A White Kitchen Gift Guide

a white kitchen gift guide / @loveandlemons

Black friday… I’m just not into it. Malls freak me out and I’m not into stuff for the sake of stuff. But I do appreciate a few nicely made things. So I thought what better way to celebrate this awful “holiday” than with an all white-themed gift guide. I don’t know if you can tell by looking at this blog, but I kind of like white.

As I was laying out these items on my computer screen, Jack looked over my shoulder and snarkily said “so you’re making your Christmas list there?” Before I could react with a snappy comeback, I looked back at my computer and admitted, yes. Yes, I am…

I would be a happy holiday camper to have each and every item here, (with the exception of #7 which I already bought for myself last week)

1. Enamelware Colander  2. Chipper & Sprite Serving Set  3. Stoneware Mixing Bowls
4. Ceramic Ginger Grater   5. White Truffle Sea Salt   6. Crest Bottle Openers
7. Ceres Dinnerware    8. Ceramic Measuring Cups    9. Marble & Wood Rolling Pin

If you make this, let us see! Tag your photo with #loveandlemons on Instagram.


  1. thecitygourmand from thecitygourmand.blogspot.comn on said:

    The marble rolling pin is such a nice idea!

  2. Sini from myblueandwhitekitchen.com on said:

    Such a great collection of things! I especially love the ginger grater and the golden bottle openers but I really wouldn’t be able to pick my favorite item.

  3. I love mixing bowls and measuring cups. I think I have more of a collection now for a museum than what is needed in a working kitchen. The ones here are very pretty. I wouldn’t mind a few more.

  4. Leah from georgiapeachonmymind.com on said:

    love the serving set! i feel like you can never have enough of those!

  5. amanda from easylittletiger.com on said:

    This is so gorgeous, I love every item.

    Black Friday is so awful… This twist is great.

  6. nanette from culturalchromatics.com on said:

    love those bottle openers!! thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Julia from bananenblatt.blogspot.co.at on said:

    I have that colander! I found it on a flea… Those ceramic measuring cups would be on my wishlist! Besides that I have to say I love your blog! It seems to be bursting with good energy 🙂 Better said YOU seem like a very positive person to me!

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