Basil White Bean Puree

This is one of those things that we’ve been eating a lot lately and not writing about because it just seemed too simple for one whole post. But I get really excited when one recipe becomes a 2-fer, so I wanted to share…

It started with the leftover basil-parsley dressing from this salad (about 1/4 cup). I tossed it in the food processor with a can of white beans, adjusted just a few seasonings (salt, pepper, squeeze of lemon), and served it on a crostini. I reserved just a bit of the original vinaigrette and drizzled it on top with some red pepper flakes. This would also be a great veggie dip or sandwich spread.

This week on the internet (the food internet, at least), toasts seemed to be all the rage. Here are some of my favorites – maybe for a quick lunch or an easy happy hour treat…

I ate a version of this for lunch the other day:
Spring pea mash on whole wheat toasts from Good Things Grow

Whose not craving avocado these days:
Avocado toasts from Cookie and Kate

I’ve never tried shaved asparagus, but I’m gonna now:
Shaved asparagus and goat cheese crostini from Naturally Ella

I have morels on the mind from a dish we ate at Uchiko last weekend, however this recipe, I’d actually be able to make myself:
Morel Crostini from Waverly via Food52 

I heart raisin bread, but this kicks it up a notch (or three):
Bread, Jam & Triple Creme from Camille Styles



If you make this, let us see! Tag your photo with #loveandlemons on Instagram.


  1. erin from on said:

    Thanks for including me and I can’t wait to try your bean puree! Yum!

  2. Shannalee from on said:

    I’ve been noticing the same toast love this week and enjoying it very much!

  3. I need more toast in my life! Love this recipe, and thank you for the link love! Hope you have a great weekend lined up, Jeanine.

  4. this post makes me want to pull out my sourdough starter from the back recesses of my fridge. It makes the best toast…. After all the leavening and rising and baking, of course.

  5. Laura from on said:

    Jenna from EatLiveRun did toasts the other day.

    It’s everywhere!

  6. I think the really simple things need to be blogged about much more often, but like you I sometimes feel somewhat hesitant and don’t really know why!

  7. RecipeNewZ on said:

    Beautiful toasts! Just perfect for a party!

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