out Rove Concepts online and on Instagram and really fell in love with the Luca Sectional in that Vintage Velvet Solstice. I just love that teal color, and i am mad for velvet! Thanks for a great blog!

  65. This is so stunning! love it! Ready for visitors yet? wink wink

  66. Becky Winkler from acalculatedwhisk.com on said:

    What a great giveaway, and the new kitchen looks amazing! I love their ceramic and wood bowls.

  67. Marie on said:

    Those bar stools look amazing!!! My favorite product is probably the Gustav Lounge Chair & Ottoman. It seems just to comfy 😀
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  68. Alden Fontenot from cookingaldente.com on said:

    I love those bar stools too!!! My favorite product is the Lucas sideboard and tulip coffee table! I love your blue island (my island is navy blue as well but with butcher block)!

  69. Sarah on said:

    We will need new stools for our kitchen soon, as we are building an island. I like the Buch counter stool.

  70. Julie on said:

    I love the Womb Chair. It looks both cool and comfortable.

    Your kitchen looks great!

  71. Lauren on said:

    The Mikkel bed is Bea-u-ti-ful!

  72. meredith on said:

    I like the Vodder Dresser

  73. mira on said:

    Oooh, lusting after a Florence sofa. And your counter stools!

  74. Wendy on said:

    I love the Chloe bed!

  75. Eleanor on said:

    I’m obsessed with the Noah sectional. Obsessed.

  76. Cheresa on said:

    Have had my eye on the Carrara oval table for a while. Awaiting our kitchen model to be complete!!

  77. Calie on said:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I cannot stop staring at the circle chair!

  78. Peggy DiPietro on said:

    Love these bar stools, need them in my new kitchen!

  79. Aviva on said:

    That Benedict Sectional.

  80. Amy Pritchard from sothebysrealty.com on said:

    Jeanine, I absolutely loved seeing this post! I’m thrilled you are enjoying your bold & beautiful kitchen and new home! It was so wonderful working with you and Jack. Best, Amy Pritchard, Jameson Sotheby’s Int’l Realty

  81. Christy on said:

    Love those Norman counter stools! I think that stool is my favorite piece on their website.

  82. Sophie on said:

    My favorite piece from Rove Concepts is the Lasse Side Table!!

  83. Jen on said:

    I adore your Norman barstools (they would be a fabulous addition to our basement) – but also love the Florence bench!

  84. Lynn S on said:

    That Asher Bed is gorgeous!

  85. carol clark on said:

    Warren Dining Table

  86. Christine on said:

    What a beautiful collection. The asher bed is nice!

  87. Emily Smith on said:

    Following as @emilyt1218.
    I love the Hunter Wide Dresser

  88. Katie on said:

    Love the “Lantern table light” – so pretty!

    Hope you’re settling into your new place well. What a beautiful kitchen!

  89. Sommer Maxwell on said:

    Everything on the site is beautiful. I love the Jasper dining chairs. Clean lines and love the grey.

  90. Ruchi on said:

    I love the butterfly stool.

  91. Anne on said:

    I always read your blog, it inspires me to cook healthier meals. I’ve checked Rove Concepts and I like Cyclone Dining Table – it has a rad design and very unique.

  92. Edie on said:

    GORGEOUS! Oh my goodness. Congratulations 🙂

    We’re in desperate need of new counter stools, and the DSW Counter Stool is right up our alley. Rove has such amazing pieces.

  93. Mira on said:

    I am also doing a kitchen renovation and have been eyeing the Rove Concepts Norman Counter Stools! This post is so inspirational – it’s everything we have been thinking about for our kitchen. So great to see it come together so nicely! It looks beautiful! And, this contest is so serendipitous! Crossing all my fingers and toes that I win!

    • Mira on said:

      I also have to ask (if you can share), what is the source for your cabinet hardware? It is also beautiful!

  94. Roman on said:

    Obsessed with the Sophia Sectional!

  95. Aastha on said:

    the Hunter bed…I’m in love.

  96. Maura on said:

    Love your blog & your recipes! We miss you in Austin!!

    I’m obsessed with the tulip table! I wish it came in a bigger size!

  97. Amelia on said:

    I would love the same tulip table, but the side table version!

