Peach Crisp

In this easy peach crisp recipe, an oat and nut topping covers a juicy layer of fresh peaches. Serve it with vanilla ice cream for a perfect summer dessert.

You’d be hard pressed to find an easier summer dessert than this peach crisp recipe. Toss the filling together in one bowl, mix up the topping in another, layer them both into a skillet, and bake. When you take your first bite, you’ll be stunned that something so delicious could be so simple to make. There’s just nothing better than peak-season summer fruit. Peach Crisp Recipe Ingredients Because this recipe is so easy to make, it’s a great choice for summer entertaining. It’s also ideal for serving guests with a variety of dietary needs, because it’s both vegan and gluten-free!…


9 Cold Soup Recipes for Hot Summer Days

Hot days call for cold soup! Cool off this summer with these refreshing cold soup recipes. They include classic gazpacho, chilled corn soup, and more.

Cold soup is one of my summer obsessions, right up there with salads, cold brew, and everything sweet corn. On a hot summer day, there’s nothing I crave more. Cold soup is hydrating, refreshing, and brimming with peak-season produce. Often, its flavor improves after a day or two in the fridge, so it’s the sort of thing you can make ahead and keep on hand for easy, no-cook summer meals. You’ll find 9 of my go-to cold soup recipes below. They include classics like gazpacho and chilled cucumber soup as well as out-of-the-box ideas like cold carrot coconut soup and…


Cold Cucumber Soup

This cold cucumber soup recipe is perfect for hot summer days. Creamy, cool, bright, and refreshing, it's a delicious, nourishing starter or side dish.

This cold cucumber soup is everything I want on a hot summer day. To make it, you don’t have to turn on the oven, the stove, or even the grill. Just toss the ingredients into a blender, puree, and chill! After a few hours in the fridge, this cucumber soup will be so creamy, cool, bright, and refreshing that you won’t be able to resist going back for seconds. Cucumber Soup Recipe Ingredients Here’s what you’ll need to make this cucumber soup: Cucumbers, of course! I love to use delicate, thin-skinned Persian cucumbers in this recipe. Don’t forget to save…


Red Sangria

This easy red sangria recipe is cool, fruity, and refreshing. Enjoy a glass on a hot summer day, or serve it at a gathering at any time of year.

If you ask me, sangria is the perfect drink to share with friends – it’s festive, fun, fruity, and refreshing. As cocktails go, it’s inexpensive and easy to make. For a knockout happy hour, mix up a pitcherful, invite people over, and sip cool glasses in the warm sun. Aaah, summer. These days, you can easily find sangria made with white wine or rosé, but in this recipe, I use red wine to make a more traditional, Spanish-style sangria. Obviously, I love it in the summertime, but because this recipe calls for red wine, it’s a great choice for year-round…


Smoky Sweet Potatoes with Black Beans & Corn

Chipotle dressing, mango salsa, and pickled onions infuse this dish with bold summer flavor. Serve it as a side dish, or enjoy it as a meal on its own!

The first time I made this recipe, I was doing what I love most: cooking with what I have on hand. I had some sweet potatoes on the counter, a little mango salsa in the fridge, and half a jar of pickled onions that needed to be used up. I grilled the sweet potatoes (because who wants to roast or bake them in the summer?), spread them on a platter, and started piling things on top. Smoky Sweet Potatoes Recipe Ingredients It was all improvised, but it ended up tasting so delicious that I’ve made the same dish two times…


Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Charred on the outside and tender in the middle, grilled sweet potatoes are a delicious summer side dish. Serve them with whatever you're grilling!

This grilled sweet potatoes recipe was a game changer for me. I love sweet potatoes in all forms – baked sweet potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, salads, tacos, etc. But almost every one of my favorite ways to cook them requires cranking the oven and heating up the house. In the fall and winter, that’s a major win. In the summer? Well, not so much. With this grilled sweet potatoes recipe, I’ve finally found a way to get my summer sweet potato fix. They cook up with perfect creamy middles, puffed, charred edges, and an irresistible sweet and…


Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette

This chipotle vinaigrette is smoky, spicy, and a little sweet. Use it as a salad dressing, or drizzle it over burrito bowls, tacos, grilled veggies, and more!

This chipotle vinaigrette recipe makes a fairly big batch, but I’m not mad about it. It’s the sort of salad dressing that tastes good on almost anything – roasted veggies, tacos, burritos, and, of course, salad. Keep a jar on hand in the fridge, and you’ll use the whole thing before you know it. Lately, my favorite way to use it has been on grilled veggies. Whether I’ve been cooking zucchini, onions, or portobello mushrooms, this vinaigrette has been the perfect finishing touch. The chipotles deepen the smoky flavor that the veggies gain from the grill, lime juice adds a…


How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Learn how to make cold brew coffee at home! This recipe is energizing, delicious, and SO easy to make - a perfect pick-me-up on a hot summer day.

Have I ever mentioned that I love cold brew coffee? Like, I really love cold brew coffee. Sure, Jack and I own a regular coffee maker, but we use it so rarely that you can find it tucked away in a cupboard underneath the kitchen counter. I love cold brew’s richer, smoother, and less acidic flavor. Plus, on a hot summer day, drinking a steaming cup of coffee is simply out of the question. For years, I bought cold brew concentrate at the store…until I learned that it’s super easy to make at home! You don’t need any special ingredients –…


Pesto Pasta Salad

Tossed with a vibrant basil pesto and filled with veggies, this pesto pasta salad is fresh and delicious. Serve it for dinner, or pack it up for a picnic!

When life gives you basil, make this pesto pasta salad recipe! It’s my favorite time of year: the time when our deck turns into a verdant garden. We have thriving pots of kale and tatsoi, twisting vines of summer squash, cherry tomatoes, a fig tree(!), and ALL the herbs. Our basil plants have been doing especially well lately, which is fine by me, because in mid-July, there’s nothing I’d rather eat. I first made this pesto pasta salad late last week, when I was dreaming up ways to use the pile of basil I’d just picked. I was in the…


Watermelon Juice

This easy watermelon juice recipe is perfect for hot summer days. Made with just 3 ingredients (and no added sugar!), it's cool, delicious, and refreshing.

A cold glass of this watermelon juice is everything I want on a warm summer day. When it’s blistering hot outside (or super humid, like it has been here), this hydrating juice is the best way to cool off. And, like, how gorgeous is that color?! Topped off with a sprig of fresh mint, this watermelon juice is just plain fun. How to Make Watermelon Juice I’m not a fan of overly sweet fruit juices, so I don’t use any added sugar in this recipe. Instead, I make it with 3 basic ingredients: watermelon, lime juice, and ginger juice. Here’s…


How to Cut a Watermelon

Learn how to cut a watermelon into cubes, balls, or wedges! Crisp, cool, and refreshing, this summer fruit is perfect for salads, snacking, and more.

It seems like everywhere is having a heat wave this week, so I thought I’d share a simple guide to how to cut a watermelon…aka summer’s most refreshing fruit. Pre-cut watermelon is readily available in many grocery stores these days, but whenever you can, buy one whole, and chop it up yourself. For starters, it’ll be fresher, and it’ll have a better texture, as watermelon starts to soften and release juice once it’s chopped. Plus, you can cut it to whatever size and shape you like. Wedges? Cubes? Balls? You got it. You’ll find my method for how to cut…

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