Almond Milk Cold Brew Coffee Latte

Homemade cold brew is easy to make yourself. Freeze it into convenient ice cubes that you can drop into your iced coffee or almond milk latte!

Almond Milk Cold Brew Iced Lattes /

To say that we’re obsessed with cold brew coffee is an understatement. It’s the only coffee we drink at home now – the only reason we still own a coffee maker (which is now stored up on the highest shelf) is for when parents come to visit. I didn’t know it was possible to make cold brew yourself, but it’s more than possible, it’s easy.

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cubes /

I’ve been buying my cold brew by the bottle, but when I started seeing homemade versions all over the internet (here, here, here, here), I was intrigued. But let’s back up – what is cold brew coffee you ask? (if you’re not asking you can scroll down and skip this paragraph). It’s regular coffee beans (get a good quality kind) that you soak overnight and then strain instead of brewing it in a coffee maker. The benefits are that it’s less acidic than regular coffee, so it’s a little healthier and easier on the tummy. Plus, you can store it in the fridge and it’ll last almost a week.

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cubes /

I usually drink mine Americano style, and Jack drinks his with chocolate almond milk. Today we’re meeting in the (lightly sweet) middle with iced almond milk lattes made with homemade cold brew iced cubes… because no one wants a watery coffee drink once the ice melts.

Almond Milk Cold Brew Iced Lattes /

Store these ice cubes all summer long – pop a few out as you like and just add Almond Breeze! Adjust the strength of your coffee drink by the number of ice cubes you use. Your iced latte will be ready quicker than your local barista can spell your name wrong on a paper cup.


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almond milk cold brew coffee latte

Recipe type: beverage
Serves: 4-6 lattes
  1. Grind your coffee beans in a coffee grinder, or start with pre-ground coffee.
  2. In a large pitcher stir the ground coffee and water together. Cover and chill overnight in the refrigerator. (12-24 hours).
  3. Use a nut milk bag or cheese cloth (doubled up), to strain the coffee from the grinds. Strain twice if you need to.
  4. Pour into ice cube trays (this will fill about 2) and freeze. Make lattes by mixing the coffee ice cubes with almond milk. For a stronger latte, use more ice cubes, for a lighter one, use less.


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  1. Yessss! We are all about cold brewing using this method too. THE best! I love the idea of making them into ice cubes though – we definitely need to try this.

  2. Kate from

    I love a cold brew – this looks so delicious. I can’t wait to try it with the coffee ice cubes. Great idea!

    • L.

      How do you use this pitcher to make the cold brew?

      • Julie

        Hi L. I fill the mesh infuser portion of the pitcher with freshly ground coffee and I fill the pitcher with filtered water. The mesh infuser, which attaches to the lid, goes into the pitcher and I let the brew steep for about 24 hours before removing the mesh infuser from the lid and refrigerating the cold brew. The amount of ground coffee you use will depend on the coffee/water ratio you are seeking to achieve.

  3. debbie

    Where do you buy cold brewed coffee by the bottle?

    • jeanine

      I like Chameleon Cold Brew (it’s a local Austin brand), and I get it at Whole Foods… I’ve seen so many other brands pop up at so many places…

  4. Charlie from

    Thanks for explaining cold brew! I’ve never investigated it further but I have been wondering why it tastes so good! Thanks for the inspiration, I can’t wait to try this and save myself time by making only every few days! – Charlie,

    • I have used a Toddy Maker for years and years to make cold brew. I actually own three of them. I like to have customers try my cold brew in different types of coffee that I roast, so it’s always a treat. Love the ice cubes, too, and Chocolate Almond Silk Milk is the best!

      Nancy S.

  5. Christina from

    Totally craving some cold brew now; these photos are gorgeous! Trying this soon 🙂

  6. I have never had very good luck with cold brewing, sadly. Even when I used good beans and let them soak overnight, the flavor came out flat and too acidic. Is it possible that I soaked the beans for *too* long?

    • I don’t think you soaked the beans too long. You have to make sure to get a very good coffee and grind it coarse. A good Papua New Guinea or Guatemalan Antigua, or even a light roast Colombian (all of these fresh roasted) is excellent to use for cold brew.

      Nancy S.

    • MaryEllen

      Yes, it can be brewed too long.

      Try a shorter soak and see how it goes.
      I’ve a friend that likes hers to brew precisely 8hrs.
      We let ours go for 12 to 14 hours. Forgot once and left it for 17 hours and we didn’t like it.

  7. Sounds so yum! I have yet to try cold brew from home, but seeing how easy this is, I might just have to make a batch tonight!


    • jeanine

      yes, it’s more concentrated, although your kick will depend on how many coffee ice cubes you use per drink (how much you dilute it).

