Air Fryer French Fries

These air fryer French fries are just as crispy and crunchy as regular fries, but they use far less oil. With just 3 ingredients, they're easy and delicious.

 Air fryer French fries

If you’re looking for an easy side to pair with your veggie burgers this weekend, these air fryer French fries are just the thing for you! I know, I know. When it comes to grilling sides, I’m usually all about salads or corn on the cob, but sometimes, I get a craving for a salty, crunchy snack that even the best summer salad can’t satisfy. That’s where these air fryer French fries come in.

In a lot of ways, they’re just like regular fries. They’re crispy on the outside, creamy in the middle, and dusted with an irresistible coating of salt. But there is one key difference between deep frying and air frying: you only need a light drizzle of oil to make crispy French fries in the air fryer. As a result, these fries are far healthier than average ones.

This is good news for Jack and me, because we’ve been making (and eating) these air fryer fries on repeat lately. They only require 3 basic ingredients, and they cook up in no time. Fresh out of the fryer, they’re hot, crunchy, and completely addictive. Try them once, and you’ll be hooked.

Uncooked Air fryer fries

How to Make Air Fryer French Fries

When you’re ready to cook, here’s what you need to do:

First, chop your potatoes. Aim for them all to be a similar size, about 1/4-inch thick. That way, they’ll all cook at the same rate. I don’t recommend peeling your potatoes – the skin helps them crisp up nicely as they cook. Once you’ve chopped the potatoes into fries, toss them all with olive oil and salt.

Next, cook the first batch. Spread the cut potatoes in a single layer in the air fryer basket with a little space between each one. Don’t cram them in! The space allows the hot air to come in contact with all sides of the fries, which is what makes them golden brown and crisp. Air fry them at 380 for 12 to 15 minutes, flipping halfway. Take them out when they’re crisp and brown around the edges.

Drizzling potatoes with olive oil

Repeat with the remaining potatoes, cooking as many batches as necessary to give the fries adequate space in the basket.

Finally, toss them all in together! When you finish cooking the last batch, add all the fries back into the air fryer basket (no need to worry about a single layer this time) and cook them for 1 to 2 minutes to warm and crisp up the earlier batches. When all the air fryer French fries are crispy, take them out, and dig in!

Find the complete recipe with measurements below.

Tossing potatoes with salt

Best Air Fryer Fries Tips

  • Work in batches. It’s essential that you spread the potatoes in a single layer in the air fryer basket and that you leave a little space between each one. If they’re too crowded, the potatoes will steam inside the air fryer, and they won’t get crispy. In order to give them adequate space, you’ll likely need to work in batches. When I use 2 russet potatoes, I cook 3 batches of fries.
  • Not crispy yet? Keep cooking! The exact timing will vary based on your particular air fryer. I recommend checking your first batch at the 12 minute mark and adjusting your timing based on how they look at that stage. If they’re still not crispy, continue cooking until they crisp up.
  • When it comes to doneness, taste is more important than appearance. I’ve found that my air fryer French fries start to look done before they actually are done. Taste a fry from each batch to make sure it’s tender on the inside and crisp on the outside before you move on to a new batch.
  • Toss them all in together at the end. Because you’ll be working in batches, some of the fries will have to sit around for a bit before you finish cooking. No one likes cold, soggy fries, so toss all the fries into the air fryer together (no need to worry about space this time) for 1 to 2 minutes before you eat. This quick step will reheat the fries from the earlier batches and make them nice and crispy. Yum!

French fries in air fryer

Air Fryer French Fries Serving Suggestions

On their own, these air fryer French fries make a super fun snack or appetizer. Serve them simply with salt and pepper, or dress them up with fresh herbs, chili powder, garlic powder, or onion powder. They’re also fantastic with dipping sauces! I love them with ketchup and mustard, but they’re tasty with out-of-the-box choices like chipotle sauce, chimichurri, or vegan cheese too.

Of course, these air fryer fries are also a great side dish. Pair them with any of these recipes for a fun, delicious meal:


Air Fryer Fries with ketchup

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If you love these air fryer French fries, try one of these fun snacks next:

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Air Fryer French Fries

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Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
Serves 4
These air fryer French fries are super crispy and delicious! Enjoy them plain, or dress them up with fresh herbs, spices, or your favorite dipping sauce.



optional seasonings & dips:


  • Preheat the air fryer to 380°F.
  • Drizzle the potatoes with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and toss to coat.
  • Place the potatoes in the air fryer basket in a single layer so that the potatoes are not touching each other. You will have to work in batches. Air fry for 12 to 15 minutes*, flipping halfway, or until crispy. If your fries are not crispy, air fry them a little longer.
  • Once all batches are finished, toss them all back into the air fryer (no need to place in a single layer this time) for 1 to 2 minutes to warm and re-crisp any that got cold from the first few batches.
  • Serve with desired seasonings and dips.