  98. Bria Wiltshire on said:

    The Carrara Tulip Table is exactly what I am looking for! And it’s actually for my new home in Chicago too!

  99. Jessica on said:

    My family is in the process of relocating too! The Dolf Coffee Table and Concrete Modern Pendant would definitely help our new open concept space come together!

  100. I would absolutely love the Pastoe Sideboard in my home 🙂

    Lovely kitchen you have there in Chicago!

  101. Emily M on said:

    I’m in desperate need of a dining table, and I love the Bennett!!

  102. Colleen from Www.inspiredtoshare.com on said:

    I love the Luca armchair! That would be perfect in our living room.

  103. Sarah on said:

    The Arc Floorlamp in black – so beautiful!!

  104. Andy on said:

    Awesome kitchen! Welcome back to Chicago! What great furniture at , love the PK31 Armchair in brown leather! My wife and I have been looking for an accent chair, this would be my pick!

  105. Chelsea on said:

    I like the Marcus dining table!

  106. Brianna S on said:

    Love the blues and brass in your new kitchen! We just managed to buy our first house after many long years of renting and I have been always dreaming about a Womb Chair and Ottoman that Rove has as part of their collection! Thanks for sharing your story and for the contest opportunity!!

  107. Susan on said:

    Love you kitchen! It’s gorgeous! I love the CH25 lounge chair. It’s perfect for my modern beach cottage style.

  108. Lynn on said:

    I love the barstools. I would need 4 so $250 would help me quite a bit.


  109. Maryke on said:

    I need a new table! The Winston Dining Table is beautiful.

  110. Laurie on said:

    I want those fabulous Norman Counter Stools for my in progress kitchen renovation! Fabulous.

  111. Mel Jack on said:

    New kitchen looks fantastic – love the stools amd pendant lights, they really make a statement. My favorite Rove Concepts piece is the 1955 Sideboard – have had my eye on this beautiful piece and it’s shades of blue for a while. ❤️

  112. Rachel on said:

    Hi. Your kitchen is beautiful! Would love to know where you purchased the cabinet in your kitchen nook if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks! Rachel

  113. Millie on said:

    Ooh! Your kitchen is beautiful and I love the tulip table you used. I might get that or the Bennett Dining Table. Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. Brooke on said:

    I love the Porter Sectional!

  115. Megan on said:

    Your new kitchen is gorg’! I’m a huge fan of those kitchen stools you featured, plus I’m kind of in love with their plant baskets!

  116. Joanne on said:

    Lusting after the natural wishbone dining chairs! 💖✨

  117. Alyssa from Www.hermodernkitchen.com on said:

    I love the new line of tables and chairs from Sandro!

  118. Allison on said:

    FK 6720 Easy Chair

  119. olga protasovitski on said:

    The Molded Plastic Side Chairs with the wooden Base are my favorite 🙂 their my dream

  120. Bianca T on said:

    followed on insta! i love the asher bed!

  121. Cara Hoffman on said:

    Stumbled across your blog via Cottage and Vine! I love Austin and lived there twice but the Cedar is a killer! I have also discovered Chicago and love it! I always say the first four letters are “Chic” ! I think I need the Rove wishbone chairs to go with my Rove oval tulip table I bought when we remodeled our current home!

  122. cyndi solis on said:

    I love the dining tables, especially karel and also the Jude table lamps, they are so pretty and slim and lovely shaped!

  123. Audrey Crisp from instagram.com on said:

    I love the Luca sofa! Those stools you have are incredible too though!

  124. Michelle on said:

    I would get the Rove Norman counter stools. I’ve thought about them for months but your kitchen has really confirmed it for me!

  125. Meredith on said:

    I love the Norman counter stools 😊 but everything is beautiful!

  126. Abby on said:

    Beautiful kitchen! I LOVE the Luca sofa! I love all the colors!

  127. Samantha on said:

    The Karla Display Unit is beautiful!

  128. Julie on said:

    The wishbone chair!

  129. fnaf on said:

    Woh! it very beautyful! i want it!

  130. Zoe on said:

    Beautiful! Would you mind sharing which quartz you picked and where your faucet is from?

  131. Nicole John from cheathacker.com on said:

    I am in fact Thankful to the owner of this site who has shared this impressive recipe.

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