Cardamom Yogurt Tea Cake

The perfect Sunday afternoon treat! Lightly sweet & nicely spiced, this cake is moist, tangy, with a perfect cake-y quick bread crumb. Freezes well.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! Ours has been pretty chill – we went to the farmers market, Jack played video games, and I did some baking. I’m excited to share this lovely little tea cake recipe with you because I think it’s the perfect Sunday afternoon treat. It’s lightly sweet and nicely spiced. The yogurt makes it tangy while giving it a nice puffed up look. It’s moist with that perfect cake-y crumb that you want in a quick bread. I’ve been snacking on it all week reflecting on the lovely trip that inspired it… One of…


Green Cucumber Tomatillo Gazpacho

A cool soup for summer! This gazpacho, made with roasted tomatillos, garlic, cilantro and jalapeño is full of flavor and spice.

I love gazpacho. If gazpacho is on a restaurant menu, I’m ordering it. Every day that we ever spent on vacation in Spain, you’d better bet it was a gazpacho day for me. So, naturally, when I was approached to create a recipe for Olive Oils from Spain, I immediately knew I was making my favorite cool summer soup (you know – gazpacho). To date, I’ve made it out of watermelon, tomatoes (raw and roasted), corn, green apples, zucchini, and even carrots. I think it’s fun to experiment with different types of fruits and vegetables to find out if they…


Best Darn Vegan Veggie Burger

If you make one veggie burger recipe, it has to be this one. These burgers have a wonderful savory flavor and hearty texture. They're grillable, too!

We’re crazy about these veggie burgers. I’m not usually one to title recipes as “Best Ever!!,” or “Ultimate!!” because I’m quite a shy person and that seems loud, but I am absolutely smitten with this veggie burger recipe. First of all, they’re grill-able! Bring them to your backyard bbq or your 4th of July cookout. You can even make them a day or two in advance because, of course, you’d rather be spending time in the sun versus spending time in the kitchen. Second, YUM!! A mix of shiitake and portobello mushrooms are the base of these burgers, creating great…


Chipotle Cauliflower Nachos w/ Pineapple Salsa

The ULTIMATE vegan nachos, these are loaded with smoky cauliflower "cheese" sauce, sweet pineapple salsa, black beans, cilantro, and tomato.

If you made Thursday’s stuffed peppers and have leftover pineapple salsa and leftover chipotles, this recipe is for you! And if you didn’t, well that’s ok, you can still make it anyway 🙂 This is a nacho plate that you can feel good about! Instead of weird boxed nacho cheese, we’re making an oozy, spicy cheese-like sauce out of cauliflower. Seriously, is there anything that the mighty cauliflower can’t do? What’s in Chipotle Cauliflower “Cheese” Sauce? Good question! This irresistible sauce consists of 10 simple ingredients: Cauliflower makes up the bulk of the sauce and contributes to its luscious creamy texture.…


Mango Black Bean Ginger Rice Bowl

This rice bowl is one of our go-to meals when we're craving something refreshing & light. Mango, ginger, and basil add a wonderful freshness here.

Welcome to another meal planning week! About a month ago, I wrote a 5-part series that was all about my basic approach to meal planning. This was the plan: I started the week with a set amount of groceries and ideas for 5 meals, each meal utilizing the ingredients from the day before. The “plan” was not set in stone, so that my dinners would be somewhat flexible if I got a new idea mid-way through the week. If you missed that series, check it out here 🙂 I got such a wonderful response to that series, so I thought,…

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