*Time can vary widely between air fryers. If your fries aren't crispy at 15 minutes, continue baking them until they are.
You can also make these fries in the oven. Roast them at 425 for 20 to 25 minutes, flipping halfway. They won't be as crisp as the air fryer fries, so if you don't have an air fryer, you might want to check out this roasted potatoes recipe instead.



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  1. Janaki

    Hello Jeanine Donofrio! I just came across your website and got to see your recipe of french fries in the air fryer. There’s no age limit for this snack, I am literally drooling by looking at your amazing pictures and will be making in my kitchen for sure, but in the routine method as I do not have an air fryer. Thank you for sharing this mouthwatering recipe.

    • Phoebe Moore

      I hope you enjoy them!

  2. Debbie D.

    5 stars
    I made this recipe in my air fryer and y’all….WOW!!! Absolutely GENIUS idea and totes DELISH! I made these with some salt, peppa and paprika. Enhances the flavor SO MUCH. I am just truly amazed and feel so blessed to have found this recipe. They’re almost as good as the Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, LOL! My little Samantha and Hunter DEVOURED them with our dinner that my husband cooked last night. It was some good ol’ medium rare steak, he’s the best at grillin in the fam! Anywho, TOTALLY recommended! #livelaughlove

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      I’m so glad you enjoyed them!

  3. Kelly

    5 stars
    Only change I made was to eat up the first batch. No need to return to AF. w/ 2nd batch🤣

  4. Candace

    5 stars
    Made like 7 batches of these fries lol. They’re soooo good. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and parsley flakes.

  5. J

    5 stars
    Have had a n air fryer for 3 years and just tried this recipe tonight! Delicious! Topped with cheese sauce, bacon bits, and ranch. Tasted like what I get from my favorite fast food chain!

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      I’m so glad you loved the fries!

  6. Valerie

    5 stars
    I like to toss about 2 russets sliced with the oil, garlic powder, seasoned salt and pepper. I put all of the slices in the basket, air fry for 10 minutes, then open and flip them around, and air fry another 10-15 minutes, and they are all done perfectly–no need to do single layers!

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      thanks for the tip!

    • Saba

      What temperature do you use?

      • Jeanine Donofrio

        Hi Saba, 380°F (full instructions are in the recipe card at the bottom of the post)

  7. Doug Wilder

    5 stars
    Olive oil with the salt and pepper seasoning tastes great! Perfect crispness!

  8. Michele

    5 stars
    First recipe! It turned out great.

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      I’m so glad you loved it!

  9. Jessica

    Making these now, but sprinkled with ranch seasoning and it smells AMAZING!!!

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      Hi Jessica, I’m so glad you loved them!

  10. Jessie

    5 stars
    Can I use vegetable oil instead of olive oil? my air fryer manual says not to use olive oil in the air fryer.

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      Hi Jessie, yes, you can.

      • rob

        the manual probably is referring to extra virgin olive oil which shouldn’t be used for cooking. we use regular olive oil all the time for this sort of recipe.

  11. Sharon

    5 stars
    First thing I made in my air fryer and I am absolutely thrilled that they were so easy and delicious! Also, having low back pain makes this so much easier than using a regular oven. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      Hi Sharon, I’m so glad you enjoyed the fries!

  12. Maurice

    Do you leave the lower tray in the air fryer when making the fries?

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      Hi Maurice, if you have 2 trays, you can fill both at the same time – if both trays don’t cook at the same rate, you can rotate them halfway.

  13. Kristen D.

    Do you rinse your fries with water before tossing in olive oil?

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      Hi Kristen, I don’t – I tried it and I didn’t think it made enough difference to be worth the effort.

    • Jordan Sloan

      5 stars
      Just wash the whole potato and let dry. I leave the peeling on.

  14. Lexi

    5 stars
    Those fries were delicious… some of the best fries I’ve had in a while. They’re actually MUCH better than fast food fries – no joke! I’ll definitely make these again.

  15. Sherri

    Can you use peeled potatoes?

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      Hi Sherri, you could but the skins help make them crispy.

  16. Maria Winston

    5 stars
    We made these, also soaked the sliced potatoes in vegetable stock before air frying. So good! 🙌🏼

    • Carolyn

      That sounds freaking amazing! How long did you soak them, and how long before you air fried them?

  17. Shira

    5 stars
    We made these last night and my entire family loved them! They tasted so great and I like being able to eat fries that are much healthier than typical fries.

  18. Karen Lipsey

    If you were air frying sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes, would you use the same temperature/time? Would you soak the sweet potatoes in water, as you do for the oven baked fries or is it unnecessary with an air fryer?

    • Jeanine Donofrio

      Hi Karen, we tried out sweet potato fries in the air fryer but didn’t think they were any better or crispier than they were in the oven. So I’d recommend just the regular oven recipe – it’s easier because more fries fit on the baking sheet than fit in the air fryer.

  19. michael laico

    5 stars
    Oh yes, I need an air fryer!! Printed your recipe, thank you.

    I’d like to also try air frying sweet potato fries!!


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