Spicy Watermelon Margarita

This spicy watermelon margarita is great for summertime entertaining! With no added sweetener and just 5 ingredients, it's an easy, fun, and healthy cocktail.

I have three really great reasons why you should make a watermelon margarita this weekend: 1. It’s summertime on a Saturday! 2. These are so easy and require no additional sweetener aside from the watermelon so they’re borderline healthy(?) and 3. You made the Spicy Tomato and Watermelon salad on Thursday and now you have leftover watermelon hanging out in your fridge. Waste not want not! Let’s get blending… Start making your watermelon margarita by blending the watermelon and the lime juice. The juice will keep in the fridge for most of the week, so feel free to do that…


3 Layer Cocoa Almond Banana Berry Smoothies

Cocoa almond banana berry smoothies are a fun, delicious, and healthy breakfast. Made with dates, berries, and almond butter. Vegan and gluten-free!

Nothing says love like a smoothie, right? 🙂 I love love love Valentine’s day, but not in the fancy-dinner-prix-fixe dinner sort of way. I love it for of all of the cute things that remind me of being a little kid… tiny paper cards, homemade cupcakes with pink frosting, heart shaped candies… so in the spirit of being crafty, I made these 3-layer smoothies! I always see the layered smoothies on Instagram and think “who the heck has time to make three separate smoothies?” – but here I am doing it. It actually was pretty simple and while I won’t…


Vanilla Pecan Milk Chai Lattes

Homemade pecan milk is so delicious and easy to make! This dairy free nut milk creates the perfect fall vegan chai latte.

So, by now you all know that I don’t drink regular milk. I do enjoy cheese occasionally, and I love greek yogurt, but regular milk… no matter if it’s just a little, it’s just not my thing (although, my entire family loves it and I’m totally fine with that – to each their own!). Suffice it to say that I’ve been drinking, baking with, and altogether enjoying non-dairy milk for years, but I had yet to discover how lovely and delicious homemade PECAN milk is until now. This post is in partnership with Pure Leaf Tea Home Brewed Teas because…


How to Make Matcha

When it comes to food “trends,” I’m usually so late to the game. Chia pudding, smoothie bowls, cauliflower smoothies… I didn’t see any of those foods coming and staying (to be honest the cauliflower smoothie thing still sounds a little gross to me). But matcha… I’ve been loving matcha before it was the cool thing to love. I can’t quite remember the first time I tried matcha. It’s been so long, but it might have been on a swirly soft serve cone in Kyoto. Matcha desserts and matcha lattes are all over the place now, but what I want to…


Iced Tea with Fancy Herbal & Fruity Ice

A fun, summery, creative way to serve iced tea. Freeze herbs, fruits, citrus, and cucumbers (whatever you want, really) inside ice cubes!

You might not know this little factoid about myself and Jack, but we freaking love iced tea. Black tea, green tea, tea in our cocktails – we’re obsessed, especially now that we’re in the heat of the summer. Although, we’re weirdos that drink iced tea in the winter too, but I digress… Today’s recipe is less of a recipe and more of a really fun, summery way to serve iced tea. What you do is freeze herbs, fruits, citrus, and cucumbers (whatever you want, really) and serve it with yummy iced tea! I think this is such an easy and pretty party…

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