  8. I love how simple this recipe is! Like you I’ve been buying cold-brewed coffee where I see it but I’ve only made it once. But I love the idea of freezing it into ice cubes! 🙂

  9. marilyn

    What would be the of amount pre-ground coffee?

    • jeanine

      just shy of the amount listed for coffee (a little less than 2/3 cup).

  10. Eileen from

    Oh, freezing your cold brew is such a good idea! I’m going to have to give this one a try. Delicious!

  11. mary

    I love adding ground cinnamon and cardamon for making spiced coffee.
    Trying this using my french press. Freezing it into ice cubes is brilliant!!!
    I also love to make my own almond milk using raw organic almonds. So easy. So yummy. How much fun can one have !?! THANK YOU!!!

  12. phyllis

    This sounds delicious. Do you hot water and cold water?

    • jeanine

      you can use cold or room temp water, it doesn’t have to be hot.

  13. Barbra

    Thanks for the great info. I’ve been curious about cold brew coffee. You said you like it Americano style. I like Americanos. Could you explain how you make it with the cold brew? Do you drink it cold?

  14. I like the ice cube storage idea. I think I’ll try freezing tea for lattes, too.

  15. Kelly from

    I definitely need to try this!! Iced coffee and almond milk, my favorite things!

  16. Coffee ice cubes are the best! Once you have a nice cold iced coffee on a hot day with coffee ice cubes that don’t dilute your brew, there’s no going back.

  17. Jennifer

    I would die without my daily iced coffee. I brew mine in a French press, makes the straining much easier. It’s good with a little chai and milk too.

  18. Really cool idea – coffee ice cubes! And since you can stock them up you can make cold brew coffee latte literally anytime you want. And it doesn’t hurt that it looks really fancy, too, lol!

  19. Anca from

    What a great idea, is perfect for summer.

  20. I have been on such an almond kick lately. Love the idea of freezing the coffee into ice cubs. Nothing gets diluted!

  21. We’ve been looking for a recipe to try this out. Looks pretty simple, might give it a go and see if the other half approves! Fingers crossed we get nice weather and can enjoy one whilst sitting outside 🙂

  22. I love coffee! Thanks for recipe, it looks amazing…and delicious;)

  23. Love this idea! Very picturesque, too.

    This would be perfect for a cute ladies’ brunch – and one could even add some Bailey’s 😉

  24. This recipe sounds so delicious, thank you for sharing with us. It is definitely on my plan to make this one soon.

  25. evydraws from

    !This kind of coffee is really popular in Korea but for some reason it’s called ‘Dutch Coffee’ over here. I love it and even have a fancy machine/strainer thing at home, but I never knew how to call this sort of coffee when explaining it to family and friends from back home in Europe. Cold-brew coffee it is!
    Normally I just mix it with milk but your recipe looks delicious and I’ll have to try it!

    (also… strong cold-brew coffee is delicious when added to beer. Just sayin’.)

  26. Darene Del Rosario

    Yas! This will be perfect combo for pasta and sandwiches. It’s like the iced mocha that I ordered on my favorite cafe. I might try this one, a good match up for the super hot weather 🙂

  27. Ana

    I was a little unsure at first, but it definitely met my expectations. It even made me awake and not tired like my usual warm coffee.

    • jeanine

      Hi Ana, I’m so glad! Thanks for sharing your feedback 🙂

  28. michael z

    I started using almond milk in my instant coffee months ago.
    I went through 2 jars of IC and thought I had lost my taste for instant coffee.
    A couple weeks ago, I started brewed coffee and the same sawdust icky taste was there.
    Were my tastebuds losing it?
    After talking with a person at Maxwell House, it hit me that it may be the almond milk.
    Today, I will purchase cream or milk (first time in years) and will try……….


  29. Buty Circa

    This looks so amazingly delicious and healthy! Thank you for sharing!

  30. Jeralynn

    Could you use instant coffee grinds in any way? I know it’s a bit different, but I am curious as to how that would work. Thanks 🙂

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      Hi Jeralynn, I’m really not sure, I think it might turn out too bitter if the coffee is not brewed in some form.

  31. Ron B

    My wife and I have also never bridged that gap between buying cold brew coffee at the store, and making it by ourselves at home.

    This recipe seems pretty easy to follow, compared to other methods I’ve seen out there that just seem convoluted. I would still worry about making a big mess trying to strain through that cheese cloth, LOL! Speaking of which, where does one even acquire cheese cloth? I see it mentioned in so many recipes, but I never know where to look for it in the store.

    Oh well, I really will try this sometime soon. And I’ll make sure to tag #loveandlemons when I do!

    All the best,


  32. EdinBraw - The Best of Edinburgh

    Such a simple recipe, thanks for sharing! Tasted great, can’t wait until the Summer to enjoy it in more appropriate weather 🙂

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