Watermelon Margarita

This watermelon margarita recipe is the best drink you'll make all summer! With no added sweetener and just 5 ingredients, it's healthy and fun.

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the weekend than with this watermelon margarita recipe! It’s super easy to make (no cocktail shaker required!), and its vibrant color just screams summer. Thanks to the watermelon, it’s naturally sweet, and plenty of lime juice gives it a delicious tart finish. It’s a fun cocktail to enjoy on its own, but if you want to take this watermelon margarita to the next level, serve it with tortilla chips, guac, and your favorite salsa. Cheers, friends, and happy summer! How to Make a Watermelon Margarita Unlike a classic margarita, which…


Mint Julep

A fresh twist on a classic mint julep recipe! Made with mint-infused simple syrup, bourbon, and tons of fresh mint, this julep is so bright and springy.

Happy Saturday! Whether you’re a fan of the Kentucky Derby or not, you’ll be a fan of this minty fresh mint julep recipe. It’s so bright and springy! To be honest, I’m going to have a hard time choosing whether to celebrate my weekend with Margaritas or Mint Juleps – maybe I’ll make both.:) Mint Julep Ingredients A classic mint julep is made by muddling mint with simple syrup at the bottom of each cocktail glass before adding crushed ice and bourbon. Instead of muddling the mint, I like to make my mint julep by infusing the simple syrup with…


3-Layer Fruit Smoothie

This 3-layer fruit smoothie is the ultimate healthy breakfast! I'll make the whole thing for a special occasion or just one layer for a quick, yummy treat.

Nothing says love like a smoothie, right? 🙂 I love love love Valentine’s Day, but not in the fancy-dinner-prix-fixe dinner sort of way. I love it for of all of the cute things that remind me of being a little kid… tiny paper cards, homemade cupcakes with pink frosting, heart shaped candies… so in the spirit of being crafty, I made this 3-layer fruit smoothie! I always see layered fruit smoothies on Instagram and think, “who the heck has time to make three separate smoothies?” – but here I am doing it. It actually was pretty simple, and while I…


Vanilla Pecan Milk Chai Lattes

Homemade pecan milk is so delicious and easy to make! This dairy free nut milk creates the perfect fall vegan chai latte.

So, by now you all know that I don’t drink regular milk. I do enjoy cheese occasionally, and I love greek yogurt, but regular milk… no matter if it’s just a little, it’s just not my thing (although, my entire family loves it and I’m totally fine with that – to each their own!). Suffice it to say that I’ve been drinking, baking with, and altogether enjoying non-dairy milk for years, but I had yet to discover how lovely and delicious homemade PECAN milk is until now. This post is in partnership with Pure Leaf Tea Home Brewed Teas because…


How to Make Matcha

When it comes to food “trends,” I’m usually so late to the game. Chia pudding, smoothie bowls, cauliflower smoothies… I didn’t see any of those foods coming and staying (to be honest the cauliflower smoothie thing still sounds a little gross to me). But matcha… I’ve been loving matcha before it was the cool thing to love. I can’t quite remember the first time I tried matcha. It’s been so long, but it might have been on a swirly soft serve cone in Kyoto. Matcha desserts and matcha lattes are all over the place now, but what I want to…


Iced Tea with Fancy Herbal & Fruity Ice

A fun, summery, creative way to serve iced tea. Freeze herbs, fruits, citrus, and cucumbers (whatever you want, really) inside ice cubes!

You might not know this little factoid about myself and Jack, but we freaking love iced tea. Black tea, green tea, tea in our cocktails – we’re obsessed, especially now that we’re in the heat of the summer. Although, we’re weirdos that drink iced tea in the winter too, but I digress… Today’s recipe is less of a recipe and more of a really fun, summery way to serve iced tea. What you do is freeze herbs, fruits, citrus, and cucumbers (whatever you want, really) and serve it with yummy iced tea! I think this is such an easy and pretty party…


Creamy Avocado Smoothie

Made with banana and coconut milk, this avocado smoothie recipe is deliciously creamy without any dairy. An easy, refreshing vegan breakfast!

A recent trip to Dallas inspired me to make this creamy avocado smoothie recipe. While we were there, Jack and I went to a popsicle shop that had this dairy-free avocado lime pop that I went crazy for. I’ve wanted to recreate it all summer, and I finally did…in smoothie form! Don’t worry – this avocado smoothie doesn’t taste at all like guacamole. Instead, it’s like a fresh lime sorbet. Thanks to the avocado and banana, it has a delicious creamy texture that makes it a really satisfying breakfast or snack. In fact, it’s so good that I’d even eat…


Skinny Lemongrass Mojitos

Summer has officially begun this week – and we’re making mojitos! I hope your herb garden is ready because instead of the basic mint mojito, these are made with lemongrass and basil as well. Basically, I like to build cocktails the same way I approach salads – the more fresh herbs and citrus, the better. To make these “skinny,” I skipped the sugar and sweetened these with Truvia Natural Sweetener instead. It has no calories and it’s sweetness comes from the stevia leaf. Personally, I’d rather splurge on a dessert than on a sugary cocktail so I love that these mojitos are…


Super Fun Summer Smoothies!

Enjoy classic treats in smoothie form! These four fun drinks are inspired by blueberry muffins, PB&J, mint chip ice cream, and peaches & cream.

Every so often, I get on these mean green daily smoothie kicks that, in all honesty, can get a little TOO green over time. The kick starts with delicious well-balanced smoothies, but as the days go on, I start cutting corners. I add too much liquid so that the blender will blend fast, leaving me with a watery smoothie. And speaking of water, that’s what I use when I run out of almond milk. I add ice in the name of “thickness,” and I start skipping all ingredients that actually add flavor. What I (we) are left with to drink first thing in…


Orange Peel Black Tea Sangria

Happy Long Weekend! Jack and I are off to the farmers market this morning but I wanted to pop in quickly and share this sangria recipe. I posted it on Instagram awhile back – but I think it’s such a refreshing cocktail for weekend BBQ’s that I wanted to share it here on the blog as well. This combines two of my favorite things in the world – iced tea and wine! Its simple to make – just pour the wine and iced tea into a large pitcher and add the fruit. Chill overnight, so that the flavors will infuse, and serve it…


Black Pepper Turmeric Latte

I love this immune-boosting black pepper turmeric latte on cold mornings. With just 6 ingredients, this spicy, warming vegan drink is easy to make.

Happy Saturday friends! We’re currently having a lazy morning that’s consisted of smoothies and Shark Tank… a.k.a our Saturday morning “cartoon.” It’s dark and drizzly outside, so we’re likely not leaving the house anytime soon. I thought I’d take a second to pop in and share this super simple turmeric latte recipe. I posted it on Instagram earlier this week, but I thought I’d share it here too. Earlier this year, I stopped drinking *so much* coffee (not that I feel there’s anything wrong with coffee!) and started drinking more matcha. This week, I’ve moved onto this herbal tea turmeric…

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