Roasted Red Pepper Soup

I love making this colorful roasted red pepper soup on cold winter days. With simple steps and nourishing flavor, it's a weeknight go-to.

This roasted red pepper soup recipe is light and nourishing, yet creamy and delicious – just the thing if you ate too many cookies this weekend. Plus, I think the red pepper soup and green herbs look so festive! If you haven’t gotten around to decorating a tree this year (or if you’re tired of decorating cookies), you can decorate your soup! 🙂 Roasted Red Pepper Soup Recipe Ingredients Because red bell peppers aren’t in season, I use jarred roasted red peppers, which are a super convenient pantry ingredient. If you’re making this soup in the summer or fall, though,…


Cream of Mushroom Soup

This savory cream of mushroom soup tastes decadent, but it's secretly healthy. Nut and dairy-free, it gets its creamy texture from cauliflower!

Before I met Jack, I associated cream of mushroom soup with green bean casserole. I thought of it as an ingredient, not a dish on its own, and mushrooms themselves weren’t something I really sought out. But Jack may be the world’s #1 mushroom lover, and as I tried the mushroom pastas and sandwiches he loved, I discovered how delicious mushrooms could be. Prepared the right way, they become rich and savory, with an intense umami flavor. Now, I’m a total mushroom convert, and this homemade cream of mushroom soup is one of our favorite dishes to share on winter…


Creamy Wild Rice Soup

Craving something comforting but healthy? This lightly creamy wild rice soup with kale, mushrooms, carrots, and celery is just the thing for you.

This wild rice soup recipe is a sort of non-traditional spin on a classic autumnal wild rice soup. For the record, that’s the first time that I’ve ever used the word “autumnal,” but it’s also the first time that I’ve ever posted a recipe with wild rice(?!) so there are firsts for everything today! Classic creamy chicken and wild rice soup is filled with ingredients that I don’t usually use – chicken, of course, chicken broth, and even heavy cream. At its core, though, traditional wild rice soup contains a base of delicious fall vegetables and the yummy, hearty rice,…


Oyster Mushroom Soup

This oyster mushroom soup is a healthy, healing recipe for cool evenings. It's brimming with flavor from lemongrass, miso & ginger!

One night a week, Jack goes to comedy class, which means it’s the night that I have all to myself. In lieu of doing anything productive, I usually eat toast for dinner in front of the computer and let myself go down a rabbit hole of Youtube videos. I watch what people eat in a day, I watch people who live in vans and make vegan food (#vanlife), I watch people who live in vans and make vegan food while raising young children, and I read the scroll of crazy judgy comments that come as a result of that lifestyle…


Vegan Corn Chowder with Yellow Split Peas

The perfect soup to welcome fall! This cozy, creamy vegan corn chowder is thickened with split peas, which provide great plant-based protein.

If I had to choose 2 favorite foods, they would be, without question, peaches and corn. While we’ve made our peace with peaches for this season, there’s still some wonderful corn at our farmers markets, which inspired me to make this corn chowder! It’s such a wonderful recipe to transition from summer to fall. I’m a big fan of making healthy soups that are thick and creamy without using actual cream, like this creamy broccoli soup or this creamy tomato soup.  I love that this chowder uses yellow split peas – they thicken the soup nicely while adding some great…


Carrot Coconut Gazpacho with Lemongrass

This heavenly carrot gazpacho requires just 10 ingredients and blends together in a flash. Refreshing, creamy & bright, it's wonderful warm or cold.

It’s soup season! Well, it’s sort of soup season… one day there’s a chill in the air, the next day it’s warm and sunny. So here’s a soup that I crave no matter what’s happening outside. It’s meant to be served chilled but it could be just as easily warmed up. This creamy carrot gazpacho is one of my favorites from our first Cookbook. I remember when I first made it, I wanted to stop working on the book and just eat this soup every single day for lunch. It’s perfect with a slice of avocado toast on the side.…


Green Gazpacho

Spice up your summer with this easy green gazpacho! Made with charred tomatillos, cucumber, jalapeño & cilantro, it's a cool, tart & creamy soup.

I love gazpacho. If gazpacho is on a restaurant menu, I’m ordering it. Every day that we ever spent on vacation in Spain, you’d better bet it was a gazpacho day for me. So, naturally, when I was approached to create a recipe for Olive Oils from Spain, I immediately knew I was making my favorite cool summer soup (you know – gazpacho). To date, I’ve made it out of watermelon, tomatoes (raw and roasted), corn, green apples, zucchini, and even carrots. I think it’s fun to experiment with different types of fruits and vegetables to find out if they…


Curried Cauliflower Soup

This curried cauliflower soup is made with just 9 ingredients and comes together in a few simple steps. It's destined for your regular meal rotation!

Today is the last day of my 5-part meal plan, and it’s a good one! I love this curried cauliflower soup! It’s so darn simple to make and it’s so delicious with the curry spices. There’s a little kick from the cayenne and some brightness from the lemon. The ingredient list is short, so this is definitely a recipe that’s bound for the regular meal rotation… and it came about so unexpectedly. See, I started the this meal plan series last week with a set amount of groceries and ideas for 5 meals, each meal using the ingredients from the…


Creamy Tomato Soup

This homemade tomato soup recipe is the ultimate comfort food! This healthy soup has a smooth, creamy texture from blended chickpeas.

Here’s to a new year! This year, like every year, I have no New Year’s diet resolutions other than continuing to eat delicious, wholesome food with some room for fun foods. Just like this tomato soup recipe (wholesome) with grilled cheese croutons (fun!). It’s all vegan, but I promise you won’t know it because this soup is so creamy even though there is no actual heavy cream or butter. We’re partnering with ALDI on this post because they carry delicious organic produce and some A+ pantry staples as well. But now for this tomato soup recipe! Tangy from the tomatoes,…


Spiralized Zucchini Vegetable Noodle Soup

Spiralized zucchini and sweet potatoes take the place of pasta in this cozy, nourishing Spiralized Zucchini Vegetable Noodle Soup.

I always talk about how much I love soup, and now that it’s winter (in Chicago! Ack!), I’m more obsessed than ever. I love making it, I love eating it, I love freezing it… and I love reheating it just to enjoy eating it all over again. There’s never a day that I’m not in the mood for soup – it just makes my body and soul feel so nourished and happy. This blog could have been titled: Love and Lemons and Soup because I first fell in love with cooking by routinely making soup on Sundays. This was an…


Broccoli Cheese Soup

You'd never guess that there's no dairy in this rich, creamy broccoli cheese soup! It's made of a savory, healthy blend of potatoes, veggies, and herbs.

A while back, I posted a photo of this gorgeous pile of broccoli on Instagram with a call out for broccoli recipe requests. Overwhelmingly, people asked for a healthy/vegan version of broccoli cheese soup. Jack loves cheesy broccoli soup (and most cheesy things, to be honest), so we were both excited to take on the challenge. This recipe is not to be confused with cream of broccoli soup. I have a super delicious, very green, Creamy Broccoli Soup on page 55 of my first cookbook. It’s made with leeks, coconut milk, broccoli, lemon, and spinach. It’s light, healthy, and tastes…

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